Peter Letterese sues church for $250 million

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by nozeno, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. nozeno

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    I banged her..... ummm I mean made love to her, and shortly after that she blew.

    My guess is that she had the cognition that sex with me and scientology wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I think she is in a nunnery somewhere in Guatamala or she could be helping Peter write his legal briefs which ain't so brief as you well know.

    So solly, it's an old joke but maybe there is one person out there who hasn't heard it.
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    Some general blather about Peetah (pronounce like Lois on Family Guy)

    July 8, 2008

    CREATIVE DESPERATION [Peetah's latest company]: Court Questions Assets & Debts Disclosure

    The Hon. John K. Olson of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the
    Southern District of Florida will hold a hearing on July 22, 2008,
    to determine whether or not Creative Desperation Inc. should
    remain in bankruptcy, Mike Schoeck writes for The Deal.

    On July 22, Judge Olson will hold a status conference to
    investigate why the Debtor filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on June
    30 and listed $501 million in assets and only $2.5 million in
    debts, The Deal says.

    The Deal notes that the Debtor's type of operation is unclear.
    Based on court documents filed under a 2007 litigation against the
    Debtor's founder, Peter Letterese, The Deal relates that Creative
    Desperation, dba Galileo Systems International, conducts holistic
    martial arts seminars.

    Mr. Letterese sued four creditors of Creative Desperation
    demanding $250 million injunction, The Deal writes. The latest
    lawsuit was filed by with the U.S. District Court for the Southern
    District of Florida against Kendrick Moxon, Esq., at Moxon &
    Kobrin PA, who represents the Church of Scientology International,
    The Deal says. The church and Creative Desperation are involved
    in a pending $300,000 copyright infringement case, The Deal adds.

    Court documents show that Mr. Letterese filed the lawsuits based
    on the belief that the dental practices of Dr. Marc Schwartz of
    Belmont, Calif., Dr. Scott Brady of Castle Rock, Colo., and Dr.
    Douglas Ness of Anchorage conspired with Mr. Moxon in an probe
    against Mr. Letterese, The Deal notes. The doctors have asserted
    disputed claims against Creative Desperation in amounts ranging
    from $300,000 to $350,000, The Deal says.

    Creative Desperation, according to the Deal, is owed an undisputed
    claim of $1 million.

    The Deal reveals that Mr. Letterese was previously connected with
    the Church of Scientology in the 1970s.

    About Creative Desperation

    Weston, Florida-based Creative Desperation Inc., dba Galileo
    Systems International, was founded by Peter Letterese. Creative
    Desperation has changed its name six times. Its other names
    include Peter Letterese & Associates Inc., Safepoint Family
    Training, Buildstrong International and S.A.V.E. International.

    The Debtor filed its chapter 11 petition on June 30, 2008 (Bankr.
    S.D. Fla. Case No. 08-19067). Judge John K. Olson presides over
    the case. Charles D. Franken, Esq., represents the Debtor in its
    restructuring efforts. The Debtor listed total assets of
    $501,000,050 and total liabilities of $2,552,400 when it filed for
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  4. GoButtonIsBlowButton

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  5. Anne Ominous

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    I still have really no idea who this guy is, but he seems to have some mythical history of legal tourettes, which would put him perfectly in line with the CoS in my view.

    This could still play out to be very interesting if nothing else, and a wonderful waste of time for the lovely Ava, Kendrick, and Helena.

    (reaches for more popcorn...)
  6. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    He was in DC in the 70s. Registrar extrordiniare. He joined the SO and did a short stint there. He landed in So Florida and took over as ED if Ft Lauderadle missionin the 80s. (as Ex SO this was off policy and highly irregular) Got busted outta Ft Laud for falsifying stats (among other things). Got into business consulting and moved to the country. Then of course procurred the rights to BLS and probably a whole array of various schemes. This guy is very high energy and considers himself a big player whether he is or not. He may be crazy, but I'm not convinced. It's also true that money seems to be a strong motivation for Peter, but personally I think it's more than that for him. He really HAS to be "Big Dog". I think it's just in him to need that. He is an alpha personality and when that gets tromped on he looks for the conspiracy and starts to conspire. That's my opinion. I hope he's not type 3. But who knows? The church really has been beating him up for years. BTW I don't know his sister.
  7. nozeno

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    There is no such thing as Type 3. That's just hubbard and GoButton's imagination.
  8. uncle sam

    uncle sam Silver Meritorious Patron

    This is wonderfully entertaining

    knowing Peter and Andrea very well and some of the posters this is "good old fashion scientology fun"- ya got it all- the law- lots of $$$- the cos- Letteresse-$$$$- legal suits- posters who know our boy- crime- rico-$$$$$-etc etc- great stuff!!!
    Thank you sweet Jesus! LOL:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
  9. GoButtonIsBlowButton

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    TYPE III, as in...

    Actively insane.

    Suing Tom Cruise in a RICO suit connecting Yahoo, Google, DM, Moxon's law firm (there's a winner), Moxon, and a few Scio corporations into a gigantic conspiracy against him and some of his clients in his former adventures. And simultaneously doing a bankruptcy suit where he claims net worth of $498 million, give or take...

    Paranoid, delusional, thinks he'll win, doesn't read his Unabomber text or clarify his nonsensical diagrams....... yeah, he's sane all right.
  10. nozeno

    nozeno Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the clarification GButton. I thought you went back to the Dark Side there for a minute.
  11. Zinjifar

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    It's really pretty normal for a lawsuit to throw everything and the kitchen sink just to see what sticks, and, let the court whittle it down to something manageable. The theory being, if you don't claim and demand up front, it'll be too late to add things later.

    Naturally, this can look pretty insane, but, also, can backfire badly, like Michael Pattinson's lawsuit.

  12. uncle sam

    uncle sam Silver Meritorious Patron

    For those who want to know???????

    If you want to know about Peter's dearest sister "Andrea" who used to be a good friend of mine. You need to google "Ford Schwartz" - he married Andrea in the mid 70's- they reportedly tried suicide -then they became big time spies for the guardian office- then switched back - then got interviewed by Jon Stossel- then I became bored with all this and will resume later. But this is all so much fun- old FCDC the founding church - provides to this day-lots of laughs and tears- but not mine- what a cast of "forked up thetans ". Thank sweet Jesus- that I haven't hurt myself by falling out of my chair by laughing so hard. LOL:yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. byte301

    byte301 Crusader

    Don't forget the sex!! It's bound to come out that Nozeno banged Andrea!! I want a front row seat. :drama:

    Besides, it's a thorn in davey's ass so that speaks to me. And ya never know...after all, OJ was found innocent! :D
  14. Wisened One

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    I think we knew of Peter....I believe he used to fsm or be Public at Miami...not sure tho? :screwy:
  15. GoButtonIsBlowButton

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    Ford Schwartz, Andrea Letterese's hubby

    If you want to know about Peter's dearest sister "Andrea" who used to be a good friend of mine. You need to google "Ford Schwartz" - he married Andrea in the mid 70's-

    And here's Ford, selling Toyotas!
  16. ScudMuffin

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    we need anon and exscis in the court house with the popcorn. This looks to be fun :D
  17. GoButtonIsBlowButton

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  18. nozeno

    nozeno Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well he obviously read Big League Sales Closing Techniques.
  19. alex

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  20. uncle sam

    uncle sam Silver Meritorious Patron

    It's quiz time- for ex "FCDC" staff

    There was an elderly woman who had some $- her name was "Helen Lane" and then there was a young male reg who did the dirty with old Helen- name that reg? Hint- he had a sister on staff and that same reg tried to marry other women while still married. Geez the ole time memories are stirrin..... Gotta luv this thread- and I did hurt myself banging the desk in :cheerleader: :cheers2: