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Featured Riverside Mission

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by programmer_guy, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. ahhaaa

    ahhaaa New Member

    Hi Larry:

    I'm not 100% certain but I think Carol Pineda was the staff member mentioned in my previous post who passed away after a motorcycle accident in Riverside around 1980. They hit a car, I believe the rider was wearing a helmet but Carol unfortunately was not. She suffered a head injury and passed away about a day later. I believe she was married. I remember her as a very attractive woman with a kind, lively and gentle disposition, a sense of fun, a nice smile, who never had a bad thing to say about anyone. I remember her husband as a nice person too. I would hate to mis-identify her, but I'm pretty sure that's her. Maybe someone else from Riverside will corroborate.

    I don't know the others on your list.
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  2. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    When I was a Comm Course supervisor I knew a student on the Comm Course that did that... the mobile home tires thing. (I can't remember his name... he was about my age.) I saw him once again in a Riverside night-club a few years later.
  3. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Sort of. I just had greater focus and energy on what I wanted to do in college. I appreciated my new freedom to really do what I wanted to do.

    When I returned to college I took a course: Philosophy 7 - critical thinking. Generally, it was pretty good. The prof and his TAs seemed to teach that no one could know what a word really meant. I thought that this was ridiculous. They challenged any student to define a word that they put up on the board. Being a former SCN course sup I knew many definitions. I did a "shot from the hip" to define their word (I don't remember what it was). They wrote it on the board. Then they read my definition over and over again. They could not find any fault in my definition. (Inside of me, I was laughing at them.) BUT it was still a GOOD class overall - I liked it.
  4. freet43

    freet43 Patron with Honors


    I recall hearing that too in a philosophy class.

    I was naughty too - played some games with the prof and TAs, as it was sooo easy to do well, in even the most difficult courses.

    Before Scn, I sat in the back and never said a word.

    Afterwards, I was the annoying person in the front row, who never missed a class, got the highest grades (really messed up the curve) and liked to play stump the prof...
  5. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    When I was there, Rebecca was the one doing that.

    That was a handball court (as built when it was YMCA). I was in a band that practiced in there with Joe Yazbeck (singer), Rick Ansert (guitar and singer), Roger Coy (drums), Dave Grenier (switched to bass from guitar) That handball court has been removed - it's no longer there.

    I remember Mark. (Didn't he have a sister - Renee?)
  6. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist


    Here is where the old band room was:


    All that is left is just the little foundation - a rise of cement on the bottom left you can see in this picture.

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    My sister Missy and her husband at the time Danny Shea were on staff there in the 70's. Missy later became ED at Monterrey, and now is Missy Schlaich and is headmistress of the upper school at Delphi in LA. She is on SoloNOTs. She is a Cl. VIII auditor. Danny is still around LA, not sure but I think still in the SO at ASHO. Danny once did 100 hours in the chair in one week at Riverside. Just to see if he could do it.
    Joe Yazbek has a mission in downtown Tampa for businesspeople, as of 2005. He sings at Flag sometimes, at the pool canteen area, and does a pretty good Sinatra. What is Bent Corydon doing now? Is he back in NZ? Mike Henderson
  8. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Thanks. So Missy and Danny are not together anymore? So sad. Why do you think that they broke up?

    I believe that Bent is still living in Riverside. Bent still owns that building (the one in the pics I posted here.) That building is home to some small businesses now. I popped in there with D-Rad about a year ago and we mentioned Bent to some employees there and they said, "Oh, you know Bent?". So I guess that it is true.

    I also believe that Mary is living in Riverside... unless she moved in the last few years. (I know because I saw her in a weight-loss clinic in Riverside a few years ago.)
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    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    I don't remember why they weren't able to keep it together. Missy remarried a much older musician from SF, Dick Grauel who didn't want kids, and Missy really did, so her third marraige to Mark Schlaich produced 5 great kids, 4 girls and a boy.
  10. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Do you think that Missy would be willing to post here a little bit? I'd love to read it.

    Mainly, I'd like to read her story (from her point of view) about what happened at the Riverside Mission during her time there.

    Would you ask her? Please? (I'll be nice... I promise.) Or she can PM me.

    Best regards,
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    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    There is no way any of my sisters or my brother would even read this site. It would be at least Doubt if they did, and to post here? perish the thought! I once mentioned Marcy and her offload, on XSO and a certain Mark person called her up and gave her data from my post, and I got a SCATHING email from her. Of course, now that I am declared and expelled, she can't even do that. Well, my sister Chel may read this as part of her OSA duties, but I doubt it. She is on a PR post and I am working my way up the SP Grade Chart to OT 8 SP with Honors, with oak leaf cluster! Probably to be on OSA Int. plates in the near future. Oh boy, a fight worthy of my talents. One reason I use my real name, is that I don't ever want them to have that opportunity to say "AHAAAA!, we know who you ARE!". Takes away their big detective moment. I also have my house fortified like a CST vault, my car alarmed like a ghetto ride, and a video camera with me at all times.
    If you want to talk to Missy, write to her at Delphi LA. She is the headmistress of the upper school, last I heard, and is mid-OT 7. Mike
  12. KMomma

    KMomma Patron

    It is absolutely awesome seeing you and your wife coming out unafraid and posting real verifiable information. I think that it is giving others the courage to do the same. I thank you...
  13. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    I thought there was no harm in asking. Anyway, I should have known better. :)

    Any true blue SCN staffer would not be willing to read, let alone post to, any message board like ESMB, OCMB, nor ARS. I certainly would not have done so when I was "in".

