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QUESTION: Have people who signed the petition left the COS

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by TrevAnon, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    Ok, this is a big question. I hope someone can help.

    As you all know I am one of the people working on the Big List of ex members of COS who have spoken out. (See sig if you don't.)

    This week I decided to analyze the names that are listed on this petition . It is a petition to revoke the tax exempt status COS has. I checked if the names were also in completions at

    Over 250 unique names that signed were also in completions! As we think signing the petition is a form of speaking out we would be able to add these to the list.

    The problem is there are so many names on this list that are common, so we would like to have more evidence of them having been in and now being out. Or, as WWP user RightOn posted

    Below is the list. If you have any information about these people please post it in this thread. It may help us to decide to add a person to the big list, or not do that. ETA of course a PM would also be fine.

    FYI: the same names, but with links to completions, the petition and a generic google search can be found at and below. You don't need an account to go there.

    Again, any info would be appreciated. A simple reply would do.

    Aaron Carter
    Adam Smith
    Albert Sosa
    Alex Jackson
    alex smith
    Alex Winter
    Alexander Jones
    Alexander Newman
    Alison Smith
    Amanda Smith
    Amanda Thompson
    amy olson
    Andrea Galbiati
    Andrew Smith
    Andrew Wyndham
    Anne Thomas
    Annie Lee
    April Ruiz
    Arnoud Aerts
    Arthur Anderson
    Belinda Mason
    Bob Hamilton
    bob johnson
    Bob Johnson
    Bob Parker
    Brenda Lopez
    Brent Smith
    Brian Edwards
    Brian Parker
    Brian Smith
    Brian Walsh
    Carl Schumacher
    Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Garcia
    Catherine Davis
    Charles Fletcher
    Charles Harris
    Charles White
    Chris Andrews
    Chris Blair
    Chris Brown
    Chris Carter
    Chris Smith
    chris wood
    Christine Johnson
    Cody Moore
    Colleen Burke
    Dan Pollack
    Dan Shea
    Dan Thompson
    Daniel Gardner
    Dave Paladino
    Dave Wilson
    David Arnold
    David Beckham
    David Berman
    David Carter
    David Cormier
    David Gallagher
    David Johnson
    David Jones
    David Levine
    David Levy
    David Pearson
    David Reynolds
    David Rogers
    David Smith
    Dennis Williams
    Dylan Jones
    elizabeth white
    Emily Jones
    Eric Anderson
    eric johnson
    Eric Johnson
    Eric Jones
    Eric Miller
    Eric Smith
    Erin Baker
    Erin Moore
    Francisco Rodriguez
    Gary Smith
    Gary Stevens
    Greg Gibson
    Greg Scott
    Greg Smith
    Heather Weber
    jack johnson
    James Johnson
    James Jones
    James King
    James Wright
    Jamie Wilson
    janet russell
    Jason Blair
    jean stevens
    Jeff Parker
    Jeffrey Hall
    Jeffrey Jackson
    Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Clark
    Jennifer Cooper
    Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Lane
    Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Moore
    Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Walker
    Jennifer Wright
    Jenny Lee
    Jerry Davis
    Jesse Hunter
    Jesse Miller
    Jessica Johnson
    Jim Anderson
    Jim Foster
    jim jones
    Jim Norton
    jim wallace
    Jim Watson
    Jimmy Gonzalez
    Johan Berlin
    john Brown
    John Bryant
    John Campbell
    John Entwistle
    John ford
    John Ford
    John Garcia
    John Johnson
    John Pfuntner
    John Ryan
    John Smith
    john smith
    john smith
    John Thomas
    John Wayne
    John Williams
    Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Moore
    Joseph Banks
    Joseph Gilbert
    juanita garcia
    Julie Price
    Justin Smith
    Katie Johnston
    Ken Thomas
    Kenneth Miller
    Kevin Miller
    Kevin Smith
    Kevin Williams
    Kristin Smith
    Lisa Ferris
    Manuel Hernandez
    Maria Estrada
    Marie Diaz
    Marie Williams
    Mark Butler
    Mark Gould
    Mark Murray
    Mark Peterson
    Mark Taylor
    Mark West
    Marta Willson
    Martin Jones
    mary greer
    Mary Stevens
    Michael Bender
    Michael Finley
    Michael Jackson
    Michael Park
    Michael Smith
    Michael Stevens
    Mike Jones
    Mike Mitchell
    Mike Sullivan
    Nancy Turner
    Nathan Smith
    nick miller
    Nick Roberts
    Nicole Thomas
    nicole williams
    Patricia Neumann
    Paul Schneider
    Peter Lewis
    Peter Taylor
    Phil Collinson
    Rachel Young
    Rebecca Smith
    Richard Porter
    Rick Marsh
    Rob Wilson
    Robert Brooks
    Robert Carlson
    Robert Cruz
    Robert Fisher
    Robert Johnson
    Robert Jones
    Robert Parker
    Robert Wright
    roberto palacios
    Rod Smith
    roger moore
    Ronald Barnes
    Rosa Hernandez
    Ruaraidh Macleod
    Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Smith
    ryan smith
    Sam David
    sam russell
    Sarah Bishop
    Sarah Burgess
    Scott Davis
    Scott Smith
    Scott Sutton
    Scott Taylor
    Scott White
    Scott Wilson
    Shannon Mann
    Shaun Byrnes
    Stacey Smith
    stephanie brown
    Stephen Brown
    Stephen Harrison
    Stephen Koenig
    Steve Brown
    Steve Goodwin
    Steven Hayes
    Steven Myers
    Steven Smith
    Steven Williams
    Sue Palmer
    Susan Davis
    Susan Harris
    Susan Jones
    Thomas Cook
    Thomas Wright
    Tom Chandler
    tom green
    Tom Roberts
    tom roberts
    Tom Thompson
    Tom Williams
    tony anderson
    tony baker
    Victoria Leonard
    William Lee
    William Mapother
    william morris
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  2. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    You are such a trooper Trev! I'll take a look around and see if I can find some supporting evidence or info on contact.

    I think it's also important to verify that the person indeed did sign the petition as opposed to someone else using their name.

    For example, this guy is the PES at CoS London, lol
    Ruaraidh MacLeod

    UPDATE: Here is a txt doc showing the comments of each, searchable and easier to locate names and their comments
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2015