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Reasons why all the Orgs are empty

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by The Oracle, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    I hope those contributing to this thread do so from the viewpoint of intelligence about noticing things.

    I am starting this thread as "the obvious" seems to be hidden from view of a lot of people. I hope some of the things I have noticed sound reasonable to others, and may even shed light of frustrating experiences people had on staff.

    1. Huge mistake: 40,000.00 for a mission starter package. that means, 40,000.00 for a license to disseminate Scientology. No one seemed to notice that the people with 40,000.00 to spend do not want to spend their time on staff, they want to spend their time making more money. This financial penalty for someone wanting to take responsibility for their area, means thousands upon thousands of people who do not get started on the bridge every year. It was just a HUGE stop to getting new people in. And why? SMI gets 10% of mission income! Whoever came up with this bright idea cut the income lines to SMI too! You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out this was one of the worst ideas ever sold into agreement in the Church. Am I the only one that sees the obvious blunder?

    2. Does any one working in SMI even know about the finance police wiping out the mission network? Who the hell wants that as a possibility again? The front door of your home open to whatever types of police the Sea Org decides to send down? 10% to SMI seems to equal SMI owns your ass.

    3. The Sea Org has become a government with Internal Revenue Services (SMI, ABLE, WISE, whatever sub groups that pay and pay) and police services. 90% of Sea Org activity is to collect and inspect. They have become a copy of the U.S. government, only they do not pay out any benefits.

    4. OUT PR. They could out create the out PR with great products but when did you see any graphs or stats displayed at an event last? They think it is fine to lie on National Television. This is gross out PR for the members. The web sites they put up to battle out PR are worse than the out PR others generate for them.

    5. Fucking up the tech. They sent all those people to do ot8. Then sent them back on to OT7. All of those "highly trained" people at Int couldn't put together a straight service to deliver. All of those people couldn't get together a complete OT7 course for two decades. Because tech is not their business anymore, it is the lowest priority after collection and inspection.

    6. Injustice. GAOT was the worst indicator. It is a justice action to cancel an auditors certs. The church is down to the enforce band now where they have to use threats to get people into cramming or training. This is the product of the police force.

    7. No qual on the Sea Org. You don't see the Sea Org getting better. You see it getting worse. Nobody is correcting anyone there because no one has the "authority". They think they know better than anyone else on the planet and fumble over gross obvious errors to anyone watching. They were supposed to be the solution not the virus. The leader of the pack seems to only operate via punishments. Not only are the staff punished but now the public are too being recycled on services as overt products.

    Those are just a few of the obvious glaring outpoints I have noticed.

    Hope this blows charge for some people!
  2. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Continuously failing to deliver what is promised

    A. OT7. (revised revised revised)
    B. OT8. (revised revised revised)
    C. Universe Corps. (nobody really cared enough)
    D. Super Power. (having to have before we can do)
    E. Staff Benefits. (we must be contributed to)
    F. Expansion. (It's the publics fault, out ethics OT's who don't join staff)

    And the message we are hearing over and over from David Miscavige is: "WE are trying our best to repair all the things that Ron Hubbard fucked up or didn't handle correctly".
  3. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    They are failing to deliver far more than that. The latest story of many I've heard was someone wanting OT levels. $100,000 wasted on unwanted unnessesary actions. Still at the same point on the bridge.

    I've commented before if not here its the reverse application of key PLs that are destroying the COS. Senior policy, deliver what you promiise, first policy, maintan friendly relations, and service PL. The public have to service the orgs . Then there is the redef of F/N which led to GAT.

    I hear you sister!
  4. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    What about this "redef of floating needle"? I hadn't even heard about that. Don't tell me someone up there has redefined the floating needle? You aren't telling me that are you? Are they still in "Gotta correct L. Ron Hubbard mode"?
  5. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

  6. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Mary Sue Hubbard

    I can't begin to tell you how many former members have told me a"Mary Sue" incident was the final straw.


    A. Watching her surrendered up to prison.

    B. Watching her get kicked out of the Church after spending time in federal prison.

    C. The shunning at her death. No funeral, no announcement, no service.

    David Miscavige was the WHO on all of these gross PR flaps. He was sent on mission with Bill Franks to offer her up. It is known she is responsible for landing there. But the lack of support and commeraderie was not her doing. DM has even slandered her in the news and lied in the news about "being friends with her".
  7. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    The mission holders massacre

    Anyone have a calculator? Can you guess how much money was regged at this event while the mission holders were told the Church did not need missions!
    The 1982 US Mission Holders' Conference, San Francisco
    Appendix to the Latey judgement


    The extraordinary document presented below is part of a much larger transcript presented as evidence in the July 1984 child custody case, heard before Mr. Justice Latey in the Family Division of the High Court, London. It dates from 1982, two years after L. Ron Hubbard went into seclusion, and marks the brutally ruthless takeover of the Church of Scientology by the youthful "fanatics" of the Commodore's Messenger Org, led by David Miscavige. The malevolent tone of Miscavige and his fellow Messengers was, to Justice Latey's mind, "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen" - a conclusion with which it is hard not to agree.
    This is the background to the conference, compiled from a number of sources (the transcript follows thereafter):


    It was October 17, 1982. Mission holders - owners of local Scientology franchises - from around the United States and a number of other senior leaders of the Church were herded into a lecture hall on the fourth floor of the San Francisco Hilton. The door was locked and guarded by International Finance Police while the young, uniformed Commodore's Messengers lectured their captive audience. Putting aside the mask of friendliness, they would show their true faces. The iron fist was on public display with no pretence of a kid glove. For seven hours, the captive audience was lectured, cajoled and denounced. Verbal abuse, flash-bulbing (intimidation by photographing a person repeatedly with flash), threats, and humiliation were all used against the mission holders.

    "We weren't allowed to move, go to the bathroom, or speak unless spoken to," recalled Bent Corydon. "There were only 15 of them and there were 100 of us. If we had gone for them, there was no way they could have controlled us. But we were terrorised. Right at the beginning, three mission holders were randomly picked out and expelled right there and then, their lives finished." Before the meeting even began, Mission Holder Gary Smith, who was sitting at the back with his wife and four-year-old daughter, was ordered to move to the unoccupied front row. He refused and was declared Suppressive on the spot.

    Corydon commented: "We were told that those being expelled would be put in jail. We were told to applaud and we did. It's a sad commentary on all of us. But when you've been in the Church for 20 years and believe in it, you don't want to be told that you can't do it any more, that your friends can't speak to you because you've been excommunicated."

