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PandaTermint's question on the rights of scientologists to practice their religion

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Panda Termint, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Re: PandaTermint's question on the rights of scientologists to practice their religio

    Yes, there is no doubt that the "protective barbed-wire" acts as a very real barrier that makes "just walking away" much more difficult. But, if you walk to the exit, and choose to leave, they CANNOT grab you, hold you, carry you away in a duffle bag, lock you in a room, and continue this, if you desire to leave. IF such things have happened, I also would LOVE to see some of these people get together and initiate a BRUTAL class action lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. :yes:

    On the "blow drill". Cripes, if your husband or wife decides to leave you, and heads off somewhere, most people will "go after them" and "try to handle them". Doing so violates no rights. Sure, Scientology pushes the "recovery process" to the limits of absurdity, but when they catch you at an airport or visit you at "Mom or Dad's house", they are NOT using guns to force you back. They, again, are appealing to your own fixed ideas that you still harbor about Hubbard and Scientology. They will be forceful, they will persist, and they will try every (mental) trick to get you to come back. But, communicating to others using ARC and manipulation is not illegal. It SUCKS, and it should be widely made known to all people, but people resort to the "beliefs" of others all of the time to "manipulate" them.

    I remember when I first saw the Church of Scientology building large fences around their properties. My comment to myself was, "they are building these walls to keep people in, and not only to keep people from getting in".

    The leaders of Scientology, in liason with very good attorneys, have always carefully studied just how close they get to violating some law, without actually violating the law. They cannot put up barbed wire fences to "keep people in", but they CAN put up fences to prevent people from getting in. Of course, the fences also act to keep the staff members inside. These Scientology folks are scumbags. They will spend huge amounts of money on attorneys to figure out "how we can commit crimes without breaking the law".

    One possibe factor in the "razor-edged protective wiring" that runs along the top of some Scientology compund fencing might be an intense paranoia by Miscavige (just like Hubbard). I remember how Miscavige used to stay at the Hacienda Gardens berthing compound when he was visiting Flag. It might be PART of the explanation for the fencing that Miscavige wants himself "well protected" at any place he might find himself staying. Thus, in the late 1990s, Hacienda Gardens received the full fence and security gate additions. I don't thnk this has the barbed-wire like at INT, but it is not easy getting out undetected.
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  2. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Re: PandaTermint's question on the rights of scientologists to practice their religio

    Again, my point re the KKK and other groups in our country having the right to speak freely (whereas they would not in many European countries) pertains to the fact that one CAN govern speech and thought, as witness the differing laws about freedom of speech. And also that, although there are differing approaches between the US and Europe, still, some of the far right wingers have gotten elected to office in Europe whereas this does not seem to be happening in the US.

    That's all it is. I said nor implied anything about not speaking out against hate groups or anything like that.