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The Lies and Deceit of the Church of Scientology

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by RogerB, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    The Lies and Deceit of the Church of Scientology

    Part 1
    I am prompted to make this post as a result of reading the story of Carmel on this board and learning of the lies and deceitfully destructive behavior levied against her by the organizational “hit-squad” team of the church.

    I have not told “my story” on the board. Only some parts of my experience have been given, mainly from the perspective of the value of the positive experiences to be had from the use of workable tech, from whatever sources, as presented on this board. This post, also, is only a part of my story. It’s the part to do with the lies of the org and its attempt to destroy me.

    I am posting here with some copies of actual documentation to add weight to the veracity of Carmel’s bravely told history. Mine is simply another example of the level of lies, deceit, manipulation of dominated minions, and such that the organization stoops to to cover up its malpractices and malfeasance.

    As Dart so crassly announced to the world when I first came on the board, I did do work for “B1” (the forerunner of OSA). So there is a little history that needs to be cleaned up on that—and it is part of this story.

    As has already been posted on the board by me, I was wrongly assigned a “Condition of Enemy” by a Sea Org Mission in London in April 1968. In those days, such was applied as though one had been declared suppressive, and I was routed off staff.

    There are some other unbelievably stupid actions carried out by “the org” in the period that followed, but I’ll keep those for another entertaining tale on another occasion.

    How stupid? Try this for size. In July 1968, International Life Insurance Company, a client of mine, had 10,000 salesmen throughout the UK, and the company wanted me to repeat the magical performance of sales training using my old PE lecture and Comm Course materials throughout the company. I was so successful, four attendees on my first course went into the org for more services while actually on my sales training course.

    Learning I was doing these courses (perfectly on policy and in tech) the twits in the org wrote to my client telling them the action was not sanctioned by them, a “violation of their copyright” and that they would be sued if they persisted.

    You would have thought they’d have given their eye-teeth for 10,000 new bodies in the shop . . . . not that bright!

    What is even more stupid, this brilliance by me of scaring the org with 10,000 demanding new public actually earned me being assigned the newly released condition of Treason . . . then the lowest condition assignable. You’d have thought they’d see me as a hero! Hell no!

    In any event, while I was off staff, I earned a living doing sales training and marketing consulting. And one man who asked me for advice during this period was a fellow by the name of John Fairer-Smith. It was by coincidence he and I were using the same accommodation address/temporary business office facility

    John was running a one-man private detective-cum-security business, and when he asked me for advice, I replied that: “I’ll start on Monday for a percent of the extra business I bring you!”

    Thus it happened we ended up as partners, with his wife, in the business which was eventually noted in this large, leading article in the Business Section of the New York Times in 1977. Such was the position and international influence we had developed in the intervening 8 years. (I am the fellow in the background at the “Assassination Chart.”


    (I tried to slot the image here, but photobucket only lets be slug in link :grouch: But the document comes up on the link.)

    We counted as our clients the crème d’ la crème of the international business mover-and-shaker set. The insider boys who get “it” done while others only wonder “how.”

    As additional information, I should tell you what John’s background had been. He had been in the Special Branch of Internal Security for S. Rhodesia, coincidently when Hubbard was screwing up out there. And John knew the Hubbard scene rather well. And I can tell you from an insider’s perspective, that that the last thing the S. Rhodesian government and its security service (and that of S. Africa, also) wanted at that time while the communists were trying all kinds of tricks to infiltrate the countries by stirring up the black population (as had been the history elsewhere in Africa), was a weird, too flamboyant American playing games with the natives and trying to “empower them.” This particularly so with a “new religion.” (Remember, the early 1960’s was the height of the cold war.) The security professionals had seen all this kind of caper causing trouble before around the world . . . indeed it is part of routine training for security pro’s like the FBI to be alert for such capers. But Hubbard “knew best.”

    Additionally, John was trained by MI6, (he was a British national whose father managed Lord Cowdrey’s estates in Rhodesia—Cowdrey, at the time owned the Financial Times of London) and was for a period the director in charge of intelligence in Europe for both Rhodesia and S. Africa as part of their effort to stem communist infiltration and activities against those countries. This in the period up till the end of 1969-70 when I met him.

    As to my “B1” activities, it also coincidently happened while I was “persona non grata” on org lines. I became aware of a security breach and threat and reported it to Mo Budlong, whom I knew, then in charge of B1 ops for GO WW. And he recruited me to work undercover with him for the church. Then, as things developed, it turned out the resources I had due to the business partnership with John Fairer-Smith, were enormously helpful to the church. I had become a member of The International Chiefs of Police Association, for example, etc., etc. I had extraordinary contacts and resources.

    Needless to say, there are many tales, but not to be told for the moment, except to say that in the eyes of the Scientology field, I was a bad boy and “off lines” while at the same time receiving services at St. Hill under an alias name. Though I will say, that that kind of game is no picnic, and not what I wanted or would have chosen, but did it “for the greatest good” and based on the fact that I had found myself in a unique position to help the church with the resources developed.

    In November, 1979 I came to the US to set up the New York office of the company. In 1981, I sold my interest in the business as I had decided to come out form “under cover” in the US, be a full time student to complete all training both tech and management (I was already fully paid to Class 8 and FEBC), and then join the SO.

    Then the various shits hit the fan . . . .

    Part 2 to follow . . . .
  2. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    The Lies and Deceit of the Church of Scientology . . .Part 2

    The Lies and Deceit of the Church of Scientology

    Part 2

    On one of my visits to Flag, probably on my trip to do the OT Drug R/D as an audited NOTs completion in 1981 (maybe), I remember one of those wonderful PR events by the GO telling us all about how they had retained a wonderful attorney, who’d taken on and won a number of cases against “the government” to represent MSH in her trial that resulted from what was found in the 1977 LA raid by the FBI.

    We were all hyped by the “shore story,” the phony PR.

    Then, it might have been on a subsequent visit, we heard that our “wonderful” attorney had done a deal with the judge to agree that MSH, as a respectable grandmother and to spare the court a prolonged trial and any contention, would agree not to contest any of the “evidence” which was “only circumstantial” and not conclusive, in exchange for a minimum sentence if the courts found her guilty.

    Then in a subsequent briefing, we are told that MSH had been betrayed by the judge, as he found her guilty and given her the maximum sentence! And we will be appealing the case!!! Yes Sir!

    My dates are rusty here as I was so often at Flag doing various services, the dates between the beginning of 1981 and the middle of 1982 are a blur.

    In the middle of 1982, I was asked by a contact of mine to meet with Diana Hubbard at Flag.

    The MSH Appeal was coming up, and Diana was sure that there had been violations on the part of the prosecution (either the FBI or the Attorneys General) during the bringing of the case against her mother. She was sure there had been illegal wire taps on either her mother or her attorney. The government, she said, “would do anything to get either her mother or her farther.”

    Diana wanted me to do an assignment for her and her mother personally.

    She wanted me to get the evidence, proof, that the prosecution had violated the law in its conducting of the case against her mother. That, she felt, would enable her mother to win her appeal case.

    “Does the GO or anyone else know anything about this? That you’re taking this action? Are they doing anything?” I asked.

    “No.” And she said it rather distastefully as she referred to the official lines of the church we were referring to. “They got her into this mess!”

    “That suits,” I said. “I don’t need hassle and aggravation from those types while I’ve got my neck on the line doing this.”

    As frankly, I was putting my neck on the line doing an investigation into the FBI and the prosecution of the MSH case . . . realize I was a foreign national on a visitor (Business) visa at the time. The last thing I needed in my life was to be thrown out of the US and told not to return.

    The other thing I did not like about it was that I was going back “under cover” when I wanted to be open and operating as my true self.

    Diana wanted to know how much it would cost. I told her I’d do it for free, just whatever expenses were incurred . . . probably an air fair or two, the hiring of a car, stuff like that. I’d do whatever I could to help MSH and her, as a gift to her and the family.

    And so it was.

    Well, much was learned. It was not good.

    I won’t make this post too long with too many details, but the following is the essence.

    For those of you familiar with the 1950’s-‘60’s tech volumes you will remember how LRH was very anti-communist. He’d also accused that they had tried to covertly take over “scientology,” and indeed the paranoia against communists was such that anyone with commie connections were barred from getting any services in the orgs. But of course, that ban was also extended to anyone having connections to any of the intelligence services of government after the 1963? first raid on the church in DC.

    It turned out the “wonderful” attorney the church had hired to defend MSH, and who did the “betrayed deal” with the judge was the US’s head commie . . . the actual registered agent of and for Fidel Castro and the Cuban government in the USA. And the FBI did indeed have him under electronic and other surveillance, and for the very reasons of his connection to the communist scenario worldwide and probably, additionally, because his daughter has been indicted and awaiting trial as a leader of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group who’d stuck up a Brink’s armored truck, killing the crew, to make off with the loot to finance their terrorist activities! She was, in due course, convicted.

    Names: Leonard Boudin and daughter Kathy Boudin. Look them up on Google and Wikipedia. Would you have chosen such a gang to do anything for you?

    My sources told me that even the choice of attorney by the church increased the government’s suspicion and angst against MSH and the church. That the choice really increased their angst against the church as the government, at the time, was waging a cold war against the commies and international terrorism, no?

    But then, our org execs “know best!”

    I’ll not get into all the false PR put out by the church on the issue of the 1977 FBI raids to secure documented evidence of church misdeeds and crimes. I spent a lot of time with the FBI chief who actually supervised the LA raid. His information is somewhat sobering as compared to the lies told by the church to its faithful.

    But this tale is not about those things. It is about the subsequent efforts of the church against me, their attacks, lies and attempts to destroy me. And with the documents to demonstrate such, to follow.

    When Solo NOTs was released, I was one of the first to line up for it. But before getting onto the R/D, there was the inevitable Sec Checks. Of course, the op for MSH came up. This mainly because by then the SO had taken over the GO, and all former GO, particularly ex B1 types, were accused of being “criminal” and instantly suspect.

    Now, you would have thought I might have been seen a hero . . . noooo! Special sec checks were ordered (my expense of course at $10,000 per twelve and a half hour intensive). I was actually being checked as to if I had been operating to sabotage MSH! This was the actual line of questioning! Quite astounding. This shit went on, and on, with new special checks being added . . . at my expense of course.

    Eventually, I got onto S/NOTs. I was the first and only one in NYC.

    Being the “first and only” on any of the upper levels makes you a target, unfortunately. Being a celebrity is not the fun non-celebs think it is. Too many idiots impinge on you with their various degrees of idiocy or insanity.

    Anyway, being ever eager to help the cause, I did some FSM events for the NYC org and also the NY Celebrity Center—remember, I had created and been the boss of the successful, upstat Public Divs of London Org in 1967-8. And it was at the CC event in the autumn of 1983 that the shit hit the fan.

    We were having a wonderfully winning time at the event. Course room full, maybe 50 attendees. Then suddenly, late in the morning, the calm was shattered with a bellowed “That’s it!” from Don Larson, a commander in the Int Finance Police, as he strode to the front of the class.

    First off, he announced everyone in the room was in a condition of enemy as they had “not been helping the church enough.” And that their “future right to the OT levels and eternity was in jeopardy ‘unless they got their ethics in!’”

    Remember, these guys he was addressing were the guys who were there doing something! The mood of the group dropped. People were insulted and pissed. Some caved in by the threat and mystery and wrong indications of it all.

    Larson then announced he was taking over the group to have them man the phones to muster all area Scientologists to a special Flag Briefing to be conducted a couple of evenings later (our event was Sunday, the Flag Briefing, from memory, was Tuesday). This being the first any of us had heard of it.

    Three phone lines only were available. The result was a chaos of fifty people milling about unable to do anything, having been rudely shocked and interrupted off of what they’d come to do and had been enjoying. Some folks, totally pissed, began to drift off and leave. After an hour of continued chaos and upset, Larson tells us to go to lunch and be back in an hour to “man the phones.”

    Over lunch I receive a stream of upset and complaint from my event attendees. Not much I can say except. “write a report.”

    After lunch we returned. More milling about till eventually, Larson tells us we can continue on with our meeting, but folks would still be required to man the phones as others exhausted their contact lists.

    So, I reconvened our FSM meeting. What I saw was a group of pissed-off, worried, even caved in and scared individuals. I’m used to handling audiences. I’ve done many hundreds of hours of lectures.

    I decided to bleed of the charge and get the rudiments back in for the group.

    “OK,” I said. “From what I heard from many of you over lunch, there appears to be a fair degree of upset and shock over what happened this morning. What I should say, and indicate, is that there is a phenomena Ron speaks of in the early HCOB’s to do with ‘Group Engrams.’ At which point I read from the actual HCOB the part dealing with seniors dealing with emergency situations crashing over the lines with urgent orders that can upset juniors, etc.

    It helped a bit, but did not repair the pissed-offness nor the sense of betrayal from false accusations and having their futures threatened.

    But, as it turned out, it was a bad move. What I didn’t know was that this item of “group engram” was something that had come up in connection with the infamous Mission Holders’ Meeting some months earlier . . . it had been used there also in the context of an outcome of SO abusive conduct. So the result of that was that in the minds of the SO types, anyone who pointed out that idiotic, abusive behavior on the part of any SO member has caused an upset or group engram was “obviously” seen as an enemy to the SO.

    Next morning I get a phone call at home from Don Larson’s mission aide. I am asked, actually demanded, to come in to meet “Mr. Larson.” We agree for later in the afternoon. I know from the tone of things, the shit is hitting the fan. So I go to the meeting armed with a micro-concealed voice recorder. I’d seen enough of how these bully-boys behave and lie, so I was intent of having irrefutable proof of events.

    I won’t bore you with the details, needless to say, I was falsely accused of all manner of crimes, including “having FBI connections!” No shit. :omg: :duh:

    But what is interesting to note about that, is that Larson could only have known that from already having had access to my confidential auditing folders at Flag!

    I was subject to the usual “HCO metered interview,” of course, as they "know" I have “crimes!” The usual false accusation shit. The “session” was of the usually abusive, invalidative/evaluative witch-hunt variety; but worse, even though I pointed out it was illegal for me to be being “processed” by a non-OT who was asking the “interview” questions incorrectly of an OT, I could not tell him why and on what the meter was reading because it was of confidential case/tech that I could not tell to a non-OT (The BT stuff . . . they read on a meter too). Particularly if the processor is dull enough to ask a question with wording based on: “Have you ever . . . “ Of course I was unable to tell him which of my “BT’s” had ever, or was pissed and protesting. He was not OT.

    So, I was unable to clear the reads on the meter, even though I valiantly tried to point out that if I had an OT doing the action, I’d be able to state what’s reading and clear the meter. My pissed-offness didn’t help. Lots more illegal actions, including demanding I turn my confidential S/NOTs pack over to these clowns, and being illegally pulled off my S/NOTs. I refused to hand over my pack unless and until told to do so by my Case Supervisor or FSO, and then it will be surrendered to them.

    Eventually, I revealed I’d taped the whole parade. Don Larson went berserk. Actually ranting insane. It shocked the whole building, with folks running out of rooms to see what was happening.

    My next action was to demand a Committee of Evidence on the whole affair and on Don Larson in particular. I wanted it in NYC where all the witnesses were.

    That didn’t happen. New York Cont. Office was “too understaffed.” I was ordered to Flag for the Comm. Ev. The bad news was, the Comm Ev was shifted to Flag. And what was worse, instead of it being an investigation into Larson’s behavior and the illegal actions against me and the group in NYC as I had demanded . . . the Comm Ev was on me, as the accused party of a litany of “crimes.” Priceless stuff like, “countering command intention,” “bring Scientology into disrepute,” “spreading malicious rumours about senior executives,” etc.

    I won’t bore you with the details of the next two years of two Comm Evs, two Boards of Reviews, and a Board of Appeal . . . all of the Sec Checking under duress (at my expense of course), and all of the lies and false reports that kept getting added to the parade. The stack of documentation is twenty-three inches high, secured away in my archives. It is extensive.

    But here is the first of the documents . . . a sample of the insanity of lies created in the process of “handling me.” It is the recanting of a “report” by Tom Clapp that I found in my OSA files when working on prep for my Board of Appeal.

    The original, report/data being recanted, is of session notes in scrappy handwriting, the copy of which is a little difficult for imaging. In it I am accused of being an MI6 operative on a mission to assassinate LRH. In it, Tom Clapp is reported having stated/admitted that he was PDH’d when 8 years old to report to an “operative named Roger Boswarva” for orders to follow regarding destruction of the church and the assassination of LRH.

    It is to be noted, that when Tom Clapp was 8 years old, I was in Australia defending the church at the Melbourne Inquiry. Yep. I spent three days on the witness stand, having been the only witness actually subpoenaed. This due to me having a degree of celebrity status in the eyes of those attacking the church, and the fact that I was originally from NSW and they considered I might return there and not be available to be subject to their attacks. I’d never been outside of Australia, so it is inconceivable that MI6 or the FBI even knew I existed, let alone have had contact to train me as an operative.

    Note in Tom’s recant, that this “information” came up under duress in an abusive processing session and based on fed information by one Pedro Bossio who I personally experienced was a destructive operative who altered session notes and implanted into those he had under duress the information he wanted to report. Note that Tom Clapp later corrected this mis-information on lines with the church, but the correction never made it to my files.

    It is also to be noted that Tom is signing this recant as an org staff member . . . this as a guy who had stated he'd been PDH'ed to do Scientology in! Still on staff? :duh:


    This next document is my note accompanying Tom’s recant of the false information following my contact with him to ascertain the facts. The data contained in this note is self explanatory. It is information extracted from my taped conversation with Tom.


    So, for all you folks out there wondering about the truthfulness and operating style of the church, digest these documents. They are a sad, sick tale, an aperitif really, of the truth of how the church conducts its insane affairs.

    It is also an example of how it treats its friends and best people.

    The Church of Scientology, now, is a sick organization totally introverted into “finding enemies” but which enemy situation is a fantasy of its own delusion and making. It does not and cannot apply its technology in a manner that produces optimum results, but only produces more upsets, problems, difficulties and duress for its people. It is totally fixated on making others wrong, and “handling” them as enemies after it itself has fantasized that enmity into being. And it does this with its own people. And hence, it is declining and losing its supporters and believers.

    Its greatest crime, and lie, is the falsehood that it is “the only way out,” that it has the route to total freedom and is the only group to have it. And, the sad circumstance is that it is a belief in these falsehoods that keep so many good people trapped, subservient, obedient, in fear of “losing their eternity” and afraid to expand and find greater truth elsewhere.

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  3. NeXTep

    NeXTep Patron with Honors

    Woow, that is a story from way back. :)

    That inside scoop from Rhodesia really sheds a different light on the situation at that time.

    You know Mo Budlong kept such a low profile. I was 6 months at GO WW for training in the Fin Bureau but never even saw him.

    I also knew people working for B1 who had forcefully been kept off lines. This was kinda hard for them as they could not continue on any services. Anyway B1ers were the strangest people around. You never knew what they were up to. In any case it could not have been any good. :no:
  4. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    :drama: Wow, Roger! :blink: Wow....MOAR Parts, please? :drama:
  5. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    This is gettin' good!

    Fascinating, Rog!

    Thank you for doing this. :clap:

  6. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for posting this Roger "John Le Carre" B.

    Great reading and great examples of people using policy and tech to rationalize their dramatizations.
  7. uncle sam

    uncle sam Silver Meritorious Patron

    I love this stuff-

    Roger--great - great "story"-ya got me riveted--this has it all--spies-lies-betrayal-$$$$! Thanks.
  8. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Roger, your story is familiar to me. I have a friend who is Class VIII. When he left, they spread rumors that he was "connected to the CIA". Funny how they didn't notice for the twenty years he was on staff, but figured it out when he left.
  9. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    And this is how they treat their friends! Thanks, Rog.

  10. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron


    Hi Roger,
    With all that I've read on the net of Scientology's history your story aligns
    well with the type's of insanity that have gone on and with what I've also
    experienced, although I hasten to add not nearly to the degree you've experienced.
    Nevertheless it has been an overwhelm that I've not recovered from so far.

    I'd certainly be interested in more of your story.

    The Sea Org never lived up to its PR reputation, and it is fantastic to behold
    that it performed actually to more nearly the opposite standard of criminal
    insanity, more and more so as time has unfolded.
    How much of that was Hubbard's doing ?
    The tone level of the S.O. is well below death into the minus numbers.

    A minor point of correction: the government raid on FCDC occurred in 1963.
    A small celebration of the victory over the government raid occurred in
    October, 1973 when the stolen meters, books, etc. were returned.
    I saw the latter.

    In a separate thread later I'd be very interested in a full understanding of
    your last paragraph that starts with: "Its greatest crime......... and ends
    with: ........"greater truth elsewhere."

    Out of curiosity, what tech training level did you end up at ?
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2009
  11. Tim Skog

    Tim Skog Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for the story RogerB. I just realized from your story that I met you in NYC circa 1982. I was in PR and you had stopped into the NYGO to say hello. I honestly don't recall our conversation, but I remember walking away with the impression that you were a good sort. I am assuming that is you're picture in the NY Times photo (fellow to the right).

    Good to meet you again.
  12. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Wow....just wow. I was at FCDC during that time.....the CLO WAS going batshit crazy with "metered ethics interviews" and all.

    I would love to have you come to an Anon raid in Dc at some point in the future. Say hello in person to your good friend Tom Clapp.
  13. MostlyLurker

    MostlyLurker Patron Meritorious

    Thank you RogerB!

    Here Don Larson confirming what you wrote:

    Don Larson
  14. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Yep . . .

    Good to connect with you again Tim. I remember you well also. Yep, that's me on the right in the photo my name is in the legend below as such.

    If my old brain is working properly, I think you had a hand in helping set up the event at the CC. No?

    What do you know of Ron Haugin . . . he's out. Got trashed badly by the machine.

  15. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Divvy!! :coolwink:

    I see you have a snense of humor:yes:

    They were crazzzzzzy times mate!

    I do consider Tom a friend. He was a young guy then, dedicated to the ideals of the church, living on the smell of an oily rag, the usual shit. He simply got spun around, overwhelmed, as he said freaked-out.

    What is good is that he had the guts and honesty to do what he could to put it right. I admire him for that.

    So, is Tom "in" to be terrorized by my appearance? :dieslaughing: :roflmao: Or is he on the out doing raids on his former terrorists?:roflmao:

    I haven't seen him 27 years.

  16. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader


    Thanks, Mostly . . . .

    Did you notice that sick, evil, pleased-with-himself smile as he spoke of his destructive activities? He actually enjoyed that shit!

    It's amazing that he was given the power he had . . . sorry, let's take that back . . . it figures he was given the power he had----he'd been a failed Ethics Officer at St. Hill before he went to the Finance Police.. Was a evil bastard then.

    For the record, he actually got declared and booted out of the church before I did. It appears my reports etc helped get him "handled." He was axed during my second Comm Ev.

    That vid seems to have been some time ago, as he will be a lot older today than he looks in that pic.

  17. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    He was a good guy, but easily duped by those in "power". He is still there, regging for the Ideal Morgue program. Sadly, he really has no other place to go. He shows up in some of AnonSparrows videos, like for instance at the 2:00 minute mark here:

    Really, I think he would really enjoy seeing you again! :D :D :D
  18. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the stories Rog - ties in with a lot of what happened in "83 in Sydney when the Finance Police hit town.

    People were dismissed from staff then on the flimsiest allegations and then paid their freeloaders to rejoin - lot of money gotten that way.

    All suggested by the Missionaire at the time and his flunkies.:yes:

    All to do with money - could never see that before but now the pieces fit together.:duh:

    I'm soooo gonna love Miscavige's trial when it comes around.:thumbsup:
  19. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    What a story!!

    I met that crazy son-of-bitch Larson and suffered:melodramatic: much under Pedro Bosio's ruthless missions into our Org.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and let us know more...pLease:thumbsup:

  20. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THIS VIDEO COMING FROM? I haven't seen it before. I've heard and read the accusations and statements, but never seen a lot of the video on this site in the past few days. Veda's been kicking it. Now MostlyLurker: seems to be the same Narrator. Was this all from one larger expose video? If so, I'd like to see the whole thing! The documentation regarding the forceful takeover is just boggling. Why would the ED of an org accept such bullying? It's obviously off-policy. It's obviously illegal. It's obviously off-purpose. Why was it accepted? Were these people just cowards?