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Ripping off illegal PCs

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Emma, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Emma

    Emma Con te partirĂ² Administrator

    Over the years worling in the Org, I saw quite a few illegal PCs teased and led on by the promise of auditing if they just "donated a little bit more".

    There was one man in particular who had a very serious psych background and who was never going to get auditing. He had taken really heavy psych drugs over a long period of time and his petition was refused time and time again.

    He had bought his entire training and processing bridge up to Clear, donated tens of thousands of dollars to the IAS and various other regging cycles, had lent thousands to others to buy their bridges and ended up completely broke - almost.

    They finally relented and agreed to let him do his purif, but that was all.

    One day the reg, Mario DeLuca, found that he had a retirement fund with about $70k in it. This man was approaching retirement, so didn't have a lot of working life left to replenish it. He was not a high income earner anyway at this stage in his life. Just did office cleaning or similar.

    Mario managed to con the whole of his retirement fund out of him to loan to others for services. Scientologists have a terrible record of repaying loans (but that's another story altogether) and so I doubt if this guy ever saw much of his loans come back in.

    So at the end of all this, this poor man got nothing of which he paid for and had nothing left for his retirement.

    If this isn't blatent fraud I don't know what is!
  2. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Illegal PCs

  3. Kilia

    Kilia Patron with Honors

    So Dianetics really worked for you, pur_joy?
  4. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    So, the health (dietary?) regimen alleviated the OsteoArthritis symptoms. I have read a few things about this.

    This actually makes more sense to me than Dianetic auditing.
  5. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Health conditions & Dianetics

    Hi P.G. & Kilia,

    Well, it was definitely a major contributor to the cure. I had tried diet modifications before with no remedy of the oseo-arthritis. Yet as I received more & more Dianetic R3X therapy I also gained an enhanced overview of my whole health & the ability to find optimum remedies for it.

    Here is another condition that was remedied by Dianetic R3X:
    A frozen shoulder condition had developed over the past 4 years & a few months ago the pain had got so bad that I could not type at a keyboard for more than a few minutes. And this condition had got worse whilst I was applying my whole health regimen. I was advised to try all kinds of different things like osteo-opathy, chiropracty, acupuncture, pain killing injections! But I hadn't started anything.

    One day I had to do an audio typing test (for potential employment) & it was only after the almost 2 hour test that I realised there was no pain! I looked back to see what I had changed in my lifestyle, etc, recently & then I remembered an R3X session that I had one week earlier.

    In that session I contacted a mental image picture (or MIP as per Alan) in which my arm is twisted awkwardly around my head & I am in despair. We "ran out" that whole incident, until I felt fine about it BUT we also ran out the frozen shoulder yet that had not been our goal at all! It was a side benefit!:cheerleader:

    It has been about 2 months since that event & the pain has not returned. Although I could feel a sort of niggling, wriggling sensation deep in the shoulder area so I would apply the Infrared heat lamp to the area a couple of times per week. It has got progressively looser & looser. This is similar to what occurred with my osteo-arthritic toe. There was a feeling similar to that of an old healed wound or break for a little while in the area, tender but no pain. The body gets so fixed (frozen) in an area of damage over time that it does also take it awhile to get used to flowing energy (blood, lymph, etc) to that area again. But once the original source of damage is remedied it is free to do this.

  6. Kilia

    Kilia Patron with Honors

    Yes, I'm familiar with this as well. Kinda like a "pulling" sensation-in my own words....but no pain. Heat does wonders. :)
  7. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Oh, that's great that you "get it" too Kilia plus the benefits of heat to the body. I LOVE Saunas! Especially steam saunas. I just had one today. I took one Niacin tablet beforehand (got the "flush"), exercised for 15 minutes & then in the sauna for about 45 minutes - so therapeutic! Afterwards in the shower (but not too wet) I rub my skin all over with caster sugar - it really sloughs off the loosened up skin cells & leaves it really glowing.

    Yes, as per the wriggling, pulling sensation of on-going healing - I think it must be the nerves also rebuilding & firing-up their connections in the area.

  8. Kilia

    Kilia Patron with Honors

    Yep...I also do stretching exercises that seem to help alot as well. I only take 1200 mg of calcium; 366 mg of magnesium each night before bed. I don't do niacin. lol

    I used to take protein drinks a few years back which did well on me. I think I may start them up again. I feel so much better (stronger) with them coupled with daily exercise. :)
  9. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Ha Ha! Yes, I don't "do" Niacin very often either! Only every now & then to really tone up the circulatory system.