    The aisles were lined with unsmiling Sea Org Ethics Officers watching the audience closely, and carrying clipboards to take note of the least sign of dissent. The Master of Ceremonies was twenty-two-year old David Miscavige, a Sea Org "Commander," and, unbeknownst to the attendees, Chairman of the Board of Author Services Incorporated. At the beginning of the harangue, the Mission Holders were told that the trademarks were now in the hands of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). Larry Heller, who was introduced as the Church's Attorney, had this to say:

    "RTC has a right to send a mission directly to the individual Mission Holders to determine whether the trademarks are being properly used by you. This mission may review your books, your records, and interview your personnel ....RTC... has the right to immediately suspend any utilization by the individual Missions of those trademarks. The word "immediate" is the key word here. There need not be a hearing in order for there to be a suspension. RTC will order that you no longer use the trademarks and you must stop or be subject to civil penalties and ultimately criminal prosecution."
    Attorney Heller was the only speaker not dripping with braid and campaign ribbons. The new leaders had strutted onto the podium, puffed up with the self-importance of their paramilitary titles, and looking like the new rulers of a tin-pot dictatorship. But the comic elements were lost in all the shouting. Of the new Mission articles "Warrant Officer" Lyman Spurlock, the Corporate Affairs Director of the Church of Scientology, said the following:
    "From now on all Missions will be corporations. There's [sic] very good reasons for this. A lot of you may know that you just recently received new corporate papers, let's see some nods, okay. These new corporate papers are designed to make the whole structure impregnable, especially as regards the IRS [Internal Revenue Service] .... RTC is a very formidable group of Sea Org members who have the toughness to see that the Tech is standardly applied."
    "Commander" David Miscavige, acting as the Master of Ceremonies, gave a fervent, if bizarre, guarantee:
    "The [new] corporate structure assures Scientology being around for eternity."
    A major "problem" identified by Miscavige was that of Kingsley Wimbush's Steven's Creek Boulevard Mission in San Jose, CA, which was making as much as $100,000 a week - more than all the other 80 missions put together - but was using an unapproved technique called "de-dinging". The success of Wimbush's "deviant" technique was evidently seen as a threat to the authority of the new rulers of Scientology. He had been intercepted as he arrived at the San Francisco Hilton and was promptly dragged off to the RPF gulag. At the conference, Miscavige announced:
    "Earlier this evening both Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were here. They have both now been declared and we are pursuing criminal charges against them. They have been delivering their own squirrel tech while calling it Scientology. Kingsley Wimbush's 'dinging process' is complete squirrel. You won't find it in any tech, yet he has been calling it Scientology. That's a violation of trademark laws and he now faces some serious charges for this crime. This sort of activity is NOT going to go on any more."
    At this point, Wimbush's wife, who was unaware that he had been 'bounced' on his way to the meeting, got up to leave and the tape of the proceedings records Miscavige hissing, 'Declare her!'
    For most of the mission holders, it was their first glimpse of David Miscavige. Security guards never left his side during the evening. Apart from introducing each speaker, he had little to say to the audience. He merely warned them what would happen to anyone who turned against Scientology.

    "That person's future is black. It is so black I can't even describe it right now. I can't even even find the words to describe how black that person's future is . . . I mean it is really black."
    Within a few days, some of them found out exactly what he meant. Eighteen were taken out to the Scientology prison camp at Happy Valley where they joined David Mayo, who had been there since the summer. They were kept for several months before being released.
    "Commander" Steve Marlowe, the Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center, was next in line to browbeat the Mission Holders:

    "We are a religion and this religion is what is going to save mankind. Get the idea? Thirty years from now, someone squirrels Scientology and starts calling it Scientology because there's a lot of money to be made . . . Suddenly you have factions, schisms, all kinds of very horrible things - they will never occur to this Church, never . . . you have a new breed of management in the Church. They're tough, they're ruthless . . . They don't get muscled around by the IRS or by crazy loonies . . . you're playing with the winning team."
    ("The IRS" was subsequently edited from the official transcript of the meeting, along with a variety of other potentially embarrassing utterances.)
    The Inspector General next accused the Mission Holders of "ripping-off" public from the Orgs, the major theme of the meeting:

    This management means business. There are ecclesiastical concerns, there are secular concerns. Violations will be prosecuted without a doubt [emphasis in transcript]. And we're just not here to threaten you or whatever. This is your salvation too. You just take a look at the viewpoint that someone would have behind bars looking out at the rest of Scientology. Not too sweet.
    We're not going to get stepped on ....The Inspector General Network exists within RTC. They have tremendous information lines. They have resources that enable them to get down to the very lowest echelon of the field. And quite frankly, things will get found out about.

    "Commander" Norman Starkey, one of only two veteran Sea Org members to be accepted into the CMO, then took his place at the rostrum and announced that the legal battles of both the Commodore and the Church were almost over. This was far from the truth. Starkey went on to berate Scientology's most effective critic, Boston attorney Michael Flynn, at great length. Starkey asserted that former Mission Holder Brown McKee was in Flynn's hire. Of McKee, he said:
    He will never, ever, ever and I promise you, for any lifetime, ever again get on any E-meter [changed to "auditing" in transcript] or ever have a chance to get out of his trap. And those who are on OT3 knows [sic] what that means! That means dying and dying and dying and dying again. Forever, for eternity.
    "Captain" Guillaume Lesevre had flown over from Europe to become the new Executive Director International only days before the Conference. He complained that although Missions were sending their public to the relatively plush Flag Land Base, in Clearwater, they were not sending them into their run-down local Orgs. He found the practice unreasonable. Simply because an Org was "dirty" was not reason enough not to send well-heeled new public to it. Lesevre accused those who had written books about Scientology, on sale throughout the Church, of "trying to make money out of the [sic] L. Ron Hubbard's technology," although most of these books were copyrighted in Hubbard's name, and published by his own Scientology Publications Organizations.
    Then Lesevre issued a quota to each Mission. The U.S. Missions were to send a total of 348 people to Orgs during the following week. There was a real threat that if they failed to meet these quotas, which were very high, something unpleasant would happen to them. Furthermore, the quotas would be increased each week.

    It is difficult to convey the force with which these tirades were delivered. A tape does exist, and, gloating over their achievement, the young rulers even published a carefully censored and reworded transcript. They wanted Scientologists to make no mistake about how "tough and ruthless" their new masters were.

    Jon Atack, who appears to have brought the transcript to Justice Latey's notice in the first place, adds:

    This transcript was crucial in my decision to leave the Church. Further, I used it very successfully to persuade others to leave.
    He was not the only one; it is estimated that as much as half of the Church's membership left in the subsequent months, including many of the terrorised and now bankrupted Mission Holders. Bent Corydon was still bitter two years later:
    "Well, I finally quit and told them what they could do with their Church. But at the time, we were all cowed."
    (With thanks to Jon Atack [A Piece of Blue Sky], Stewart Lamont [Religion, Inc.] and The Sunday Times ["Sinking the master mariner", Sunday Times Magazine, 28 Oct 1984] )


    Extract from transcript of the US Mission Holders' Conference, San Francisco, Oct. 1982
    Originally reprinted as an appendix to the July 1984 judgement of Mr. Justice Latey
    Cmdr. David Miscavige, Chairman of Author Services Incorporated: One thing the Executive Director International went over that's needed from the missions is Book One [Dianetics: MSMH, aka DMSMH] auditing, as a major action from missions: Getting new public in and getting them on Book One. Aside from the quota or whatever, that's what's needed. Book One auditing. That's the bottom of the bridge, lots of Book One auditing. Doesn't take a lot of resources to deliver it, you all know that. So, Book I is needed from missions and in a big way.

