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Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Alanzo, Apr 10, 2010.

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    I don't think I've ever seen that word written out before.

    Thank you.
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    Gun control is hitting what you aim at and better to aim at big things...
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    Back to the original thread

    Hate only being able to read once in a while...but, I have to ruminate on the original stuff here...

    I don't know how many times they can use it...but, these sort of things usually come down to (staff at least) in this sort of thing:

    Whitewash and the evil press....yeah, but what really happened IS...and you know Scios are aimed at by the press, if a PRESBYTERIAN did it do you think they'd mention that??? and they don't have the facts...blah, blah, blah.

    Cleared cannibal 'nuff said.

    The high level of responsibility of an OT. The further you go OT, the higher your responsiblity level, well, he had overts...and since they were of such a high magnitude and the cult was missing his withholds...he caved himself in the worst way possible. SO, take this as a WARNING and you better do WHATEVER HCO tells you DAMMIT, or YOU might be killing yourself and others next, and what an overt on you ETERNITY to do THAT to the reputation of the only salvation for this universe, the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!

    Crud...I have one more, but, I'm out of time on the computer here at the library...but, part of what I"ve seen.
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    I've had two rifles on the farm for years. It takes time and practice handling a gun until you can trust yourself not to make any error. I have a routine that is practiced and set in concrete in the handling and storage of my guns. They are a necessary tool on the farm and they get used every week at least.

    Quite seriously, unless you've seen what a .243 does to a 'roos head at 200 yds you might not appreciate the care, discipline and respect that it takes to responsibly handle firearms, the thought of merely pointing a gun at another human gives me the heeby geebies, let alone aiming to injure some one with it.

    As an aside an experienced soldier said to me once, "you're allowed one error in firearms handling", that's how he saw the responsibility of handling a gun.
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    Not quite sure what angle you are taking here but the mind fuck that CofShit dishes out gets one to the point where he thinks just keeping his financial situation in some sort of sane condition, or just KEEPING the money one has earned is a serious crime. Their own term for this would be "games condition" like shooting bullets at someone's feet to get them to dance. This is the game they play and it's pushed many over the edge.
  8. Royal Prince Xenu

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    All the reasons you cite above are appropriate to keeping the perp alive. You don't send confused and angry souls to the other side--they have enough problems without having ours dumped on them as well.

    Prison should be 24-hour lockdown, one person per cell. Each cell should be kept between 20 and 23 degrees C. Change of clothes should be delivered with breakfast. Each inmate should have a 12V laptop connected to a library server--no need to escort them to and from the library. Lockdown is as much for protection as punishment, and minimizes staff requirements. Inmates should also have a single link to the outside world (defnitely not a $cn based one).

    I could do a whole thesis on this alone, but I will please ask that people stop hanging all this on Fowler. He's as much a victim of $cn as the rest of us. We should be thankful that we got out before being pushed so far.

    I re-iterate my original hypothesis that Fowler was planning his own suicide as an Exit strategy and that Cianco got caught up in it at the wrong moment.
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    The angle I guess, is that every time something horrible went wrong with an OT, we would be told that they pulled it in because of out-ethics--and that the higher up the Bridge you are, that the smallest overt that wouldn't bother you at lower levels would be a problem because your responsibility level was so high---we'd get those damned briefings all the time on staff.

    It was pretty screwed--some guy would be Mr. Commendation File, then he'd get cancer or she'd die and it was " withholds do they have....must be pretty damned out-ethics".

    They might also be just burying heads in the sand...talked to a Scilon yesterday and asked him what they were saying about the Fowler sit. He hadn't heard anything about, I of course filled him in. He was like...that guy is really messed up. Well, gee, you think????
  10. Royal Prince Xenu

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    Oz law is not "shoot to kill", but "shoot to stop". Death is just an unfortunate potential side-effect.

    The only reason one has to aim at a leg is because it's all you can see. The rule is, "Aim for the center of seen mass."
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    Yeah I talked to somebody a couple of months ago too. It's like one more elephant walks into the living room when there were already a hundred. The true believers will be undaunted and use all of the above mental tricks to keep any ray of light from streaming in. But hopefully this will knock a few more on the fencers off the fence.