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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by scooter, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Sorry to hear this

    Hey Scooter, even though I don't know you or your family I am really sorry for what you have been through. That you keep in your integrity and "tell it like it was" is a great inspiration to us all. All the best for your family and a very bright future :fly2:
  2. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh my God scooter!

    I shed a lot of tears and now give you and Caz and the kids a huge heart to hearts hug.:bigcry: :bighug: :heartflower:

    Cherish the ones you Love.
  3. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks again, folks - your messages warm our hearts.:yes:

    I'm hoping to get the rest of this time written up for you soonest as the relief I have felt since the weekend has been unbelievable - if I were still "in" I would be on a win beak or being asked to attest.:D

    There's lots more of "Scooterstory" to come so I'll get busy when I can and get it to you - I am looking at publishing it somehow in the future (format unknown as yet.)

    You guys give the best acks. :bighug:
  4. Thanks, Scooter, we LOVE you guys! :happydance:
  5. supafreak

    supafreak Patron Meritorious

    Scooter, I just read your post. I am so, so sorry. :bigcry:

    :bighug: to you and Caz.
  6. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    I have only just caught up here Scoots ...

    I have no idea what to say.

    To Caz and you and your precious babies.

  7. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    GAT "expanded"

    Going back to '96 again folks to tell you what happened to Scooter when he got back from the GAT release at Flag.

    I got back to Sydney and had to get ready for the local event. We were picked up at the airport after over a day in transit and taken straight to the org to get busy. It all happened in the usual “it-all-had-to-be-done-yesterday” fashion and then there was to be the frenzy of selling to the public all the new courses etc. etc.. For the staff, it meant long nights of drilling prior to the event then late nights writing compliance reports to management or having to watch the event again and again because it apparently “hadn’t been duplicated” because it hadn’t provided the miracles it supposedly should have. The event came and went in a blur of sleep deprivation – the reception locally wasn’t anywhere near as enthusiastic as it had been at Flag.

    I also now had a new senior – a young SO girl (16 at the most) had been posted as the Senior C/S Chief and had no training to speak of yet was now to run all the Senior C/Ses in Australia and New Zealand. She had a constant stream of orders to go look at the academy and find what was wrong there and she nagged me incessantly about the huge amounts of program targets I HAD to get done every week. I literally spent hours getting “evidence” that I’d done something that took minutes to do – it was insane. It had nothing to do with making a better world. I’d worked for government offices before and they’d been models of efficiency compared to this nightmare. And I HAD to be part of all the org’s management committees too – and they mostly met outside org hours.

    I finally got to turn it all over to the org’s Senior C/S after about a month as he’d been “handled” to sign a new staff contract. So I went back to the comfortable obscurity of my usual job and he copped all the flack. But the “miracle” of GAT (as Golden Age of Tech soon got abbreviated to) wasn’t immediately happening. Within six weeks all staff were ordered to a “meter check” and it was obvious to me it wasn’t working. It wasn’t “out-Ethics” stopping these programs going in – it was the sheer volume of what had to be done per these programs that nobody had the time to do any of it.

    Within two weeks of that, we were all ordered to stay back after post and watch the event video again. And again. And again. Three times through was the order. So three nights in a row

    Two weeks later the order came down again – all staff to watch the video three times through again.

    I’d been co-auditing with Tracey, an auditor from the Day org and she was having a really hard time of it on her post. Every tech-trained staff member on the planet had been ordered to do all the new training. Initially it was to be gotten done on our “usual” study time – which for many was non-existent. As staff pay was so poor in every org that I knew about, for anyone who wasn’t living with parents like me had to be working a second job just to pay rent and food. So how the hell do you fit in extra time to study? Tracey had two kids of school age and a husband who ran his own business repairing roofs – how on earth was she supposed to fit this into her life? It meant the end of us auditing each other as we now had to be on study every “spare” moment.