    Next person that's going to be speaking is Commander Wendell Reynolds. He is the International Finance Dictator. And he's also going to be talking about the promotion for this Book One Campaign and the upcoming Book One promotion.

    Mr Reynolds.

    Audience: (Applause.)

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds, International Finance Dictator: All right now, collectively you guys are in some weird lower condition. By association if no other reason you have allowed the missions to go squirrel and I mean squirrel! Now, I don't know if you're aware of this but the Finance Network has recently been beefed up and we have an FBO and Deputy FBO on post in just about every org on the planet. The Deputy FBO's job is to drive public in on the orgs and the FBO's job is to get those public serviced. Now, right now you guys are CI on my lines, maybe one exception in this room, but I doubt it, because you guys are sitting on public, you are ripping off the orgs, you're doing all manner of crazy things.

    Now. we are going in on the orgs and we're finding this stuff. The $250,000 that Stevens Creek has regged from people who had already gone Clear over the last few months - somebody's already paid for it and there are some more dues to be paid on that one. I'm not going to have this stuff.

    Now some of these guys you see standing around here are International Finance Police and their job is to go out and find this stuff and if you guys are guilty of it, you've just had it! So. are we talking the same language here, now?

    Anybody have any doubts about this one? (Pause.) Okay.

    The old routine here was you got Scientology justice procedures applied to you when you did something wrong. Well you guys are a separate corporation from the Church and when you rip-off or steal from the org, or bribe people it's a corporate crime and you can be real sure that you're going to all end up in the slammer.

    Now, I figure that you guys owe these orgs, I don't know how many millions of dollars how many hundreds of thousands of pcs from the rip-offs, collectively speaking. And I say collectively because you guys by association are taking on the condition that you failed to assign. And if you read the policy 'How to Assign Conditions' you will see that the condition that you fail to assign you will take on. And there are people in this audience, right now, who are wholesale ripping off orgs. Anyone want to volunteer that they're doing it? Nobody here will volunteer? COSMOD [Church of Scientology Mission of Davies] San Francisco here? Are you COSMOD San Francisco? Is COSMOD San Francisco here? Is that you? Do you agree? I'm going to put you on the meter later on if you say no.

    Someone in the audience: Me?

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: No, him. Okay?

    I want some dues paid on this and I don't want these public coming into these orgs on these quotas to be the guys you're giving back having ripped them off. These are new people. Anybody ripping off comes back just as they went off the lines. No ifs, ands or buts. No walking into the org, take the pc folders and take them up to the missions, none of that stuff. You guys are a flow up, not a flow down and not a holding action.

    Now, this convention is costing the Church money. You're all paying 75 bucks a head for the joy of listening to this whole thing so you get put into proper reality. You're all going to sign your 5% minimum CGI donation to this DMSMH Campaign. Do you realize if the missions paid for the campaign as a whole it would take you guys some 200 weeks of your current payment level? Four years. You could never afford to do it and yet just having in the phone book "Dianetics" and "Scientology" is going to get you a bundle of public in. You're not getting more information cards from the orgs, nothing!

    You're gonna get Dianetics and Scientology as a household word. And even the top PR experts available to us, who've been planning this whole thing our with targets and so forth so this thing is going to fly. And if you look at it Battlefield Earth has been released on the same pattern as the early 1950s when LRH was a popular writer with DMSMH released right. right on the heels of it and that put it right on the best-seller list. And right now Battlefield Earth is selling out and selling out and selling out again. So we got a tremendous popularity thing going and you guys are getting a gift at 5% of CGI - it's a total gift. So if I hear one person in this room who is not coughing up 5% as a minimum you've got an investigation coming your way because you got other crimes in your mission. Questions on that?

    Do you guys have an unreality on the rip-offs that are going from orgs? Do you have some unreality about Academics being delivered in missions? Academy levels?

    Any unreality about people who have gone Clear being kept or re-regged in the mission? There's one example of a person being regged for 52 intensives after going Clear in a mission.

    Do you have any idea about the penalties for taking public off the orgs' lines - it's $10,000 a head per policy. If you rip-off a start member or have a staff member working in your mission at the same time he's employed by an org you pay for the entirety of his training processing plus a $2,000 fine. And that will all be enforced in addition on the mission in addition to any individual penalties levelled in a criminal nature. Is that all real clear? Okay.

    We're talking PT now. Whatever you had going in the past is whatever you had going in the past. Lines drawn right here and right now. You guys are going to all write up your O/Ws [sins] tonight. Before you leave and you'll get meter checked. And I want everybody straight - on yourselves and anybody else that you know. And if you don't come clean and I find out something later on that P/L [policy letter] is enforced. You are guilty of anything that you didn't report on. Right per that P/L. We talk the same language?

    Audience: Uh-huh.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Any questions? Anyone want to leave? Okay.

    If we will pull this thing together and get all these nuts off the line and actually do Dianetics and Scientology you can go anyplace you want to go. Right now there is so much criminality floating through this mission network I don't want to hear about it. IF you come clean we'll work out some reparations for all the rip-offs that you've done in the past and straighten the record. If you don't want to come clean, forget it. If you've done stuff in the past and you come clean now we'll give you the benefit of the doubt. We'll assume that you weren't hatted or you were misdirected or something else. You don't come clean tonight and I find out something after this, man, you've had it. That's all I have to say.

    Audience: (Applause.)

    Cmdr. David Miscavige: Just a recap on everybody, because that was actually the last speaker. As you basically see we have a new corporate structure, have a new organization. There's flowlines. There's new management. The infiltration days are over, the bribe days are over, the anything-goes days are over. What goes is standard policy. What goes is people flowing through the bottom of the bridge up the bridge. What goes is no rip-offs. I was in San Francisco Org today and a Mission Holder from Seattle came in to get an org pc. Well that person's paying $10,000 and her mission status is being reviewed. Now I don't want to close down a bunch of missions.

    But I will tell you something - somebody who's going to rip-off orgs and not apply policy then obviously they're not about to apply Scientology tech either. So therefore I don't trust them and we're better off without them.
    Just so you know where we stand. Now we can ad get along easily if policy is applied. We're not talking about anything else. We're not giving any whimsical rules. Because of all out-ethics that's gone on in the last two years specific things like the Mission Holders "Mutiny".

    That's just not going to go on anymore. That hurts everybody and it's at an end. So we had to get real tough and we've gotten tough. Our organization will not be violated. Neither legally or ecclesiastically.

