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Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by mockingbird, Mar 9, 2015.

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  1. DagwoodGum

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    Such awesome points being made here! We are taught to save our pain for session...Then we have our sessions but somehow don't lose the pain or the condition supposedly based upon the pain. What a rip off.
    A nice affirmation I use is "there is nothing to audit out". It offsets the years of thinking that I have tons...
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  2. Hatshepsut

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    I think the first 10 pages or so of the Aspectics book says the same thing. It is chronic dissociation from abandoned life left over from decaying goal structures.
  3. DagwoodGum

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    I've even wondered, back in the day, if every supposed "BT" one rid oneself of was a little chip of oneself that gets chipped off and sent away on it's own journey, misidentified as a "lava java". The same fashion of which we'd been chipped off as little pieces of God in the beginning according to some. Quite a trick to play on someone, getting them to unmock themselves from their core if not fractionalise their very core.:ohmy:
    It wouldn't be that hard for an ex to come up with an easy sell variant of $limeontology similarly using Demonology for it's core. One could instead claim that our little lava java's (bt's) come from ancient Mayan sacrifices to the gods where virgins were thrown into the volcano's and have haunted the Earth ever..... Pile it up higher and higher from there, just like Flubbard did.
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  4. Dulloldfart

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    Yeah. It's as simple as this:


    This MadTV skit is presented as humour. How so? Why is this humourous? (I'm not saying it isn't or shouldn't be; just asking you, the reader, to ask yourself why this is funny.)

  5. ThetanExterior

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    I seems to me whoever wrote the sketch has a lack of empathy and can't understand why people have the problems they do.

    It's like those people who see someone on a bridge threatening to jump and they shout: "Jump!".

    Or someone telling an alcoholic to just stop drinking.

    Or someone saying they can't understand how anyone could be stupid enough to join a cult like Scientology.

    It's a lack of empathy in my opinion.
  6. Cat's Squirrel

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    Unless: it's mocking people who lack empathy (I like Bob Newhart so I prefer to think that's the reason).

    But IMO, the key joke of this sketch is that the "therapist" (Newhart) here isn't taking his own advice; he's telling his client what to do when he himself clearly has an obsessive handwashing problem he either can't control or isn't controlling.
  7. DagwoodGum

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    As one who's over the top sense of humor has landed me in plenty of hot water I'll leave that one alone... I felt like the "Joker & De-grader" bullshit was for my benefit when it first came out being I was such an "Ethics" regular down the hall from the courseroom.
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  8. Leland

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    Perhaps....but Saint Hill was purchased around 1959 and Tubbard lived there until 1966. I don't know if Hubbard moved his possessions around like that...

    Hubbard talks about "putting on a turban" (on himself) on the BC tapes.....and I believe he is referring to a period around 1943 or there abouts.....?? Or perhaps earlier.

    LRH moved into Jack Parson's ( OTO and Aleiter Crowley stuff ) in 1946?

    The Cult of Hubbard and Hubbard himself has always....(since Dianetics) painted himself (lied) as a "scientist". ...(to Cult Members) I say this because of LRH's bragging about studying ( as a youngster) at the feet of "Commander Thompson"......(who studied at the feet of Freud). And many many other examples....( such as fake Doctor's degrees...)

    It is a HUGE, CONTINUAL ....PR move by the Cult to paint Hubbard as a bonafide researcher into the mind...(of the highest quality) and with the PUREST altruistic purposes....

    Which is about as far from the truth as possible....!!!

    Has anyone done any digging into the "Commander Thompson" angle.....??

    If Hubbard follows true to his form.....there must be some whopper sized lies around that story....!!
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  9. Leland

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    I can't remember exactly where I heard this....

    It might have been on the BC tapes.....Most likely.

    And that is this:

    That Jesus went out into the desert to get "the fleas" off of himself.......

