The ETHICs CONDITIONs- for they WORK or are they HOGWASH ?

Discussion in 'Scientology Technology' started by Gizmo, Jul 7, 2015.

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    On EVERY doubt formula I ever did, I had to suppress the Clear of Scientology cog. I saw scn not working as advertised pretty quickly but put it down to all the usual mugradientmass bullshit everyone uses to make himself wrong about being right about scn. For chrissfuckinsake, I had enough physics to know Elwrong was an imbecile on the subject and enough history to know his stories were questionable, and I went ahead anyway.
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    Re: 10 AUGUST

    Thanks, Terrill, but if you think that the 10 Aug is not auditing, and not done in an auditing room, you are very much mistaken.
    I delivered dozens of 10 Augs in ASHOF's HGC. The PC's paid regular auditing rates for the service.
    I believe that the 10 Aug might also be used by an Ethics Officer, but not as a rule.
    The suppressive person often will be found to be the Mother, as that is the person usually 'around' the PC when he first became ill.
    Insidious fookers! The 10 Aug has pro'l'ly led to more disconnections than any other process in scn.
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    Absolutely, Pheno, it's done both in and out of sessions and nearly always results in naming a relative the person sees most, one with which the person disagrees. "Slight, gentle cause" is a bold lie. A 10 Aug does the opposite.

    Rather than working out solutions, understanding different viewpoints or developing methods to become more in control of one's life, the person receiving a 10 Aug is taught that another person near and dear to him caused his condition without his awareness and that he/she is the effect of this. The entire premise is false and crippling.

    Inability or lack of tools or a lack of information or confidence to deal with social situations or disagreements can certainly cause stress. Closed-mindedness can also be stressful. Most illness has a stress element, not a "who".

    This isn't to say there aren't evil or whacked out people around, but often enough, the person getting a 10 Aug did something pretty bad or irrational and whacked out themselves to get the stressful, negative response. The person just hasn't solved it yet. 10 Aug solves nothing. The person is already aware of the conflicts in his or her life and needs to get on top of them, not label people as SPs. It's a cop-out.
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    Re: 10 AUGUST


    Be careful! Using facts on a true-believer may wind up with Terril's next "10 August" finding you as the SP, lol.

    Your point about the "10 August" as one of (if not the) major cause of disconnections is outstanding. That brings us to this:

    PC PARADOX #738: Scientology uses the "10 August" tech to handle PCs who are sick, roller-coastering, failing or being suppressed--by getting them to shift their attention out of present time and onto a mythical person (called an "SP") who is restimulating their mythical reactive mind. Then the PC is required to disconnect from the non-existent evil being--pretty much exactly the same as they do on all the OT levels by disconnecting from non-existent evil beings called "BTs". The Scientology PC then gets huge wins when they look around their environment and notice that there are no more SPs and BTs--a huge win which confirms the delusional idea that the tech worked and "as-ised" these "entheta" beings (that never existed in the first place).

    PC PARADOX #739: The very first thing a Scientologist learns on their first day on the "bridge" is the vital & indispensable importance of TR-O, "confronting". Then, the Scientologist promptly spends the next several decades "non-confronting" everything that bothers them by mentally "erasing" or "disconnecting" from the problem. This technology, when well & standardly applied, results in the OT living in a Bluebird Motorhome where they are able to quickly disconnect by evasive driving maneuvers to another city/state where they can causatively hide from the ever-increasing number of SPs trying to confront them.
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    You answered to Giz:

    your answer in red.

    If the answer is in the doubt formula, and when applied the individual should be free to leave, and of course you state the correct outcome is to leave. But, a person is not free to leave if they think the states of "clear" and "OT" exist.

    And to boot, lots of people still in do not even know there is a free zone or indie auditors, and if they knew of such, why people are taught that outside the COS official are bad and only seeking monetary or nefarious reason to cave a person in.

    So how can a person leave by applying doubt condition?

    I think the actual problem or suggestion impeded into the minds of members is the statement "what are the actual intentions of the group...........

    And of course they immediately think "clear the planet", or group think, I am part of a group with high ideals, a crowd if you will.
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    The amount of crap being written about 10 August's here is really something to behold. A properly done [PROPERLY DONE] 10 Aug does exactly what it says it does. It moves the guy over from effect to gentle cause.

    In my own case what came up was my mother's opposition to my being in Scio. I was guided into going home and with gentle two-way comm find out what exactly she was objecting to ( and I knew for myself it couldn't be "scientology" because she had no clue what scientology was).

    So I did that. And it turned out that her real concern was that I was not eating properly and did not have enough money to buy new clothes to wear. So I handled that by telling her exactly what I did eat which - even though it was basic, it was still in every way good food. And in future when I visited home I didn't wear old clothes (as I'm always comfortable in) but newer ones. This, plus a promise that I would never do anything that could bring shame to our family handled it fully. From then on she allowed me to make my own decisions in the matter and she never referred to my being there in a negative way again.

    And hey, she was not a rabid SP, she was just a mother concerned for the welfare of her son.

    That was a properly done 10 August.
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    It's good you had big wins from the 10 August technology.

    Oddly, however, wogs get the same result without technology.

    They call it talking.

    WOG #1
    So what are you getting so upset about?

    WOG #2
    Well...I am just worried that you are eating okay.

    WOG #1
    Yeah, I am.

    WOG #2
    Okay. Hey, is there anything good on TV tonight?​

    See? It didn't even require a doctor, nuclear physicist, reincarnated Buddha, charge cards, naval costumes, standing & applauding a wall photograph or a chain locker.
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    Oh you! What Leon understands is that the Commodore invented talking. He can put various labels on the various forms of talking. You 10 August for example.

    That's because the Commodore is Source. Oh yeah. :yes:
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    A little-known fact is that Hubbard also invented water.

    Putting hydrogen and oxygen together in the right quantities was fairly easy but getting it to fall out of the sky required his full OT abilities.
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    Talking is overrated.

    I go straight to snogging.
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    Re: 10 AUGUST

    LRH seems to think its not auditing, though he's a bit equivocal about it.

    I only did it once, from E/O hat, and did it in reception, it was not paid for
    and it was very successful. The GO got their knickers in a twist and stopped
    me from continuing as they thought her husband might sue the org. However by then
    I'd pretty well finished and somatics were gone or nearly gone. I gave
    some gentle strategies for communicating to hubby and I hope they continued to work.
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    To hell with snogging, either the knickers are comin' off or I'm outta there.

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    This just came in on the telex line. . .

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    Well I guess its fortunate that I taught myself all ethics tech and that my attitude was that I
    was there to help better the survival of the recipient. Slight gentle cause was what I aimed
    for and succeeded in attaining.
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    Re: 10 AUGUST

    Terrill's OK. I think that he drinks too much, and posts here while he is "in his cups".

    On another subject....I was talking to a FZ 'leader' a few weeks ago, and I said something about RTC destroying the Independent Field ( B4 the IF was associated by M Rathburn et al). She told me that if one didn't speak out, that they would not be targetted. This statement seems typical of the FZ. What they fail to consider is that Suppression lasts and grows stronger when it is not exposed.
    Thank each of you here for doing the right thing by coming here and telling your stories, and exposing the 'tek' as it is used to suppress.
    Don't get me wrong. I think that the lower bridge is very helpful when it is fooking delivered with the best interest of the PC in mind, but when delivery becomes the vehicle for statistics, it leads to epic failures.
    It is abundantly clear that the 'tek' is not so being delivered for the benefit of the PC. What this and other threads are doing regarding the 'tek' points this out.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the name of the game 'scn'.
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    "Curing someone of abdominal pains " is quite a stretch from "slight gentle cause", which is what you first said that you accomplished with a 10 Aug.
    Geez, Terrill. Troll much?
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    Re: 10 AUGUST

    Well, yes what " LRH seems to think " is very important to some people.

    I'm in the camp that feels LRH was a bat shit crazy psychopath ( at best ) so I don't really give a flying fuck whatever demented thoughts he claimed he had ( shades of Venus ! ).

    Lord only knows what he was thinking when he surrounded hisself with a bevy of briefly clad attractive very young ladies - & apparently some laddies, too.

    Anyway, as far as a 10 Aug goes, I did them then when the CS ordered them for one of my HGC PC's to have it AT HGC AUDITING RATES. I mean call it WTF ever but they ALL PAID for it at auditing rates.

    For my nickel, it would have be faster & cheaper just to take the guts of a PTS RD & get right to it :

    " Who or what are you PTS to "?

    But, as the example above of go talk to mommy. I mean how slow witted does an adult human being have to be to have to go to some one else & say " My mommy is upset, I don't know what to do" ?

    No shit ?
    Does it NEVER cross the mind of some people when they feel some one is upset with them to go Fucking ASK the person about it ?

    I think that someone who REQUIRES another person to step in and tell them go ask mommy why mommy is upset - Ah, fuck, they DESERVE to be in scientology.[/B

    Some people will never match up ANY 2 dots !

    Fuck ! . . . . . . . those who got to be adults without learning to talk & gathering ZERO life skills at all . . . . . read my siggy line!

    Success Story " I couldn't talk to mommy until I became a scientologist "

    Dear God ! Help me !
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    10 August, OK to me it gets to heart of what I consider the worst horror of scientology & that is it teaches it's adherents that they are victims.

    Scientology endlessly pounds in " You are a victim " ! That IS the message of the 'tech'. The old R3R - now NED - is entirely victim based.

    Get into the OT levels - Lo & behold you are the effect of BTs & Clusters, you are NOT in control.

    You are PTS to SPs ? PTS is pure effect, you are the victim.

    Scientology is designed to put a person in the exact place it claims to free them of : effect !

    Scientology teaches nobody is really at cause - all the so-called ethics teach teaches that.

    So, yes, this 10 Aug, PTS Tech, Ethics Tech & all that crap ARE designed to ruin - not free - people.

    What's your ruin ? SCIENTOLOGY !

    Ah, back where we came in . . . . . . . . . . or did we go out ?
  20. Terril park

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    The methodology used was bring to slight gentle cause with communication
    tips and strategy. Really just giving an exterior viewpoint. The result was the pains went.

    In an earlier post I commented that life coaches and mainstream therapists
    may use similar methods. Seems they do.