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People from London/UK/elsewhere

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by Steven James, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Steven James

    Steven James Guest

    I have been past London Org three times recently, twice the testing centre and once the building in Queen Victoria Street. I recognised a former co-audit twin, staff member, dismissed staff member, Org PC and now it seems re-instated staff member doing stress tests outside London Test Cen.... er I mean the 'Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Centre' in Tottenham Court Road. (Contradiction in terms?)

    I personally felt that I got on well with my fellow staff members and public. Particularly the public. I used to enjoy studying on London Day. That course room was full of musicians and artists (guitarist, percussionist, singer, bass player, pianist, celloist, trained actor).

    I was the 'HDF Dir' London Foundation, gave all the Book 1 and helped in the basic courserooms, sometimes in the Academy too. Most people will know who I am. Are you still reading all the stuff on the internet? If you are, feel free to say hello!

    I can be dsicreet should you not want the Church to know.
  2. Mary

    Mary Patron with Honors

    I'd love to contact anyone that was around London during the 80s and at St Hill, UK during 80s to 2000s.

    Hello Steven James! I don't think I know you but it's wonderful to hear news about anyone from dear old blighty!
  3. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I was SO at SH from 1972 to just after LRH snuffed it in 1986.

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  4. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I was SO at SH from 1972 to just after LRH snuffed it in 1986.

  5. Mary

    Mary Patron with Honors

    Hello Paul,

    Very pleased to meet you. I don't think we've ever met, but we very likely have friends in common.

    So many good people I remember from those days seem to have disappeared and I never knew what happened to them.

    I've lived in the US now for the last five years. Although I go home for visits, I still feel a bit homesick - oh, how I miss the wonderful English weather, all that lovely rain and grey skies, umm ... drizzle ... how I miss it! In California I wake up every morning to same old boring weather: Sunny and warm, sunny and warm and oh, its sunny and warm again! You can't get real sausages or proper bacon and no decent patries or pork pies with brown sauce.

  6. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Hi Mary,

    I lived in LA for about twenty years, so that line doesn't work with me too well. :)

    I agree the weather in So Cal is better, as long as you have an effective way of pre-treating (at home, anyway) the brown sludge you breathe 24/7. But I prefer the gentler life-style here in the UK.

  7. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    I got into Scn in HAPI in 76 and joined the SO at FOLO UK in 76.

    I was last at London and SH during 1987 when I was the IAS UK Tour person.

    WE probably do have some mutual acquaintances. Like yourself I now live in the US - and have done for the last 17 years. I live out on the high plains east of Denver, Colorado.
  8. Mary

    Mary Patron with Honors

    It's amazing that so many scientologists move to the US - the brain drain!

    It was about 1981 in London that I was friends with Joanne Dancer and Bob Ainsworth (I think was his name). I was fairly new in scientology and I had great respect for these people.

    One day Joanne called me to say that she believed that something was terribly wrong with LRH, that his comm lines were being manipulated and that HCOBs and PLs were being issued by others and that the Church had become corrupted.

    I was astonished and told her that I would look into it. Very naively, I immediately went to the HCO, told them what I had heard and asked questions.

    The resulting sec checks on me were quite lengthy. I learned not to ask silly questions after that.

    I never saw or heard from Joanne and Bob again.

  9. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Bob ended up auditing NOTs at Saint Hill for a year or so in the early 80s, then ran off with Julie Price, a NOTs auditor and still married to non-SO Rufus Price, if I remember correctly.

  10. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    Bob Ainsworth is living in the south west of England. I'm still in touch with him and see him every now and then.

    Last time I saw Joanne was when they were still together and working for the ACC in Scotland. But they split up.
  11. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    I'd like to come to England and roam the countryside, dispensing wisdom in pubs and on street corners.

    I'll bet I could gather quite a following there.

    The English naturally look up to and adore Americans, from what I've gathered.

    Maybe I can teach them to fish.
  12. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Updating problem?

