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Scientology's smear video of Alex Gibney..

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by Smurf, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    ..with appropriate connotations from Angry Gay Pope. As usual, the slimy cult defames family members, too.

  2. DeeAnna

    DeeAnna Patron Meritorious

    So, this is designed to give the troops their "talking points" for after the HBO broadcast?

    These people are stupider than I thought!
  3. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you Scientology for yet again clearly demonstrating the truth in Gibney's documentary. Gibney couldn't have hired anyone to do it better. All for free, so nice of you.

    Empty buildings and sports fields are empty. If a golf course could echo that one would.
    Where are the happy campers? Oh wait, they are in the latest incarnation of The Hole.

    They can't stop themselves can they? Every thing they have done to discredit the documentary has backfired on them and they just keep going on and on. Is this the Sci PR version of the "next level will help you with that"? They go to the next level and repeat the initial fuck up and surprisingly the result doesn't change. The tech is so amazingly effective with these people that they can't even see the fail.

    What church publicly smears someone's dead father to discredit the son's work? What church discredits someone by sneering at their house?
    Euggghh. I need a bath.
  4. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    If the film hasn't been released yet, how did they get the ant footage that they showed repeatedly?

    If anyone has seen the premiere, is the ant shot a legitimate shot from the film?

    Also, do they honestly think that this theta dissemination is going to be anything other than advertising for the film?
  5. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Really good questions.

    I have several theories; one of which is that Miscavige ran a full page casting call and hired his own ants.

    Or, it may be a fair-use, fair-game, lifting of those few seconds of ants from the film itself.

    Actually, come to think of it, there is a third possibility:

    They may have taken the actual ants from the "hole" and transported them the few

    hundred yards to their state-of-the-art soundstage and had them re-enact what they did in the "hole."

    This is is one of those rare cases when putting one's attention on the doughnut and the "hole"

    amount to doing the same thing.

    And finally... plumbing the recesses of the dwarfenfuhrer's mind...could he actually be thinking, "if I can get them to focus entirely on the ants, maybe they'll forget about the beatings and my obscenely opulent lifestyle, the beatings, and my having forced that Counter Intentioned Cock-Sucker to clean that bathroom with his tongue, and of course, the beatings".

    Thus thinketh the Poop of Scientology.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2015
  6. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Nasty nasty propaganda!

    That place is stunning, I can see millions of dollars worth of property, the quality of the 'staff quarters' makes me feel physically sick knowing how staff round the world are treated and the conditions they live in. A sea of matching chairs and tables cutlery and plates, compare that to what I remember of Stonelands dining room, many chairs wobbled, were stained with food and none matched, the dining room was cold and ugly everything was second hand and cheap. The birthing was an insult too, despite the building being a beautiful old manor house, bunk beds in dormitories, icy winters and the constant smell of the oozing brown slime that crept through the wall from the cows next door.

    From what I read we would be impressed by staff conditions if we visited Auschwitz, there were great facilities there too, and wonderful parties and great childcare. What he or she failed to mention was the Hole, the RPF and RPF's RPF. What are their facilities like?
  7. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    The ants are in the trailer.

    And I don't mean there are disembodied souls of insectlike alien spirits inhabiting a bluebird motorhome in Creston - whether or not that would prove to be true.
  8. NOLAGirl

    NOLAGirl New Member

    "OOO! 2d images texture mapped onto the inside of a sphere with green and magenta refractive optical blur lens effects! OOO!"

    Bahahaha! :hysterical:

    You crack me up Smurf.

    As for Co$ using Alex Gibneys dead father to trash him: Just when I think they can't find a new low, they discover a new geological layer of disgusting. Keep it up Dave & Co. Karma is watching and she's got some nasty things planned for you.
  9. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

    Bang. :footbullet: I don't know how often they mentioned "prison camp", but it was often... :hysterical: Which means everybody who has already heard rumors, or glimpsed stuff on the internet, will probably take this as an incentive to read on the internet... and/or watch the movie... :melodramatic: :biggrin:

    When do Scientologists get to watch this video (e.g. the original version)? Is it shown to them particularly if they have voiced doubts (as has been told to me about another video)? Or do they get mass emails with a link to these, like to fluffy promos? Or does everybody in an org get to watch it, say, between study or while waiting? Anybody know more about this? :confused2:

    One thing I really wonder about... If they put up videos on youtube, and if they do that because they want Scientologists to watch them (rather than other people ... like it has been with the Super Bowl ad) - their channel site is one thing, but while watching a video, on the right side, there are always displayed recommended videos. Youtube sorts them for you, partially based on whatever you have watched lately (in other words, currently I get Mae West, Karen, chipmunks, and cute owls ... :p ), and partially based on same/related search terms. In the case of Scientology promo, there are always lots of other videos about Scientology, but not from them... Very, very much entheta... :whistling:

    Or has the original version been hosted on their own sites? :questions:
  10. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    Frank Gibney

    LOL. The COS is dissing Frank Gibney (Alex's dad)?!! Once again the COS is proving that if they are speaking, they are lying and stupid. Frank was a fabulous writer and well respected in academic circles. Read his insights into modern Japan where he spent a great deal of time. Just wonderful stuff. He supervised the first Chinese edition of the Encylopedia Brittanica. (working for Mao, no doubt!)

    Frank was a terrific writer and a great researcher who had a great deal of access--exactly the type of person you shouldn't publicly criticize in a offhanded manner. It's like going after Walter Cronkite or Roy Rogers.

    This is the type of stupid Scientology does. Hubbard created an organization that made enemies from folks who would have been happy to ignore him or be neutral. Now the COS has more enemies.

    Read Frank's Japan's books they're great.
  11. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    Video preposterous

    Arggghh. I spent 16 years with these idiots?!!!

    The video focusses on the lovely INT Base, which I and most Scientologists have never seen.

    The video is like DM's ridiculous yearly speeches, emphasizing size of buildings over and over.

    How about showing some actual working Scientologists?

    The COS in incapable of coming clean because they can't.
  12. whoisxenu

    whoisxenu Patron with Honors

    "They may have taken the actual ants from the "hole" and transported them the few

    hundred yards to their state-of-the-art soundstage and had them re-enact what they did in the "hole."

    Did they have to salute the ants?
  13. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re: Frank Gibney

    The film Scientology really doesn't want you to watch: Sect lashes out at documentary in rare public video claiming director's father published CIA propaganda
    Church of Scientology has launched a full-scale assault on director Alex Gibney's documentary, 'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief'
    In more than 200 tweets, it has tried to discredit the documentary, which premiered to packed audience at Sundance Film Festival on January 25
    Claims film is 'propaganda', 'one-sided' and features 'vengeful' sources
    It has also released video in which it refers to Gibney's late father, Frank
    Says the noted journalist - who died in 2006 - published CIA propaganda
    Also accuses Gibney of 'staging scenes' and telling lies in documentary
    Film is based on Lawrence Wright's award-winning book of same name

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  14. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    Keep on doing the handling tech DM. You are doing our black pr job against you for us....and your stats are straight up and vertical!!

    Well, actually that's our stats. Your stats are straight down and vertical. LOL!!!
  15. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    Re: Frank Gibney

    Finding out that Alex's father did work for the CIA* won't really have an impact on the "wog world". But it will help DM convince the still-ins, and particularly the whales, that this film is all Black PR lies. All they have to hear are "FBI, CIA, or Psychs" and the koolaide is spiked.

    *Of course his Dad may not have worked for the CIA at all. I'll need to see real dox.
  16. koki

    koki Silver Meritorious Patron


    we do not do black pr job at him....

    we only post truth here. and some music from 80s...
  17. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re: Frank Gibney

    "I have been harboring quite a few reflections based on my observations of the last year and a half, in inevitable contact with some aspects of the intelligence ... some of them are disturbing..."

    He wanted to discuss these disturbing aspects, whatever they were.
  18. Elronius of Marcabia

    Elronius of Marcabia Silver Meritorious Patron

    What's missing from the beautiful buildings and manicured grounds of
    the Club Med like place where they live and work ? gimme a break my sides are splitting
    from laughter:lol:

    People where's the people Davy, where's Shelly Davy ?

    It's the perfect picture to represent the complete front for the sham church
    purty buildings, no people, lots of money no people.

    Why no people ? easy they blow so quick anymore faces are recognized.

    The inside story gets out about the true working conditions at Davys lil compound.

    When Hoobard said "the public knows us by our MEST" he was half right Davy
    but we also know you by your people and your treatment of your people.

    Tick Tock Slappy Tick Tock:thumbsup:
  19. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Re: Frank Gibney

    "Mr. Gibney also oversaw the publication of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in Chinese, Japanese and Korean editions, a task that required him to be a scholar, editor and diplomat in equal measure." [from your linked website]

    This disrespect is likely to get more flak flung at CO$.
  20. Sidney18511

    Sidney18511 Patron with Honors

    They they have the video on their freedom magazine website.