My take on the new Dublin Office

Discussion in 'Office of Special Affairs' started by johnAnchovie, Oct 19, 2016.

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  3. johnAnchovie

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    It would take too long to explain :)
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    Thank you, John. That's some top writing. You certainly get the entire picture across. :thumbsup:

    I never knew about the pole used as a battering ram by DM and his group or quite a few other details. Great research. Everyone should read this.
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    It's "K Street" - lobbying. From my peanut gallery perspective my guess is that it has become an increased priority because there are two ways to influence government as an NGO. They can demonstrate that they are worthy of support through actual good works or they can attempt to manipulate politicians through the back door.

    Good works just probably isn't panning out.
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    I don't get it, and don't understand why a new office in Dublin, in Merrion Square? Obviously a vanity project....
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    No, it is not a vanity project.

    As I've documented in other threads concerning the U.S. Church of Scientology National Affairs Office, that Office has been quite adept at building relationships with numerous religions, churches and civil rights organizations in the U.S. by holding meetings and joining in letters to the U.S. government (e.g., Congress, the President, executive agencies, etc.) and foreign governments about religious and civil rights issues. I have every confidence that such religions, churches and civil rights organizations will return the favor to the Church of Scientology if the later is ever in need. For example, if the Church of Scientology asks for help regarding Russia, Germany, France or Kazakhstan, I have little doubt such organizations will come to it defense in the name of religious freedom and civil liberties.

    The Church of Scientology intends to export the "Church of Scientology National Affairs Office" process and "tech" to other countries, starting with Ireland.
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    Of course I understand the C of S need for world domination, but seems like an odd choice. Although I love Dublin and have spent far too much time in Temple Bar, the Irish media is fairly aware of scientology as a fraudulent religion. Unlike the US National Office, there would be very little room for manoeuvre as there are not numerous religious leaders as Ireland is a Catholic country and even has this enshrined in their constitution (or at least did). So, in terms of what the C of S terms, 'safe pointing,' it will be interesting to see how this works.

    Am also wondering why there is not a, 'national office,' in the UK, in London? My theory is that the C of S did an eval, as no project like this ever gets off the ground without an eval, and a decision was made to establish a presence in Dublin as it would be achievable due to Ireland's relatively small population size, and idea that government can be influenced easily. Fact of the matter is that Ireland has one of the highest educated populations in the EU, and most Irish people I know, have a very wicked sense of humour, both qualities which the C of S totally lacks.
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    Some of the Irish need a bit more education. Fortunately their media is willing to orovide it.
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    I too am puzzled by the rationale being advanced in the OP.

    The DC office was the brainchild of John and Sylvia Stanard and has always been hamstrung by DMs unwillingness to trust any other person's strategic judgement.

    Building PR alliances is not all that effective as a strategy for achieving anything. Stanard's vision for the office included a think tank which would would publish policy and position papers written by legitimate authors that happened to coincide with Scientology positions and getting those out to various aides and deputies in the congress.

    IN Ireland there are two other main religions - the RC Church which is the biggie and The Church of Ireland and the other protestand denominations. Neither of whom are likely to be that intereseted in aligning their efforts with Scientology.

    This is not the first foray in exporting the "national Office Dreck" - they tried it in Belgium. Didn't work there.
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    Part way through reading this, when I got to the part where the writer explains how governments are prone to utilising private-sector NGO's to administer and run services, I pictured a scenario where, many years after escaping from the abuses of the cult, and having somewhat recovered financially and psychologically from the trauma, someone who requires assistance from some state-sponsored organisation is shown into a room where, on the wall behind the desk of a young man with a steely glint in his eye he sees a photograph of the familiar face of The Founder, who is wearing an enigmatic smile on his rubbery lips.

    Anyone who found themselves in that situation could only hope that he was dreaming, or, more to the point, having a nightmare!