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Strange Angel will focus on the rocket scientist who invoked something extrate

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by triumph, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron


    CBS All-Access series Strange Angel will focus on the rocket scientist who invoked something extraterrestrial.

    Jack Reynor will take the lead in CBS All-Access’ upcoming drama Strange Angel. The young actor will play Jack Parsons who, along with Aleister Crowley and the Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, created the space exploration leader Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    “The light system of the house failed at about 9 p.m.,” Parsons wrote. “Another magician [Hubbard] who had been staying at the house and studying with me, was carrying a candle across the kitchen when he was struck strongly on the right shoulder, and the candle knocked out of his hand. He called me, and we observed a brownish yellow light about seven feet high in the kitchen. I brandished a magical sword and it disappeared. His right arm was paralyzed for the rest of the night.”

    more at link
  2. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Yeah this is gonna be awesome. Scientology likes to promote Hubbard initiating the U.S. space race and rocketry by promoting him as assembling leading scientists and being all scientific when really Hubbard had abandoned his wife and kids who had to move into his parents' house while he masturbates and gets high on drugs trying to invoke a satanic anti-Christ in a free sex cult.

    What a maroon.
  3. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    We can count on another flailing failure by the CoS lawyers to stop its airing.
  4. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Deadline Hollywood
    CBS All Access Sets Premiere Date For ‘Strange Angel’
    by Dino-Ray Ramos
    April 19, 2018 10:00am

    Den of Geeks
    “The story follows the life of Jack Parsons, a mysterious and brilliant man in 1940s Los Angeles, who by day helps birth the entirely unknown discipline of American rocketry, and by night is a performer of sex magick rituals and a disciple to occultist Aleister Crowley.”
    Parsons started following Crowley in 1938. The founder of the Thelemic religion called himself “The Great Beast 666.” British press called him the “wickedest man in the world.” Crowley joined the Ordo Templi Orientis, or O.T.O., in 1910 and went on to lead it. Crowley transformed the Freemasonry-influenced group with the help of a little Sex Magick.
    Cal Tech scientist Parsons and his wife Helen joined the O.T.O.’s Pasadena chapter, known as the Agape Lodge, in 1939. It was led at the time by Wilfred Talbot Smith. By 1944, Parsons replaced Smith as acting master of the lodge. Parsons’ wife replaced Parsons with Smith. During this time, Parsons also formed a commune he called “The Parsonage” in Pasadena, which included future science fiction master Robert Heinlein, and Hubbard. As part of rocketry’s Suicide Club, Parsons chanted Crowley’s “Hymn to Pan” before he launched test rockets.
    Strange Angel: Release Date for Jack Reynor CBS All-Access Show

    Bleeding Cool

    The Walking Dead’s Karl Makinen Joins the Cast of Strange Angel
    Posted by Dan Wickline April 4, 2018

    Parsons started off as a janitor in 1930s L.A. working at a chemical factory, but he was brilliant and had dreams that would launch the American Rocket industry. He co-founded JPL and owns the patent on a ton of rocket technology. But somewhere along the way he fell into the world of Aleister Crowley and started a sex cult. He was also friends with L. Ron Hubbard and had most of his money embezzled from him. Parsons died in an explosion in his home lab at the age of 37 – questions of the cause of the explosion still linger, was it suicide? Was it an assassination?

    its based on the book shown above by George Pendle
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  5. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron


    Den of Geeks
    Strange Angel: First Trailer Turns Science into Magic
    CBS All-Access series Strange Angel trailer points the stars upside down as Jack Parsons learns rocket science only gets you so high.
    Strange Angel Release Date
    Strange Angel is set to arrive on Thursday, June 14 on CBS All-Access.
    The inaugural season will consist of 10 episodes, which will be available on demand weekly on Thursdays.

    based on the Book Strange Angel (amazon)
    Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons

    Well-written and thoroughly researched, "Strange Angel' connects the dots between occultist Aleister Crowley, JPL rocketeer John Whiteside Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in the 1940s during the existence of the OTO lodge in Pasadena. Absolutely riveting tale not only of the relationships these men
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  6. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Preview: A Strange Angel for CBS All Access this June
    written by Stephen Z. Nemo May 18, 2018
    Parsons’ occult views clearly inspired his close friend, science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, who founded the Church of Scientology in 1954. “He [Hubbard] is the most Thelemic person I have ever met and is in complete accord with our own principles,” Parsons wrote in a letter to his occult mentor, Crowley.
    Fellow occultist Kenneth Grant even credited Parsons’ mystical endeavors of the mid-1940s with creating the “Great Flying Saucer Flap” that began in 1947.
    “Parsons opened a door and something flew in,” said Grant.
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  7. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I watch very little TV but might have to make an exception for this! :yes:
  8. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    previous trailer was removed...

    can see it here
  9. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    CBS All Access . . . another subscription service.
    Would offer me nothing other than this show. Ugh.

    I didn't see a Hubbard character listed in the cast list over at IMDB.
    Did see a Betty, which would be Sara Northrup . . . wife two that
    "Ron didn't have."

    Parsons writing to Aleister Crowley:

    "About three months ago I met Captain L. Ron Hubbard, a writer and explorer of whom​
    I had known for some time … He is a gentleman; he has red hair, green eyes, is honest​
    and intelligent, and we have become great friends. He moved in with me about two months​
    ago, and although Betty and I are still friendly, she has transferred her sexual affection to Ron."​

    Here's an excerpt from a letter Ron wrote to his best friend about a "daughter
    he didn't have" . . . Alexis Valerie.


    Full letter featured in an article on Tony Ortega's site this morning.
    I'll wait until the Strange Angel series shows up on Netflix. :shrug:
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  10. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

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  11. triumph

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  12. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Me too. :yes:
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  13. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    ron 's story picks up again further down after Parsons Babylon Working
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  14. triumph

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  15. triumph

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  16. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

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  17. uncover

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  18. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    This is what is going to burn Scientology.

    Just telling the truth. Merely telling this story.
  19. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    I don't think Hubbard will be in the series until at least the second season... a chance to order copious amounts of popcorn in advance while prices are at rock bottom..

    Can't wait to see the CoS respose..
  20. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron


    In the letters and the excerpts from the book Elron comes off a Gilbert Shelten "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" character; an excellent companion or foil to Phineas, Fat Freddy and Freewheeling Franklin.

    Plenty of material for his detractors to take great umbrage over


    he still appears to to take his dianetics work... well somehow "seriously" doesn't seem to fit but he appears to give account of actual case histories...
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