    The answer came allegedly from Miscavige himself – all Tech staff were ordered onto study for five hours a day – no exceptions. I now was spending all of my time in the org, either studying or on post. Several people who had kids were forced to leave staff as they just couldn’t cope with this new insane demand. And, just to further apply the blowtorch to the belly, the events just kept coming. More and more programs were being added to the nightmare for the tech staff and we were still being ordered to watch the original event yet again – it seemed like every three months or so at the most we’d all have to stay back yet again to watch it three times all the way through. And then the compliance reports would be written and it all sent off up the lines to management and then three months later it would be ordered again that all staff had to watch the event yet again.

    Not surprisingly my parents were getting upset about never seeing me. I certainly had no time to do the usual things I’d been doing like mow the lawns for my dad – if I had any time at all I was sleeping in. I was still doing nightwatches for the org every three weeks on the average. Plus I was auditing Taiwanese in the org for money during the day and getting that in was getting harder too – I was getting incredibly sleepy auditing people whose command of English was terrible and I could barely understand them. Add to that the Taiwanese were from a much warmer country and needed to have heaters blazing at all times just to feel comfortable.

    I was still auditing OT staff whenever I could – I somehow managed to do this by starting them in the late afternoons and “having” to be late getting to the org for my usual job at night. It made me unpopular with the org executives but, as I was auditing quite a few CLO staff, I had “air cover” from CLO who were senior to my seniors in the pecking order. There was more than a hint of satisfaction for me being able to stick it to the petticoat mafia like this and get away with it.


    Hopefully I'll get more done tonight for you.:)
  8. Opter

    Opter Silver Meritorious Patron

    I didn't realize it was that crazy with the GAT for staff members.

    I remember the qual sec, who supposedly knew what the GAT was all about, saying he was certain that the new announcement about the GAT, at the event, would flood all the orgs around the planet with new people. Oh Yeh.

  9. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    Management... Yikes!

    If it is true that "Ethics are reason," and "Ethics are reason and contemplation of optimum survival," then the situation you have described above is one of gross out-ethics.

    The important activities of an org are: selling books, registering students and pc's, delivering auditing and training.

    You will notice that I did not include any senior management activities. Now if one or more of them wanted to come down from their position on high, they could lend a hand in 1) selling books, 2) registering students and pc's, or 3) delivering auditing and training. I would then expect stats to rise given a quality of delivery that helped a student or pc improve his life.

    I can relate to spending an hour providing evidence to something it took a minute to do. That's just compounding authoritative, management idiocy.

    When a person, or in this case a management body, continually puts out no-trust, they will eventually get no-trust in return.

    I am enjoying your story, Scooter.
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  10. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Oh cripes, Scoots, I didn't know that it had gotten that nutty for you guys in the Class V org staff back then....... Insanity, from any perspective.

    Thanks for the info. :)
  11. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Dear Scooter,
    The first time I read your story through, I could not respond. The words just wouldn't come. I have read many of your posts and your story and you have become family to me even though I have never met you in person. Please accept my love for you and your family. And by deepest love for Lauren. May she find peace and happiness in her new abode wherever that may be.

    Love and Respect as always

  12. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    96 - 97 of scooterslife

    There were some other very interesting things that I saw at this time. I had someone routed to me to “handle” his wife’s antagonism towards Scientology. His wife had been a staff member as he had but now wanted him to be more of a husband and father to their kids than an auditor in training and general dedicated Scientologist. We went over this and I ended up telling him to spend more time with her as that was what he really should have been doing. He quietly fell off the lines over the next few months and I was secretly pleased. There were some murmurs from various staff but I stuck to my guns saying that he had to handle his PTS sit before he could return to his training. I don’t think he ever did. It opened my eyes just a little bit to the inhumanity of the system I was in.

    Less than six months after the GAT release, there was a push to get “Professors” trained up at Flag – this would be without the Primary Rundown so I was told. The ED started to apply pressure to me to be our org’s trainee for this since I already had my Prof cert and I was a general pain in the arse to her anyway. I refused and then somehow she tried to make me responsible for recruiting my “replacement” to go instead of me. I was once again gobsmacked at the insanity of it all.

