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St Hill

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Axiom142, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Free Will

    Free Will Patron with Honors

    I know you're trouble but what's your NAME?

    Just glad my own haircut isn't visible.

    Sorry to hear about Amir, he was a colourful character. Always addressing the whole group as "Guys". Totally besotted with Antonia. I believe he told us he was a tank commander in the compulsory National Service in Israel.

    Anyway, it's great to be back on here and bumping into old acquaintances. I find it all a bit of a laugh now looking back. We were all so serious and intense. I really felt like I was on the flight deck of Starship Enterprise!

    We were a wierd assortment of cranks and I think I loved about 99% of them. I'd be pleased to meet again nearly anyone I met in Scientology. (Even though I know know it was a heap of crap. ~But it could have been worse. When I was wandering round London in the Summer of 72', like thousands of other disoriented trippers, I could just as easily have become a cyhmbal-clashing Krishna devotee, a born-again Christian, a Divine Light knowledge-receiver, a Sufi or.....)
  2. Free Will

    Free Will Patron with Honors

    Aye, he's driving a taxi in Tunbridge Wells. But watch out, he'll call you "Mate" and you know what that means! :happydance:
  3. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Freewill .... check your PM's ...

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  4. Free Will

    Free Will Patron with Honors

    Ewan Guy

    Ewan blew at the end of 1981 round about the time his brother Colin got declared SP for getting his end away with Pam Flood/Thompson/Walker/Harris (disappointing since he was only 'closed' to get into Scientology with the promise it would help him get his end away). The 2 brothers moved to Tunbridge Wells and started a business selling second-hand TVs. After the famous Dane Topes letter they were roped in by Jeannie Nichols and Chris Hxxxxxx to help launch the revolutionary squirrel 'Alternative' org being launched in EG. Colin was introduced by Vic Lyons to a non-Scn ex-SAS hit-man who revealed that GOWW and Watchdog Committee had been infiltrated by agents working for US and UK Intelligence, who were systematically booting out anyone who might obstruct their mismanagement of the whole organisation, such as ED Int Bill Franks. Jay Hurwitz filled us in on the wierd goings-on 'over the Rainbow' when he and others were locked up in a toilet, gang-bang sec-checked and made to run round a tree. Brother Alistair had been grabbed on completion of OEC/FEBC at Flag, by Wendell Reynolds, to be a Lieutenant-Commander in the Finance Police. His first job was to locate and count up all the secret reserves stashed away by LRH and the SO over the years in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Caymans, etc. (It was something like $350 million, I believe, plus title deeds to about the same amount in property). Wendell ignored his repeated requests to go back to UK to live with his wife Ina and 3 kids (the youngest, Stuart, was born while he was away and he hadn't even seen him) so Ali took off. He was immediately RPFed when he got back. Colin and Ewan visited him at Stonelands to brief him on information available on the outside that was censored for those inside. Alistair just grabbed a few items and jumped in the car , determined to get his family out as soon as he could. Of course, once he was declared, he was unable to even communicate to his family.
    The 3 brothers rapidly made quite a lot of money by efficiently running the second-hand TV business, then invested the profits in buying large houses and renting the rooms out as bedsits. The TV shop was sold at the end of 1985. Alistair and Colin spent some time individually checking out available alternatives as to how to spend the rest of their lives most rewardingly.
    They were both impressed on getting into marijuana/cannabis, finding they were reaching levels of enlightenment, freedom and causativeness they had failed to reach in 10 years hard slogging in the Big Man's organisation.
    It's a long exciting story but this isn't where to tell it, eh? Amongst other things, Alistair & Colin summoned the DGEU and senior CMO execs to the Hotel Plaza in Copenhagen, where they video recorded a request for $5 million from Reserves to use on what LRH had stated they were for, the widespread introduction of 'Standard Tech' into society at high levels, also asking the execs to explain why Alistair couldn't see his children while Scientology bare-facedly asserted to all media that it did not break up families. A couple of weeks later (after spending Christmas in Lappland) Alistair & Colin were arrested at Hotel Ascot in Copenhagen, as 'terrorists'. Old acquaintance Lennart Karlsson had spotted them in MacDonalds (or Hamburger Heaven and tailed them back to the hotel). Danish Special Branch had been told the Guy brothers had threatened to explode a bomb in AOSHEU and were also arranging to smuggle large quantities of drugs back to UK. After a night in prison including chemical interrogation, which found the reports untrue, the lads were deported to Hamburg, Germany and the police confiscated the small quantity of excellent resin they had . obtained easily in Copenhagen's free zone Christiania for personal use (that means for the personal use of the officers confiscating it, if you follow my drift). Alistair and Colin, as VIP Services, put out a media release in December 1986 stating a willingness to expose corruption in the new management of COS. This led to a meeting in Feb 1987 with John Moneypenny of BBC Panorama and his Producer (not too far removed from MI5/MI6 when you look at it). This led to Moneypenny meeting Jon Atack who had much better documentation to give him, which in turn led him to Don Larsen. I know Don's been criticised elsewhere on ESMB but I'd like to point out that back in 86/87, when things like David Mayo having his motorbike sabotaged to crash were happening, it was extremely courageous for Don to speak so honestly. Believe me, he would have known what might 'happen' to him as a result.
    Anyway, to answer your question, Ewan married and had 3 children with a Claudia who was and still is antipathetic to Scn and his brothers. He did an HND then a BA at University and is now a rather over-qualified taxi driver.
    Your honest reporter is sad to say that over the years Ewan has taken no action to help his brothers when they were in serious trouble and in the last year left his surviving brother in deep shit even though he had no-one else to contact for help.
    Hell, I feel better for having shared this (even though I find it very sad).
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  5. Free Will

