Rex Fowler found guilty of first-degree murder.

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by TG1, Feb 25, 2011.

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    This may have been said already, but one of the funniest movies of the last century (Dr. Strangelove) was about mass-murder. Or mass setting-up-a-system-that-leads-to-you-murdering-all-life-on-earth-and-then-regretting-it-afterwards. But I still think the point stands. They call it "gallows humor".
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    Rex's new digs.

    Rex is currently being housed in Buena Vista Correctional Complex located in Buena Vista, CO. His inmate number is 153314. If you would like to view a recent picture, you can enter his inmate number at the following link.
  3. NCSP

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    Re: Rex's new digs.

    According to that, his release date is 12/31/9998! For a Scientologist, that's a cakewalk! A Sea Org contract is 100,000 times longer.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here he's just a tragedy all the way around. My heart goes out to the family and friends of his victim, and to his own family and friends.

    I think there is abundant evidence that doing the upper levels of Scientology in the culture of heavy coercion for ever increasing payments and donations for COS events and projects and threats of ethics actions against one, disconnection and blackmail with personal confession files drives people insane.

    Not that I am in any way condoning murder. I think Fowler's sentence was just. I just think that Scientology Executives should be held legally accountable for the system of heavy psychological manipulation, blackmail and coertion that they have created and maintain.

    Here's the report from the Colorado Channel 2 news website for anyone who missed it.:

    "Hendrik Sybrandy Reporter

    10:02 p.m. MST, February 25, 2011

    DENVER -- After deliberating for two-and-a-half hours, an Adams County jury on Friday found software executive Rex Fowler guilty of first degree murder for the death of his business partner more than a year ago.

    "We got justice as best as was able today but real justice we'd be able to have Tom Ciancio return to the 50 family members that are inside the courtroom and that's not gonna happen," said Adams Co. D.A. Don Quick.

    Fowler, the founder of Fowler Software Design, received a mandatory life sentence without parole for killing Thomas Ciancio, his COO, at the company’s office at 84th and Elati Street on Dec. 30, 2009.

    Ciancio had walked into the office to collect a severance check after negotiating a buyout when, according to prosecutors, Fowler shot him in the head three times and then tried to kill himself.

    "I've tried a lot of murder cases and this is one of the few murder cases that I've tried where I couldn't figure out what their defense is going to be because quite frankly it's a nondefensible crime," said Assistant Adams Co. D.A Dave Young.

    "Tom was wanting to separate himself from a system of beliefs or a type of thinking that thought it was okay to mistreat people, to not operate in a professional honest business fashion," said the victim's brother, David Ciancio. "It's unfortunate though that in taking that stand that he paid with his life."

    The business had been failing due in large part to Fowler’s decision to reportedly donate as much as $250,000 to the Church of Scientology.

    “This was a senseless killing of a devoted family man” said Quick. “He had a wife and four children and a close knit extended family. I am deeply saddened that they all have had to suffer such an indescribable loss.”

    "The facts speak for themselves. Anytime you have three gunshot wounds to the head at close range that says a lot, and I think that speaks volumes in why the jury came back the way they did," said Dave Young, Assistant Adams County DA.

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    Rex is sooooooooooooo OT !
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    And then again, maybe not. Maybe that's why he has a beard now.

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    The Charles Manson look. :thumbsup:
    I hope Rex finds someone with recovering from the Cult abuse.
    At least Crimanon has been discredited in most US states...

  8. Mick Wenlock

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    wow, convicted of murder 1 and is in a medium security prison?
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    Re: Rex Fowler

    Part and parcel of controlling MEST, ala scientology doctrine, is controlling the social powers that be. Which includes but is not limited to political and judicial fronts.

    That a scientologist of upper-level-indoctrination, convicted of murder, would be afforded the luxury of a medium security prison does not surprise us in the least. At least not in the US of A.

    If David Miscaviage himself is ever convicted and sent to prison he may very well be having his shoes shined and polished by the local prison warden. In any country. ok, so maybe not in Australia. Or germany.

    Nevertheless, money rules this world. Along with blackmail, bribery & deception (where power reigns supreme). And as has been said before (and will be said again): 'Lying is a scientology sacrament'. Called: an 'ACCEPTABLE-TRUTH' in scientology scripture. And were it not for children (of the spiritual variety) scientology dogma would die.

    The blackmail & bribery policies, are more of a 'special-ops' scientology thing. Not for pc nor wog consumption. being covered well in the manual.


    .......thank goodness the largest government infiltration ever recorded in the history of the world was not a policy and/or product of scientology doctrine.......oh wait.......oh no......oh shit......

    how do you feel now eric?
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  10. Royal Prince Xenu

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    It probably has something to do with "likelihood of re-offending" although, being Murder 1, he'll most likely be using a Zimmer-frame by the time he's allowed out in public.
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    Re: Rex Fowler

    Seeing as he pretty well lobotomised himself he might be considered a "medium" risk.

    No one in the media has cared enough to report on his current mental competence, and given his prior lack of mental competence, then add a bullet through the frontal lobes (which is the output and analyzer section of the brain) I can't imagine there is much sensible about Rex at all right now.

    What a disaster.
  12. Mark A. Baker

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    Security level is based on the potential threat the prisoner is perceived to present either to prison staff or to other prisoners. That is not solely a function of the crime for which the prisoner may be incarcerated.

    What realistic threat does Fowler, a middle age white-collar software guy with no prior history of violence and physically affected by grievous self-inflicted injury, present to others while incarcerated?

    He is far more likely to be at risk while serving time in prison than he is to pose a risk.

    So, given that why waste government money on putting a guy like him in a high security facility? It would serve no purpose. :no:

    Mark a. Baker
  13. apocalyptic

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    He might talk to other prisoners about scientology?


  14. Good twin

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    Give him the chair!
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    Re: Rex Fowler


    Nothing about this is funny, but that was hilarious.
  16. Good twin

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    Re: Rex Fowler

    Thanks. I almost deleted it because I completely agree. :blush:
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