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New guy on the block - 'cept I'm a girl

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by mich, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. mich

    mich Patron

    I've only been out since mid-2011. I was last at Flag two years ago. I'll do my best to get it all down and post asap. Must confess the amount of data on the net has kept me busy. It's very nice to know 'no-one can stop the signal'. I'll make the time soon... mich
  2. mich

    mich Patron

    Working on it... confess to being kept busy learning about other's stories, but I will make some time soon to get it all down... mich
  3. mich

    mich Patron

    Personally I would like to find out where Ron got the data for the conditions. I don't believe for a moment it was from growing plants (not sure where that datum comes from or if it's accurate). I know he plagiarized the data in Dianetics, having read the original, and I'm sure I will find more evidence of plagiarism. However, being honest without bias and rumour definitely worked for me. I'm not prepared to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so if there is an original 'conditions' out there I would love to know about it, because doing the doubt has worked for me. I have also heard that there is a lower than confusion condition called 'delusion' and I have to admit that indicates to me - afterall, how many of us were deluded in believing we were saving the world? I know I was. I have to admit that I would like to have a tool like the conditions to work with - know anything that could help?
  4. mystic is one of the grandest of the grand oldtimers. he and i do agree in terms of certain vague tonalities on rare occaisions

    villkomen... bien venue... welcome...
  5. mich

    mich Patron

    Whew! lotta questions...
    First, yes it is exploding, but in the 'disaster A-bomb' kind of explosion. I was at Flag 2 years ago and it was busy - but they were stealing business from the Orgs by promoting their grades as faster.
    The tone level is a little trickier to explain. There is a fake enthusiasm on the surface, mostly for the benefit of the public, but overall I would have to say the tone level of the OOTs and SO was fear. There was a tremendous amount of pressure to raise money for the IAS and a push to get people to buy the basics and get started on course or on extension courses. There was also a lot of push to recover old Scientologists to get them on the Basics. (Of course, at the time I didn't know there had been a previous release in the 90's.) I had worked on those lines (a WQSB that all OOTs and SO had to do) and several times didn't get any sleep because I didn't meet my quota, and I wasn't the only one. We even donated our personal income to the IAS to pay for a legal response to the Mother Act (I think that was what it was called) even though we were earning peanuts on staff. To refuse made us look uncommitted and "CI". If you weren't in fear of not making your quota (or checksheet time) it was because you were using anger to get others to meet their quotas.
    Miscavige is worshipped. The party line is that he is personally responsible for having tracked down missing data for the Basics etc. and until he came along Scientology was filled with SP's, but now things are on track, as Ron instructed him to do. When CI is spoken of its not with the thought of going against Ron's intention, but against DM's. I still find it ironic that CI is the abbreviation for both Command Intention and Counter Intention - in the reality of action, I don't see the difference.
    We are protected from the entheta - I had no idea there was so much out there. Coming from South Africa I can tell you Scientology is still mostly unknown by the general public, so there was very little to have to handle, but it was different at Flag. We are sometimes told that the reason all the attacks are happening now is because the SP's feel threatened by our success. We are definitely discouraged from looking on the internet, and Sec-check threats are a good way of keeping us too scared to look. Personally, I never got onto the internet at all until Nov last year - instead of it being the ultimate comm line, I was led to believe it was just poison and a source of enturbulation (as are all papers, magazines etc.)
    The SuperPower building is practically ready, all that has to happen is to man it. There is a strong push to join the Sea Org - public and even Org staff are pushed to do the right thing. It is praised as the only thing to do... There is also a lot of chat about the machines Ron designed, that have finally been built, and as soon as the staff are recruited and in place, there will be a dramatic change for all of us. Of course those who donated the most will get first crack, then the SO, then staff.

    I hope this covers your questions. There is so much to talk about, which is why I haven't written my story yet - it would take awhile...
  6. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    In 2010 I found out that there were two conditions below confusion. The first one is "Stupidity" and then going even lower would be "Delusion". I got this data from Purple Haze, who posts on ESMB. She said she got it either on the Flag ship in the late 60's or at AOLA in the early 70's when she did the Class VIII course - I am not sure which.

    A couple of points about the conditions formulas: Some of the steps are built around common sense, such as the doubt formula. Three of the formulas are pretty unique to Scientology and are things which seem to be rarely. if ever, applied elsewhere. Those 3 are:

    #1 - Affluence - when one unexpectedly recieves a lot of money, it is rare that the person will "economize" and "pay all bills". Usually, just the opposite is done and the windfall is blown right away on luxury items or gambling or risky investments.