    Free Will Patron with Honors

    Okay dokey!:)
    Do you have to keep blowing my cover?:angry:

  6. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation


    Phew ... I bet you do (feel better after sharing that) ... I am very sorry to hear how things have turned out.


    This story sounds so 'out there' that it is almost incredible and it reads like a film script.

    I agree re Don Larsen too ... it did take a lot to do what he did (BBC interview) and I hope he is doing well these days, he too was trapped.


    Well ... things can only get better eh? I hope you read what RogerB posted to you on the RIP thread for Tim Skog, it sounded really promising.
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  7. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Your name and photo's are everywhere ...

    I'll delete ... Done!
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  8. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    I hope things are going better for you these days, Free Will. Is Ina still 'in'? And the kids?
  9. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    Wow! Thanks for that Will, what a hair-raising story.
    Did Alastair ever see little Stuart? I think I saw Murdo somewhere - Facebook maybe? Would love to know what happened to Ina.
    What staggers me is the people who are still there - Hazel Grafton, Peter Morgan, Pauline Chatterton, Liz Cotton, Angela Berthoud, Isla Pryde..... how amazing it is that they have never found out the truth of what's been going on.....
    Would love to hear more, Will, You have a crackin' writing style!!!!
  10. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire


    With over 30 hard working employees, Bens Gutters has an expanding workforce, qualified in the cleaning service. Bens Gutters has an expanding group of customers, based throughout the UK, including offices, government organisations, private homes, pubs, clubs and restaurants. The company is managed by Murdo Guy who has been focusing on the gutter cleaning market for many years. Having previously worked for a broad range of companies, Murdo Guy is now a top manager and consultant in the gutter cleaning business.​

    His Facebook account is shut up tighter than DM's asshole, but the Google blurb shows "Friends: Gina Manecchia Kugler, Daniele Danese, Sammy M Callow, Tom Benner Shuster." Tom Shuster is still well in, so I assume Murdo is too.


    Ina's completions include Grad V Auditor in 2004 and Solo Part 1 in 2007:

    I don't know where she is, though.

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  11. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    Mmm, gutters huh? Great!
  12. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sounds like he's out of the SO though, so that's good.
  13. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    Yes, absolutely. I'm always glad to hear of kids who have made their way in the world despite growing up in the SO. He was a very cute round little boy last time I saw him! But if he's like his dad I expect he's a big robust chap now. I wonder if those gutters have helped to donate lots of £'s to the IAS?
    Come to think of it, my gutters need cleaning.........
  14. xseaorguk

    xseaorguk Patron Meritorious

    About Ewan Guy

    thanks for posting the info on Ewan.
    I think we should all get together one day for a reunion and a drink and maybe tell some more sailors tales of the SO and Saint Hill in the 70's and
    We are gradually getting our Org Board complete on here:eyeroll:

    And lets do it while we still can, so many old guard are dying off:omg:

    Freewill, have you posted your whole story somewhere?, I'm sure it would be very interesting?
    How about writing a book?
  15. Free Will

    Free Will Patron with Honors

    Ina & ~The Kids

    Oh yeah, things are going much better recently, improving with each day now. ESMB has helped a lot. Ina was still 'in' last I heard, over in Clearwater I believe. Since her husband and his brother (moi-meme) were declared SPs unlikely to ever be recovered to the fold, her whereabouts and activities have been carefully kept secret from my whole family since 1989. She didn't show up for my mother's funeral in 2006 (so Mum was right to carefully write Ina out of her Will). I was told Alistair's 3 children showed up, stood at the back and departed quickly without speaking to anyone - I didn't see them through the tears.
    What little information my Mum managed to get about the kids in her last couple of years was that Helen worked at the new place in Crowborough, Stuart and Murdo were running their own successful painting and decorating business in Edinburgh. Sadly, Ina had all three kids change their surname to hers, Edwards.
  16. Free Will