    Around this time I was informed by an ex-staff member that another ex was heading to Flag for her OT levels and that I should maybe send KRs to Flag to see if we could get this particular person handled as it seemed that she had remained an absolute nightmare to have around despite “going up the Bridge.” Maybe this level (OT VII) would finally handle her or maybe Ethics at Flag would turn her into a caring, decent human being. I wrote up some of the worst things I’d personally experienced from this person and sent them off to Flag.

    Three months later the leading WISE consultant in the country came into the org specifically to see me about this – he sat with me at lunchtime while I was eating and tried to convince me to withdraw my reports on this woman. He gave me “her side” of the story and blamed it all on her ex-husband trying to stir up trouble and how she was an upstat etc etc and just needed to move up the Bridge like the rest of us. He managed to persuade me that what I’d done was not right but I drew the line at withdrawing my reports. I did agree that I’d fallen prey to a “campaign” against her and we left it at that – I agreed to do conditions on this.

    I later found out he was actually employed by her specifically to do this and that she later blamed HIM for starting up the campaign against her! Last I heard of her (late 2009) she was still a “leading light” in the Sydney scientology community and someone often promoted as a Scientology success story.

    I did some not-nice things myself at this time. Tracey, my co-audit twin, had routed off staff and I got quite pissed off that she dumped our twinship like this and tried to “handle” her – I was quite the arsehole about it (sorry, Trace.) I began to lose my compassion for my friends who weren’t “making it” through the GAT stuff (even tho’ I was struggling myself.) I justified it all stupidly by thinking that I was still trying to “make it go right.” In hindsight it was like trying to drive a car at high speed with flat tyres and about as therapeutic. I was a zealot for the new “Standard Tech” that was being pushed, despite my own misgivings that I never really acknowledged. I really had fallen for the “Party Line” and pushed it hard down the throats of others, not just Tracey. It’s something I hang my head in shame to recall now.

    There were some bright points. I was back in the C/S office a lot again and I’d brought in a portable CD player and now had the joys of listening to Al Green or the Sex Pistols while C/Sing – it made life a lot more fun. Plus I’d gotten hold of the OSA fishtank and had moved it to the office as well and the Senior C/S had scored an Australian fish called a Bullrout that looked and acted like a Stonefish, a highly poisonous fish from the Great barrier reef that kills a few people every year when they step on it and get poison spine in their feet. We christened our boy “The Rock With Eyes” and most of the other fish in the tank left him alone, except our trio of catfish who seemed to delight in stirring him up. I even took time out from post to clean this tank (well, it was part of the office furniture wasn’t it?) and generally enjoy the antics of the little community we’d built up there. It became an attraction for a lot of people who’d drop in and look at it from time to time. It was probably the most therapeutic thing in the whole building as it certainly relaxed one if you looked at it for several minutes. It made the madness outside the office door a lot more tolerable.

    I’d gone back to working the milkrun for “extra” money and was once again having body troubles from the sheer strain of getting up at 5am and not getting to bed until after midnight. I often got in a few hours sleep in the middle of the day but that’s never a good substitute for a straight 7-8 hours sleep in my own bed. My attendance on post suffered accordingly.

    My dad’s elder brother died suddenly and my dad had to cut short a well-earned holiday to return to Sydney to bury him – my dad was still a Baptist pastor although very much retired. I went along to support him while he held the service and he did an amazing job of it despite even having to wear one of his brother’s suits as his were all several hundred kilometres away. It was a sad day but I was amazed at how my dad handled it – his opening words cut across all the sobbing and general grief “We’re not here to bury Arthur, we’re here to bury his body. This (as he gestured to the coffin in front of him) isn’t Arthur.” It all went up from there. By the time we got the wake at Arthur’s place after it all, it had turned into a celebration of a man’s life, well-loved by all. Once again, I found that Scientologists weren’t the only ones with their hands on the truth, even though I still firmly believed we had ALL of it.

    I was somehow able to get out to see my good friends Kevin and Vicky Mackey in their house on the edge of a national park on the northern fringe of Sydney. Kev and I got in the occasional bushwalk and it was really amazing to be able to be with fellow Scientologists who were actually sane and doing quite well in life as opposed to the poverty and other stresses that those of us on staff or in the SO were experiencing. It strengthened my resolve to get out of the insanity of the org once my contract was up and actually get a life. I didn’t have a girlfriend or even time to look for one right now. Life was totally fixed on the org and “expanding Scientology.” That was about to change.

    That Christmas my family had planned a big get-together at my sister’s farm about 8 hours drive from Sydney. I got a few days off and went down there and had a great time. We had a four-day game of cricket with even my mum coming out to play a few times. Many of my nieces and nephews were now in their twenties and some were even getting married and beginning to think of starting their own families. I reluctantly went back to Sydney at the end of it – it had been one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. Long lazy days on the nearby river or walking in the forest just across the road from the farm, nights spent playing cards and eating great food, helping out doing stuff around the farm – just a fantastic time that reminded me how great it was to have a family I loved dearly and who all returned the favour.

    Not long after getting back to work, I noticed this new staff member handling a whole room-full of kids in a manner I’d never seen anyone do before. She actually had then all cheering and contributing to stuff – these were kids who’d all been dumped at the org so their parents could go off to the New Year’s Eve Event for 96-97. I was doing my usual hiding from the event by staying at the org and finding something to do rather than be subjected to having to try to sell stuff to people who had no money and little interest anyway. I suddenly had a better reason to go to work.

    We started a relationship a few months after and quickly decided to get married. The Petticoat Mafia didn’t approve at all - as usual. I didn’t care about their reaction – as usual. We moved into her friend’s house together and began planning a future. Unfortunately she was over the staff recruitment and one of the Mafia sent her in to get me to re-sign a staff contract. I was trapped – I ended up re-signing for another two and a half years.

    We were busy getting ready for the wedding when I got ambushed again by the ED, this time to go to the Senior C/S conference at Flag. The senior C/S’s wife was expecting her first child and the Qual Sec was being evicted from the dive he and his family were in and had to find new accommodation. And money to pay for it. I refused, saying I had my wedding coming up. I was threatened with all sorts of things and also promised that she would help me with my wedding preps if I went. I eventually buckled under and went.

    I got to Flag less that a month from my wedding and my wife-to-be called me and we both cried most of the phone call. I’d heard of people in the SO being separated like this but now I was experiencing it for myself. Only a sadist would do something like that.
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  13. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    97 - 2000

    I caught the shuttle bus from Tampa to Flag with an old friend from Sweden who cheered me up no end. We arrived and were all berthed in the Fort Harrison itself this time, I had a room to myself that looked out over the water – not that I got to spend any time there admiring the view. The first thing we were all ordered to do were O/Ws since the GAT release and specifically on anything to do with GAT – no real surprises with that particular strategy. Mercifully I had had little to do with the programs since turning than over to other people after the first month so I could happily cruise through that minefield. That wasn’t going to keep me at Flag for more than I’d bargained for.

    The 1997 Senior C/S conference was very low-key compared to the year earlier when we’d been subjected to the full force of Miscavige’s GAT release. This one was run by Ray Mithoff and his deputy Dan Koon and seemed aimed at trying to sort out the problems of implementing the numerous programs and orders that the GAT had generated. I caught up with Al, an old friend from Sydney whom I’d inadvertently helped recruit – the year before I’d met the Senior C/S from Edinburgh, Scotland while at Flag and told him how my friend had moved there after marrying a Scottish girl who’d been travelling through Australia. I gave him Al’s address and he’d gotten hold of Al, recruited him then left staff himself with Al as his “replacement.” I didn’t like how Al got roped in then and I like it even less now – recruiting someone just so you yourself can secretly get out never struck me as a nice thing to do. If you hate what you’re doing, why trick someone else into taking over from you?

    Several other friends were there from various parts of the world but they all looked beaten down. Even my very good friend from Toronto looked worn out. She had gotten onto OT VII and was now training as a Class VIII Auditor and I thought she would’ve been glowing but she wasn’t. My friend the future Senior C/S from Sydney who I’d been tricked into replacing so that he could be sent to Flag was still there but nearly finished his training and hoping to get home to Sydney soon. It was nice to see these people but my attention was very much on Caz’s and my wedding coming up soon. I just kept as quiet as possible so that I got out on time and home to where my real life was.

    I made it back and found myself with three weeks left to go to the wedding and a lot of things to be done. I went to see the ED for help with something and she basically told me it was the Best Man’s job to do that sort of thing so get him to do it. I was gobsmacked yet again – this was the help she’d promised in return for me going to Flag? I tried pointing out that the Best Man had even less time to do this that I had but she just shrugged and turned to her junior nearby and began discussing something else. But then again, she didn’t have an invite to the wedding and only a few staff did so why should she care?

    The wedding went ahead mostly to plan as weddings do and we’d both gotten people to look after our posts while we were gone for a honeymoon. We had to come back two days earlier than I wanted to as Caz’s replacement couldn’t do the last two days and she was not allowed to just be off without a replacement – foolishly we bought this crap and just didn’t stay away for the extra days.

    Within a week of returning I was down with pneumonia and off post for weeks on end. I couldn’t ride my bike more that a few kilometres at a time and spent a lot of time just sitting down as I had no energy to do anything else. Of course I was badgered to get back to work and I struggled to do so but it certainly gave me a wake-up call that I couldn’t just abuse my body like I’d been doing and expect it to just keep working the insane hours it had been.

    Caz got called in to see the RTC rep as she’d been ordered by a senior org executive to throw out all the LRH masterfiles from the Mimeo section as part of a springclean of the org. The exec in question got roasted alive and kept her head low for weeks afterwards – luckily Caz was treated nicely as she’d known no better, being relatively new staff.

    I’d had my own brush with RTC just before going to Flag – I was called in and told that I was to no longer audit OTs. The RTC rep told me she couldn’t give me a reference but there was something on the class VIII course and I should look at the Grade Chart and see where I should be training-wise to do those action on others. I didn’t bother arguing – I was getting sick of being badgered to audit people “because there is no-one else and you need to be responsible for them” and expected to give up my own time to do it in.

    Sometimes we’d get a lift home with some other staff who lived nearby and more often than not he’d wait for the ED for up to an hour to give her a lift as well – she lived in the next street over from us. It was infuriating, especially as Caz and I had made a habit of giving him petrol money for his time and the ED just continued to treat him as a lackey who should give her rides wherever at no cost to herself.

    I went back to roofing for someone else as Christmas was near and we needed money. I’d again quit the milkrun before we got married and org pay once again wasn’t enough to even feed us. It was summer and I was exhausted after a day’s work in the sun but still dragged myself into the org and tried to work. At least we had money coming in. And then that stopped. Life was crap – my dad had been hospitalised for a week and come out a broken man on heaps of medication. We were both still working the insane hours of staff members and getting little money for it and I was getting sick a lot and still hadn’t really recovered from the pneumonia. I just felt tired all the time. The only bright spot for me was that Caz was pregnant. At the tender age of forty I was about to become a father for the first time.

    We had had troubles at the house we were staying in and so we moved into our own house further from the city. So there was even more financial stress there just keeping the rent paid as well as the usual bills. Caz was forced into using our car to go pick up Taiwanese from the airport or take them to the airport at all sorts of ungodly hours and we barely got petrol money for it. I tried to get her to stop doing it as I thought we were just being taken advantage of as we were among the few staff with a decent car – my dad had given us his when he came out of hospital as he couldn’t drive anymore. But she was hammered at as to how it was her responsibility to do it as it was part of her job description.

    I went back to auditing during the day for pay as I just couldn’t see myself being able to hold any other job while still trying to be a staff member. It didn’t bring in much but with Caz working for the local Scientology school as well we were able to get by financially. There were more RTC issues down to do with the GAT and more ethics actions and even more programs and program targets to be done and yes, we had to all watch the release video again three times through.

    The org wasn’t always paying me on time for my day work auditing. I had thought this may be a problem but in the past it had usually just been a week or two behind then the money would be caught up again quickly and everything was OK. Now it was looking a bit grim but, with Caz about to give birth, I couldn’t go look for any other work.

    Caz began to have contractions a few days after the baby was due and so I stayed home with her, getting ready to drive her to the hospital. I ended up staying home for several days of false alarms until the hospital finally decided that she needed to be induced so off we went for that. After a long night my daughter was born early in the morning and the feeling of holding her in my arms just after she was born was something I’ll never forget. It was like a part of me that had been missing had come back to me, but I’d never known it wasn’t there until now.

    I went back to work the next day after that while Caz went off to her parents to recover. Within a few weeks the pay had stopped from the org again and all those who were auditing for money were called together by the Petticoat Mafia and told that it was our responsibility to see that the org made enough money to pay us what we were owed. I was livid – we had no money for nappies nor dog food and it was somehow my fault. It was the last straw – I vowed to finish up on working for the org and never audit again for them in any capacity. I was even borrowing money just to get to work! Yet being hammered by the Mafia to “get the stats up.”

    I hit rock-bottom for a while then got a few part-time jobs word-clearing and also cleaning. I was now doing all sorts of weird hours just to keep the money coming in for a bare minimum survival for us. I got a few pleasure moments in by taking my puppy for long pedals through the mangroves and parkland near our house. The only downside was that he soon got the hang of climbing over the fence and taking himself for walks and not always coming home. One morning I woke to find him gone and a stuffed toy on the driveway that he’d gotten from somewhere and brought home and totally gutted then run off again. It was the start of a dysfunctional relationship between us that continues to this day – he still takes off and finds new friends and I have to go pick him up or bail him out of the local doggy jail if the rangers catch him.

    My daughter Lauren was doing incredibly well – I watched her sit down like a schoolkid with a bunch of four-year-olds and hold her own and she was barely one. The antics that she got up to with the dog kept a smile on my face when all else was black. Caz was pregnant again and having a hard time of it due to never seeing me at all as I was either working, sleeping or sick. Sometimes I got to go for bike rides with Lauren and the dog but mostly I was barely surviving.

    Our son was born just after the millennium celebrations and our families were very happy for us. Lauren and I went to visit him for her first time in hospital and she left him some of her pizza bread that she was having for lunch - she was so proud to be a big sister. There was no response from the org at all – I’d gotten engaged, married, had two kids and not gotten so much as a card for any of those things. I just couldn’t wait for the end of the year when my contract would be finally up and I’d be able to freely step out of the prison sentence that was Scientology staff.
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  14. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Phew ...

    I just do not know how you did it Scooter, apart from everything else your energy levels must be phenomenal.

    Thanks for the update, this really should be a proper book, it would be a best seller because it is so human and real and honest and well written (and very funny at times).

  15. Woggin' out

    Woggin' out Patron with Honors

    What a story so far Scooter, I'm... :drama:... HOOKED...
  16. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    I know exactly what you mean because that is how I describe how I felt when my first daughter was born. :D

    As for the rest of your story, I don't know how you managed to continue with scientology as you did. I can feel the stress and cognitive dissonance just reading along.
  17. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Wow, Scooter.! I don't know how you did it. :no:

    This is an incredible story of the insanity that goes on in an org amongst the staff. :omg:

    And Scientology is supposed to improve conditions in life, eh? :ohmy:

    What an awful experience. I'm sorry you had to go through all that.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
  18. Chess

    Chess Patron with Honors

    Hey Scooter,
    Wow, what a story... It's good your communicating it - I know what it was like there and to concieve that that environment got worse as time went on is, well... glad your out.
    Best to you & yours mate
  19. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    End of 1999

    In late 1999, the Senior C/S Ian left staff as his contract was now up. His replacement was Andrew, who’d recently returned from training at Flag. Andrew had been having a relationship with the ED before he went and had decided that it would be wrong if he continued it as he really didn’t feel attracted to her. He’d discussed this with her and she was incredibly bitter about it – he was a very handsome guy, several years younger than her and had wealthy parents. Ideal man for a Scientology executive.

    I was called to a “meeting” with these two in the courseroom for new public (it wasn’t being used at the time because there was no supervisor – more on this after I tell this story) and the ED was really bitterly ripping into Andrew something fierce and he was just sitting there taking it apathetically. I was shocked at the venom she displayed towards him and his reaction told me that he’d been copping this from her for a while. To “compound the felony) he’d been talking out a younger staff member who was a model and they were planning on getting married – once this became public knowledge his fiancé too copped it rough. All sorts of spiteful things were done to the two of them but there was nothing that I could do about it as most of it would have simply been labelled my opinion. But there was quite a lot of mutter about them amongst other staff, and I could see where it had come from but again I was powerless to do anything about it.

    Our New Public course supervisor Jenny had been approaching the end of her contract and she’d done “the right thing” and recruited another girl to train up and take over her job. This girl was sent to Flag to train up but, after a while there, had her training line-up changed to do something else. Jenny wasn’t told of this and was staying on after her contract had finished continuing to hold the fort as she was expecting her replacement to wrap up in a few months and come home. I got wind of this and was outraged – the Petticoat Mafia had done this training switch on Jenny’s replacement some time before I got told of it and were keeping Jenny in the dark about it all, stringing her along to keep her working there. So I went and told her what I’d found out. She went and confronted them and then left staff soon after. I kept my part in this quiet for many years as I knew I’d get into trouble for it if I ever owned up to it.

    As the new millennium approached there was a lot of panic about the possibility of a worldwide crash of computer networks and possible chaos and disruption resulting from it. The staff were given several briefings about Management’s plans should this happen and we were all trained in how to garb someone’s arm and cause them extreme pain without injuring them or endangering ourselves, supposedly if riots broke out and rioters attacked the org building. We were drilled on this and various other strategies for handling situations.

    We were also given a questionnaire asking us various questions like did we know anyone (especially family) who were farmers – I answered yes of course as my sister and her husband had their farm. I was then later questioned about their farm and what they produced there by a SO member – basically he was trying to source alternate food sources if the worst came to the worst. As far as I know, nothing ever came of it.

    We had to move house again as our landlord wanted to sell it and so I loaded up our trailer several times in a few days and shifted all our worldly belongings into our new house several kilometres way. We no longer had the harbour and the open parkland close by but it was cheaper and very close to public transport.

    I began to notice just how badly Scientology was doing in our local area but I didn’t know why. There were fewer and fewer long-term staff sticking around – I was one of the few “veterans” left now and I knew I was getting out soon as I personally couldn’t cope with it anymore. Many of the old-time Sea Org members were now on minor posts and leaving earlier as they physically couldn’t cope and there seemed to be a lot of younger ones just leaving the SO. And there were certainly fewer new people coming into Scientology. The only thing keeping the orgs going was the influx of new people from Taiwan and that was starting to dwindle now.
  20. JinLing

    JinLing Patron

    You know, i recognize so much of the things youre writing about. Its very similar in many ways to my own and my exhusbands story and feelings, and struggles. The sadest thing about all of this is the reason why we did go through all of this, which i guess is about the same as it was for us, an urge to help humanity in some way and do the right thing somehow. When i read all of these stories i always get this sad feeling in me. Its a terrible way of treating a bunch of probably some of the most compassionate people that there is on the planet. Im glad you got fed up. :yes: