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Scientology: Have you completed the Purification Rundown taking up to 5000mg Niacin?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by CommunicatorIC, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Some background

    The Purification RD is the more marketable re-make of the original sweat program, which required everyone who had taken LSD to wear rubber suits and run around sweating out the "LSD crystals."

    As far as I know, the first mention of LSD, by Hubbard, was in the 'Professional Auditors Bulletin' of 30 September 1955:

    "I could tell you about long strings of psychotics run in on the Foundation and the Association, sent in to us by psychiatrists who then, using LSD and pain-drug-hypnosis, spun them and told everyone that Dianetics and Scientology drove people insane. I could tell you about the strange politics and ambitions of psychiatry, so well covered in the book Psychopolitics [Note: Hubbard's hoax Russian textbook, which he had just secretly authored and was not yet published] , and give you a proper riddle as to why we, a small group, the only ANGLO-SAXON DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIELD OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT [sic], have been subjected to so much attack and finance... But I am not telling you stories or being dramatic. I am inviting your cooperation in your own future security..."

    As for dealing with those whose behavior became erratic or an embarrassment after Scientology processing, Hubbard wrote, in the same 'PAB':

    "You'll find the family physician or psychiatrist was called in midway in processing... You'll find there is a vested interest somewhere in the insanity of the person. An so testify that you suspect it. We will have on hand lots of literature on LSD..."

    Sixteen years later, Hubbard would write a similar statement, although this one doesn't mention LSD and is more to the point. It's a policy with the simple title 'Confidential', and is dated 29 June 1971:

    "Policy is that we assign any case or upset in Scientology to past damage and interference with the person by medicine or psychiatry. They were sent into us after medicine or psychiatry had already destroyed them. We cannot be blamed for psychiatric or medical failures."


    During 1977 the Sweat Program was introduced.

    Also, in February 1977, came the HCOB 'Jokers and Degraders', followed by the March 1977 HCOB, 'The Gambler' (Here's a rare photo of LRH doing research into gambling):

    HCOB 'LSD, Years after they have come off of', of May 1977, announced the "Sweat program."

    The formal "Sweat program" was further described in the HCOB 'LSD and the Sweat program' of February 1978.

    From the May 1977 'LSD, Years after they have come off of' (two months before the July 1977 FBI raids):

    "Apparently they have become some sort of vegetable or zombie to a greater or lesser degree.."

    To place this in historical context, it had only been one year earlier, from his temporary residence in Washington DC, in April 1976, that Hubbard personally oversaw part 2 of the (1972) 'Operation Dynamite' - then renamed 'Operation Freak Out' - covert Operation to "terminately handle" author Paulette Cooper, by having her set up/framed and, "sent to prison or a mental institution." It didn't matter that Cooper's book was, by then, out of print, 'Operation Dynamite' had come so close to "working," that Hubbard couldn't resist a second try.

    That's what Hubbard was thinking about at the time (along with the other covert Ops he was supervising), that, and LSD having made people - often the most productive and creative people in Scientology - into "vegetables or zombies to a greater or lesser degree."

    Eventually, the "Sweat Program" became the more marketable "Purification Rundown," with the "Purif" meant for everyone.

    Remember the hype for the Purif? "Only Scientologists who've done the Purif will survive World War III."

    It was promoted along with the book, 'All About Radiation', which was "written by a nuclear physicist and a medical doctor," with Hubbard being the nuclear physicist.

    Dr. Hubbard explains to the Scientologists that, as an officer in the United States Navy, he had been asked several times to work on the secret Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb,
    and that he had refused and, as punishment for his refusal, had, each time, been sent into a dangerous combat theater in the Japanese infested Pacific.

    'All About Radiation' was first published in 1957.



    'Cowboy' is a former Commodore's Messenger: a former child-servant for "Commodore" Hubbard. From 'Cowboy's ESMB post of 22 July 2012:

    "...Hubbard developed the Purification RD based on unsound medical principals, that result in deaths. He felt he knew the body, medicine, etc. There was no such thing as research. The principles had to be true, because he was espousing them and he... was Hubbard!

    "The purif started with a heavy set individual who was to be an expert in an area in which Hubbard was pushing for outside experts to be recruited. So, a recruiter found him and recruited him to work at SU. [Special Unit] The only trouble was he had a history of drug abuse. Hubbard decided to make him burn his fat and release past stored drugs with heavy exercise. He donned a plastic exercise suit and ran through the heat of the desert of La Quinta. Hubbard developed other principles that became the Purif RD.

    "The only trouble was, the old man wasn't a doc. The principles of the purif weren't all sound and were physically dangerous. We see the results of that now in the deaths..."
  2. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    What other Scientology services have you done?
  3. Kevin Osborne

    Kevin Osborne New Member

    Is this truly old Veda from many years past?
  4. Miss Ellie

    Miss Ellie Miss Ellie

    True... Sad but TRUE!

    I finished the Purifffff with success story & floating needle doing/not doing the following -

    I did not take the damn niacin... I took about 2 days worth and it made me toss the cookies... so lied about that.
    I did not do the running... This body was made for walking, biking, swimming or just about any activity EXCEPT running... would jog out of site and walk the rest.
    I did not spend all the time in the sauna... the twin & I would sit, sweat and talk for a bit... then decided we had done enough.

    So how could a person of such low moral character not be detected by the most moral organization on the planet... maybe I was on planet different.

    I will now hang my head in shammmmmmme.... OR NOT!
  5. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Yes, because your experience is the only valid experience, and a single data point is a statistically signficant sample size.

    As Tony Ortega has stated saying -- Derp.

    As I always say -- Seriously?
  6. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    Veda has been around here as long as I can remember so I guess yes. :)

    And welcome!
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  7. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    I was on the Purif for 55 days, at 5700 mgs of niacin, apparently about 11 days overrun. I felt like shit sans a few select days.
  8. Irayam

    Irayam Patron with Honors

    For me, to be on the purif (for 24 days, if I remember well), was like a little nightmare within a bigger nightmare called scientology.

  9. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Sorry 'bout the slight derail, but every time I see that photograph (the one I've reproduced here) I'm reminded of what a conman and shyster Hubbard really was. Here he is posing as a 'croupier' while doing 'research' into gambling. Anybody who knows anything about roulette dealing will tell you that you'd NEVER have both hands on the rim of the roulette wheel AT ANY TIME.


    Another example are the photo's of Hubbard playing various musical instruments (e.g. mellotron) we've seen lately. I had classical piano tuition as a kid and I can tell you that my tutor would have had forty fits had I adopted the hand position he poses with while playing the keyboard.

    To me all this shows that he was completely full of shit, really knew fuck all about what he was pretending to 'teach' us all, and felt we were all so stupid we'd believe anything he said, which unfortunately, for a while, turned out to be 100% correct.
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