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The Little Thread Which Grew - the Apollo '73 to Everything But

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by lkwdblds, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    Wow, that was a lot! Thanks for getting all that history down - nobody in the church knows it anymore (especially viz. Yvonne creating the CCs).

    I was around in the early 70s, although I was pretty young. I wasn't aware of all that was going on amongst the adults at that time, so you filled in a lot of holes.

    I remember Dick Glass quite well; he came to my mission around 1972 and gave a performance. I also recall another performance of his sometime around 1980. I can still remember "Beautiful Day, Beautiful People" right now, even though I haven't heard it since then!

    I ran into him again at CCLA sometime around 1990, I think. He had lost a *lot* of weight - I didn't even recognize him. Somebody said his name was Dick Glass and I couldn't believe it, so I went and asked him. Sure enough, it was true. He was at a good weight for his height by then, which he attributed to getting on a very healthy diet. He *might* have been on staff at CC at that time - I seem to recall that but I could be mistaken. I believe he passed away in 1992. He was a beautiful guy.

    I also remember Jim Cowger. He's one helluva sax player, a true pro in every sense of the word. You could drop him on stage anywhere anytime, and he'd sound great. I ran into him maybe two years ago, and he looked good and was doing well. Still in, tho'.

    There was a trumpet player, Jim Grinta IIRC, who often played with Cowger. He was also an excellent musician. Haven't heard tell of him for years.

    I side-checked your figures, and I believe you are correct. :wink2:

    Thanks again for writing all that down :)

  2. thetanic

    thetanic Gold Meritorious Patron

    I agree with you about the first part, but I believe you're severely naive about the second. It couldn't have hurt to use the SO #1 line, but LRH didn't actually read those letters.
  3. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Maybe I knew your parents.

    Gus, it was great hearing from you. If I knew your last name, then I could figure out if I knew your parents. Thanks for adding the anectdotes about Dick Glass and Jim Cowger. Cowger was put in Charge of Super Power back in the late 70's as was made the spokesman for the campaign. I wonder what he thinks about it never being released some 30 years later. Oh yes, I remember Jim's wife very well, her name was Keith and her maiden name was Keith Karas - how's that for you trivia buffs. I have never heard of a girl being name Keith before or since (She may have spelled it with an "e" on the end). I can't believe Jim is still in. He is a good guy. Thanks for your comments on LRH's final Will and Testament.
  4. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    I love your name and logo!

    I am aware that as a rule, he did not read them but I've heard stories that occasionally he would ask for a batch to be brought to him and he would personally answer a few. Anyways, I believe Ken Urquhart was still LRH Comm in the mid 70's when I was thinking of writing the letter and if Urquhart considered it worth LRH's attention, he might have urged him to read it.

    I believe that there was some kind of line where Celebrity letters may have got through to LRH or letters which required a decision or sign off to occur. When I left the Sea Org, I owed CCLA around $11,000 in "Freeloader" debt. I did not want to pay it and wrote up a CSW on the S.O. 1 line to LRH that instead of paying the debt in cash, I wanted to come in 8 hours on both Saturdays and Sundays to work in CCLA Treasury for one full year. That was 832 hours of me clearing up backlogs and organizing Treasury. It worked out to $13.22 per hour. I got a letter back saying "It's okay with me if Yvonne Jentzsch will approve it." Love, Ron. She did approve it and I worked off my debt rather than paid it off. I know that no LRH comm had that kind of authority that he could allow an $11,000 debt to be waived at his own discretion. That CSW had to be brought to LRH's attention and the one sentence message to me had to be directly from LRH.

    I am not trying to make myself right and you wrong, far from it. In 99+% of the cases what you say is true and it was just that fact that he personally answered my CSW which made me think that he might read my letter recommending that the Div 6 stat be changed.
  5. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    From my recollection, how the SO#1 mostly worked behind the scenes is that the Org LRH Comm read the SO1 letters, attached a proposed reply, and sent it up lines. They would get read, and if there was something that the SO #1 Unit decided LRH needed to see, it might get forwarded to him. A friend of mine (in the SO at the time) sent a letter that I'm pretty sure got to LRH, because of the effect created and the wording of the reply.
  6. thetanic

    thetanic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Fair enough, I stand corrected.
  7. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Thanks for clearing this up.