    Just seemed strange, this thread doesn't seem to be updating, so, this is a test

  13. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Thanks, Alanzo. That's the biggest laugh I've had in weeks! :D :D :D

    Good to know that our American cousins have developed a sense of that very English phenomenon - irony. :)
  14. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    I was on a Kibbutz in Israel that was filled with English, Scottish, and Irish volunteers.

    Very tough crowd. Almost impossible to get a laugh as an American.

    Usually they would just roll their eyes with everything I said, turn up their noses and whisper their dry, condescending jokes about me to each other.

    So I put my training in cultural anthropology to good use. I learned their crude, tribal ways. Their odd lingo. Their perversions. Their mortal fear of the letter "R".

    Then, finally, I learned irony.

    I was knockin' em dead every night on the Kibbutz after that.
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  15. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Nice one, Alanzo!
  16. blondy

    blondy New Member

    I was at St Hill for 8 months in 1976 from Australia. There were a few Ozzies there at that time.
    I remember a few staff names, Bob Bolger, and Isla who used to be the runner from AO up to the C/S.
    Pauline Chapman was the reg.
    Some other students were Marianne Seitz and her brother Hubert Heller, Zoran Janic surname might be spelt wrong, I shared a house with his wife can't remeber her name but she was a lovely being, Jim Doone, Bryan Painter, from Melbourne The memory is definitely rusty here.
    If I read other names it will come back to me.
  17. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Saint Hill and related people '86 - 2006

    Hello Mary, I posted this on XSO a few days ago, since I saw your request, could not resist reposting here, I hope that brings back a few memories.

    "Most readers would agree that the SO life style would be seen as something of an aberration when viewed against what constitutes a normalcy index for human life quality in the developed world. We tended to live under considerable economic depravity, extreme stress and were in the main cut off from friends and family. Yet it cannot be denied that it was an intense experience, probably because it departed so much from the norm. It was an experience that cannot be understood except by those who have actually lived it, this can and does create difficulty when attempting to provide a descriptive to the uninitiated.
    Since I am heading back to University this Autumn, and will be majoring in History and Philosophy, I could not help but be challenged to attempt to clarify the historical record and recapitulate on the main characters and bring them forward from the 1980s to May 2006, just before I made my rather dramatic exit... I hope that this chronoscope will be of interest; here goes.
    Cast of characters and brief history:
    Craig Mathieson – former CO Tours
    Criag, the charismatic ex 70’s prog rock musician, was the epitome of cool back then. He had cars, a swanky office and would not accept the degraded conditions the majority of Sea Org members lived in at that that time. He felt – correctly - that he could do little to effect material improvement for the rest of the UK SO base, so he regged like mad and built a fairly ‘yuppie’ life style for himself, the wife Karen and his lovely children, all this against the backdrop of dark mutterings of jealousy from senior execs at FLO and staff on the UK base. His position was pretty much protected in that he was the ‘golden boy’ and provided something like 90 percent of the income for the UK operation both at Saint Hill and in the struggling Class V orgs network. He was briefly posted as CO CLO. Busted, became D/CO AOSH, had a torrid affair with Lena, and was RPFed. He completed OT V and graduated around 2004. Last time I saw him he had married the very attractive 22 year old LRH Pers sec, and was now D/CO Sales in AOSH.
    Ken Warren: - former DCOI CLO
    The bearded wild man, I really liked Ken, he was full of energy and tried to deal with things in a light hearted and humorous manner. He was RPFed by Jan Jansen I think in 1993, graduated and became an exec in AOSH. He did OT III around 1995 or ‘96 and routed out shortly thereafter. He now lives in Australia and was working for Craig Jensens Executive Software, establishing the antipodeans version of the brand.
    Lyndall Warren – UK Programs Dir
    Ken’s wife, the mousy Australian, she was always freezing cold in the UK, poor dear, was in programs bureau for years. At the launch of New Era of Management, she was sent to the FLO, where she was trained up as CO FOLO, and came back with a nice hair cut, failed miserably and was put on the decks – washing up in the galley. Lyndall was a very sweet and gentle lady, I don’t know how she took the amount of sh** that she did, and deep down, even as an SO member, I was very happy that she and Ken left for a better life in Australia.
    Roger Kaye – Mission Holder Brighton, and later Bournemouth
    Good old Roger. Mission holder and div 6er extraordinary. A complete maniac, but boy, could he make money. He built a house of cards in Brighton that produced lots of Div 6 raw meat, good dosh and loads bods to SH. He opened the Mission of Bournemouth, turned over Brighton to Steve Webster while CLO, under Steve Lake, stat pushed the place into a class V org. Steve Webster and his team could not maintain what was essentially a sham, complaide loudly and bitterly and he promptly got declared. The Brighton org struggles on, often not paying its rent, propped up by various garrison EDs and teams of SO rejects – Sea Org couples who ran out money to buy contraceptives, the resultant pregnancy forcing their excommunication from SO activity, banished to the horrors of the Class V Orgs... Roger was not declared, he knew too much, he was kept on a tight rein by OSA, constantly making amends of one kind or another as a public, he is still doing this, and attempting to get various ventures started. Still married to lovely and long suffering Andrea Webber, he works in advertising, selling space in magazines. He lives in Poole, Dorset.
    David Beal – Registrar
    This fellow was a dodgy salesman if I ever met one, made hundreds of thousands on illegal debiting of stagnant money in parishioners accounts. He was a full SO member, and D/CO Tours under Craig M. He bought a house in EG with his ill gotten gains, lots of nice leather jackets, and moved out with his wife and Kids from the Stonelands slum and resided there, quite nicely, thank you very much, until he got found out and declared SP. The family left EG and last I heard, David was a financial advisor in Hartfordshire.
    Cherle Laws – CO SMI
    I love this lady. Once a South African beauty, she married Gerald in the Seventies, moved to England and the two joined the SO. Cherle was CO SMI in 1995 when the various – quite incredible - scams going on in Bournemouth finally blew up in a splew of litigation that nearly brought the UK Church down. Cherle was busted to Base crew – Estates Org for you oldies – and became the Medical Liaison Officer for the base really. She nursed Darlean through her last agonising days prior to succumbing to cancer, she did the same for good old Dick Garlick and Pam Malinson (sent back from IASA to UK to die). A lot of her time is devoted to looking after the very old UK SO crew (John Harvey, John Cox, Thelma Cusworth et al. She is the Florence Nightingale to all the stressed out CMO and CLO execs, who collapse every now and again with a bewildering array of complaints due in part to lack of sleep and adequate nutrition. Last I knew Cherle was still fulfilling this function at Walsh Manor in Crowborough.
    Gerald Laws – sometimes CO SMI, and about half of his now thirty year career on the RPF in various parts of the globe
    He was on the RPF in US and UK from around 1993 to 1999 when he graduated and became my junior. I was CO SMI at this time. I sent Gerald off to India to open up some field work there. This was Geralds’ cup of tea; he loved the place and hated being imprisoned on base as an administrative corporate drone. He did well there, but upset people at Int. I walked off post following my stint in Bournemouth – I saw what SCN Corporate were really up to, it shattered my illusions - in 2001, and Gerald took over, he was back on the RPF within three weeks or so, currently serving out his term – ironically – in Australia. (Remember the old UK Birthday Game joke? Australia is England’s RPF: - )
    Andrea Lloyd Davis – nee Catt
    With Roger, she kicked off the idea of blank loan application forms for Div 6ers in Bournemouth. They would ‘gang reg’ a new prospect for hours or days, till he succumbed and signed a blank loan form, this would be filled out to request let us say 20 grand, and tended to go through pretty easily, lots of easy credit in the early 1990s. Bournemouth was raking in around 90K a week from this gig, and it looked great, till people began suing. Andrea finally got busted in 1995. The then CO CLO Ron Norton, sent Bruce Perry and Bart Van Locke down there to make enough money to buy off the most aggressive of the suits, (settling out of court) these boys were tough, dedicated, FLO trained Ethics and Image Officers, with Midshipman rank to boot, and they made complete balls of the scene, Andrea blew, took a lawyer, and joined the suing party. She was declared and by the time I became CO SMI UK, was the biggest danger to the nice cosy image Scientology was attempting to build for its self in the UK. I had to go on a full garrison to Bournemouth and worked with the lovely Debbie Corney and Stephanie to make the required six hundred thousand needed to buy her silence, we did it, and she shut up and went away. Shattered all my altruistic delusions about Corporate Scientology to boot, sowing the seeds that led to my exit some five years later.
    Steve and Maria Lake – CLO staff
    Steve the handsome Adonis, Maria his gorgeous doe-eyed wife. Steve was off loaded from the RPF by a CMOI mission in the late 1990’s. He divorced Maria, and married a very sexy public Scientology lady, daughter of a declared former Class VIII CS, and thus never qualled for the SO. He was running Executive Software UK from East Grinstead last I knew. Maria moved to LA and remarried, she was on lines at AOLA per my last information.
    Tony Phipps
    A former and very talented student at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, got into Scientology in Tottenham Court Road around 1974. Joined the SO and worked in and around Saint Hill for years. Was CO SHF in the mid and late eighties, moved to finance following a stint on the RPF, and worked with me on the International Computerisation project in the US during 1993 to 1996. He became Finance Inspector UK in ’97 and was still doing so when I left. He goes into severe doubt every once in a while, and was Comm- Eved for reading Jon Attacks ‘A Piece of Blue Sky’ in 2005, - I recommend this book by the way. – I think he is still in finance in some capacity at Saint Hill.
    Lena – surname not give here due to potential legal repercussions –
    A stunning, horny and restless rich bitch, daughter of some kind of Lebanese sheik. Back in 1987 she drove a hot Porsche, was madly in love with Craig, and used to shower him with gifts. After their immoral liaisons came to light, she went off to Flag, married a trans-Atlantic race skipper, both did OT VII and he died of a heart attack in 2000. She was still at Flag in 2005.
    Frank and Mo – AOSH Academy sup team
    These were a great team, funny, witty and good at their jobs. Mo routed out, Frank got promoted and then badly busted, spent ten years on the RPF and on graduation in 2001 became the D/CO AOSH. He was Tech Sec last time I saw him.
    Darlean Gowes – for Captain AOSH
    Died of cancer in 2002 at Walsh Manor.
    Mick Parkee: CO Estates
    I don’t know if any you remember the Chinese-Australian Co Estates in 1986? When I got back to UK from SMI Int that year, I decided to move to Estates Org, leaving Rolf Glatt alone in the UK SMI Office. Mick dealt, with a budget of nothing, the feeding of, maintaining buildings and operation of a transportation system for about 120 crew with considerable humour and resignation. Mick and old OT III, and a real genuine old Saint Hiller, was fun to work with, though a bit of a pushover, I moved to directly from Maintenance Sec to CO Tours Com with so much as a CSW, I think Craig actually bought me from Mick... Mick in AOSH again, working with the rapidly fading Isla Pride in the Apollo AO.
    Cameron and Kalanie Frost – SHF staff
    Kalanie was the broody sister of Maria, she married Cameron, and – this is pre the 1986 Miscavitch ED cancelling child birth – with a few years had five noisy kids. Cameron succumbed to a vey case of MS or similar degenerative disease and died in 1998 or 9. Kalanie remarried and is public in EG.
