Rex Fowler To Stand Trial For Business Partner Murder

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Enthetan, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Zinjifar

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    Since there is no 'priest penitent privilege' within Scientology there is also no legal privilege. A RCC 'confestion' is done solely 1 on 1. There are no 'notes'; there is an absolute guaranty of confidentiality.

    Scientology's 'Ethics Folders' don't even *pretend* to be confidential, unless they feel like lying, but, even the 'PC Folders' are never confidential, even theoretically, where they're not pass around the Org for yucks or given to OSA for blackmail like they are in reality.

    No, it's enough that they're passed on to the Course Supervisor to *completely* demolish any claim to 'confidentaility'. Much like a discussion with a non attorney voids any claim to 'attorney client privilege'.

  2. thetanic

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    It's my understanding that the VII sec checks also have accompanying trips to ethics.

    FPRD done auditing style doesn't, nor would a confessional done auditing style.

    Many people have said they've spent a lot of time on their 6-month checks waiting in ethics.

    So therefore I put 2 and 2 together and came up with the fact that they're correlated, but maybe that's not the case.

    Can someone here who's done VII relatively recently answer more definitively?
  3. Feral

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    That alone would cost nearly $110K and that's with discounts for multiple intensives purchased at a time.:omg:
  4. Feral

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    Sorry Divvy I didn't see this, those ints plus his set ups and OT VI re- re -re tread maybe, but say, plus IAS, Super Power, Freewinds donos, planetary dissem, translations unit etc. that they get you for at FLAG and it's not a stretch to see $250K pulled off of him. It wouldn't matter to a Scientologist WHAT the state of the business was in by the stage Rex got to on this, if he could access the $ he would have.

    It isn't hard to see how the reges could have gotten him to give up so much money between sessions. Especially when you consider his ability to WITHOLD was being destroyed by the forced confessionals that went on for weeks.

    After too much sec checking it sort of gets hard to withold any thing, add that to the fact that when you've put so much into getting that eligibility chit you become terrified of not getting it. That bloody thing becomes PRICELESS, all a reg has to do is infer that your contribution to their project will facilitate the RTC approval and you're gone, they own your arse.
  5. Alanzo

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    The Invitation.

    I think that's the name for my screenplay!
  6. Panda Termint

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    The standard 6 month check is based on FPRD form 10B (Eligibility for OT Levels Form). It may also have many Tailor-made questions (questions tailored to a specific PreOT's history or peccadillos) added to the form. It can be pretty damn long. It is done FPRD-style and the "auditing" is ALWAYS done "I'm not auditing you". INAY is standard for sec-checks done for OT Elig/HCO purposes.

    The Sec-checker writes KRs on anything found in the session(s) and includes a copy for the MAA/HCO with the worksheets.
    Following the Sec-check (and sometimes during it) the PreOT is sent to Ethics to address whatever turned up in these KRs.
  7. Feral

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    After you do the sec check you are sent to the MAA with a knowledge report. That report has every detail of your sins, but no case data on it.

    You sit down in front of the MAA and they read it and ask questions, you then get an ethiics handling based on your KR and the interview.

    It can get pretty bizarre, I remember a friend of mine was friends with the senior CS at Flag, she saw him on the street and yelled, "Richard....Richard", some SO members saw this and shot her a disapproving look and she sort of felt embarrassed. Well, it came up on her sec check and the KR simply said, was rude to the senior CS. The MAA, an 18 year old, went to town pulling the string and trying to find out what sort of evil purposes could cause this. She ordered the lady to a great deal more sec checking and wrote the sec check herself. My friend was very distressed until someone put a stop to it all.

    I saw her just as she finished OT VIII and oddly this was her story to me, not how great her wins were, how fucking crazy this outness was.
  8. AlphOhm

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    "What are your crimes?"

    Being there and communicating...
  9. WildKat

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    "Deputies testified they found a note formalizing the severance pay and a checkbook with a bullet hole through it beside Ciancio's body."

    I see this checkbook thing as more symbolic. Fowler was probably facing bankruptcy and having to pay Ciancio was the final straw. He probably shot the checkbook to show "my bankbook is shot" , life is hopeless, I might as well take this guy out with me, before I go.
  10. Thrak

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    Kind of says money was the bane of his existence doesn't it? Wonder why that was? One thing for sure he made 2 kills on 2 wrong targets.

    From what I read Ciancio was hit in the side of the head which to me means there was a good chance he was reading something at the time like the severance papers and not arguing or threatening. I'm sure he had no idea what was about to happen and I doubt seriously he was confrontational since all he wanted was his check according to friends and his last text message.

    And also the shot count from witnesses is rarely reliable. They still aren't sure how many shots were fired at JFK's assassination. The more witnesses the worse it will get.

