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NOI and COS are officially married. PROOF.

Discussion in 'Nation of Islam and Related Groups' started by Stat, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. secretiveoldfag

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    Google is mah friend. In March 2012 they claimed to have got to 1,000. Takeover time is coming? Something is!!

    The link given in previous posts seems to short-circuit. But I think this is the same information.

    This one gives the personal experience of Brother Jesse in 2011.
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  2. Man de la Mancha

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    I admit I have no actual knowledge of any of this - just media reports etc.

    I do know we're fed a lot of propaganda about the middle east. For example, if you ask the average American what Tehran looks like, he/she might picture run down housing and unpaved streets. As you probably know, Tehran is, in fact, a modern and beautiful city (complete with paved roads!). It could be that we have been similarly propagandized with regard to Islam in general, although I've never had a problem with any of its core beliefs.

    On the other hand, everyone agrees that there is at least a small faction of Islam comprised of the Taliban types. A 'small faction" of such a huge religion is capable of inflicting pain and suffering on millions of people, and yet I haven't heard more than a peep about it from the "mainstream" Islamic community, which is well aware of the problem. In fact, you're probably the first Muslim I have seen actively assert his objections to the Taliban or other similarly oppressive groups. Why won't the "mainstream" community stand up in unison and vehemently and publicly demand that these groups stop perverting Islam?

    Thanks to the internet most of this world's propaganda has been diffused as far as I am concerned. It can be very enlightening, for example, to seek out videos of everday life in nations we consider to be our enemy. Truth be told, the world's people, for the most part, don't wake up every morning worried about Big Brother, no matter how "evil" their government or other authority (e.g. religion) is portrayed on cable TV. The only example I have found to the contrary might be North Korea where the people actually seem scared sometimes, and certainly "trained" to march lock-step with the government agenda, whatever it may be.
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    I like this post very much.
  4. Stat

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