    Massimo Angius – Legal Aide UK
    Since 1988 he has been the bane of anyone wishing to tell the truth about Scn Corporate activities and crimes in the UK. A very sharp Italian man with pretty extensive legal training, this, coupled with the black arts taught by OSA Int, makes him a formidable enemy. for those who don’t know him, he can be charming, but will stick in the knife on friends and foe alike just for laughs.
    Jean François Paris and Angela Paris –
    JF was a professional artist before getting into Scn, he ended up in the SO at Saint Hill in 1983, Divorced his then wife Arlene Jackson – you Ars bugs will know her- married Angela, and worked as FSM I/C for quite a few years. He was busted in 1995, worked in Base crew for two years, routed out and now lives in Chicago, he makes a living as a decorator and produces his far out art work in between.
    Angela was kicked out of the SO in 1994 by DM and Marty Rathbourne during an inspection of Qual AOSH, they apparently walked into her Intern room talking loudly, she told them off, and ended up living in EG in a small flat and working in Sainsburies. She was reprieved in 1998 following a big expansion push – yes another one folks - , and worked as the Cadet School I/C for a few years. She was a brittle distant lady, but I got on well with her. She is now back on her old post in Qual AOSH.
    Sally Steel: former programs ops
    Worked in FOLO in the eighties, a very attractive girl, she is only mentioned here because I had fierce crush on her, but was too shy to try anything on. She was reposted to AOLA, and routed out in 1999, she lives in the Oxford area now from what I know.
    John and Alison Hardgreaves – Former CLO/FOLO programs staff
    John was the pushy boss of the programs branch for the bulk of his career, a quintessentially English bod, he transferred to AOSH to train as NOTs auditor in 1998, he is still enjoying this new career today, doing well, and I wish him well. A thoroughly decent chap altogether.
    Ron Norton – the scary garrison CO CLO at the launch of the NEM circa 1996
    Ron descended on a sleepy Saint Hill base in 1994 with a command team from Int. This fiery bunch were sent with orders to use the most violent means possible to get the base and UK orgs to Saint Hill size while remaining just within the bounds of legality. They got a lot done, including the purchase and renovation of Walsh manor, moving the crew out of the slums they had been living in for the prior two decades. With the garrison CO and D/CO Prod CMO, they created scenes reminiscent of the Alex Siborskie ‘Battle of Britain’ mission in 1973. The pattern of screaming, thumping desks and summery ‘executions’ - RPFing without any recourse to justice – provided an atmosphere of barely restrained violence and desperation. The teams were all recalled and a more ‘in pr’ team was allowed to take over in 1999. Last time I was in LA in 2000, he was the CO FLO. The UK is still recovering from what amounted to a twenty year set back.
    Mick Wenlock – a wild ex biker, IAS Rep, made a brief appearance on the UK stage in 1987
    You all should know this burly, hairy irrepressible character, one of the soundest blokes I ever had the pleasure of working with. We did a tour to Dublin in 1988, and had a great laugh.
    Me: A fairly freshly graduated EPFer and transferee from SMI Int to SMI UK.
    Jean Disher: Former CO SMI Int
    A real butch Bostonian, she was a funny and great lady. Was busted and RPFed following her affair with the Bridge Pubs sales dir. She was my first CO, and I worked in SMI Int with her, Cherle, Clair Gaiman and Rea Matheison’s wife for a year. Jean graduated the RPF in about 1996, she worked in the LRH PPRO section at Gold for a few years, when I was CO SMI UK she would call me desperately seeking pictures and stories from the work we were doing in India, she was busted again and was in Pac Crew last I heard in 2005.
    Clair Gaiman: Daughter of the eloquent and dignified for GO Director of PR WW, David Gaiman.
    Clair was and is a good woman. She CO SMI just before Caroline Mustard took over; they were both busted due to some enormous flap in 1998. Caroline was RPFed, and Clair reduced in rank from WO to swamper. She was posted as President SMI Int. (SMI Officer Int. being the exact title), she continues to do this post with her usual energy and aplomb, and works in her - very rare - free time to get her celebrity brother, author Neil Gaiman, back on lines.
    That’s it for now folks, hope it fills in some gaps. I have a lot of good memories from my time at Central Marketing Int, where I worked with Jeff Hawkins, Ramina Nunnely, Waldo and others of some considerable note, maybe I will try to summarise this period at some later date; assuming I have not bored you all to death with this encyclopaedic offering.
    John Paul - johnAnchovie -
  18. Mary

    Mary Patron with Honors

    Hello John Paul,

    Thank you so very much for posting all this data.

    Woww!! So many good people. It's just great to hear news about old friends. Just amazing!!

    Myself, and I'm sure, many others on this message board will be very interested to hear as much as you'd care to write.

    Again, many thanks. Hopefully we'll read more posts from yourself.


  19. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging


    Watch this space!

    John Paul -
  20. Mary

    Mary Patron with Honors