    Nice to share this with you,

  10. Kilia

    Kilia Patron with Honors

    Yes it is nice..thank you for the chat about our little problems.
  11. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Oh, I just realised the other reason I like to drop some Niacin (BeFree :D ) every so often - to flush fat! & any "baddies" :mad: that it has picked up,

  12. KMomma

    KMomma Patron

    Hi Pur_Joy,

    Do you have an official diagnosis for any of the pains/shoulder frozen that you've described? I have something very similar (rheumatoid arthritis), have had it since I was around 20, now I'm 25. Pain, swelling, "frozen" and "pulling" feelings all come and go of their own accord without me doing anything to make it go away or come back.

    Btw, I think it was Dianetics, I could be wrong, but it stated that anyone with arthritis was chronically low toned. I found that to be interesting...
  13. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Colleen K. Peltomaa Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re Sauna

    The real kicker for me when I go to the sauna is to alternate between the sauna and the cold dip or a cold shower right outside the sauna. When I do that back and forth after first exercising and stretching I come out of the gym like a thetan just looking for trouble!
  14. barky

    barky Patron with Honors

    Popping back to the topic for a bit...

    On my last trip to Flag, I met a real nice chap from South Africa. Older man, probably high 50's. I'm not quite sure what cycle he was supposed to be doing, but I remember him being quite rankled when they told him all of his auditing, from the beginning (he was apparently a 20 year veteran), was all bad because he had been an illegal PC from the start. Apparently he had been on psych meds for a short time, but they audited him anyway.

    When I saw him last he was being regged. What for, I don't know, I was on my way out at that point and could only look on with sadness. The poor bugger, wasting all those years (and all that $$) that way.
  15. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Hi KMomma,

    No official diagnosis for the Frozen Shoulder - the doctor just said that was what it was & referred me to a physiotherapist (which I did not attend).

    Well, if your body is exhibiting pain & illness then it follows that you would also be at a low tone (due to impingement of bank). Here is an excerpt fr DMSMH:

    "Mental tone makes body tone go down. Body tone, then being down, makes mental tone go down." pg 97, Psycho-Somatic Illness.

    My Frozen Shoulder condition had developed steadily over the past 4 years to the point where the pain would appear consistently when I performed specific actions. And yet it then ceased & has not appeared again at all for over 4 months now. The only contributing factor found to be Dianetic R3X auditing.

  16. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Ha Ha! :D Back in da game!

  17. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron

    Thanks for sharing that Barky,

    A friend also shared a very similar story with me only 6 months ago - someone in Flag declared an Illegal PC etc.:p

    At least they got their auditing in before they were told they couldn't have it! :confused: Ha Ha!:D

  18. KMomma

    KMomma Patron

    That's your opinion. I was being highly sarcastic about being low toned. I have a great life, lots of friends, am happy, make a good amount of money...and all the while, have rheumatoid arthritis.

    What you've described with your shoulder is rheumatoid arthritis. It comes and goes without any contributing factors.
  19. pur_joy

    pur_joy Patron


    I have not heard much about "Rheumatoid Arthritis", the doc didn't mention it. I might look it up to learn more of it.

    But I am glad I looked through DMSMH again as I realised that although I have read it twice now, I can still discover more in it. So thanks for that,:study:

  20. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Just popped in to read this thread.

    I was aware of the illegal pc treatment but fascinating and upsetting to read about it again.

    I've seen/heard of so many people with this problem. Or, they go along thinking everything's fine, then all of a sudden, they are told they aren't Clear anymore and are an illegal pc.

    I knew a guy who went to Flag with his wife to do a bunch of OT stuff. She was getting the bulk of the services but he was going to do some, too, and it was a really special thing for them- going together, doing this,etc.

    They told him at the last second- when he was already down there- that he could not do the services 'cuz he'd had a psychotic break once upon a time.

    He said he was down there helping with laundry, etc, after that.

    I'd have said "fuck you very much" and left.

    He said he was crying in the laundry room.

    This blatant disregard of people's feelings and welfare (as in the case of the guy with the 70k retirement fund) disgusts me.