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SYDNEY DAY ORG - Actual leaked stats/dox [PICS]

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by Zhent, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Would it be safe to assume that Sydney Foundation would be in the same situation?

    Never really understood why there are two orgs in one, they are essentially two competing businesses right? In the real world these two businesses would of merged by now to cut overhead and save costs.
  2. Miss Pert

    Miss Pert Silver Meritorious Patron

    When I left in Sept 2009 Syd F was actually in a worse state than Syd Day.
  3. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    MOAR Miss Pert
  4. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    You said it "in the real world" , it would be merged .

    But as Ron said anything is doable with a steely eyes.

    the whole structure of DAY and FOUNDATION Orgs comes about because of amount of hours in a day and production.

    This Orgy structure accomodates every situation/position, those who can work/study week days(Day Org) only and those who can only work/study evenings and weekends (foundation).

  5. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    The "Foundation" always ran outside business hours. That allowed people who worked 9-5 to congregate in the evenings and at weekends. The "Day" orgs were formed when it was perceived that there enough people to sustain a business hours org although, as we can see by the graphs in this thread, that is no longer the case!

    When I was still at Sydney, there were THREE orgs: Day, Foundation and AO all competing for the same resources: phones, electricity, running repairs--that ancient lift which made it quicker to use the stairs...

    Co-operation was not a high priority. Each org operated on Davey's basis of "me first".
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  6. Miss Pert

    Miss Pert Silver Meritorious Patron

    Not much to tell really, no dox like Zhent supplied, just my own observation. If I was in the the building during Fdn hours there were less students in the courseroom, they had less PCs and less staff. The treas sec was also the Purif I/C and the examiner, so if you had a pc who needed an exam after session you'd have to sit the pc in the exam room and run downstairs to the purif and then he'd have to leave his purif pcs to go upstairs so the session pc could FN at exams. It's hard to run an org without enough people to fill even the most basic posts. Mind you the examiner for Syd Day usually had to be tracked down, either in the courseroom word clearing Taiwanese students or, more often than not, holding reception since they didn't have a receptionist. His actual post I think was cramming officer but I don't think he did very much of that.

    I remember going to the courseroom during Syd Day hours and immediately being grabbed by the sup as she was having trouble getting a couple of co-audit students to understand what they were drilling (nb: I am not in any way sup trained). The main problem was she was Taiwanese and didn't understand what they were saying and they didn't understand what she was saying. Both of the Day course sups were Taiwanese, both lovely lovely ladies but not up to the job of handling some of the Aussies, especially the 2 blockheads she asked me to help with.
  7. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    "This is the way the cult dies
    Not with a bang but a wimper." :D
  8. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    When the number of staff gets down too low, and several major stats are fucked, management is left with having to keep people on post who might normally be removed because they don't have the luxury of a temporary or permanent replacement. So the ones (plural) who are the "whys" cannot step back and mock up an ethics conditions redemption delusion, which would at least give them some time out. Those who are getting lows stats are made to feel bad and incompetent, but forced to carry on as an identified incompetent. I think in that situation, the staff gets more and more "ploughed in". The org limps along in a crippled state.
  9. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Sad but these staff members must really believe they are in an all or nothin battle against the "psychs".

    When I reach the number 3 you will wake up. 1, 2, 3! :dizzy:
  10. Feral

    Feral Rogue male

    That is gold! The examiner has hats in three divs, simply brilliant, it would be fine if there was only two people in the org but per policy this is the point that the org would implode on.

    Remember lines and hats? They don't! :hysterical:

    But the ideal org building will fix it all, won't it?
  11. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Amazing, for once in my life I am fascinated by stats!

    How long can an org operate like this?

    The only production virtually is for higher orgs, and a building that they will have to maintain with a few staff if they ever move in.

    Are staff still paid book commissions? They're not getting paid so sooner or later they will blow, or moonlight and work in the org in lower conditions.

    Are they selling books to people with money in accounts instead of delivering services?

    Is this scene actually what DM wants?
  12. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Crusader

    Selling books to people with money on account is a huge financial problem for the church also. Whilst it gets stats up in one area, the money has to be found to pay Bridge for the books, so whatever other income they manage to scrape up will have to cover that as one of the first items, along with payments to Flag. When a person buys books outright, the money is divided up between Bridge and a book commission to the salesperson, so the org doesn't really gain a lot by it, but it doesn't lose a lot by it either. When the booksales come from monies already spent, Bridge becomes a creditor and that money has to be found stat (pardon the pun) because it's pretty bad ethics trouble to rob the HCO Book Account. One wouldn't do it lightly.

    On the other hand it does reduce the TAP stat (Total Advanced Unused Payments), so you can hide the amount of non-delivery and broken promises by taking a person's 'Bridge' to Clear and selling them a lousy set of tapes. Auditing intensives bought decades ago are far more valuable than the amount of money on account, because the intensives were far cheaper. So breaking those up means the church is no longer liable to deliver hundreds of hours of auditing that may have been paid for.
  13. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh whatta...

    ...tangled wed they wove...:melodramatic:

    Hey there - where've ya been? Missed you! Mike
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  14. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Yes, it's not an unreasonable "solution" when you consider that they have a serious delivery problem. The solution seems based on the fact that the CofS has shitloads of newly-minted books and so very few newly-minted Auditors. :D
  15. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    I think someone in this thread was asking (or wishing) for other stats like WDAHs. I can reveal that the "SYDD COAUDITWDAH" stat had a weekly average of less then 1 :coolwink:

    And is there any interest in the following stats:
    SYDD PDCWO (Executive Director)
    SYDD COMPRSN (Deputy ED for Delivery and Exchange)
    SYDD RESIGNMAJ (Public Servicing Secretary)
    SYDD FRR (Flag Representative)
    SYDD NTTD (Hat Officer)
    SYDD NSFT (Hat Officer)
    SYDD NSSP (Chaplain)
  16. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    I am interested in those stats. Would love to see them up here.
  17. The sad part about this thread is I bet some poor staff members are getting some of that wonderful 'Hubbard Tech' inflicted on them right now as a result of these stats being leaked onto the internet.
  18. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes, please. :prettyplease:

    When did you reincarnate as Santa Claus? :D
  19. anondelmundial

    anondelmundial Patron with Honors

    In the US, there are hundreds of Christian Science Reading Rooms. These are very small footprint storefronts with the "Basics" of Christian Science, "handled" by very old Christian Scientists. No one enters, because Christian Science is dead.

    I suspect that in the next 20 years, there will be Scientology Reading Rooms with the Basics of Scientology handled by very old Scientologists. No one enters, because Scientology is dead.

    Davie will have stripped most of the gross income from every Org, leaving nothing but a small hollow public shell that does nothing, and has nothing to offer.

    The only question will be, as it is now, "where is the money?".

  20. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    OK, but I won't bother with the graphs, here is a descriptive indication:

    SYDD COAUDITWDAH (Co-Audit Course Supervisor) - As mentioned, the weekly average was less then 1
    SYDD PDCWO (Executive Director) - Average around 150
    SYDD COMPRSN (Deputy ED for Delivery and Exchange) - Average around 8
    SYDD RESIGNMAJ (Public Servicing Secretary) - A solitary 1 is listed for Sep 23, 2010
    SYDD FRR (Flag Representative) - An interesting one, swinging within +30 to -50
    SYDD NTTD (Hat Officer) - Average less then 1
    SYDD NSFT (Hat Officer) - Similar to above, did not exceed 3
    SYDD NSSP (Chaplain) - Empty (all zeros)

    What do all these other stats mean?