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Scientology's End - less wishful thinking please

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by FascinatedNeverIn, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    A cult shyster lied in court?! What is the world coming to? :omg:

    Actually this is just another example of the intrinsic dishonesty of The Cult. They hire a lawyer and instruct him what to say. He repeats it in court, probably in good faith (although that doesn’t excuse him acting for them and taking what they say at face value given their history of blatant lying). The Cult gets to hide behind his words for a while and when it all blows up and is proven to be a lie, blame the lawyer for making a mistake and saying the wrong thing.

    I seem to recall a similar situation when Hubbard’s ‘Admissions’ were presented to a court in the Gerry Armstrong case. The cult claimed that this document must not be presented as it is one of Hubbard’s works and protected by copyright. Then later, when they realise that they can’t stop it being widely disseminated and exposing Hubbard as the lying, adulterous whackadoodle that he was, they claim that the lawyer made a mistake and it was never written by Hubbard at all! :duh:

    I couldn’t find a direct quote by Pouw or anyone else from The Cult, but I did find this:

    Relevant part:

    “The Church of Scientology denies a connection to the Squirrel Busters.”

  2. nahhh...

    in fact, in that it's mosey the non-scio and not marty this case is lending credence to the CoS position of it being a religious dispute

    as to "fair-gaming"...

    if you know what your fukkin' doin' man you can fair game a poor barstid right into hell without violating a single written statute...

    but stayed tuned to laura's case. it fits in with what i'm doing with my pro-life initiative which has the potential to make laura decrescenza a household name here in jefferson's agrarian republic