    Standard Tech., Standard Policy, that's the name of the game. And because we mean business we're going to go legal. We will prosecute. If you take a look at it any person who starts to take rip-offs, should've been getting people into the missions or into the orgs and by actually getting a lot of missions and orgs functioning and everybody would be prosperous. The rip-off artist makes everyone suffer and work harder. It's an everybody loses situation. So what we've done is set up everything so it's an everybody wins situation. The rules of the game are laid out. There's nothing else, there are no arbitraries. But as I stated, there will be no rip-offs or out-tech tolerated. Those are the rules. And they will be stuck to.

    There's no more "do whatever you want", "we don't care as long as your stats are up". That's nuts. And in every case we investigated where these upstats were going on in the face of out-tech and off-policy, we find that they were false stats. So apply policy, apply tech, apply the flowlines of the bridge and there's policy on that for missions, and we all win. Okay?

    Next thing is we have some MAAs [Masters-At-Arms] over here; they're going to pass out some paper - as Mr Reynolds pointed out, we're going to have O/W write-ups and the $75 collection to pay for this convention and Knowledge Reports. Standard Knowledge Reports. So right now is the time to come clean and get a fresh start. Everybody in agreement?

    Audience: Yup. (agrees).

    Cmdr. David Miscavige: Okay. Pass them out.

    (Sounds of paper shuffling and talking in the audience. Break for O/W write-ups and Knowledge Reports.)

    [At this point, says Bent Corydon, they were lined up and "mug-shot" like criminals. Then they had to write up their crimes. "They wanted to know how much money we had been holding back from the Church. That's the biggest crime of all. We had to write down our 'out-2Ds' - that's sex crimes, had we been unfaithful to our wives? That's to give them better control. I wrote down whatever I had. Why? I had been witholding stuff. We all had. They kept jacking up the finances, ordering us to charge $300 an hour for courses, outrageous prices No one can afford it unless they're totally hooked. So I just wrote down things they already knew."]

    (Recommencement of conference.)

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Now the procedure which we have worked out for how to square the books on this whole thing is that we are going to record every point of inflow from organizations into missions. And you will do that by returning to your missions and require O/W write ups and knowledge reports from all your staff to fully document all the points of inflow into the mission from orgs. And that will be pcs, students, staff, mailing lists, people regged for mission services beyond the point they should have gone to a higher org. Academy Levels, anything else which has been delivered in violation of the intention of missions and that is intended to represent accurately the entire overt on orgs of the mission since the day it started. And we are going to start with the COSMOD Mission and the Stevens Creek and we are going to send teams in who will be doing meter checks at the end of all the write-ups and verifying the estimation.

    Do you have a question on this, do you get what I am saying?

    (Person raises hand.)

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Yeah?

    Person: I don't quite understand what you mean about, I understand but I'm not quite getting the outflow, inflow into the missions from the org.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Inflow to the missions from the orgs.

    Person: From the orgs.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Yeah. The flow, the flow from missions is up the Bridge to orgs. OK.

    Everything which flows from the org down to the mission is an overt on the flow on the Bridge.

    Person: I got it.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: And that is essentially what we are addressing here. What we are trying to do is erase an engram which has been in place for some time and that is going to take more than just cleaning up your own universe. It is going to take some physical universe action.

    Person: Right.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: There's factually a liability condition that exists. And in some cases, some of the missions it is going to appear perhaps insurmountable and yet you will find that by actually handling the overt you will then unleash the potential of the mission to start to flow up the Bridge.

    If we don't handle that, as an overt and as an engram we are going to be stuck with the wrong condition on the Bridge and it will not flow.

    So the intention is, all the backlog off the line. Clean the slate and once we've got the full estimation we will work out with the individual Mission Holder how that's going to be repaid to the orgs. Because in some cases it is going to be in the millions of dollars like COSMOD, it is going to be in the millions margin.

    Stevens Creek, we already know: it is quarter of a million over the last couple of months of people who were regged after they went Dianetic Clear. That is all overt. That's all going to get cleaned up.

    On the teams that will be going in; will be to verify by meter check the accuracy of what's going on and to do physical universe inspections of the actual records, the past files, the pc folders and so forth of the org. I mean I'm sorry for the mission. And we will get all that as straight as it can be gotten. And we will reorient these flows up the line.

    So that is the basic orientation. We will start with those two, which are the biggest chains and then we are going to go around the rest of the US and then we are going to go to the NON US.

    We are just going to end this whole game once and for good and even the score. And then from there, it is all up line.

    My postulate is that everybody comes fully clean, if you have mission staff. Like some of the Mission Holders said that they don't know what went on in the mission. Well that is inexcusable. You are still responsible for what went on there and it will be treated in that vein.

    So, you are to go back and find out from your staff what actually has been going on and the entirety of what has been going on all the way back to day one of the mission. I want to just clean that up.

    So we will send in some teams who are outside and won't have mutual rudiments with the mission to assist on the meter checks on that. And if you have staff that won't come clear they will be ordered to Flag for sec check either at the mission expense or at their own expense at preferential rates. And they will get a full sec check until the actual scene is broughten out. Brought out into the open.

    You will probably find that you have attracted certain staff who are there for the wrong reasons, who will have to be sorted out and that is just the way it goes. But that is the basic game plan and that is the basic way that we can win on this thing. So, do I have your agreement on that?

    Audience: Yes.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Okay. All your knowledge reports and so forth are to be sent to Int. Finance Ethics Officer at Flag and you should keep a copy of everything in the mission so that when the mission comes in to do the verifications and meter checks and so forth they will have the raw data as well as having a full data bank at Flag.

    And I am sure we will get various and sundry things to be cleaned up and the intention here is to clean it up.

    We don't necessarily like to declare people or handle ethics except where it is necessary for the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics", in which case we do it wholeheartedly.

    And you can just tell your mission staff and I am sure that you have got the message by now yourselves, that we are not goofing around. That this planet is a mud bowl and it is going to stay that way unless we fix it. And the determination I believe is appearing in this room to make that actually happen on the organizational pattern as laid out by LRH.

    So having your full support on that will be of assistance. If we don't have it it is going to be too bad for you. So go back and give that message to your Mission staff and let's get this thing straightened out and moving!

    What you say?

    Audience: Yes!

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: Okay. Thank you.

    Audience: (Applause.)

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre, Executive Director International: All right. So you've got your quotas. You guys all written down your quotas?

    Audience: Yeah.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: The pcs and students to orgs. Very good.

    Now. Now you've got to double those quotas of new people you are going to start on services. Just take those quotas, double them for this week on people you are going to start in the mission for the first time on services.

    Because I tell you something. I've told it to you before, you are going to have to start to reaching out for the new public. All right.

    Now on those quotas, the public, the people you are going to send back to the orgs that belong there. You know. People are gotten there this year starting in the orgs that you are going to have to, this week, re-send back to the orgs. They don't count on those quotas. Is that clear?'

    Audience: Yes.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: The pcs and students that you are going to send those orgs have never seen them. All right.

    Now, reading some of these O/Ws, we see that we've got a whole bunch of cycles. You know. You've got a lot of cycles to handle now. To clean up that stuff. You know, Academy Levels sold, ah, people over-regged after Dianetic Clear and things like that. You are going to have to start to handle that tomorrow. Right away.

    You should, when you go back, you should make a list, you know, and write down all those cycles to start cleaning them up and ending them.

    I mean, those teams that are going to come to the Missions you know, your missions are going to be paying for it. Now if you start to handle your own scene, you know, fast, this week, you will be saving some money as well.

    Cmdr. Wendell Reynolds: The price for the missions coming in to do the verifications will be $15,000 a day. You can save yourselves a lot of time and expense if you just get your whole act together. You can either meter-check your staff in advance if you want to, whatever you want to do. So the missions can come in and just verily the whole thing and as much preps as you do the faster it is going to happen. If they are there for a long time, it will be expensive. If they not it won't be as expensive. They'll be paid at the start of each day that they are there.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: Good.

    If I were you. I'd start getting going on that right tomorrow, okay?

    Audience: Yes.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: The other thing I want to say is, I want to stress again - this is the moment when we're going to find out who is with us and who is not with us.

    I can tell something. I had so much trouble with missions in the past that in one country in Europe I forbad that there were any missions. It was forbidden in that country. That was Italy. Now that country is a country that is expanding the most. where Scientology exploded the fastest on the whole planet. No missions, not one.

    I'm not saying that there shouldn't be missions. That is just to show we don't owe anything to the world. We don't have to have anybody. Is that clear?

    Audience: Yes.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: Okay. Now you have double quotas on the pcs and students that you are going to send to orgs of new people you are going to start on basic services, right?

    Now when you come back, I suggest definitely that you get rid of all those Ruth Minshull and Peter Gillham and other publications and you just get on LRH books. Just go down in your reception in your bookstore and just get those other books out of there.

    Because what do you want to do? You want to get on to source and you want to have a stand out intro line. Really stand out intro line. Now in order to do that, you got to get the projector..

    You got to show the LRH Film, like the Freedom Film and then you got to deliver your Book One auditing and train Book One auditors.

    That is what is needed and wanted. And that is how you are going to do it.

    All right. Now before you leave, outside they have this table with two persons from the Golden Era Studios and each one of you is going to get a projector. It is $2,000. Each one of you is going to get a projector. How many of you guys have got a projector in his mission now?

    Okay. Those that don't have a projector, get a projector before you leave from here. Then you are going to get the Freedom Film and you are going to start showing that.

    Okay. We are going to get that whole scene completely stand (stamped) out and on policy and on Source. Every single last bit of it. Okay?

    Audience: Right. Great.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: Very good.

    Anyone of you been using such a thing called the Counsellor Ad?

    Audience: Yes.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: Who has been using that?

    Audience: (Raising of hands.)

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: All right. That ad shouldn't be used. Okay? It has been misused. And it is misleading. Okay?

    People come in. They come for a certain reason, and then they find out that is not what is being offered to them. Don't use that ad.

    Getting standard new public procurement actions. You can Body routing. You distribute fliers, FSMs. Show them films, Intro Lectures, Book One auditing. Cancel that ad now. Cancel it. It's no good.

    SMI [Scientology Missions International] will be giving you a new ad to put up. But in the meanwhile don't wait for it. Cancel that ad right now and get on all the other procurement actions. Okay?

    Audience: Okay. Yeah.

    Capt. Guillaume Lesevre: All right.

    Audience: (Applause.)

    Cmdr. David Miscavige: Okay. The last two things.

    One is, I don't know, I guess you guys will be talking to other Mission holders once you leave. Correct?

    Audience: Right.

    Cmdr. David Miscavige: I believe all the Mission Holders in the US were called to come to this meeting and several didn't. You might want to just tell them one thing. Just a message. They will be getting the message anyway, but you will probably be quicker, I know how fast the rumor lines or the phone lines are.

    We have run across something recently whereby there's a little technique of make wrong when someone tries to put in ethics. It's actually a suppressive make wrong. It goes 'If you put in ethics, we're going to crash our stats to show you that you can't put our ethics in and that is a wrong indication'.

    Tell them we don't buy it. If it happens they will get a mission. A Sea Org mission to their mission. Okay. Just a little message.

    Last thing I wanted to mention is, now is the chance to straighten out everything. It really is a chance to start on a new road up, fresh. It is only going to happen with all those cycles which Mr Reynolds and the ED Int. [Executive Director International - Guillaume Lesevre] spoke about and if you do that, you are on the winning team. We are winning legally. We are winning statistically. And Scientology is going up.

    I just want to let you know that because that is the plus point of it all. And we will win in the end. Okay?

    Audience: Right.

  8. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Yes I am. It was the problems ensuing after the redef that led to GAT.
    I've heard rumours that in COS they've been less strict of late. However I gather all sessions and exams are videoed, and one must get the new def of floating needle. Calling per the old def gets you in trouble.

    This posted by Grace Aaron who you may know. Also Roland can tell you
    more on this as he was doing OT 7 sec checks when this came out.

    REPOST: Floating Needle Redefinition

    The following bears repeating. I think the RTC is violating its
    corporate by-laws by writing issues like the following that completely
    pervert the original teachings of Hubbard.

    From: ed bogel (
    Subject: Floating Needles
    View: Complete Thread (5 articles)
    Original Format
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    Date: 2003-04-29 23:58:49 PST

    For the Scientologists who lurk here (and I personally know at least 10
    -- so there must be 100s):

    In reply to the below post, here is the bulletin that was sent out to
    auditors last year about F/Ns:

    Revised 8 October 2000

    (Revised 8 Oct. 2000 to include the full LRH definition of floating
    needle. LRH originally wrote this HCOB on July 1978. In February
    1979, when updating the book E-Meter Essentials, he augmented the
    definition with additional text. The full text, as it appears in
    E-Meter Essentials, is hereby issued in this HCOB, Revision in script.)


    A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even
    pace of the needle, back and forth, back and forth, without change in
    the width of the swing except perhaps to widen as the pc gets off the
    last small bits of charge. Note that it can get so wide that you have
    to shift the tone arm back and forth, back and forth, to keep the
    needle on the dial, in which case you have a floating tone arm.

    That's what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.