    Enthetan, thanks so much for your insight on the SO#1 line. I didn't know the information you posted above and it makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for sharing this data with us.
  8. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Another anecdote for my Appendix

    The stories which I relate about the old Sea Org and Celebrity Centre days seem to be the most popular things on this thread and I just thought of an amusing anectdote which happened probably around 1969 before I even joined Scientology.

    My Dad's brother was my Uncle Ted. He was born in 1919 and served in World War II in Salerno, D Day, the Battle of the Bulge, etc. He was also an amateur photographer and liked to take weekend outings with his wife, Son and Daughter when they were young. He purchased a home in Long Beach, Ca in 1946, after getting out of the army and lived there all the way until his death in 2005. His wife, my Aunt, also died in 2005 a few months before uncle Ted.

    The story was that my family visited Uncle Ted and his family in Long beach in either 1969 or early 1970 but it was before I had ever heard of Scientology which was in June of 1970. We were visiting and Ted was showing slides and photos of a recent auto excursion he took down around the docks in Wilmington and San Pedro harbor which is a giant port facility in Southern California, second biggest in the USA to New York.

    Ted was showing these slides and became very animated and said that there was a ship down in San Pedro called the Excalibur which had a Navy on board it and that this Navy had a lot of female sailors as well as male and that a lot of the females were young and attractive. He then showed a series of slides he took of the crew on the deck of the ship, etc. His family waved to them and some crew waved back. His actual quote was, "They have a lot of sailors on board and a lot of them are girl sailors, many of them very pretty. I don't know what country this ship and Navy came from but I knew right away that it was not one of ours." My brother was there with me and he and I speculated that the only Navy which would have a lot of female sailors would be either the USSR or another Soviet block country. My Uncle said he thought he heard people talking English so we were puzzled as to which country the ship belonged to. We speculated that it must belong to the Mormon Church because they had a floating college at Sea in those years.

    Little did we imagine in our wildest dreams that I would be working on that ship only two years later in 1971. The ship belonged to no country and not to the Mormons but it was a Sea Org ship!
  9. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    It's possible you may have encountered one or both of them, given the time frame. But alas, I haven't come out with my identity yet (long story - it's just not in the cards right now) and telling where they were and when would make my identity obvious. It's a bit of a pain in the arse, really, as there are questions I'd like to ask of some of the folks here but I can't just yet. But that'll be the next step, and I'll get there when I get there :)

    Wow, I didn't know that! I do wonder what he thinks about it still not being available. Cripes, I still get mailers about Super Power, but given that Flag and the Ship are now delivering pre-clear auditing (grades, objectives, etc.), I think Super Power is still a looooong way off. Otherwise, why would they need to raid local org public for services? There'd be plenty of income from Super Power.

    As an aside, the bragging from Flag about how fast they put in the Grades makes my stomach want to churn. They should know better.

    That's right, I remember her name. I never met her though. Jim looked healthy, which I was glad to see.

    And about the will, I did think it odd that a guy who had laid out policy for everything from KSW to how to dust a car (turkey feathers only) didn't bother to write a succession plan. Very odd.

  10. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    Oh, and BTW, great story about the Excalibur at Long Beach! What a hoot that would be if you got a hold of those slides!
  11. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Its great that you emerged near the end of my thread.

    Gus, I am glad you enjoyed the anectdote about the Excalibur. Also, I like the comments you made in the post just before that.

    When you're ready to reveal your name, but only when you are fully ready, then you can leave a pm, private message, as a gradient to do so. This way, you don't broadcast it to the whole of ESMB but to only one guy. I could be an OSA plant as well, though I assure you I am not, but the odds are pretty good that if you send a pm, someone is going to honor your privacy and not reveal your name all over the board.

    As far as retrieving those pictures, this is a remote possiblity because I still am close with Ted's children, who are my first cousins. The problem is that Ted was an inventor of sorts and converted a motion picture camera to a camera that took still pictures and when he developed a roll of film, there were about 2000 pictures so instead of printing the pictures he rigged up two ways to view them, one was a slide projector and the other was a scenario where he rigged up two movie cameras in tandem and then had the film developed and then rigged up a STEREO viewer which a person viewed privately, one person at a time, looking through the apparatus and seeing the pictures in stereo. I'll check with my cousins and see if the pictures can be located.


    It is amazing how otherwise intelligent people can be manipulated. C of S seems to have the ability to strip away comepletely "threadbare" a person's critical thinking skills and also their ability to "obnose". observe the obvious.

    The KSW policies are still at the beginning of every pack and every student is required to read them, demo them, look up all words one is not certain of, star rate them and then get a meter check. Let's say, a current day Scientologist does this and then is ready to study his course materials and turns to the first page of his actual course. KSW policy FORBIDS quickying one's courses or auditing procedures and then boasting as to speed of delivery and labels this a suppressive act and then just following that admonition in his pack, he may find boasts for speed of delivery! The guy continues reading on with VGI's and doesn't notice that he has just gone into agreement with a suppressive act, HE IS UNABLE TO CONNECT THE DOTS - HIS CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS HAVE BEEN WIPED OUT DURING HIS BRAINWASH!!

    Another heinous and incredible suppressive act was the elimination of the "old" OT6 and OT 7, replacing them with the Solo NOTS study course and Solo NOTS, respectively. One's KSW pack specifically states that labeling materials as old, historical or no longer in use is a Suppresive Act. The guy finishes reading his KSW pack before starting New OT 6, turns the page of his pack and is confronted with the suppressive act of something being there called new OT6. He doesn't have the critical thinking skills to observe the obvious and ask, "Hey, wait a minute, where is the Old OT 6, who cancelled it and why? The student does not think, "This is a technical degrade as per the materials I just star-rated. I am going to write up a report and get to the bottom of this." He just continues studying robotically over a "technical degrade" without even being aware of doing so or actually applying the materials he just star rate checked just a minute or two earlier. It is incredible what lengths the brain washed mind will go to in order to not be able to see the obvious!
    PS - Gus, I racked my memory banks trying to see who you could be, thinking of all the kids who were around CCLA in the early 70's. I came up with only a couple of candidates. One is John-John Stone who is the son of Jan Stone and who Was 8 years old when I audited him one time on my Dianetic Interneship in 1972. The problem is that I think he was at CCLA for all of 1972 and could not have been at a mission for part of that year as you state you were. The other guy is Skye Chaleff, the Son of Mitch and Sally Chaleff who was running around the Org in the early 70's. There was a girl named Zoe Hare who was the daughter of Fred and Heidi Hare who was 8 or 9 at that time and appeared suddenly in the Org from nowhere around 1971 so that could be it, if you are using a male name for cover and you are female. Any way, my memory of that period is so sharp, it is just like it all happened two weeks ago. Talking of the song, Beautiful Day, Beautiful People, I was just whistling it and remember a lot of the lyrics.... "Beautiful Day, Beautiful people, sounds of laughter fill the air, Beautiful Day Beutiful people, happy children everywhere. I know you know I know, you make the flowers grow, tra la tra la la la, tra la la la la la and then it repeats. It really is a great song, it should have made it to the top of the charts.
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  12. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Do you think LRH wrote up a succession plan?

    Gus - Do you think just maybe that Hubbard might have written up extensive succession plans but a certain somebody, who wanted to lead but who was not mentioned in those plans, could possibly have blocked them from ever being published? I'm not saying it happened that way, but the possibility is not that farfetched and is certainly possible. Does anybody out there have any inside info on this speculation.
  13. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    Lakey ever hear of tennis star Maria Sharapova? (hint)
  14. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    My Appendix - Favorite Scn hang outs in L.A.

    I just thought of something that may appeal to you nostalgia buffs who lived or visited the Orgs in the L.A. area. I am talking about hang outs, mostly coffee shops and fast food places where people would hang out at lunch or dinner or after course. I am going to revisit these places and give them ratings on an Org by Org basis.

    CCLA, L.A. ORG and AOLA before the move to Big Blue

    Denny's - By far the most poplular. A lot of us discussed our wins and some whole track stuff and how fast Scientology was growing. Probably 35 to 40% of the clientele at any given time were Scientologists. As a restaurant it was just good old fashioned Denny's: Rating - B-
    Kentucky Fried Chicken It was pretty good in those days, the crunchy type of crust was delicious (but not not good for you) and the sides were good, especially the corn on the cob: Rating B-
    Langers Deli Somewhat more upscale than Denny's, it was a New York style deli with pastrami, corned beef, blintzes, matzoh ball soup and the like. It cost about twice as much as Denny's but if one was celebrating a win, he or she would splurge and go there: Rating: A-
    CCLA's own Snack Bar: Health conscious, vegetarian sandwhiches, smoothies, yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, fruits, juices, coffe and tea: Rating A

    THE OLD ASHO on TEMPLE (Across from the Police station)

    Tommy's: Everyone went there to get their hamburgers covered in chili. There were no good places to sit down so we would eat standing up. Those chili and cheese burgers were messy as hell and the food was all over one's face. This was the only place within wakling distance of the Org. Rating A- (upgraded from original B by exsomessenger).

    Organicville If we had a full hour, we would take the drive to this total healthfood restaurant and market similar to today's "Whole Foods". This was first class health food, great variety, freshness and fair prices: Rating A+

    The "COMPLEX" Big Blue

    Brashov's Absolutely fine East European and middle Eastern cuisine at a Denny's prices! The owners were middle aged people from Romania and Armenia. The man wore a beret and waited table and his wife did the cooking. He had a thick Romanian accent. It was so great that somethimes, we would drive 10 miles from Glendale to eat dinner there if we weren't on course. Around 1999 they lost their lease and shut down: Rating A++

    New York George's Run by a New York Scientologist. Very similar to something out of a Seinfeld episode. Good food and service and a big Scn hangout similar to Denny's: Rating A

    L.A. Rose A slightly upscale Filipino place near Brashovs. The food was very good but the ambiance was not as good as the food: Rating B+

    Wendy's If you had to have food to be sessionable and you were short on time to get to AOLA or the new ASHO, your only choice was to get a Wendy's burger, some fries and a drink and just make it in time to the PC waiting room, eating on the run. The food? One guy summed it up best, he said that he had completed his Purif but then ate at Wendy's a couple of times and had to go back and retread his Purif. It wasn't really that bad. The rating was a solid C+

    The Chateau Elysee or New Celebrity Centre

    Two Dollar Bills Run by Scientologist Bill Dalzeel, this was an upscale health oriented place with live entertainment in the evenings. Prices were a tad high and the food was good as was the ambiance: Rating A+
    La Pobelle A French place which served only crepes. Ambiance was great as were the crepes but the menu did not have much variety. If you were in the mood for crepes it was an A+, otherwise it was an A-
    The Rennaisance inside the Chateau: This was like a 4 or 5 star luxury restaurant with linen tableclothes and fine silver. The servers were superb as was the food and ambiance but the price was high. If you had the $$ - A+
    The CCLA Coffee and snack shop This one is something like being in a Starbucks but larger and with more variety. Very well done, good muffins and baked goods, good drinks and sandwiches, nice ambience: Rating A


    The Brotherhood of the Source A sort of Hippie type place on the Sunset strip where the waiters and waitresses wore robes and sandals as if they were in a religious order. Tremendous organic and health oriented foods. My favoite dinner was the Magic Mushrooms and for dessert we usually chose the carob cheese cake. Absolutely fantastic place! A++

    The International House of Pies In Hollywood and something like todays Cheesecake factory. It had a really nice ambience and very good food. I went there dozens of times with Beverly Carter and my Brother or just Beverly alone. Sometimes someone else would tag along, such as Harry. That place was "homey" and we also stayed a long time and had great chats, mostly about our wins in Scn.

    ........sigh 36 years ago and in my mind it seems like less than two weeks ago. I could pick up the phone and call my buddy Bev right now and go for some herb tea and share a piece of pie and talk over how we are doing on the bridge. Oh, thats right, I just woke up and realize its 2009. almost 2010. Bev is no longer with us, I am a lot older but only body wise, mentally I am stronger than before. Yes, and wins in Scientology, well thats not what it used to be either. How could 36 years have passed and it all seems like just last week? I wish I could click my heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and not return to Kansas but to one of the hang outs I mentioned above to discuss all the wins we were having in Scientology in 1973 with all my buddies after a night on course or in session. But wait, there is a new world here, new inventions such as the internet which expand the reach of life so vastly further than any of us living then ever dreamed. Oh well time to end off this fantasy and get back to work.

    Well, that's a starter. Does it bring back memories? Have I missed one of your favorites and if so let me know.
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  15. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Winston, I kid you not...

    Winston, you won't believe it but someone today notified me that the picture SmartOne is using is of Anna Kournidova, the tennis star and now you suggest Maria Sharapova. Well both of them are great tennis players and beautiful women so what does it matter which one of them it is.

    I notice you have been doing quite a bit of posting but I don't seem to gravitate to the threads you are on very often. I sure appreciate hearing from you again. While you were posting your post which I quoted, I was completing a list of the restaurants and coffee shops around the Orgs in the old days. If you lived in L.A. at that time, check it out and let me know what you think.
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  16. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    Excuuuse me! Never been to LA and never will. I sure knew however that SmartOne did not post a self-portrait. I admit to sometimes posting unusual posts; I tend to either make fun of or be enraged by Scn. I try not to be enraged that often however, because it comes to nothing, and is uncomfortable to read.
  17. exsomessenger

    exsomessenger Patron Meritorious

    When I was in the CMOIXU, we used to go to TOMMY's, that place was great and it was open all hours of the day and night. I would give it at least an A- and the minus is just for the crappy napkins they used to provide.

    Wow that brings back some good memories, that and the Basketball games on the roof of the parking garage across the street from big blue! :coolwink:
  18. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    I upgraded to A-

    The chili burgers were A and they had slices of fresh tomatoes and excellent chili. The ambience was there a little just because it was remeniscent of a 50's style hamburger joint. I lowered the rating to B because of poor seating facilities, usually having to stand leaning on a metal handrail while eating plus the sheap napkins with your face and clothes usually being covered with chili. I just raised it to A- on your recommendation.

    I'm glad some good memories were brought back, thats what I'm trying for as my product in writing this.
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  19. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    13 March 1974 staff Ron's birthday promotions list.


    This list has all CCLA staff who received promotions on LRH's 63 rd birthday for having upstats and contributing to the LRH Birthday game. I will list the staff member, all Sea Org, and if I knew the person personally, I'll make a short comment.

    Yvonne Jentzsch - Comander, granted Kha Khan - Already fully commented on
    Joyce Meyers - Deputy Commanding Officer - promoted to Ensign
    Nancy Helgeson - Flag Rep - promoted to Chieif Petty Officer
    Larry Wollersheim - Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class. Well we all know what happened with him. He became quite famous through suing C of S.
    Jan Stone - Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class (abbr PO3 from here on). Jan was Joyce Meyer's sister and was a real decent person, but too timid to advance very far in management.

    Div I
    Mike Mallen promoted to PO3 - Played Classical Guitar, a real nice young guy.
    Darrel Colon to PO3 - Kind of a quiet behind the scenes in HCO type of guy.
    Jim Cowger - promoted to PO3 - Was a very good sax player and became the spokesman for Super Power in the late 1970's. A real decent and sane guy.
    Ronny Many promoted to PO3 - A tall girl who was Irene Derman's sister and who later divorced Chris Many and married Randy McDonald.
    Kevin Viggers - to PO3 - I never heard of him or knew him.
    Kingsley Giles to PO3 - I remember him well but didn't talk to him one on one.
    Sandy Chappel to PO3 - I never heard of her.
    Starr Kassowitz to PO3 - I remeber her as young, 19 or so, tall, at least 6' and talkative. She worked behind the snack bar run by Axioms Productions.
    Gay Ribisi - to PO3 - She married Al Ribisi as soon as Soo divorced him. I think they are still married and she is the mother of the actor Giovanni Ribisi and also their daughter who plays in tv sitcomms.

    DIV II
    Betty Murakami - to PO3 - She was Div II sec and is as fine a person as you could ever hope to meet. She was smart,sane, hard working, decent and honest and a good Mother while also being in the S.O.. You will not find a finer being on planet Earth, only some who equal her. She was easy going, had a soft voice and was not a mover shaker type but her sanity and strong intention got her pretty far and she became the Commanding Officer for CC in Las Vegas around 1975 and held that post for several years. She was declared suppressive around 1979 or 1980. Any organization that would declare Betty suppressive would be one which I would immediately drop out of. She has zero of the suppressive person traits and anyone labeling her that is themselves suppressive.
    Vince Johnson to PO3 - This was Irene Derman's Dad. He was pushing 60 back in 1973 and came back and joined CCLA staff.
    Hector Carmona to PO3 already discussed extensively above.
    Linda Upp to PO3 - She must have been new, I did not know her.
    Lee Blumer to PO3 - She was a New York Jewish girl, kind of pushy but did it in a nice way. She was in admin and was not an auditor or Course Supervisor.
    Rhonda Miller - to PO3 - She was a sister to Jan Stone and Joyce Meter. She was only 15 in 1971 so she was 18 at this time. She was in admin and was sweet and not very pushy but very smart and well organized.

    Div III
    Kitti Georgius to PO3- She was Treasury Sec and was discussed extensively above.
    Frances Pavlides Director of Records, Assets and Materials, she was an opera singer and is on my list as one of the kindest people I have ever met. Its good to see that her stats were up and she got promoted. She was the person who I told to make sure there was toilet paper at the Centre in the morning. That incident lead me to be shunned by Yvonne for 6 months and passed up for major promotions including the one given to Kitti.
    Lakey - He was demoted to degraded being. This wonderful guy would have been promoted to PO3 but instead he was sent to the Apollo to have his head put on a pike and take the rap for mismanagement at CCLA having to do with the building not being up to code electrically or being licensed to serve food and serve as an auditorium for live performances due to not meeting L.A. City Fire Code regulations. OOps thats me! I'm talking about myself, but I was active in Div III even at this time, coming in 8 hours a day on both Saturdays and Sundays for free to work on clearing up CCLA treasury backlogs to pay off my Freeloader Debt. Does that sound to you like something a DB would be doing?

    To be continued.....I'll bet you, my readers, did not expect this list and had no idea that any one person knew this much about the old CCLA days. Stay tuned, there will be a few more nice morsels of data and some surprises before I am finally done compiling this thread!

    Div IV
    Shareen Stuart - to PO3 - She was a short, brazen and pushy girl with light brown hair and a New York accent. Before I left for the Apollo, she was off loaded from the Org (I don't know the reason). At a staff meeting someone said they saw her out on a nearby major intersection selling picture frames on the street. Heber Jentzsch, who was moderating the staff meeting made a cute one liner, he said, "Well that sounds like Shareen, she's still framing people." When I was there on staff, she was a letter reg. I guess she got reinstated while I was away at the Apollo.
    Kenny Lipton -to PO3 - He had audited me on his Dianetic Internship, graduated with honors and became Tech Sec. He was the brother of Peggy Lipton of the "Mod Squad" Tv show. He was a real fine person who left C of S and died young. I cover him more in the body of my story. He drove a nice VW Karmann Ghia.
    Mickey Lipton-to PO3- She had been Mickey Mithoff, married to Bob but they broke up and she became married to Kenny Lipton. She was always an admin person in the Tech division and I think she did some Course Supervision.
    Gelda Mithoff-to PO3- She married Ray Mithoff, future Senior CS, she was formerly Gelda Kitchen and was from England and spoke with a British accent but never spoke more than a few words. She was an admin person in Div IV. She never engaged in small talk or talked at meetings. I think the only time I heard her voice was when she asked a course wup a question on course or when she gave a success story when completing a course. I once made a remark directly to her to try and make some small talk, she looked at me for about 2 seconds and turned her back without replying and walked away.
    Nancy Leibowitz-to PO3-Very short Jewish girl, friendlly and always working in Div IV admin.
    Pat McMurray to PO3- I slightly knew the name but have no recollection of the person.
    Marcia Jackler to PO3 - At various times, I thought she was the best looking woman on staff. She was a tad older than the others, maybe 26 or 27 and was both beautiful and quite friendly and talkative. She had a little toddler about 2 or 3 years old she was raising and lived outside the Org and had a nice car which she drove to the Org every day but there was no husband. I think she was on full time tech training because I don't remember seeing her ever doing a post. You could always approach her at course break and make small talk. She would alway say "Oh, Hi!" with strong enthusiasm and ask how I was doing with genuine concern if I approached her. One time she told me she just had a great auditing session and went exterior with full perception and was able to see in a 360 degree field of view. She exclaimed how wonderful it was. I pumped her for more info because I had never done this, and to this day, I have never done anything close to that." She told me that she often looked down on her body from the ceiling but this 360 field of view was a first for her.
    Tom Little to PO3- I didn't know him.
    Vicky Dries to PO3 -She was my age and was in Tech as an auditor. She was married to John Dries who I did not care for. She was into health foods but did not say much. In 1984, she went to Dr. Arlo Gordon, the chiropractor as did I and my family. I talked to her there several times. She was off staff, and was really into nutrition and health. Rae from ESMB told me back in March that she lived in Florida and rented a room with another former CCLA auditor, Carmine Terra.
    Sandi Kent to PO3 - She was only 15 in 1971 and was now 18. She was doing posts such as Course Admin. In 1971 she was being bull baited by Val Garcia right next to where I was studying and he found a button, "She's only 15 and she knows how to nasty." and it took about 3 days for her to get that button flat. I heard the whole thing, day by day.
    Audrey Fisher to PO3 - Audrey used to be married to Chris Many and worked in Treasury when I first started there. She was always fighting with the Treasury Sec Brownie. I remember she wrote in the OODS (orders of the day) that she had been Harry Houdini, the escape artist in her last life. She was taken to task for publicly talking about her case. After leaving Treasury, she found a good life in Tech and married John Fisher and she was successful and happy. She always had a soft spot in her heart for me because I used to try and keep her and Brownie at bay during there viscious arguments and my arrival in Treasury then allowed her to leave Treasury and move to tech.
    Jim Fiducia to PO1, thats no misprint, but Petty Officer 1st class) - What I remember about him is that he was a short Italian guy from New York City who was friendly, well read and bright. When the Super Literate course came out, he told me that he would never take the course. He claimed that he was already superliterate, having read almost all the great novels of the world and that he had taught writing in schools and knew the definition of virtually all words. I did not talk much to him after that, but he established himself in tech and was doing very well.
    Keithe Cowger to PO3 - The former Keithe Karas married Jim Cowger and was an interned Class IV. She audited a lot, I believe she audited staff and also audited in the HGC.
    Ray Mithoff to PO3-He started as a course admin. He was around 20, tall and thin with a scraggly beard and did not look like he was very literate or had much schooling. He had an act with his brother Bob where they dressed as hillbillies and played hillbilly music and told jokes. They portrayed themselves as being from the Ozark mountains. He got out of course admin and got onto full time tech training. I had nothing in common with him and did not think much of him but greatly admired and liked his brother Bob. Ray married the cold fish, Gelda Kitchen and eventually rose to Senior C/S international. I do not like what he did to Marry Sue Hubbard after LRH's death. I was never that impressed with the guy and always felt a little uncomfortable around him but I really know of nothing that he did wrong while at CCLA.
    Delwyn Anderson to PO3 - I never heard of him or knew him.
    Soo Forbes to PO3-Soo Forbes was an outstanding auditor and she audited me on over 300 hours of Expanded Dianetics in late 1972 and early 1973. Getting that much auditing from one person, a relationship built up between us but other than taking our session coffee breaks together, we never socialized. She left Al Ribisi when she discovered he cheated on her and she married Richard Forbes who was a top human being and also had big celebrity connections. About a year ago, Soo's name came up on IFACHAT and I tried to contact her. Some guy claimed he knew Soo and might be able to get a message through to her from me. I prepared a full one page message, telling her that I still think about her and I wonder how she is doing and that I got married and had two children, now fully raised, and really wanted to meet with her for coffee or something. The guy took my message and claimed that he got it too Soo and she was glad to receive it and was happy I had raised a family, and said she sometimes wondered about me as I wondered about her. He said she refused to email me or talk further but told him to tell me that she was glad I contacted her and glad I was doing well.

    To be continued.......Hi, it is Saturday, Nov 29th and I am going to add more names to the list.

    Pat Lusey to PO3 - I know the name, can't place the face of what his post was. I just had a cognition! The Qual Sec had been Sam Loria and while I was on the Apollo as CCLA Programs Chief, LRH posted Sam Loria, CCLA Qual Sec as the Commanding Officer of AOLA and CCLA ORG Officer Irene Howey as COMMANDING OFFICER OF ASHO day or foundation, I am not sure of which. I think this was a terrible posting by LRH, he just disestablished one of his greatest Orgs, CCLA, instead of flowing power to it. Yvonne complained voiceferously about her Org, which she built up from scratch, being dis established but her complaints fell on deal ears. First, LRH disestablishes a working unit in Oct '73, against his own policy, and Yvonne's complaints are ignored, and then Yvonne is censured for the City of L.A. saying that the Celebrity Centre building does not meet buidling code rebulations to serve food, hold perfornances, etc. Then just a couple of months later, LRH grants Yvonne Kha Khan status and promotes most of CCLA staff members. What kind of management is this?! For those who believe LRH's word is always true and his actions are always beyond reproach, here is a tangible example of LRH managing extremely inconsistently with no predicability or consistent policy behind his actions! Anyway, Pat Lusey must have been the new Qual Sec who replaced Sam and I just figured that out.

    Chris Rigney to PO2 - Bruce Rigney's wife and she was in qual but I did not know what she did on post. She wrote a lot of KR's and idleness reports. One time she wrote an idlesness report on me and I confronted her personally and said that I was working my ass for this Org and that I was entitled to a short break now and them. She politely acked me and showed me the policy she was operating from and refused to withdraw the chit.
    Don Baaska promoted from Chief Petty Officer to Midshipman. I did not know there was such a rank as Midshipman in the Sea Org. To me the Midshipmen are the football team from the Naval Academy. Baaska was a Class VIII, he audited both staff and public. His 2D was Valli Scavelli and they had a jazz combo together that got bookings in large hotels.
    Annette Guitierrez - to PO3 - She was a thin energetic person, always friendly and never had a bad word to say.
    Randy MacDonald from AB all the way to PO1. This was a huge promotion, jumping 3 levels. I do not know what he did to achieve this. I remember he was doing some designs for Sea Org promo pieces. He divorced Chris for cheating on him and married Ronnie who was one of Irene Derman's sisters. He looked like another staff member, Danny Vitale, a flamboyant New York italian type of guy and people would confuse him with Danny so worked desparately to discard his Danny Vitale image and achieve his own identity and he was succuessful in doing so.
    Bob Riggs to PO3 - He was the examiner, was an OT and was friendly. He also played the Oboe and I am a Mozart fanatic and asked him if he ever played the Mozart Oboe Concerto and he said that he did, and that it was an incredible piece of music and anyone that loves Mozart is an instant friend of mine for life so we became friends.
    Jim Suard to PO3 - I don't remember him.
    John Fisherto PO3 - Made a successful marriage to Audrey Many. Was a very nice guy, rose pretty high in the ranks.
    Karen Dunn to PO3 - I remember the name but not the face.
    John Dries to PO - A nondescript person who never said anything and never did anything. He had an able wife, Vicki.
    Bob Mithoff to PO2 - We worked together weekly getting out the FSM checks. One of the finest guys I ever met!
    Bill Houst to PO3 - Remember the name well and even the face a little but nothing else about him.
    Jim Kennedy to PO3 - no memory of him.
    Peter Donen to PO3 - no memory of him.
    Chris MacDonald to PO1 - Give me a break, in 1973 she went to Peter Gilhams Org in Phoenix, engaged in out 2D and falsely reported a $25,000 training package was sold, without revealing that the $25,000 was loanedby another guy and course and had to be backed bakc with months at substantial interest. How could she be promoted. She should have been put on the RPF but this is probably a few mpnths before it came into existence.
    Carole Clayton to PO3 - Tall blonde nice looking girl, arrived about 2 weeks before I left for Flag
    Kathy Wasserman to PO3- She married Ken Wasserman and had children. She left the Sea Org and hooked up with Cathy Lee Crosby in the early 1980's and was involved in the successful TV show, "That's Incredible". She and Ken had a bitter divorce involving custody battles over the children. It was a real mess.
    Time for another break.......
    Ivy Johnson to PO3 - She was an older woman, Irene Howey's Mother and was Yvonne's Secretary
    Sally Chaleff to PO3 - Another of Yvonne's secretaries - She contracted cancer and was told to just stay in her room and die and then pick up another body and come back. No medical care was given to her. She followed this order and died at perhaps age 40.
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    ther are some great names on that list! Mickey Lipton was in FLAG when I arrived for my EPF. Due to the fact that I was only 14 my Guardien was Mickey. My father just signed me over to the church without even knowing who would care for me. She was such a nice person and I was bleesed to have such a loving and caring woman care for me. She never really did much other then ask how I was from time to time, but that was enough. I was very sad when she routed out of the SO. I was in CMO CW at the time and was very ARC broken.

    I hope that she is well.....:unsure:
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