Rex Fowler found guilty of first-degree murder.

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by TG1, Feb 25, 2011.

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    More good news !
  3. skollie

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    I'm not sure why :confused2: but I actually feel very sad for him today. Yet another victim of the cult.:bigcry:
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    Me too

    "...disposed of quietly and without sorrow."

    Bad deal.

  5. Sindy

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    You have a good heart, Skollie. This "church" needs to go down. I highly doubt this guy would have ever murdered anyone had he not been caught up in the cult.
  6. TG1

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    I do hope this verdict gives Ciancio's family some comfort. Although I don't know how easily one gains comfort after your loved one is murdered.

    I also hope that the muzzling about Scientology in the courtroom is now RIPPED OFF the muzzle of the Denver press.

    I've heard talk on WWP of a civil suit to be filed by the family against Fowler and/or the Church. I have no idea if that's theorizing or if it's grounded in real information from those in the know. However, a lawsuit against the Church could / might produce something for their educational funds. Not sure how I feel about that either, for the family to have to slog through something like that.

    In any event, justice was done today in Denver.

  7. skollie

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    I agree Synthia - I doubt any of this would have happened had he not been siphoning money to the cult.
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    Yes I agree Smurf - I absolutely feel worse for his family. My feeling sad for Rex Fowler has nothing to do with how I feel about Cianco's family. They got justice today and rightfully so.
    I feel that had he not been caught up in the cult none of this would have happened - that's what my sadness is about, another life destroyed by the cult.
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    I have to concur. Even though this almost certain fact really had no place in the criminal trial, the local media have done a good job making sure it got highlighted so people will be warned. :grouch:

    Yes, I'm sad for both Ciancia's and Fowler's families. There is no "winner" here. :no:
  12. paradox

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    "Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins."

    -- HCO PL 15 Aug 1960, "Department of Governmental Affairs"

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    DENVER -- After just two hours of deliberation, an Adams County jury found Rex Fowler guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of his former business partner. Fowler, 58, was immediately sentenced to life in prison.

    Prosecutors argued the fact that Ciancio was shot three times in the face could not be an accident -- it was an execution.
  14. Another swing and a miss Ron

  15. ARC

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    I object to this, if it's correctly told by the journalist. They are trying some kind of precedent that more shots mean deliberation. They don't. Many shots could just as well mean that the attacker was in a mad rage. Three shots shows intent then and there, but not deliberation.

    What made this 1st degree was:
    - There was existing bad blood between the two, because Ciancio had called out Fowler stealing from the company and giving to Scientology, and Ciancio stood up against Scientology indoctrination in the workplace, and then they argued about money.
    - Fowler brought his gun (which he kept at home, usually) to a pre-planned meeting with Ciancio, for which Ciancio was pretty much exactly on time.
    - There was no loud argument or struggle.
    - Ciancio was taken by surprise and shot from behind.

    The three shots are not a support for 1st degree murder over 2nd degree murder - in only shows that
    - It was not an accident
    - Ciancio could not have inflicted them on himself - thus he was the victim.

    So the number of shots was pivotal for the initial identification of the suspect, but not the degree of the crime.
  16. Wow, two hours...that was quick!

    I hope the victims family finds some sense of healing and gains some peace about thier terrible loss.
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  17. I told you I was trouble

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    Well said Sneaks.

  18. Thrak

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    I wonder who the IAS reges were? What revolting people. Some day they'll find out that they were hounding people for every penny they could get, telling lie after lie about how putting themselves in extreme debt will actually make a person's life BETTER, and it was all to keep davey boy rolling in cash. Can't these people see how bad they are fucking themselves and everyone around them? I guess we already know the answer to that question.
  19. Smurf

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    You're very good at misinterpreting the evidence. You need to read the articles again. In the prosecutor's summation, the jury were shown photos of Tom Ciancio's face & head after he was shot. The first shot occurred with Rex standing in front of him and shot him point blank in the face.

    The first bullet entered his face parallel to the left eyebrow. The doctor testifed the gun was 2 feet away from Ciancio's face when he was shot.

    The 2nd bullet enter behind his left ear which means Rex had to move behind Ciancio and shoot him again. The 3rd bullet entered in the center of the back of the head.

    The evidence was clear. It sounds like Fowler wanted to insure his victim was dead which is why he shot him 2 more times from behind. Perhaps, Ciancio showed signs of life after he was shot the first time. Only Fowler and, perhaps, his attorneys knows that.
  20. AnonyMary

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