    L. Ron Hubbard

    Revision assisted by
    LRH Technical Research
    And compilations

    Here is the definition from the Technical Dictionary:

    A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace
    of the needle. That's what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.
    (HCOB 21 July 78)

    Here is the Tech Dictionary definition of a Theta Bop:

    Theta Bop, 1. Is a small or wide steady dance of the needle, over a
    spread of one-eighth of an inch, say (depending on sensitivity
    setting--it can be half an inch), the needle goes up and down perhaps
    five or ten times a second. It goes up, sticks, goes up, sticks,
    falls, sticks, etc., always the same distance, like a slow tuning fork.
    It is a constant distance and a constant speed. A theta bop means
    "death," "leaving," "don't want to be here." It is caused by a yoyo of
    the preclear as a thetan vibrating out and into the body or a position
    in the body. It's as if the needle is jumping between two peaks across
    a narrow valley. (EME, p. 16) 2. A small or wide steady dance of the
    needle. Depending on the sensitivity setting it can be anything from
    one-eighth to half an inch wide. It is very rapid, perhaps five or ten
    times a second. (BIEM, p. 43) 3. A diagnostic read, a sort of
    yoyo--in and out. It does not matter a continental how wide the theta
    bop is. It can be a whole dial wide. Most theta bops do it
    repetitively. One dip and one recovery at the exact same speed over
    the same area would be a one-motion theta bop. A theta bop has the
    equal halt at both ends. (SH Spec 1, 6105C07)

    But then in HCO Policy Letter of 21 Feb. 1979, corrected & reissued 25
    Apr. 79, corrected and reissued 6 May '79 entitled "E-Meter Essentials
    Errata Sheet" it says:

    RE: Free Needles:

    Page 17, Section 41:

    Delete: "It means an idle, uninfluenced motion, no matter what you say
    about the goal or terminal. It isn't just null, it's uninfluenced by
    anything (except body reactions)."

    The entire section is replaced by: "It means the same as a Floating
    Needle, which is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of
    the needle, back and forth, back and forth, without change in the width
    of the swing except perhaps to widen as the pc gets off the last small
    bits of charge. Note that it can get so wide that you have to shift
    the Tone Arm back and forth, back and forth, to keep the needle on the
    dial in which case you have a floating tone arm."

    In HCO B 21 Oct. 68R, Revised 9 July 1977 entitled "Floating Needle"
    the definition of F/N is: "the idle, uninfluenced movement of the
    needle on the dial without any patterns or reactions in it. It can be
    as small as 1" or as large as dial wide. It does not fall or drop to
    the right of the dial. It moves to the left at the same speed as it
    moves to the right;"

    This definition seems more workable to me. Mainly because I've
    observed thousands of floating needles and they don't move like a
    metronome, back and forth at the same distance. Usually they are at
    the same speed, but not the same distance. Also, they turn on and off
    and can sometimes be very brief and feeble, especially if the person
    you are auditing is very keyed in, in which case if you overrun the
    puny F/N it's that much worse for the person.

    These days in the Orgs in the LA area they seem to have a lot of
    difficulty with F/Ns and are so worried about them that they make
    people so nervous that it would kill any F/N anyway. But the fact
    that people are on the pro-metering course for over a year shows you
    that they are preventing auditors from being made more than making
    auditors. In my humble opinion, at any rate.
  9. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    In many ways this is an arbitrary. It is telling the being how to be, before the being is capable of being it. It also causes huge losses to both the pc and the auditor.

    As a person gets charge off an area the needle will float wider and wider.

    The more charge off - the bigger the float.

    Consequently on a well handled case - the person should experience a continuous floating T/A in life.

    Life and life actions then act as a continuous expansion of your spiritual self in present time - thus in life you are continuously in the right space at the right time.

    It is the true basis of dynamic meditation.:thumbsup:

  10. mountainpeak

    mountainpeak Patron


    Having spent hundreds of hours in solo auditing, the above is my observation also.
  11. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Alan!!! I need a continous floating TA in life. where do I get that? How much is it?!?!?!!?

    BTW guys: I was there during all the redefinition of F/Ns. I thought it was in my story.... (started in 95, about May).

    First miscalled F/N: Lower conditions, then Comm Ev. I guess RPF. VERY heave ethics and justice for it. All the way up to when I left it was like that, though not as many miscalled F/Ns as when it started (supposedly).

    I never had trouble with that ever. For whatever reason. Good at following instructions? No idea. Nor did I have any trouble passing RTC videos for my interships on checksheet TM.


    Right or wrong, application of that tech was always easy for me.
  12. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Its your TR's and beingness....that is why you never had trouble..
  13. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Int execs rush Hubbard's widow for money.

    The following is an account of how the Int Execs rished Hubbard's widow after his death and took advantage of a sick and grieving widow to obtain 400 million dollars and to get her to resign from any rights as co founder of the church. This is the seedy side of managment?

    How Scientology heirs lost a $400 million inheritance
    [October 20, 1998]

    A director of FACTNet recently spent 20 hours interviewing former high-level Scientology cult member, Jesse Prince . Jesse was second in command of all Scientology's operations worldwide. In these conversations, Jesse Prince disclosed information never previously revealed regarding his former boss, Scientology's current leader David Miscavige.

    One of the issues Jesse discussed was the strategy employed by David Miscavige to swindle the heirs of L. Ron Hubbard out of an inheritance worth $400 million, or more. Soon after L. Ron Hubbard's death, Miscavige approached Hubbard's elderly widow, Mary Sue Hubbard, during her recovery from lung cancer surgery, as well as the Hubbard children. Mary Sue Hubbard was L. Ron's third wife, with whom he had children Diana, Quentin (deceased), Suzette, and Arthur. Following is an excerpt from FACTNet's ["F"] interview with Jesse Prince ["J"]:

    J: Now after [L. Ron Hubbard] passed, I was there when Mary Sue Hubbard was made to sign an agreement -- I do believe it was $100,000 -- to relinquish any kind of claim on the copyrights, or trademarks, or bank accounts, or anything to do with the Scientology fortune. I was part of a 12 or 17-man team of people that just invaded her house, and was all a pretty cordial affair. She didn't want to sign the damn thing. Lawyers were there, David Miscavige started screaming, "You are going to sign it!"

    F: He was screaming at her, "You're going to sign this document"?

    J: We were all there, browbeating her

    F: 12 to 17 people?

    J: Yeah, all in Sea Org uniforms. All in cars everywhere, just going in there and overwhelming this poor little old lady.

    F: Would you say that you were an intimidating presence?

    J: Beyond any question.

    F: Would you say that Mary Sue Hubbard was coerced into signing an agreement?

    J: It s beyond any question. As well as Arthur, I was there when he signed it too. He got $50,000.

    F: He got $50,000. Did they have their own lawyers there who looked at the documents?

    J: No, no. They had no representation. All the Scientology lawyers were there, and they would just sit down, this is what the lawyers say, "sign here."

    F: Were they allowed to read the documents?

    J: Yeah, but I don t think they knew what they were reading.

    F: So the Scientology lawyers were there. Did they act like they were representing Mary Sue Hubbard or Arthur in advising them in any legal way at all on the document?

    J: No.

    F: What lawyers were there?

    J: I believe Larry Heller.

    F: Anyone else?

    J: Not that I specifically recall, but that doesn t mean that no one was there.

    F: So, Larry Heller was there in this incredibly coercive environment. Were these men, these 12 to 17 people, in Sea Org uniforms?

    J: All men, except Vicky Aznaran.

    F: Were they big men?

    J: Big men. Lyman, Norman, Marty, me.

    F: Was there any kind of spoken or unspoken threat that if she didn't sign this document there would be trouble for her or her family?

    J: Trouble for her, yes.

    F: What was said?

    J: Going to get sec checked, going to get auditing, going to get this, ethics, whatever. She blew up, she said, "No, I m going to sec check you to find out what the hell you re trying to do to me."

    F: So she was threatened with a security check, and ethics, which meant that she would have to work through conditions and do all kinds of menial, manual labor?

    J: No, just have someone sitting with her in her house. She wasn't very functional. She had a couple of Scientologists who watched her every move and reported to David Miscavige every day about her.

    F: They lived in her house?

    J: They lived in her house and reported on her every single day.

    F: They were writing reports on her condition?

    J: Every single day.

    F: Was she sickly?

    J: Very sickly, fragile woman.

    F: Was she on medication?

    J: No, I do not believe that was allowed.

    F: So, she was sick, she had Scientology people spying on her before these 12 to 17 people came.

    J: During and after. It was all set up. They told what she did every moment of the day. We took her to the mall today, she bought this today. Neville was reporting to David Miscavige every day.

    F: Personally?

    J: Personally.

    F: Were they worried that Mary Sue Hubbard would? What were they worried about?

    J: That she wouldn't sign exactly what they wanted her to sign.

    F: So, she had no choice?

    J: None.

    F: 12 to 17 large men in uniforms standing around her?

    J: ...telling her she's got to do it.

    F: Other people were telling her to sign it?

    J: The people were telling her to sign it was Norman Starkey, David Miscavige, the attorney just handing it to her telling her this is the release form, or whatever. I never said a word when I was there, Vicky never said a word, I don't think Marty spoke to her.

    F: Why were 12 to 17 people in uniform necessary?

    J: Because David Miscavige said we need to go in there. Mark Jaegar was there. David Miscavige said we need to go in there and show a unified group of people from the church that we're running things and it's got nothing to do with her and she is not entitled to anything.

    F: Did he say that?

    J: Yes. I'm paraphrasing pretty much what he said. David Miscavige said she is lucky to get what she's getting. Ray Mithoff was there.

    F: Was he going to convince her that she wasn't entitled to anything?

    J: Yeah. And, I'll tell you the moment when she actually relinquished and signed the document, they pulled out their ace in the hole. She was actually kind of sad that he [her husband, L. Ron Hubbard] died, because they had been separated and hadn't talked for a long time. Actually, they hadn't been talking that much since she had gotten out of jail. She asked Ray Mithoff with tears in his eyes if he had said anything, or asked about her before he passed. He said, "No, he didn't mention your name." At which point after the meeting he reported with glee how he knew that had really got to her, just to know that she's a piece of shit that he never said anything. At that she bowed her head and they just stuck the papers underneath, like this, and she started signing.

    F: She had no representation. How much time was she given to think and read, and think about whether she wanted to sign and waive her whole inheritance, her children's inheritance.

    J: A couple hours.

    F: Alone, she was left alone?

    J: No, never alone. We stayed there for 2 hours.

    F: For 2 hours you, David Miscavige?

    J: Norman Starkey...

    F: ?just kept talking at her, they screamed?

    J: they screamed.

    F: Loud?

    J: You could hear it outside with the door closed.

    F: Screaming at her to sign this document.

    J: And telling her, "We're going to sec check you, and you're out of ethics" and all of this.

    F: They threatened her with all these punishments in Scientology?

    J: Right.

    F: And the lawyer sat there and watched this.

    J: Right.

    F: Arthur went through the same thing?

    J: He was much more submissive because he had been gotten to earlier. He escaped, ran away from the church, went to Hawaii. They had PIs track him down. He just wanted to be away.

    F: What do you mean "gotten to earlier"?

    J: Like I say, he wanted nothing to do with Scientology any more, nothing to do with the Sea Org. He just wanted to be a normal person. He escaped, dyed his hair black, assumed names, all this stuff. Ended up in Hawaii, just kicking around, having a good time. They found him, escorted him back.

    F: They sent PIs or someone out to find him?

    J: PIs, different church members, and brought him to me.

    F: Physically?

    J: Physically, brought him to me.

    F: Was it with his approval, or was he kidnapped from Hawaii?

    J: I think his brain was scattered because they had coerced him all along the way, and now this was his thing.

    F: So they brought him to you, why?

    J: To audit [Auditing is Scientology's form of psychotherapy].

    F: To audit. Why do you think he was gotten to sign this thing earlier before Mary Sue, what made you think he was going to go along?

    J: Because I think his sister, his two sisters signed it, willingly signed it. They were, probably were, used to coerce him to sign it. Diana and Suzette, who were still both in the Sea Org.

    F: How much did Diana and Suzette get?

    J: I think they got $50,000.

    F: $50,000. Were they, did they have attorneys that represented them?

    J: Like I say, at no point did I ever see them having any attorneys.

    F: They had no legal counsel?

    J: No. Intimidation.

    F: This is for Arthur and Mary Sue. What do you think, do you think that Suzette and Diana had attorneys?

    J: I can only speculate on that, Lawrence, and I think the answer is no. The other two didn't, what the hell makes them special?

    F: Do you think anybody said to them that because they were the family and the heirs that they had complete rights to all these assets?

    J: No. Quite to the contrary. I'll tell you what they were told by David Miscavige because I heard these words come out of his mouth: "Everything that L. Ron Hubbard did, he did for the church. We are the church, not you. Therefore everything is staying right here with us." That's the way it went.

    F: Did the lawyer ever say anything to them about their community property or state inheritance rights as the surviving family?

    J: Silent.

    F: Never said anything about a state law or anything like that?

    J: No.

    F: They did everything? Did David ever, or Starkey ever?

    J: No, you've got to me, because this gets frustrating. I told you exactly what happened. Raymond [Ray Mithoff] up and dropped the bomb on her that he [L. Ron Hubbard] didn't care about her, she hung her head and just started signing whatever they stuck under her hand.

    F: Trust me on these questions, there's a reason for them. We'll talk about it when we're done. Did anyone tell her that the law said that? did anyone imply that the law was not on her side?

    J: No.

    F: So they just simply said, we own this because Hubbard did it for us, sign the document, with 12 to 17 men in uniform standing around her an intimidating presence, screaming at her.

    J: No, everybody wasn't?.

    F: Just Miscavige.

    J: Norman and Miscavige. He introduced us, he said, these are the people in RTC, they do this, they're running things, not you, not the family. Here's international management, Mark Jaeger, he's running things, not you. Here's all the services, you're not part of this.

    F: Do you think the Hubbard family had any idea that his assets were worth from $100 to $400 million?

    J: No.

    F: Do you think that them receiving $50,000 each and Mary Sue receiving $100,000 for the estate of L. Ron Hubbard, do you think they would have done that if they had legal counsel, had there not been people standing in their room 12-17 men, women, in uniform, and being screamed at? Do you think they would have done that after careful selection?

    J: I'll say this, the answer is obvious. David Miscavige had a smile on his face for nearly a week after he pulled that off. I mean he was happy, happy, happy.

    F: He just made $400,000,000.

    J: Or more. I think it's a lot more than that.

    [End of interview excerpt]


    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    The Illusioness, Dear Lady, you nailed it , as you usually do. In addition to her other contributions to the CofS, which totalled over 1 million dolars in 10 years, my wife Dr. Donna Shannon bought a mission package for Ft. Myers, Fl. She got the usual mish mash package, which from my experience with my Mission( Hispanic Mission of Los Angeles, 1986-87.) means they clean out a bunch of crap hanging around the corners of the Bridge warehouse and dump it on your doorstep. In her case, she got the leftovers of Dusty Streets Newport Richey mission. Plus a few new books, too. Great. For a professional to stop producing on their post and begin running a Scientology Mission is nearly impossible. Non existence doesn't even begin to describe it. Oh, and in addition to the 10% SMI gets, did you know about the percentages to Bridge and Gold that get tacked on? It comes up to about 20% total right off the top. What a bunch of stupid, inexperienced in the real world, non business people. Greg Hughes should wake them up.
    I spent over $100,000 of borrowed money to get "back on" OT 7 from 1998 to 2004, and did not get back on. I then did a self imposed ethics program to get trained up to Cl. IV, so that I would be more ethical, and not tempted to slide back down into out-ethics, once I had attained OT 7 expanded. HA!
    There are reports you hear about 10,000 on solo NOTs being a target. It's been stuck below 2000 for over a decade, in reality, which pisses DM off to no end, as it makes him look bad. Many people are "black tagged" which means not auditing on the level. This includes most all of the soloNOTs C/Ses, who are unsessionable. To me, that is a huge outpoint. If it's so valuable, why aren't the staff of the AO who are eligible, on the level daily, to get up to OT 7 completion, and through OT 8 and ready for 9 and 10? Whatever the answer is, they are not doing it. I know some of this is recap, and may be repititious for those of you who have read my stuff before, but it is the core of what is screwed up with CofS in my opinion. LRH did have some good ideas, and the Bridge does work for most people who get trained on how to do it. Another outpoint is trying to do OT levels without sufficient training.
  15. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    OHTEEATE - Did you know that Class VI is a prereq for one of the OT Levels? I am not sure which one. But I am positive of that. I dont think the public have yet been told. It may be OT X. Its one of the ones they are looking at releasing.

    I think they have not said much about it, cause they already need the orgs SH size to release, and then Class VI too? Its gonna be said. Because they have to be able to handle ANY case, ANYTHING that may come up in session. I guess no reviews? I dont know. But I know this for a fact.
  16. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    You heard of Black Dianetics? This sounds like Black NOTS...with "the blind leading the blind"....LMAO. :D

    What a dweeb. Thankfully DM has gotten rid of all the good staff members and auditors....the ones that can really audit. And they ARE auditing. :yes:
  17. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Hey Bea

    Great to see you posting! :happydance:

    IIRC when OTIX and X were announced the pre-reqs were Class VI or Class V Grad + all the tech specialist courses - so it may as well be Class VI.


  18. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Personally speaking I think the orgs are empty for one main reason. Their stupid adherence to Hubbard.

    Terrill correctly points out that the CofS violates certain Hubbard P/Ls - among which are a) deliver what you promise b) maintain friendly relations - but those are not "Hubbardian concepts" they are sound business, Dale Carnegie concepts. The Customer is always right would be another one.

    But the orgs, if they are to follow Hubbard also have to destroy their enemies, they have to fair game their staff and public as needed and they have to get as much money as possible out of them. Which doesn't exactly mesh with the "senior policy" crap.

    To quote 'Gus' from My Big Fat Greek Wedding;

    "That no work Maria".

    Scientology Organizations ALWAYS create the sewage pond that their field becomes just by applying Scientology.

    Where individuals and missions have been left alone and have managed to apply the business basics and ignore the insane vindictive policies - wow they actually manage to do fine.
  19. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    But, they're not 'Keeping Scientology Working' in the sense of 'Clearing the Planet'.

    Self-help instead of 'social movement'; instead of 'Mankind's Only Salvation'.

    Maybe someday there will be a 'Scientology' with little storefront 'missions' offering 'self-help', but, without KSW and 'Scientology Ethics' or a 'Central Management'.

    It's still an iffy proposition, but, not inherently a moloch.

  20. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well, here's an ear full of KR:

    I knew a guy who bought a "mission starter package". He was a multi millionaire and really didn't have to work. He returned to his country and bought a building for the mission, and recruited some class Vl's and other staff and bought them in from their countries. SIX MONTHS later they were still waiting for their "mission starter package". THis is true. They were on the phones calling Int and had to harrass and prod like crazy until the "mission starter package" arrived. You know what the "mission starter package" was? Two boxes of div six books! This guy would have gladly paid for them at any book store six months earlier!

    Now, I started this thread because "BLOWN FOR GOOD" posted a report that up at Int the staff were herded into a room nightly while Jennifer DeVogh showed them slides of empty Orgs. As if it were THEIR fault! I am sure those staff were not told a LOT. What a mind fuck to run on those staff. Really steams me up! Jennifer by the way finally had a psycotic break and was put on baby watch. Anyone know who Jennifer's parents are? Her Dad is an A list Hollywood movie producer. She and her family are Hollywood royalty. She grew up with the very best of everything money could buy. And her parents didn't let her suffer in the Sea Org either. Her Dad is not a Scientologist. Her mom, Lil Linson is an OT8. Now, what excuse do you think Jennifer had to become the abusive little torturer she became in the Sea Org? Well, Hollywood's royalty finally went looney. Last report she was sleeping with many people sitting around her watching silently.

    And what about the rest of those staff forced to sit and watch photo's of empty orgs? You think one single on of them knows anything about what has been posted on this thread in terms of recent history?

    People think they are pissing DM off when they post negative slander or reports on the Church or Hubbard. He LOVES it. He is Hubbard family enemy number 1.! He despises Hubbard and everyone in Hubbard's family.

    You have to know people by their actions.

    But every once in a while their words give a clue:

    “I knew if it was going to be a physical takeover we’re going to lose because they had a couple thousand staff and we (the “messengers”) had about 50. That is the amazing part about it."

    MARY SUE HUBBARD: The founder’s wife was ousted by Miscavige from her high post in Scientology in 1981.

    Indeed, the scenario is hard to imagine in any other organizational setting. A 21-year-old employee, five years on the staff and with only a modicum of power, manages to oust the boss’s wife by arguing that is what the boss would want.

    People keep saying, ‘How’d you get power?’ ” Miscavige said. “Nobody gives you power. I’ll tell you what power is. Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you. That’s it.”[/B]

    From the St. Petersburg article: