Rex Fowler 1st degree murder trial

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Mick Wenlock, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. Thrak

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    I think you're spot on on the timeline. The suicide was interrupted by an already scheduled meeting? Wait what? But I doubt seriously anyone else is involved. There was no precedent to make anyone expect something like this could happen. And there is no LOGICAL benefit to killing Ciancio when he was willing to walk away forever for only $9K. That's peanuts to an "OT". Some how it must have made sense in Fowler's twisted mind. The only thing that makes sense to me is that Fowler must have secretly hated Ciancio and decided if he was going out he'd take him with him.

    In any case we now know the defense's position which is an understandable attempt but LAME. I don't think it matters much though as I don't expect he will ever be free again and a decent man is dead. We can only hope this makes as much traction as possible in warning people, and getting people OUT!

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  2. Div6

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    Gotta wonder if he had recent sessions write ups in that briefcase....that would give a n interesting glimpse into his "state of mind" prior to the incident.
  3. olska

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    OMG it's already gone to the jury!

    "BRIGHTON — The defense in William Rex Fowler's first-degree murder trial rested its case this morning without calling a single witness."

    See the rest at the above link. Not much to see.
  4. Div6

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    All they can hope for is a reduction from Murder 1. The fact that he is unwilling to testify in his behalf indicates to me that he still believes in the Kool Aid......
  5. AngeloV

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    That is remarkable. No defense witnesses at all? No one to testify what a terrific guy Fowler was? No one? Nothing to sway the jury that he was a troubled man and went insane due to stress, etc. etc.? Not even going to try for the insanity defense? I'm astonished.

    They have waved the white flag.
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  6. Mick Wenlock

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    wow. A 1st degree murder trial from jury selection to jury deliberation in 5 days?
  7. Lohan2008

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    Damn, what am I gonna do with this weeks supply of popcorn? :drama:
  8. me myself & i

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    Hang on. Knowing Scientology, they may, having managed to stay out of the Fowler Murder trial lime-light, demand an appeal (even if Rex is acquitted) and bus a bunch of scientologist to the courtroom to protest the briefcase incident.

    They are masters of foot-bullet-ry, after all.
  9. Div6

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    4 days. Monday was a holiday.
  10. Div6

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    There is still the potential of a civil trial.........
  11. looker

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    Sounds to me as if OSA and DM got the dream outcome in this trial

    1. Short as possible less Scn exposure
    2. No character witness (Clams to testify) on Rex's odd behavior.
    and thus no cross examination.

    Rex according to the silence may have had an antisocial relationship with his employees.

    The trial pattern sure looks like it was orchestrated. No questions about the Motive and what was in the briefcase? Highly unlikely to happen under any other religious involvement in a Murder trial. I have to ask myself Would a trial go like this one if the Moonies were involved? Probably not.
  12. TG1

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  13. Lohan2008

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    one minute

    poooo, you just beat me by a minute.

  14. Mystic

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    Something fky fky going on. There must be a scientologist involved.
  15. Auditor's Toad

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    Smells like OSA 'ran' him and the defense.

    As usual, the reputation and image of the group is more important than the welfare of an individual.

    Guilty or not, they should have let him at least try to defend himself.
  16. AnonyMary

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  17. looker

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    I smell a rat

    How come the news outlets never say "Reverend Rex Fowler convicted".

    I smell a Rat

    1. 4 days from Jury Selection to conviction.
    2. Motive not established
    3. None of Rex's Scientology staff called as character witnesses so they can't be cross examined.
    4. No mention of briefcase contents or evidence found within.
    5. The fact that Rex is a reverend is never mentioned in the trial.
    6. No mention of deeding over the Business building to Scientology/WISE member as part of liquidation of assets (Don't hold me to this one I was skimming a pantload of documents and that is what I thought I read)

    Sounds like OSA got to them. Too fast, too orchistrated, too surgical, too a-typical.

    The Attorneys and the Judge Should be investigated for possible clam juice contamination.
  18. Lohan2008

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    CofS response: "we never heard of a Rex Fowler."
    No reason for OSA to get involved as he would no longer be considered a Scientologist... "he false testified to his wins".

    His only option was sit on his hands and not make any statements, no explaination, no justifications.
  19. TheSneakster

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    Bullshit. :eyeroll:

    For the purpose of a first degree murder conviction, no Co$-related issues were relevant.

    The court is there to determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant at hand, for the charges on the docket. Period. :duh:

    "Conspiracy to commit murder" would be an applicable charge for which Co$ officials might be brought to bar, had there been any slightest evidence uncovered that anyone from Co$ encouraged or ordered this killing. No such evidence was uncovered during the investigation or the prosecutor would have gone after those Co$ officials implicated. :no:

    Sorry, Co$ did not shoot Ciancio. Rex Fowler did.

    Deal with it.
  20. ARC

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    This isn't true. Scientology terms were mentioned in emails. A document from a Scientology folder (perhaps in the briefcase) where Fowler called Ciancio an "extortionist" was admitted into evidence and explained to the jury. A controversial donation to Scientology was a central feature of the case, even if Scientology was just referred to "as an organization which supported Fowler's beliefs".

    This isn't OSA's dream - it's closer to their nightmare, I think.

    And hoo boy if there's a civil suit in continuation of this.

    All of them mention that he was a high-level Scientologist. Some mention the "minister" stuff, but as anyone who's been inside knows, a Scientology "minister" is a largely meaningless title. How many hours is the minister course again? And the org "chaplain" is a PR position, for crying out loud. His OT level, and the fact that he forced Scientology on his employees is the most relevant facts about his Scientology involvement here, and that has been mentioned.

    Open and shut case where the defense were not allowed - perhaps by Fowler - to claim insanity or "Scientology made me do it".

    Yes it has.

    Staff were called to give relevant evidence. There was no point calling anyone to say "Fowler is a great guy" since the facts were clear and Scientology want nothing to do with him.
    If the folder with Scientology documents which were allowed into evidence came from the briefcase, then the most relevant parts of it have been shown to the jury already. This is not 100% sure though.

    It could become evidence in a civil lawsuit though.

    Not really relevant since there was no evidence that Rex had been ordered by the higher ups to kill Ciancio.

    If this is true, and there was values left in the company, then that deeding would give another excellent reason to add Scientology as a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

    I don't think so. The defense attorneys maybe, but they wouldn't need to be scientology influenced in any other ways than that they were hired by an OT6 Scientology reverend. (Fowler - duh.)

    Yours is the most logical explanation for the evidence. If the defense argument was to be true, Fowler either intended to be found by Ciancio, or he had completely forgotten about the meeting with Ciancio. And they've introduced no evidence or testimony to support either of those. Maybe they could have also tried to claim that Fowler intended to kill himself in Ciancio's presence, to shock him and make a statement like Budd Dwyer, but that was negated by the defense's opening and closing statements.
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