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Stockton School District Rejects Anti-Drug Program from Cult of Scientology

Discussion in 'Narconon, Drug Free World, and Other Anti-drug Fro' started by Type4_PTS, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    From the Record, a local publication in Stockton, CA that's been a news source there since 1895:

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  2. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Crusader

    Just what vulnerable kids need - to be "mentored" by members of a controversial cult.... What could possibly go wrong?? How unbelievably naive and foolish for a politician to promote ANYTHING from Scientology. I bet he hasn't even checked these so-called statistics of success which were probably just pulled out of somebody's derriere. Lucky the school board has a clue.
  3. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Poor little culties just can't catch a break.
  4. Daisy

    Daisy Patron with Honors

    Everybody, especially if you have school age kids should be aware of this. Last year my youngest age 15 had someone from narconon speak in his health class. I ended up speaking with the school principal and the director of curriculum about this. Don't believe it cant happen in your school district.
  5. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes. I don't think the people trying to promote Narconon are intentionally trying to forward a destructive thing. I believed in the program too for a while after hearing what a high success rate it was claimed to have. But it seems that was a teeny bit exaggerated to put it mildly.

    I've made this argument before but scientology is a virus. A virus is a little packet of dna that sneaks into a normal cell and hacks it's dna and converts it into a cell that forwards the purpose of the virus. scn is the same in that it tricks well intentioned people into forwarding the purposes of El Con Rubhard while they think they are actually helping. Pretty insidious.
  6. JBWriter

    JBWriter Happy Sapien

    Apparently, the mayor of Stockton, Anthony Silva, has been a busy fellow this year.

    "Stockton council seeks to punish mayor over city manager leak" - The Modesto Bee, link here:

    Excerpt #1:

    Excerpt #2

  7. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    See, this is pretty much why I posted that the Ortega thing about the Smith school was actually pretty freaking awesome, although it seems like a let-down to us exes.

    It's just a way that people will freak out when something comes into their life that has anything to do with LRH or Scientology. Knowing that they freaking lie and that underneath, it is all about the Scio agenda, will make more people not just go "meh" when a talk or Way to Happiness thing gets into their lives. They are more bound to pbe pissed off.

    Seriously, anybody on staff recall anything where any of these programs were promoted as being totally secular and we wouldn't go 'after them' as future Scios? Every fucking briefing was a way that we as Scientologists were making "inroads". It was all on the agenda of creating a Scientology world. It was fucking PR. It was disgusting.

    Waking up sort of sucks some days.
  8. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Parents also freak out when we think you are trying to go after our kids. Hence the fundamentalist Christians getting all worked up about an alleged "gay agenda" in the schools. This kind of shit doe not play well in Peoria.