OT 3 Appended findings - What I found running through this implant.

Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by Jericho1234, Jul 29, 2015.

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    A garden’s what I found wandering, through the weed patch of my mind.
    Realized it’d been there all along, how could I be so blind?
    There were daises and were daffodils and of course the roses they’d I’d smelt.
    Lo and behold! A pint of rum, of course I took a belt.
    And another, and again until my head began to spin,
    The flowery perfumes stirred quite heady, from the foliage I was tromping in.
    Then realized I was not alone! This ain’t my mind at all!
    I’d stumbled into someone’s wedding and I really didn’t have the gall.
    I stuttered and I stammered out it was an accident.
    They all giggled politely, as away, red faced, I went.
    Sorry Glenda, it's a kinda serendipity thing sometimes.
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    Oh I can help you with that, it's hubbardian implants, and yes it always contains absurd energy.
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    Are we adding on to OT 3?

    75 years ago or so a sociopath named Blubbard made a bet with a friend that he could become famous by starting a religion. Since this was the age of space travel, he chose aliens as his back story. He was a seasoned science fiction writer, though most of his science fiction was lacking. He started by asking Alister Crowley through a Ouija board for a better name for Satan. After mutually fellating each other, he and Jack Parsons were able to get a response. Xemu or was it Xenu? The planchette landed somewhere in between the 'n' and 'm'. When said out loud Hubbard decided that Xemu sounded too much like "emu" and so he went with 'n' to avoid being taken for a joke. So he and Jack Parsons continued fellating each other until a woman showed up. Blubbard quickly called Bill Cosby and asked for his advice on how to get laid, and 6 months later he was married to Sara Northrup-Grumman. Then Hubbard wrote a book called Diarrhea. It told of a subcutaneous mind that absorbed all the toxins. So he said you had to sweat to get them out. Then once you were Clear you could be perfect. Then the governments wanted this power so Hubbard took to the seas and collected up a bunch of young, subservient boys and girls who he definitely didn't have sex with--even when they were chained up in the dungeon of the boat there was definitely no sex going on. Especially the gay sex. Because Hubbard definitely wasn't gay, he just like to suck dick sometimes and that's not gay. In fact, gays are evil and you definitely cannot say Hubbard is evil so he's definitely not gay and not having sex with all the boys and girls on his boat in the middle of nowhere. Even the girls and boys that are bathing him, he's not having sex with them either. So anyway, back to the point, Hubbard took to the seas to escape the evil governmenttards that were chasing him. Eventually he became a super-villain and stole an entire city from Pinellas County in the State of Florida. But don't get excited, this was only plan B after his plan to steal an entire African country had failed. Then there was a superhero and his name was "The Web". Slowly but surely he was combating this super-villain who had become immortal by inhabiting the body of a young man who's name sort of rhymed with Cabbage. Possession definitely didn't occur through homosexual fellatio or buttsex. Definitely not because Blubbard and Cabbage were both totally straight as an arrow and didn't touch wee-wees or anything. One day the "Web" would take a huge bite out of the super-villain's ass--which definitely had never had anything stuck up in it before. Slowly but surely the world watched as the super-villain became more and more desperate and started shouting and cursing at everything that came near. His minions started leaving as they noticed his power faltering. The only thing the villain could hope for was a short stint in prison--where he definitely wouldn't be fellating anyone or having buttsex.

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    Whoa! When I heard that "watermelon man" cover dude on sax begin to blow his solo, it reminded me of something else....


    Hadn't seen anything like that Jr. Walker clip in a long time...........

    White chicks in high heels doing the Jerk.....double whoa! lol
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    My problem with this is, that this might just be the case. Whenever I see a post such as the OP here, my first instinct is to 'take the piss', but then, you never know the mental state of a poster you've never heard of before, and it may well be that they do have 'problems', and to just 'take the piss' would be nothing short of cruel and unwarranted IMO.

    Just sayin'.
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