    #2 - Non-Existence - most people do not make a conscious effort to "make themselves known" and "find out what is needed and wanted and do and/ or provice it". The natural inclination is to enter a situation and try and dazzle the managers and employees by doing something original and completely different from the normal procedures in their new situation. This is done to get them noticed and hopefully promoted right away. Occasionally it works but most of the time it doesn't.

    #3 - Power and Power Change - Almost no one does this. Wraping up any loose ends and making one's job or position occupiable for another is seldom done. Few, if any, do a "Hat Write Up" and select the best possible successor.

    It is very interesting that Hubbard himself did not do this formula at the end of his life. It looks like he started to do it. Mary Sue Hubbard probably was his heir apparent for several decades but Hubbard turned on her after the "Snow White" caper where she was caught and did a year in prison. Mayo was assigned the tech hats and Bill Franks was put in place as ED Int in the late 1981 and early 1982 period. After that, no more was done on his Power write up.

    No one knows why. Best guesses are that DM, after undoing the Mayo and Franks appointments, blocked any further LRH hat write ups from reaching the light of day or that maybe LRH didn't do any further hat write up activity. If he did not do more it could have been because he became too incapacitated to function after having a series of strokes in the late 70's and early 80's. Probably we will never know.

    What is Hubbard's model for the Conditions Formulas? As far as I know, he claimed full authorship. It would be interesting if someone could shed more light on this.
  7. mich

    mich Patron

    The mood alternates between tremendous excitement at the new plans for the future, and fear of how we are supposed to make it happen without public. Sometimes the mob excitement can carry you for a while, but once you're back to having no paper for sessions or students, and no Phone Allocation to make the calls to recover them ... well, it hasn't been fun, I can tell you that. And I know that most Orgs -even the Ideal ones (like my Org) has had to struggle through similar experiences. I think the public are also getting fed up with the wallet-ectomies they have to go through whenever they come to events or even to the Org, so they're learning to stay away - in droves.

    At Flag there's the up-tone for the public facade, and then the anger and fear associated with getting quotas met for IAS donations, material sales (Basics, ACCs, Congresses etc) and getting public onto Basics courses and extension courses - all of which results in OOTs and SO doing their posts, and then having to do the rest instead of sleeping. And failure equals punishment, for being "CI". When they run out of locals they poach on other orgs, and push so hard that by the time the public are regged by their orgs, they've already given all they've got to Flag.

    Not a good situation, I'm afraid, but I think they are cutting their own throats, which at the end of the day will ensure the downfall of the CofS which is not exactly a bad idea....
  8. mich

    mich Patron

    Too true, and I can't tell you how many time I did the conditions that way. You get stuck in doing it the way you think ethics will approve of, so you can get out of lowered conditions asap, and you sacrifice your own well-being in the process. When you are not ethical with yourself you tend to pull in a kind of punishment until you get honest with yourself. I will take a look at Geirs soon. thanks
  9. mich

    mich Patron

    Thanks for the concern, I really do appreciate it.

    First let me say that I applied the tech per KSW1 when I did the doubt condition, so if anyone wants to attack me for doing that, then they are basically insisting that I pervert the very same Tech they claim to protect. Secondly, the only concern I have is that I have left a group who still has many members that I love dearly, and I would hate to have any comm lines with them be forcibly cut, but if I don't maintain my integrity ..."if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Anyone who really wants to find out who I am probably eventually will - so if they're reading this, let me save them the trouble... my name is Michelle Babich, formerly of Jo'burg Day, Tech trained by Flag.

    There is nothing CofS could do to me that they haven't already done, and I choose not to live in fear, but thank you for caring enough to warn me.
  10. mich

    mich Patron

    Thank you soooo much - Just a few minutes ago I asked if it was known where the data came from (knowing it was plagiarized just like Dianetics and much else was.) As a tool it has been very effective - when I had the guts to be honest. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  11. mich

    mich Patron

    Thanks - I really appreciate it. The only thing I'm having trouble with is figuring out how to use the format. I'm kinda new to the net, having only started surfing in Nov 2011 - I still click the wrong thing and get into a whole lotta trouble. As I'm answering threads(?) I find myself getting lost and struggling to find a way to get back to where I was. I notice others don't always answer with quote... how do you do that? and when you submit it takes you away from the page you were on - how do you avoid that? I figure "recently new to posting" means you still remember how you first figured it out?
  12. mich

    mich Patron

    I just need to find the time to get it all down, and I find myself doing more reading than I have hours in the day - who knew there was so much out there? Keep watching this space...
  13. mich

    mich Patron

    Earlier today a friend let me know that Shelby was also out - nice coincadink yes? Yes, I remember Shelby, and I'm glad she has joined the land of the living. I hope her experience wasn't too rough - obviously I know what it was like at Flag. Send her my love and tell her I'll look for her on fb.
  14. mich

    mich Patron

    I just had a thread/post (?) still learning computer-jargon - the author of Doubt was Ben Franklin - I haven't checked it out yet, but if you find out more please remember me. It is very important to me to try and separate the wheat from the chaff. I have had some very big wins, both in auditing and study, and as I supervisor, and I am not prepared to throw the baby out with the bath water.

    From what I have learnt Ron used what he learnt from others (a kind way of saying plagiarized?). Unfortunately, he never indicated what data he got from where - this is what I'd like to find out. I would prefer to read the originals as much as possible. I have found the conditions to be very useful, and like you say the Power, Affluence and Non-E's are not what you would expect.
  15. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    In my opinion, Ron's real talent lied in culling vast bodies of informatioin and being able to isolate the key principles - sort of separating the wheat from the chaff. He then sorted the key materials he found as to Orders of Importance. He also had the ability to write them up in a lively and readable fashion and package them attractively for consumption by the public, mainly in the Western world.

    If he just stuck to doing that, I think he would have made a name for himself and would have become fairly wealthy and influential. Unfortunately, he had different aspiration, wanting his name etched into history above all others.

    After 32 years in C of S, I was totally pro LRH when I arrived on ESMB in Feb, 2009. It took 6 or 8 months before I figured out that what he says in KSW #1 about who developed the tech is untrue. He claims that out of over 100,000 suggestions made to him by others on ways to improve or add to the tech, only 20 had any long term value and of those 20, none was major or basic.

    That statement is totally incorrect and the fact the he put it as the first page studied on every course and demands that it be passed star rate before anyone can proceed with their studies really turned me off to him. That was the point where I separated out from his influence.

    Much of the tech was developed by others. For example Power Processing was developed by John MacMasters. Perhaps when you get a little more computer savy, you can use the ESMB search box and enter which piece of tech you want to know about and the search will take you there. Study Tech is another piece of tech LRH plagerised from others and that incident is covered in detail on several places on ESMB. Maybe he developed part of the tech himself, I don't know but probably so.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2012
  16. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    I suspect that first sentence of your post might be far funnier than you intended it to be !
  17. mich

    mich Patron

    Thank you again. I just "got back" from a small tour of the "Scientology discussion topics". I barely touched sides, but I did find some of the data you mentioned. There's a lot of data out there and a lot of directions to look in. To be honest I'm slightly overwhelmed right now, but I'll take it step by step to find what I think I'm looking for. I am very grateful to many of the ex-scns that have provided so much for me to look through. Some posts are obviously from intelligent and experienced people who know what they are talking about (although I think I found a few that are bogus - hi OSA how ya doin'?) I haven't spent more than a few hours on ESMB, and already I am super-pleased that a friend directed me here. (thanks semper phi). This site is the perfect place for someone like me to open my eyes a little wider and see a little better. Thank you for being here to talk to, and for responding. You make the transition easier. mich
  18. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Mich - I hope I welcomed you to ESMB earlier...but just in case :wave::welcome: anyway!

    I and many others can be reached by PM, found on FB, etc if you feel like reaching out. OK?

    I have been "out" or as I like to say "woke up" for about 6 years now - and let me just tell you that it takes time...and lots of it.

  19. Burned

    Burned Patron

    I spent a lot of time at Flag; went clear at my local org in 1988, and moved near Flag shortly thereafter, doing tons and tons (never ending) of OT preps, L's, Flag-only RD's and FPRD from 1990 to 2006. I'm gathering up the courage to get my $ on account back!

    Burned (for >$200K)
  20. vumba

    vumba Danielle Chamberlin

    Hey Mich, hoe gaan dit? I too struggled with the quote thing, and unless Emma you can tell me different, I understand that you just highlight and delete the bits you don't want to keep and just keep in the bit you are responding to, then click submit reply after you have typed your bit. :happydance: