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Featured scooterstory

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by scooter, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Opter

    Opter Silver Meritorious Patron

    I second this.

  2. the-ghostwhowalks

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    Scooter , when you write the book ...

    Why not send it directly to Quentin Tarintino ? - He would love it , and the film based on it would be a hit world wide ... Or directly to Micheal Moore ? .... :)
  3. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    The day of the move came and we started to haul all our stuff out of Narconon and up to our new home. The kids now had their own room and we had no constant interruptions from staff and students at all hours of the day and night. But there was still no pay and I made it plain that I would be looking for other work if Narconon couldn’t at least pay me enough to cover rent, food and basics. I got a letter from the ED stating that I was only doing volunteer work and went to the local unemployment bureau and registered.

    I also went to the org and the AO that weekend with my wife and caught up on quite a few friends. One of them told me that her and her sister had just told the AO crew about them being molested constantly by their father since they turned 12. And he was an OT IV in good standing with the Church. They’d finally come out about it because their younger sister was about to turn 12 and that was the age that their father started to molest them so they hoped the AO would handle him so it wouldn’t happen to their sister.

    I saw him that night coming out of an auditing room with two Sea Org members – he looked like he’d been shaken badly. I was gobsmacked. I was also very down on myself because years before her sister had told me one night after the Academy had closed and I was chatting to her and a few others that she had “Sex Education” that night and she wasn’t looking forward to it. She was maybe 16 at the time and I now thought that if only I’d asked her for more info about it instead of the robotic acknowledgements that I’d been taught, maybe I could have saved her and her sisters from that a lot sooner. It was my biggest regret about my Scientology career and really still is.

    I got work of sorts picking Australian bush flowers and selling them – I managed to get a permit to collect them from the Narconon property and a few other places. I was still dropping in and doing the C/Sing but wasn’t willing to do much more on the wages I was being paid, and noisily said so.

    After a few weeks of this, The ED went off at me about not turning up on Saturdays to do folders any more. It was the final straw as far as I was concerned. I was paying for the petrol to drive to and from Narconon five days a week and getting nothing for it. I had a family to feed, rent and utilities to pay for, nappies to buy and here was someone who had all their basics covered by Narconon telling me I should be sacrificing even more for the cause?

    The immediate reaction was to get the folders delivered to me on a daily basis – at dinnertime when the “shop run” was done. I didn’t mind but my wife did, because every night when we sat down for dinner as a family, a car would pull up and a couple of Narconon staff and students would wander in to give me some folders to do and then they’d drive off to the shops. If I hadn’t finished the folders by the time they returned, they’d have to wait for them. And I still was receiving little or no pay for my time. And I was threatening that when I got a real paying job, I wouldn’t be doing the folders at all except at my own convenience, not Narconon’s.

    Somehow all of this got through and the Narconon Board voted to pay me $50 an hour for my C/Sing time, which meant I earned about $300 a week. Not enough to live on, but we could stretch it with other moneys we had coming in. It was bare poverty level for now but that was a step up from where we’d been since starting at Narconon. My wife understandably was still not pleased and we ended up at the AO for a “handling” over this – after many many arguments. Surprisingly for me, the AO terminals took her side of it and demanded I get better paying work to support my family.

    But we had a more immediate problem. A large bushfire had been burning towards us for a week and had jumped every attempt to stop it. One morning I noticed it growing very large and by lunchtime it was only a few hours away. I had to go to the nearest town briefly and arrived home a few hours later to find seven fire trucks on our front lawn. Caz and the kids evacuated to her parents – about an hour away. I stayed with the dogs and parked my car where I could push-start it if needs be and rolled out the hoses and waited. Helicopters and planes were dropping water around us and fire trucks were stopping regularly at the dam near the house to fill up their tanks.

    By nighttime the place was covered in smoke and visibility was 50 meters at the most. I was patrolling the grounds every ten minutes looking for embers to extinguish and checking the roof and gutters as well. The whole western sky had an unhealthy glow to it and the air was full of burning embers and falling ash. I patrolled all night, my only company was the dogs in the laundry.

    Occasionally fire trucks patrolled the track along the boundary of the property only 50 meters from the house. On the other side of that was bush and it was all alight. If the fire got past this line, there was no stopping it from suburbs several kilometres away as there was nothing but tinder-dry bush between us and the towns and suburbs closer to the coast. There’d been several attempts by the fire crews to stop the fire reaching this last line but they’d had to drop it and run when the fire jumped their lines each time. Now it was being hit with everything the fire service had – the alternative was a major disaster.

    The morning was the strangest one I’d ever experienced. There was no birdsong nor sunlight, just a slow lightening of the gloom and the occasional flashing lights of the firetrucks on patrol. Around lunchtime, two police turned up and were surprised I was there – they’d blocked off our access road several kilometres away and thought that everyone had left our place. We chatted for a bit and they went off, promising to keep an eye out for me if conditions worsened. They told me that all the roads were basically blocked in the area and I asked them about Narconon’s condition – they assured me the fire hadn’t jumped lines down there but they’d be under the same smoke but probably not as much ember attack as I was.

    The helicopters and planes were flying again and the smoke was lessening a bit. I was snatching brief “rests” here and there but couldn’t obviously sleep. I had so much adrenaline flooding me I doubt I would have been able to anyway. I still had power and telephone as they all came from the east, the side away from the fire. If I lost them, I’d probably have already lost the house as the fire would’ve had to go around me to get there. I don’t know why I decided I could fight this by myself, probably some fool idea about my “OT Powers” being superior to mere bushfires.

    Night came and around 8pm I got a fright when I found that the fire had come across the line and was burning through a grove of trees maybe 100 meters north of the house. I tried calling the emergency number but they had so many calls they put me on wait with an answering service, promising to get to my call soon. I called my wife and gave her instructions on calling up and what to say and went back to trying to keep this blaze from coming to the house. After a tense ten minutes or so, a small truck turned up with one man in it who sat and watched the blaze until a bigger truck arrived and they extinguished the blaze. I went back to patrolling.

    The next morning the smoke had lessened and the ember attack was a lot less too. There was even some blue in the sky now. One of the Narconon staff turned up – he’d been able to drive in to see me and we sat on the roof and chatted for a bit then he spelled me so I could snatch some sleep before he returned to Narconon later that afternoon. I awoke feeling much better and he went back to work.

    The next day the danger was basically gone – just a lot of blackened bush and drifting smoke. Where our ash-covered but still greenish lawn ended was a track and then a grey and black nightmare landscape, drifts of smoke eddying everywhere. Property had been burnt to the north and south of me and houses lost but ours was intact. Lives had been lost maybe fifty kilometres away as the crow flies in the outer suburbs of Sydney. I slept like a dead man that night.
  4. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    What year was that Scooter?
  5. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    2002 - just before Christmas.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2011
  6. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    :omg: You guys have some tremendous fires over there. Scary.
  7. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    Your story is just so amazingly great... can't wait to read the book.. :thumbsup:

    Next chapter please :yes::yes:
  8. larfalot

    larfalot Patron

    This story is really good because it shows that Scooter cared about scientology and cared about the people he worked with at the Sydney church. I have only read half of this thread so far but it gives me understanding about where my brothers head is at. Thanks Scooter.:)
    I want my brother to read this story so that he knows that his Sydney church is not full of godfellows and that he should look at his own life in perspective. (My brother has cut me out of his life).
  9. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    It's too bad that the folks at Marty's place, ex scientology DM style, don't read what you wrote above and earlier on Narconon. Maybe they would be able to connect some outpoints in their thinking, straightwire it I guess based on what each individual knows, but I do not wish to go there with the tech of it all. I just wish to point out your story of having been a C/S in Narconon vs what people think or hear or read the PR of it all over at Marty's place, their comments.

    Quite interesting, if they only knew the actual truth, if we all knew the actual truth, which I gather now is unknown, it's a mystery and thus people keep looking into it I guess.
  10. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    wow, sure would like to hear the rest of your story up to you're leaving.
  11. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah Scooter! Me too! When you've got some time and inclination how about writing a few more words?

    Please. :)

    Gosh my manners suck sometimes. Off to qual I go for cramming on manners policy.

    "No! Won't go! Stick it up your ****!"

    Oh no! I've just reminded myself about the last time I was in qual. Oh god someone just shoot me! All these memories are coming back....hand me the gin! :melodramatic:
  12. great stuff scoots...

    have you given further thought to christianity? you certainly come off as a good enough christian in my book.

    we are...

  13. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well thanx for the nice comments.:thumbsup:

    I'm getting some time in on writing more (now that I'm not doing media or watching boards like this one much at all) and I'll hopefully wrap my time "in" sometime soon.:yes:

    After that, I'll start on the story since I left the cult - the bit with the happy ending.:happydance:

    So, if there's any publishers out there who want a $ciloontology story that's currently over 70,000 words long and expanding ...:coolwink:
  14. happy ending?

    what happy ending?

    "...and then he/she died" is a happy ending?
  15. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    Scooter, your NN story with the fire was sensational. Holy crap, wasn't that terrifying for you?

    You and your family have been through so, so much. Things really started turning around after you left and it just keeps getting better now, doesn't it?

    Glad to hear you're writing again. :thumbsup: :clap: :clap:

    Sure miss you two. :biglove: Hope to visit again soon. :)
  16. X-Member-Hooray

    X-Member-Hooray Patron with Honors

    HI Melbourn-ite,

    I know this post was written years ago, but wanted to say you have hit the nail on the head. The way with Scientology was always 'the next idea / rundown / level was going to be the BIG ONE. Then the amazing case gain would blow your mind etc etc etc. Low and behold when I signed up for the next new thing and started service I could not believe how basic many of the services were. I can put it all on my youth and external forces to suck me into this nutcase organisation. :melodramatic:
  17. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hi folks:biggrin:

    Just an update - I'm in the process of gathering various anecdotes for the expanded version of "scooterstory" and maybe will find some time soon to start on it for real.

    Problem is, I'm enjoying life sooooo much these days that my "spare time" is usually spent outdoors photographing birds, flowers, turtles etc etc in the amazing country around where we live that sitting down and trawling through my past cult experiences is like a prison sentence.:bigcry:

    We've just fixed up our vegie garden and my orchid collection has done really well this year - so many flowers. And the kids are doing amazingly well and so is my wife. Chooks, ducks, rabbit, finches, budgies and cats are all doing well. Life cult-free is a grand thing.

    I'm off for a bike ride along Dora Creek with the kids - it's a beautiful day here on the east coast of Oz and we're bound to see lots of amazing wildlife.

    Would you be interested in a blog featuring my amateur photography? If I can work out how to do it, I'l keep you informed and hopefully entertained with Scooter's amazing new life.:happydance:

    Life is just soooo f#&king great without a cult.:woohoo:

    So, just because I can:


    Enjoy your soulless day spent in the bowels of Dundas (or wherever you're bunkered down these days.) :devil:
  18. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Yes please!

    I'd be genuinely interested, partly because I love the way you write and due also to a shared loved of nature.

    You sound blissfully happy and free and many of us are reaching a similar state ... (lol) and it would be encouraging to read about your adventures with your little ones. It can take a few years IMO to start to relax properly and observe things again just for the joy of it, the 'rush rush rush/produce produce produce' indoc can take some beating no matter how long ago that indoc happened.

    So if you have the time do do a blog with your photos and thoughts ... it's the many little things that make us smile in a day that are what real life is actually about.

    Its fantastic to hear from you Scoots, love to the family.

    I'm off to the river now with my furry babies ...


    PS You sound so alive when you write about the things you really love ... it makes me go all soppy eyed.
  19. tetloj

    tetloj Silver Meritorious Patron

    Aaaah, good living - the ultimate revenge
  20. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    Good on ya Scooter.... Life is so bloody fantastic out of the clutches of the cult ... we have more love, peace, pleasure, health and happiness with ample time and money, just living life. Regardless of the cult still having my girl we are getting on with it so I'm with you on:

    Life is just soooo f#&king great without a cult.

    So, just because I can:


    Enjoy your soulless day spent in the bowels of Dundas (or wherever you're bunkered down these days.) ... end quote... :biggrin:

    :happydance::happydance::thumbsup:to you and your family and enjoy all that life has to offer .... cause your worth it :yes::yes: