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Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by Ali Shibaz, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. Ali Shibaz

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    I just joined this board and I will ask you to excuse me if someone has already posted some info about The Aftermath Foundation. But I love the idea of this foundation. It is fairly new (I think) and I'd like to help them attract new members.

    The Aftermath foundation was started by a few former Scions who are now out. I'm sure you have heard of most of them. You can see a list of their Board of Directors if you visit their web site.

    Just Google 'aftermath foundation' if the above link does not work for you.

    The idea is that this foundation was set up to act as a 'clearing house' to connect people who have just escaped The Scam (my favorite name for this cult) and people who can offer help to them in the way of money, jobs, education, training, transportation and most anything else.

    They talk about the fact that most people who leave TS (The Scam) have little or no money, no education, no training, hardly any knowledge of the outside world and they face big problems in getting established - getting a job and a place to live etc.

    They need help with just about everything. They often have never even heard about things like bank accounts or library cards or almost anything. They need a great deal of help to avoid living on the streets.

    I sent them a donation and they answered right away. Then I sent them a few emails offering what little help I could give them and some suggestions but they have not yet answered. I get the feeling the reason is because they must be swamped with emails both from recent escapees and people who want to help. So maybe what they need most are people who can help them handle incoming email and re-routing it to the proper place. Sounds like something that most every one can help them with.

    When you go to their site they list 3 contact addresses.

    For inquires regarding volunteering email us at:
    For inquires regarding donations email us at:
    For general inquires email us at:
    Phone 956-752-8484
    Mailing address
    The Aftermath Foundation
    4833 Front Street B #414
    Castle Rock CO 80104

    I hope it is OK for me to post this info. I think this foundation is very important and is needed desperately to help the present victims and former victims of the worst scam in the history of this planet.
  2. Ali Shibaz

    Ali Shibaz Fuck Scientology

    Just wanted to let you know. They just answered one of my email inquiries. I asked if they have a newsletter. They replied they did but only send it out infrequently. They said they would add my name to the list.

    Does anyone know how I can get some of those cards? I would really like to get a few of those.
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  4. Ali Shibaz

    Ali Shibaz Fuck Scientology

    Thank you Thetan Exterior. Should I try to close this thread? I don't know if that is even possible for me to do.
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    Not really. It will fade away naturally if there are no more posts. In any case, Thetan Exterior's post contains the link to another place which will guide other readers to it.

    I think only the moderators have the means to close a thread. If you wish, at the bottom of your post you will find a 'report' button. Click on it to alert the mods stating your reason and they will take it from there..