    This to me was a hidden message to most....( but a glaring and jarring statement to those that had done OT III) that Jesus knew something about "that level"

    With modern resources...as the WEB......I have tried to find any such reference in the Bible...and can not.

    I have done word search for Flea in the Bible, in reference to this ....and there is nothing....

    But LRH's taped lectures are FULL of such statements....and are his "take" on what society is and...what things really mean....such as Fedora Hats...and other "designs" and styles being from the "Marcabian's,"

    If fact Hubbard "discounts" the entire Western Civilization's "style" saying its right out of the R-6 Bank.....claiming most everything is "bogus." Of course he says nothing about Asian "style" or Indian "style" or Polynesian "style" and why they are different.....or not part of the R-6 bank.....and where they come from....

    He discounts the ENTIRE Egyptian Culture and civilization....as being by "Fifth Invaders...(aliens)" (about 5 thousand years of Earth History...)

    Another question I have related to OT III.......If the 76 Planets around 21 Stars.......is all a "desert".....then why did these Aliens come to Planet Earth in the first place?????

    If there were 76 highly advanced planets...and buildings...and equipment....that were now sitting empty....why not go there....and take what they wanted....?

    Hubbard's entire thrust of speaking and telling these stories...was to get others to listen to him...and alter there minds....and give themselves over to become Cult Members....
  10. Mimsey Borogrove

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    What if the whole concept of as-ising is much like waking up from a dream - in short order you can't recall what happened. So, you are in session ( a semi trance state) you run this thing and it disappears like a dream. But some of them you, in relating them, alter your memory of them and you remember the altered version not the original?

    Would that not explain as-ising by means of what happens in a simple everyday "if only I could recall that dream" meme?

  11. DagwoodGum

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    Or maybe it should be taken entirely literally.
    Say that flea infestations would surge occasionally like locusts or any other insect mentioned in the Old Testament.
    We know they had rodents and small cats which became our house cat. Possibly one had to get away and bathe extensively in desert flower blooms or some other type from another region.
    Cool thread!
  12. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    After xenu trashed the place and dumped all of the peeps in volcanoes and blew them up - then the place was a desert, much like the Jewish enclaves in WWII during the concentration camp years.

    Oh.. Wait... Something's coming through the ether... a picture of a place devoid of life.... Where the souls of the living have been removed... carted off and implanted with crazy ideas...

  13. Leland

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    Something kicked LRH off.....and warped him enough to do all this .....back when he was young.

    I am more and more astonished at all the lies....and lies upon lies....and now TV commercials promoting the lies....

    Maybe it was because he was red headed and the other kids were mean to him?
  14. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    And wasn't the story that Xemu was imprisoned in an electronic box where he remains to this day?
    But hasn't Xemu raised his ugly red head in some of his writings since?
  15. Hypatia

    Hypatia Pagan

    I love that skit. It's funny because it's true.

  16. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    I think Ron would say definitely not funny and to stop it! He had lots of fancy ways to essentially say just "stop it".
  17. AngeloV

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    It is really rather naive to think that that e-meter measures thought, 'engrams', or 'mass' (as defined by scio) in any way. Putting aside sweat and muscle twitches, consider what the following physiological functions can have on the meter:

    Electrical activity in the heart muscle
    Peristalsis as food makes its way through the digestive system
    Opening/closing of the esophogeal and pyloric sphincters
    Production of bile in the liver and gall bladder as you digest that bacon you ate just before session
    Formation of endometrium in the uterus
    Core temperature adjustments
    Absorption of oxygen
    Production of saliva
    Urinary bladder filling up
    Kidney function
    Liver function
    Nerve activity
    ...and so on.

    Dr. Hubbard conveniently ignored all these and proclaimed that 100% of the time the e-meter, without error, located 'incidents' that needed to be 'audited out'. This is quackery and to think otherwise is ignoring the obvious and blindly following the utterances of a lair and charlatan. (or is that Dr. Liar and Dr. Charlatan. lol)