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My experience with Scientology

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by minnesotabrant, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. For some reason I decided to take the personality test and, to remain a bit more hard to get I used a site that was in a different state that I lived. The person who contacted me was rather nice but asked me why I chose a different state. I talked for a bit and decided that Scientology was not for me. The lady demurred from having someone from my state contacted me and I never heard from her again. That being said as a former non drug using schizophrenic who is working in the mental health field I am not unfamiliar with the Story. The difference being that everybody tells it a little differently. Anyways, your stories are interesting to me and I look forward to reading about them.
  2. Type4_PTS

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  3. I don't think I have time for Scientology. Same goes for Mormons. I am nominally Catholic but really don't have time for that either. Mostly I like playing online games but since I don't have time I am botting my the game as well. heh. That being said, I am still living with my wife and child which is like really really rare for someone with my diagnosis.
  4. I don't have cable so cant watch but will read the stories!
  5. Type4_PTS

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    There's been lots of research in recent years on natural treatments for Schizophrenia, some of it promising. Check out this link to 99 different research papers:
  6. I am cured but unfortunately am addicted to the medicine which still take at low dose. I make a decent living and have the trappings which I got from my own work, (and credit cards). I am getting ready to go into a research study where they dose my brain with electricity while I play video games to see if I improve. I thought I was getting free TCM 3 times a week but oh well. (that stuff is expensive!) Anyways I don't trust psychiatric research at all but am in it to see if it improves my brain at all. I understand that there are no scans involved.
  7. Type4_PTS

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    There are many things you can try that would possibly help you with zero or minimal side effects. I am not a doctor, and don't recommend you try any of this stuff without running it by your doctor first. But in that previous link I posted above there are lots of things to look into.
    Check out this study published a couple years back in the Frontiers in Neuroscience Journal:
  8. I don't really check in with my doctor. That being said, I have 4 doctor appointments this month including the research study. I am no into being cured at the moment considering myself one of Them. By them, I mean non drug using, single diagnosis schizoprenics
  9. Type4_PTS

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    The personality test is a major recruiting tool for Scientology.
    It's rigged so that 100% of the time they'll find an issue from the results of your test where you need Scientology.

    There's lots of information about it over here:
  10. TCM is also called trans-cranial magnetic stimulation. It's non invasive and really really expensive. However I am apparently just getting electrodes hooked up to my skull while playing video games to see if I improve my skill at games faster. I am all for science but if it starts to mess me up, I can always leave
  11. She didn't really go over the test and was more interested in why I would want to join Scientology. And also why I was applying from another state.
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    You don't need cable to watch Leah's shows. You can see them online on the Russian equivalent of youtube - Rutube.

    Here is Season 1 Episode 1:
  13. I lived in downtown Minneapolis in the late 80's and was always walking past the Scientology building on the main drag and sometimes got approached for a personality test but never went in. I noted that all the books in the window looked inviting, but I was poor, and the thought of paying for a class made me not interested. It also seemed that I did not look to interesting to them either. I later moved in to a rooming house with another cult called Church Universal and Triumphant. I even went to their Church a few times. There classes seemed to run along the lines of the importance of proper dental hygiene and how to do laundry properly. I was left confused. Anyways, from what I see, it was a personality cult and when the leaders died, most people in my house left the cult. I am thinking about the Moonies, they were kind of doing the same thing but all I hear about them is how freaking rich they all are. About that recruiter I talked to recently, The feeling I got from the Scientology recruiter was that she was not real interested in me; reason I am thinking was that I was in a different state, and the different orgs might have to compete with each other rather than work together. Also her lack of interest in recruiting me, I sensed might be jealousy. Maybe the remaining members are rather protective of their positions.

    Anyways I am a schizophrenic and thus considered a pariah to much of the planet. That being said, I believe that every corp, society, school, and government agency, is a cult with some providing more benefit to the individual than others.
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  14. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    My guess is that if you have a psychiatric history and prescription drugs for it and discussed this with the recruiter that's the reason for the disinterest.

    It makes you an illegal PC (pre clear) which means no auditing, etc.
  15. Yeah, they got me. Anyway, I was just thinking that Elron Hubbard was dumb for writing all that crap and I personally wouldn't care to read it unless someone paid me. Even then I might not do it because there is so much of it.
  16. I also was invited to an narcanon meeting by a non drug using woman who told me that it was a great place to meet women. However since I also did not do drugs I declined.
  17. I did not discuss it with them but my psychiatric history is not a secret. For instance I posted it here. Probably she was either suspicious or jealous since I did not seem to fit their criterial. Or maybe I did too well on the test so I didn't need it!!!
  18. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased matter what you score the result means you're in the toilet. Most of us gave been genned in on how to run this line. High OCA scores = theetie wheetie which is a "sweetness and light" case overwhelmed by overts and withholds.
  19. Bill

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    A friend of mine once boasted that, when he got a high OCA results on a person he turned the test upside down and regged the guy 'cause he was in such bad shape! :eek: :duh:
  20. Little David

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    What is a "narcanon meeting"? Are you confusing Narcotics Anonymous with Scientology's NarCONon? Thy are NOT related.