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    Thanks, KMomma. Donna and I decided to use our real names, tell the truth as we see it, and let the cards fall where they may. She spent 10 years out of the most productive period of a professionals' life going up the Bridge, as a pro PC. I spent my entire adult life age 19 to 53 in the CofS. I liked co-audits, and think any freezone effort that attempts to pick up the pieces of the crumbling collosus would do well to keep academies in place to train people in the simplest tech until they have mastered Self Analysis, CCh, and can do Dianetics in their sleep. If Papua New Guinea can have a BOOK ONE boom, maybe it will be of some use. This professional people only push to finance Flag for the last two decades has got to stop. This public is not expanding Scientology except with money. So you have big empty buildings that look great with kids running them. That is not SHSBC vets cranking out Clears and Class IVs. It's a very different scene than what LRH intended. Mike
  15. tarbaby

    tarbaby Patron with Honors

    "All men are my slaves."
  16. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Spot on, Tarbaby.

    Spot on.
  17. Muhammad

    Muhammad Patron

    Bent One Greedy S O B

    When I was at riverside,I worked as ARCX reg which was under div2 so I know alot that went on. The credit union was created to get easy loans for staff and public, Bent used the credit union to pad his own pocket. The staff were regged to take out loans for church services which they should of got free.If GI low they would have staff get loans and expected to pay them back.Since pay would fluxuate from week to week staff would not pay sometimes so they put some orger incharge to collect the money, hey like the Federal Res and IRS,
    As you stood in line to get paid.You saw a staff member being paid 70 dollars and the orger would take 40 dollars leaving staff member 30dollars then a huge argument would insue. Not only were the staff being finanical canniblised but Bent would take a large potion of the money and send it to germany to invest in gold.
    The reg operation at riverside was something to behold. One of the regs would bring in prospect that he picked from the fish bowl, the academy and hqs course room had little square windows where the regs could fish for there prospect.
    So you are sitting in this reg off with the reg trying to close you. But you are a little resistant. Unknown to you the room is bugged while jim hamre listen to reg cycly.Not only were office bugged but he has your pc folder and is culling thru it to find charged areas of your like. Meanwhile reg is bogged in your cylcle the phone rings its jim but reg makes you think its someone else.
    Jim starts feeding reg your personal data , thing you beleive are between you
    the auditor and cs, Wrong. It was common knowlege to regs. Lets say first button didn't bit, you fucked your sister, then the phone rings again reg pretends its his wife or gf. He hangs up bam hits you with another button.
    Riverside was fun but the reality was it was all about the money. Bent and Mary drove Mercedes, had staff estates build him a custom home that would accomindate short people gave two shits how the rest of staff were doing except for the exces. One day your great guy next you are dog shit on the bottom of someones shoes.
    Another little know secret is that mary would cs the folders so they could use
    up any money you had on account. In my time on staff only afew pc's ever made it to clear.
    The bottom line is that bent ,although a nice man to chat with, was in it for the money also he had the same tendencys as Ron and every one else.
    It was thestaff members who made scn at every level.Sacrificing their time
    ,effort and sprit, to build a better world.

    As sala'amu alaikum
  18. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Interesting info. I wasn't privy to much about the regging.

    I do remember that Bent (or Mary) drove a Mercury Cougar. I think it was a 1967 model.

    I didn't ever stand in line to get paid... I just got a little check each week.
    However, they were very late on doing the income taxes forms and reporting.
    My Mom saw this (she was a book-keeper and had also worked in HR for a major huge company) and told me that they were in violation of the law.
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  19. Muhammad

    Muhammad Patron

    mary's car

    I believe you are right about that. But bent had top of line mercedes.I think she up graded to a brand new toyota. point being they had nice cars and most staff either had no car or drove around in shit boxes.
    As sala'amu alaikum
  20. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Jeff Kovac (reg) did pretty well too. I remember when he gave me a ride in his old classic Porsche.

    BTW, I don't remember Jeff getting any "phone calls" while he was regging me. Maybe this stuff came after. I liked Jeff at that time BUT I was in a culty state-of-mind too.

    Except for the very top mgmt, many of the rest of us either lived in the basement for awhile OR had to buddy-up and be roommates just to be able to afford the usual bills (rent, utilities) on our very meager income.

    Also, while I was on staff I heard a roomer from another staffer that Bent was considering buying some apartments to house staff that couldn't otherwise afford it. I never saw this happen before I left. I wonder if this ever happened after I left.