    This is strange territory but what I think people and law enforcement need to realize is that scientology is in possession of, and practices some seriously strong mind control techniques and that through that they have left a wake of destruction. Not sure if that itself is a crime but there must be a way to frame it in some correct legal context. We can only hope Fowler isn't the only one who goes to jail for this.
  11. Truth&Honesty

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    Fowler's course of action was directly attributable to the cult's pressure on him for more and more money. One of the other employees (who was an OSA Scientologist), told Rex to "take care of the problem (Ciancio) one or two days before the execution. Sounds like an ordered hit to me, and coming from an OSA member....... Yep, the cult is really up to their stinking armpits on this one.

    If the defense is smart, they will bring in some ex-OTs to testify what they would have done under similar conditions while being directly "supervised" by the Flag CS. The jury can then see all the different flavors of crazy Scientology produces......

    Those pc folders and ethics case files are the key to this case - it ties the management of the cult right in, and anyone aware of all of the facts could have predicted the outcome.

    Rest in peace Tom, I hope the family will sue the cult for their complicity and malfeasance in this.


  12. tiptoethrutheminefield

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    Truth, Fowler made his decision long ago--he wanted to be an ubermensch, part of "the only answer," the one with the Tech, the OT, the big shot. Not an unusual portrait of any gungho cult member, and not unusual at all for a gungho CoS member.

    Or, he was deluded and weak, like I was, and lied to by everyone in his life. Either way, he could have gotten out if he'd ever consulted his own heart.

    IMO, you don't shoot someone in the head if you don't feel you have some pretty grandiose rights over other people.
  13. skydog

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    If Fowler raised an insanity defense, it could prove to be the death knell for the church. All of Fowler's records-whether related to the endless sec checks or those deemed 'confessional' will be available for any psych as part of a mental health evaluation.

    The church will resist turning over any documents claiming they are protected under the priest/penitent privilege. THE PRIVILEGE BELONGS TO FOWLER, NOT THE CHURCH. They (Scn attorneys) can jump up and down and hold their breath until they are blue in the face but if Fowler waives the privilege, they will be legally obligated to make all those files available. Fowler's lawyers should be able to find out through financial and travel records what files SHOULD be present so the destruction of these records (not that anyone in the church would destroy evidence) will be apparent.

    Legally, Fowler is dead in the water. My guess is that (if he doesn't commit suicide) he will cop to the best deal made available by the prosecution. Hopefully, he will realize that his only lifeline (albeit a very tenuous one) is to raise the insanity defense and expose all the craziness of the church. His lawyers might want to remind him that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will he ever be allowed on the endless bridge to nowhere again. He has nothing to lose at this point by going down the insanity road.
  14. Div6

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    There is much wisdom in these words....indeed, to recover himself, he is going to have to admit to himself at one point or another that he WAS insane at that point in time......his only other option is to expire as a being.....

    Hmmmm......this gives me an idea.

  15. Type4_PTS

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    I was thinking along these same lines Skydog. But then it occurred to me that if Fowler was acquitted by using the insanity defense he would then be turned over to the Psychs. And I imagine that he might consider that is the worst possible outcome due to his indoctrination, even worse than getting the death penalty. I think the odds of him adopting the insanity defense are very slim, even if it was the strategy most likely keeping him from doing life in prison.
  16. Smilla

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    I imagine that he had his head so totally messed up that he felt sure what he was going to do was the right and 'ethical' thing to do. Was he actually told to do it? I wonder. Probably not, but he might as well have been.
  17. HCOElite

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    Don't be surprised if a new Scilon LAW arrives on the scene something of the magnitude of Ordering Scilons who own businesses in the field to ONLY hire Scilons. And upon inspection, if you are found to have in your employ a WOG, you will be duly Labeled on Golden Rod as a serious PTS terminal who is barred from any and all services and events. And until a full Confessional program is completed, you will remain a golden rod labeled PTS.
  18. Smilla

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    Yes. Raw meat wogs are an inferior species, but at the same time are highly toxic to people on the upper OT Levels.
  19. skydog

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    I don't think that he will be acquitted if he pleads insanity. There are several different tests that the various states have adopted to define insanity. Generally, it is a legal question not a medical one. I am not sure which definition of insanity Colorado uses but from my limited understanding of the facts he will have difficulty meeting any of the current standards.

    My gut feeling is that Fowler was acting under extreme emotional distress not amounting to insanity. If established, this would reduce the degree of the crime and hence the maximum sentence he could receive after conviction. This defense, if asserted, together with what I can only imagine will be overwhelming evidence in support of it, would be a major flap for the church.

    In the meantime, I will continue to . . .:drama:
  20. skydog

    skydog Patron Meritorious

    You are welcome Div 6. Keep us posted.:thumbsup: