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Severing Ties with Scientology: The Story Behind the Beginning and End of a Journey

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, May 11, 2019.

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    Severing Ties with Scientology: The Story Behind the Beginning and End of a Journey

    By: Emily K. Mercer

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Tracy Ekstrand wakes up each day and immediately turns on the TV. After having satisfied the news junkie in her, she might curl up and read a good book. Or maybe she might catch up with old friends over lunch. In reality, she can do whatever she pleases because she is retired. The days are free and they are hers. She doesn’t have a job, lifestyle or overarching figure telling her what she needs to do each day to live a fulfilling life.

    That hasn’t always been the case.


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *


    Ekstrand lives a completely normal life nowadays. She moved to Austin to be closer with her daughters and can go long periods of time without even giving a thought to her previous life.

    “I’ll talk about my experiences if it’s relevant to the conversation or whatever but honestly I’ll go months without even thinking of it,” she said. “Once in a while somebody will ask me about it and I tell them and then I go back to whatever else I was doing.”

    She is still that same retired woman that loves to turn on the news, curl up with a good book and catch up with old friends over lunch. Like a news flash, Tracy Ekstrand, has an important story that needs to be told for other’s sake — and for her own.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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