    Free Will Patron with Honors


    Sorry. some day I might learn to look before I leap.
    Paul has done a much better job (as usual) of supplying more up-to-date info on Ina and Murdo. Thanks, Paul, that's satisfied some of my hunger for knowledge in that area.
    Wow, Ina finsihed the Solo Course after 30 years in the SO. Amazing. She's obviously in no hurry to find out the Bridge is broken up ahead.:dieslaughing:
    Good for Murdo. That amazing superior Study Tech didn't do much for him in the area of literaacy (indeed not even his spell-checker has):eyeroll: but he always was dynamic in the area of self-employment.
    I remember in early 1986, when the 3 kids came over to Tunbridge Wells for their few Sunday hours with their father, after we did the swimming baths and a bit of video-filming in the swing park, I gave Murdo a lift in my flashy wee Triumph TR7 sports car. On the way, he was telling me how he was going to be like his Dad, make a lot of money and be a millionaire. Unfortunately after staying overnight in pretty plush middle-class accommodation, he had to go back to Stonelands with its beans and rice and the ubiquitous stench of kiddies urine. It seems during the week he kept bragging to his pals (little Didcoate and little Reiss, for example) how rich and comfortable his Dad was. This sort of success wasn't what was supposed to happen when you left the most elite group in the universe. It was considered by Graham Zimmatore the EO, amongst others that this was entheta coming in through the back door ("blow and be rich") so access was suddenly cut off from Alistair, even though joint custody had been granted in the Divorce Court. Alistair really loved all his kids, I've been told (by my Mum) that both Helen and Stuart are the spitting image of their Dad. Murdo was always an energetic and ambitious lad, I'm glad to hear he's doing well and that he's gone back to using his father's name. It's my guess that little of his money will go into the org, more likely he'll be using his 'PTS-ness' as an excuse to keep offlines as much as possible. Indeed, if there is anything in the theories about genetic inheritance, he's possibly fully active in this modern web of wonder that is the internet, using an alias completely hidden from any other Scienos. Well, that's what I would do - and steer carefully away from any encounters with E-meters of course (although I've been given to understand that some people can learn how to avoid having their withholds read).
    Do you know, in her latter years my mother used to talk of suing the 'Church' for millions, for stealing her whole family. She wasn't joking. She only held back because it might get Stuart, Helen and Murdo into trouble.
    For me some threads on this board are like an auditing action - "What did the org do to you?" I'm blowing lots of charge, both laughter and tears, and feeling much better as a result.:yes:
  17. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the info about Ina and the kids Free Will and Paul. It is mind blowing that Ina is still there, has lived her adult life under the horrible conditions of the SO. I remember her as a simple country or city girl, pregnant with I think her first child, and she and Alistair very much a couple.

    I am saddened, FW, that your family has been broken. It would be wonderful if you and Ewan could make it up and support each other. And wonderful too if you were able to get to know your nephews, Stuart and Murdo (unusual name; is it Scottish?), now that they are 'out' it seems. Family bonds are very strong in my experience, even when lots of shit has gone down.

    I'm so heartened that you are doin' good, FW. Keep posting. We love to hear from you.
  18. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Helen Guy

    The last time I spoke to Helen (surname still Guy) was when she was one of the public MAAs at AOSH, about four years ago. I dealt with her a couple of times before this with Ethics stuff (what can I say – I’m a bad boy, get over it!) and the last time was when we had a rather bizarre conversation about why it was not OK for me to take photographs at St Hill. When I asked her for a reference, she replied that it was ‘confidential’ and that she didn’t need to show me it.

    This piece of idiotic thinking not withstanding, I found her to be quite fair and (mostly) sensible in her dealings with me. Quite an attractive young woman, though with a tendency to be rather serious.

    I last saw her in June 2008 not far from the staff berthing in Crowborough. She was walking with a young man of similar age, not sure if they were a couple, but I like to think that the staff can find some companionship and happiness in their lives.

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  19. footshot

    footshot New Member

    HOLY CRAP and loadsa wow, dunno why i was googling the possibilities of a place like this BUt here it is:clap::clap::clap:
    ive not read all the posts ive not filled out anything just skipped to the last one on this, and read someone mention murdo and stonelands !!:thumbsup:
    That was when i was on staff at sainthill!! i remeber him and many others in the epf when i was on staff
    theres loads i have to say [ guess i,ll fill out my experiences in me profile} but if you remember a scruffy individual walking around the grounds trying to look busy and not quite a sea org member

    WEll that was MEE:dancer:
    [till i actually tried to be a sea org member that is:redface:]
    Any way
    hello is all i wanted to say really
  20. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Wecome! welcome! welcome! :happydance::happydance::happydance: So nice to have you here. Please entertain us with your stories. :yes::yes::yes: