Peter Letterese sues church for $250 million

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by nozeno, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. uncle sam

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    To Nozeno

    That's a really good picture of you. And thank you for washing your face-you look clean, nice for a change. But the point remains - you really should get your tongue pierced - I know for a fact that your wife has been looking forward for what the piercing will do for your relationship.
    Should we still invite Letterese to the big party? He's kind of a cult figure now-which has always been his dream-- Peter likes to be seen as bigger than- shit just about - bigger than anyone else. Well - Helen Lane knows about that-ugh?
  2. The Oracle

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    All my years of exploring have least taken me above the urge to indulge in sadism.

    Also to know enough about boats to know what people who spell YAHT wise are talking about, with houseboats.

    Explore a picture education.

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  3. nozeno

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  4. She's cool. I always liked her. I think she is in Georgia (USA) now. She married Marty Sprung. They moved to Israel and she changed her name to Miriam. She divorced Marty and remarried. She is still cool. I know one of her sons. He is a good kid too.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  5. Long Gone

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    I never knew that Mary Sprung had once been married to Letteresse.

    Marty Sprung - now that was a wound-up guy.
  6. uncle sam

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    Those darn

    mental image pictures. I recall Marty Sprung being carried out of the "S" st org for being an SP - he was not happy and was fighting to stay. O'vey!
  7. GoButtonIsBlowButton

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    A little birdie on this board...

    ... once told me long ago that Mary Sprung was quite talented in the oral sense.
  8. GoButtonIsBlowButton

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    Wait -- there's more!

    Peetah has a white on black press release -- we're all going to be rich!!

    He be an impatient activator, donchaknow.
  9. Wisened One

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    Well, HEY there, been a stranger, lately, huh? That's good that you have a life, unlike some of us....:whistling: