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The Little Thread Which Grew - the Apollo '73 to Everything But

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by lkwdblds, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Rae

    Rae Patron with Honors

    Hi there! I'm just reading your posts now and how interesting this all is..I was there for all that you described above! It was Pat Robinson and Chris MacDonald(married to Randy MacDonald) at the time when they went on tour and went "out 2-D" . I remember Yvonne announcing it actually. I also remember the Rock Hudson incident and knew (and know) Carmine Terra very well. I also remember that snack bar run by Starr Kasssowitz! Wow..this sure brings back some memories!

    You had an excellent point on "bodies in the shop"..truly's a horrible word for people "bodies" very degrading and certainly did and does not help a CC get Celebrities in...

    I'm reading your third post now...

  2. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Enjoying your story. Thanks for writing it. Looking forward to the next episode. :drama:
  3. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days 1973 - Part 4 Leaving the Apollo

    I returned to Los Angeles in December 1973. My Dad picked my up at the airport. He had a small business and his partner and he had recently broken up and I offered to come in as his partner. He loved the idea and I moved back home until I could save enough from this new business to get my own place. I took it easy over the weekend and on Monday morning I drove over to see the Ethics guy at FOLO, Peter Alvet. I worked up from Confusion, through Treason, and up to Doubt right at his office and then he told me to go home and work through doubt and then come back and let him see my Doubt Formula. I gave him $50 as a flow to start paying my freeloader debt.
    I had not been billed yet so I did not know how much I owed. I owed bills at CCLA, The Excalibur/ Bolivar in San Pedro Harbor and the Apollo. I was worried about the Apollo because the retail price of the Data Evaluators Course was currently $5,000. I think that is the only course I officially took at the Apollo and I was only on the course for 3 weeks until I was busted.
    Don't forget, $5000 in '73 is about $25,000 today.

    The Excalibur bill came in at $1100 which I thought was fair. At the Apollo, I had a big break! When the Evaluator's Course first came out it was priced at $1,500 but after a couple of months the price was raised to $5,000. Flag Treasury checked it out and I enrolled the last week of the $1,500 pricing so I only owed Flag $1,500, a figure I could live with. Incidentally, they did not pro rate the course and lower the figure because I was routed off after only 3weeks. I tried for that and it was denied. Normally, I would have been able to complete the course at my land based Org and by writing a CSW explaining I had already payed the Apollo, the chances were very good that I would not have to pay for it but the fact the course was now $5,000 changed the equation. In any case, I wanted to do tech training not the Evaluators course as my first action back in good standing.

    CCLA'S BILL - When I came to CCLA I was pretty well off financially. I was single and had about $16,000 in my savings account or about 80K in today's money. Most of the staff were in their early 20's and had no money. I spent about $6,000 in services at CCLA and then quit my job to join the Sea Org. While in the Sea Org, I spent $8,000 to purchase expanded Dianetics based on a talk Yvonne gave the staff about her wins on XDN. In addition, I owned a car and used my car to go all around for CCLA, picking up supplies, etc. and I paid all my own gas. I also loaned my car to others on many occasions to pick people up from the airport, etc.. What is more, I purchased supplies for the Org out of my own money on several occasion when the Income was low. Not only that but I was the perfect staff member. I stabilized a shaky treasury division into a very stable unit and I was wearing multiple hats, disbursements and RAM for awhile. I was never ill, never missed a muster, worked late into the night etc. etc.. When I got my CCLA bill, it was somewhere between $8,000 and $11,000, I forget the exact amount. I DID NOT WANT TO PAY THIS BILL as I figured I was already in exchange with CCLA. I wrote a CSW to LRH stating the facts and offered to work 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday for one year in lieu of paying CCLA more money as I now only had $1,000 of my $16,000 left. I sent this on the SO1 line. LRH answered, "It is okay with me if Yvonne Jentzch will approve it." I went to see Yvonne and she just said, "Oh certainly, darling, I think it is fair and I'll approve your CSW immediately" I took me about 6 months to pay off the Excalibur and the Apollo working with my Dad and then I was eligible to route back on course. I did a course at CCLA first and then in January of 1976 I routed into ASHO Foundation to start on the Briefing Course.

    Everything went smoothly after that all the way up into the late 1980's as I progressed up the Bridge. There were two experiences which contained some bad moments and were the first things that planted the seeds for me to leave the Church. There was a 1977 trip to Flag in Clearwater and a 1989 reg cycle. I will cover these two events and then end of this Installment.

    MY 1977 TRIP TO CLEARWATER - My Dad's business was making money. I used LRH tech in running things and I think that helped me do well so I wish to give credit to LRH tech. By 1977 we had save up $22,000 in a reserve account at the business. I was friends with a family where 3 of the girls were opera singers, the Todhunters. I love classical music and am fascinated with the life and music of Mozart and I was very friendly with two ot the Todhunter sisters. The older sister, Susan, had already been to Flag and Joan was scheduled to go. They took me to see Gretchen and Fred Schwartz in the Flag reg office. THE TECH ESTIMATE - My folders were sent to Flag from AOLA for a tech estimate and then a CS CS'ed my folders and gave me a tech estimate to do L11 and L12. The tech estimate was for $12,000. I took the money from our business without telling my Dad, paid it and went to Flag. This was a huge step for me! $12,000 was a lot of money for me at the time and I was going to work hard when I returned and try to replace it so my Dad would never know I took it.

    When I arrived at Flag, they told me my folders would go to the CS and I would be given a tech estimate. I told them there was some mistake, that I already had a tech estimate to do 2 L's with set ups for $12,000. I waited for a day or so and then the registrars called me in and told me my tech estimate was for $28,000. I told them they were mistaken and I wanted to use the tech estimate and CS which Gretchen and Fred put together. They asked me the name of the CS and I told them I was never told his name. They told me to call Gretchen or Fred to find out the CSes name and they would check it out. I called Gretchen and Fred's number 6 times over the next two days and they were never in and would not return my messages.

    Finally, I was told that there was no record of any other CS in my folders and that I had to come up with more money or they would not take me in. I was literally shaking and I blurted out that I would just have to fly back to L.A. and leave the money on account. They said, maybe they could revise the tech estament. They came back a little later and told me they could get me in for $22,000 instead of $28,000. I said there was no way I could come up with $10K more. They got me to admit I had another $10k in savings. I countered that the money was my Dad's money and not mine to take. They insisted I call my parents, give up the withhold that I took the $12k already and get my parents to send the other $10 k. I was very uncomfortable doing this and they said, if you want to be OT and not have a bank, it was very minimal to do this; all I had to do was get my TR's in and confront my parents and intend to get the money. I finally called my parents. They did not care for Scientology but my Dad said he would wire the $10k immediately and that maybe I would learn something about life and trusting people too much from this cycle. The auditing was good and the service was very good and high ARC. My preps ran over so I was only able to get one L, L11. My auditor was Alex Siberski, I thought he was excellent. He was in great theta communication with me and read his meter perfectly and controlled the sessions expertly with very high ARC.

    When Flag was pretty new, in 1977, we public Pc's had loads of leisure time. We had a lounge where we played ping pong, chess and the like and we could go swimming all we wanted and also I played tennis and walked over a causeway to Clearwater beach many times. There was an LRH tape play every day in the Lounge and we had television sets in our rooms. There was a championship boxing match on one day and a group of us watched the fight.

    I enjoyed the amenities, the food and food service was great, the rooms were great, I met a lot of new people who were interesting and friendly. I practiced speaking German to a Swiss group who was there and to people from the very upstat Stuttgart Org. Willie Wilson, a millionaire, and his wife and a friend wanted to play bridge and I was the only person in the waiting room who knew the game so I took the 4th seat at a table of millionaires from Texas. The auditing was great and I loved everything except the money and being lied to by Gretchen and Fred Schwartz. I now know there never was another CS for $12k and the phoney CS was just a scam to get me there. My business was now completely broke and on shakey grounds but what Gretchen and Fred and all the Flag registrars and staff knew was that spending the money for C of S services was the most ethical thing a person could do and that they did the right thing in getting me to spend every dime in my business for this trip I could not really afford. Lying to get stats up was OK from their point of view!

    I am going to end off here and tell about the $65K reg cycle in 1989 in my next chapter.......
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  4. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good to get it out there!

    We have a fair amount in common, my friend! :melodramatic: :yes:

    Maybe after hearing about your $65K reg cycle, I'll tell about one of my own reg cycles and make you feel, if not better, at least not like the Lone Ranger! :p :eyeroll: :duh:

  5. Been Done Had

    Been Done Had Patron with Honors


    First welcome and second; I'm really enjoying your story, very well told. It's amazing how an abusive reg cycle is the begining of the end for so man people. Do carry on!
  6. HCObringOrder?

    HCObringOrder? Silver Meritorious Patron

    Ahh, Flag in the late 70s.
    When the city was still upset about the armed guards on the roof of the FH, and the huge amount of tax money that was removed by the purchase of 5 major properties.

    Thank you for your sharing.
  7. HCObringOrder?

    HCObringOrder? Silver Meritorious Patron

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  8. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days 1973-Part 5-The $65,000 Reg Cycle

    After returning from my Oct 1977 stay at Flag, I pretty much concentrated on my business for a few months trying to restore money back into our Reserve Account. I felt I was out exchange in using my Dad's half of the reserves for Flag. Things remained quiet for 6 or 7 months and then I received a phone call from one of the head registrars, David Light. David said that my L11 auditor Alex Sibersky had been declared an SP and was off loaded and that Flag was calling back all his PC's to do the level again. I protested that I thought Alex did a great job on me and I attained the EP of L11 and besides I did not have any money at this time. David said that under the circumstances, FLAG WAS GOING TO RE AUDIT ME ON L11 AT THEIR OWN COST!

    YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, FLAG OF THE LATE 1970'S WAS MUCH MORE IN EXCHANGE THAN TODAY'S FLAG. They delivered the service over to me at no charge! I asked if they would comp my air fare and accomodations but David said that I would have to pay for that. I went back to Flag about a month after that call and got L11 again. I had a female auditor who was tall and had blue eyes. She was very good and very professional. I did a list and we found no out tech on Siberski's auditing. The 2nd time through different items read and I ran different stuff. The level took less time than in '77 but I had some wins and was very satisfied.

    On the routing form out, I was supposed to see someone in Div 6 to get an FSM pack and get mini-hatted on being a Flag FSM. I waited for her in a waiting room and who walks in but Sandy Wilhere, the viscious bitch who was my senior as programs chief on the Apollo. She did not recognize me and I was trembling a little being in her presence. I mentioned that I knew her and she asked from where and I told her. She was very vapid at the time and did not have a dedicated glare but rather a glassy eyed demeanor. It didn't seem like she remembered anything of our incident but as we talked over the FSM hatting, I perceived that it came back to her that our time together was confrontational. I finished up with her and completed the routing form,

    If I met Sandy Wilhere or Sue Anderson today I would get right in their faces and yell that they f''d my over back in 1973. I would also strike them, either a hard slap to their faces or a punch in their stomachs or both. I have so much charge on these two people that even 35 years later and after auditing these events numerous times and doing NOTS, I still have enormous charge on this. Violence does not have to be used, perhaps a Knowledge Report or somesuch thing would suffice. Even though my feelings seem reactive and they may well be, I think that punching these 2 bitches is the appropriate action and the appropriate tone level to deal with how they treated me.
    Oddly, I do not feel the same about Maria Starkey. She was viscious as well but with her we were one on one and no one else heard us and I did not just sit there and take it but I stood up for my rights. I think the Code of Honor applies with Wilhere and Anderson and the fact that I took their crap in stride without standing up for myself while all my peers saw me being degraded may stay with me the rest of my days.

    After the second trip to Flag and returning home, the Purif came out and I did it at ASHO and in 1979 I got a phone call from Richard Royce. He was an artist I had met at CCLA. He was OT and was one of the better people I have met in my life. He told a thing called NOTS just came out and that LRH had "done" it. He said that everything you always wanted out of Scientology and never fully got was now avaible on NOTS. He urged me to get down there and get it. I did go down in "79 or '80 and start on NOTS. At the beginning, I loved it and had feelings similar to Richard's.

    In Mid 1980 I went back to ASHO for more training and did the Ethics and Justice Specialist course which required me to intern under Bobby Shaffner.

    While doing this, a girl showed up who was late for course and I was told to handle her. It turned out I had met her 5 years earlier when I visited my brother at the Denver Org. We started dating and got married in 1981. In 1982 we had a Son and in 1987 our daughter was born. With two kids and a mortgage, I eased off on my training although I still did courses, but I concentrated on raising a family. I wish to state that the gains I made from having children and being a Father and being married were enormous. Here is another area where I do not support the current C of S position. To them, marriage and parenthood are sort of an annoying Dev-T that interfere with stats and cost the Orgs money. It is reduced to being the parent of a genetic carbon oxygen engine which they feel is meaningless. To me, my greatest joy in life was raising those kids, watching them learn, going on outings with them, steering them through troubled events, participating in their schools, after school activies and the piano lessons, soccer practice, etc. Now that they are grown up they are two fine young adults but I miss taking them on their various outings.

    THE $65.000 REG CYCLE - Toward the end of 1987, I was in good financial shape. I had refinanced our home and pulled out $25,000 and was trying to buy a fixer upper home and turn it over to make a profit, partly for more NOTS and to get my wife on NOTS. I had combined a first and second mortgage into an extremely low interest 1st with a very low payment. My credit rating was very good. I wanted to borrow $5,000 from an acquaintance, Chris Lucas, to complete the amount on account at AOLA so I could complete my NOTS at AO. Chris ran right to the Flag registrars and told them I had $25 k I wanted to use on a non Scientology venture and needed to borrow $5k to up my AOLA account to do more NOTS. The was a team of 3 registrars, Wendy, JoAnne and Robin Filios. They immediate contacted me and wanted to get together to talk over a big Flag package. I discussed it with my wife and we agreed that we did not want a big Flag cycle at this time. Our daughter was only 2 months old and was breast feeding and we wanted to turn over a fixer upper home to get more money under our belt before we looked at any major flag cycles. I told this to Wendy or JoAnne.

    About a week later on a WEDNESDAY night (Thursday is stat day), I got home from work and was going to go work out at the gym and for some reason I decided not to go. God, I wish I would have gone to the gym. Around 7 PM our doorbell rings and it is 3 registrars showing up unannounced and we lived 27 miles from the ORG. They wanted to meet with me one on one and I had not eaten yet and they invited to take me to a restaurant. My wife objected and made it known in no uncertain terms that we did not want to spend any money that night. She could not go because of the two month old Daughter and 4 year old Son. She got me to promise that I would not buy or sign anything and got the reges to promise not to strong arm me.

    We got to the restaurant at 8 PM and were there until 2:00 AM when the restaurant was closing and asked us to leave. The 3 of them triple teamed me and just kept coming after me with different sales pitches for nearly 6 hours. They got Fred Schwartz on the phone at AOLA and he regged me for about 30 minutes on the phone. They had put together a $65,000 package which included $12,000 to Wise so as to shore up my business, $4,000 for lifetime IAS memberships for me and my wife, about $20k to AOLA for wife's bridge (she was currently a Clear from Dianetics and no OT levels) and just under $40,000 for me to complete NOTS at Flag. After 6 hours, and knowing that I had to get up at 7:00 AM and face a big day at work, I CAVED IN TO THEM AND AGREEDTO THE CYCLE. We had to refi our home and take every available amount of cash out of it though Chris Lucas's loan company. Our house payment was hundreds and hundreds of dollars higher for 30 years. Ultimately, a recession hit in the 1991 period and we lost our house because I could not keep up the payments.

    THE 3 REGISTRARS - Robin Filios is one of the finest people I have ever met.
    I think she realized right away that this reg cycle was not really ethical. She pulled out of the 3 reg team and moved back East to her home state. The other two, Wendy and Joanne I view as DB's. I started shunning them when I passed them at AOLA and Joanne got into comm with me. I told her we lost the house and she admitted that what she did was an overt against me and she proudly stated that she had written up her overts in an ethics cycle. I said, "Great, you wrote up your overts, and me and my family lost our house so now we are even." Wendy never got in comm with me about the cycle. I finally decided the best policy is for me just to say Hi! cheerfully and wave to them but to never converse with them and that is what I began doing after my talk with JoAnne. Wendy is OT VIII and one of the top FSM's in the USA according to the promo I still receive. That matters not to me. To me she is still a rude, pushy Degraded Being. Thank goodness I haven't been in to an Org in about 7 years so I no longer have to see their faces!

    Well, that is it for this Chapter. Next chapter to come soom.......
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  9. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for your story - it brings back so many memories of reges I tangled with who were just interested in getting their hands on money that other people couldn't afford.

    Looking forward to more :drama:
  10. EP - Ethics Particle

    EP - Ethics Particle Gold Meritorious Patron

    David Light

    Re David Light,

    If that chicken-fucker is not dead already - and I ever get him within reach...well, it will not be pretty! :no: :nervous::grouch: :angry:

  11. Been Done Had

    Been Done Had Patron with Honors


    Wow. Sorry you had to go through that. An abusive reg cycle lies at the heart of so many disaffections.

    First Scientology finds your ruin, then Scientology ruins you.

    It's the classic example of how the church eats its seed corn because of the Thursday at 2 mentality. Had they encouraged you to go through with your real estate venture, and flown power to you instead of ripping the cash that would change your life out of your hands, they might still have a paying customer.

    Those were the old Micheal Silverman dragon slaying days of "get up the bridge no matter what." Think of all the people who traded a college education for an FPRD cycle, or an OT3 package. Then they get regged on a huge book cycle break the package and never do services.:duh:

    There is absolutely no eye towards long term life programming in Scientology. How freaking scary powerful would the church be today if instead of the hit and run this week's GI reg cycles, they sat down with you and battleplanned a life strategy to maximize your career and business path then reaped the long term, down range rewards. You give someone a life and they'll give it back.

    Ruin them for a few bucks this week and you will lose them forever.:no:

    Anyway, sorry about the rant, but this is something I have seen time and time again. I'm sure you got stroked for being such an upstat being. But that wears off quick. I have seen a lot of these reg cycles first hand and know that once there is blood in the water, no one makes the beach alive. You never had a chance.

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  12. HCObringOrder?

    HCObringOrder? Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sandy Wilhere, wife of Hugh Wilhere. He was then a Bureau chief in the Flag GO. I wondered then why she was such a sour puss. Hugh was just as solemn.
  13. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Great story, lkwdblds. Brings back memories -- not all bad ones, but I'm glad that's all behind me now.

    BTW, HCOBO, Sandy was Greg Wilhere's wife. Hugh is Greg's brother, I knew them all in DC.

  14. HCObringOrder?

    HCObringOrder? Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thank you Lynn. :D
    I remembered Greg later in the evening, and thought to my self that someone would catch that. This is where I get into trouble with names.

    Now I am trying to recall if I mixed up Greg with Hugh in the GO post.

    Also, good to see you again Lynn. :happydance:
  15. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Good to be here. :thumbsup:

  16. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days-Part 6-The 1990's

    I want to say one thing about the $65,000 package, specifically the $12,000 that went to WISE to boost my business. WISE did work with me and they did generate a product but it did not have much of an impact on my business. First of all, they were billing on a very high hourly rate, and the $12,000 went down like water through a seive. For example, say their fee was $150 per hour and they sent a two man team to my office for one 8 hour day, that would burn up $2,400. I do not remember the exact fee but it was something in that range. All they did was develop an Org Board for my business and provide hat packs for each post. The products were good as far as they went. I had about 6 employees, 3 salesmen, 1 secretary, 1 job superintendent and a purchasing officer. No one except the secretary would agree to read the pack for his or her hat. The WISE $12,000 did not improve the company.

    I went to Flag in 1991 and 1992 to receive NOTS. Personally, I got a lot out of my NOTS sessions. The sessions were short and I had several each day and each session ended with a floating TA. I felt like I was changing for the better and could project my intention better.

    I SEE A GOOD FRIEND FOR THE LAST TIME - In 1992 I had not seen the <name redacted> for a long time, Susan since maybe 1979 and Joan since 1984.
    One day I was standing in the lobby of the Fort Harrison and a beautiful stunning blond girl got out of the elevator. I though, "Wow she looks like Susan <name redacted> used to look in the 1970's but it couldn't be Susan because Susan is in her mid 40's now and would not look like that any more." The girl looked up and saw me and shouted out my name and ran over and hugged me. It was Susan! She said she was there for auditing. I remarked how youthfull she looked and she told me she was 46 now. I told her that she had somehow beat the aging process because she looked about 28 and looked like a cover girl. We talked several times about her family, her singing career and about our mutual love of opera. I returned to L.A. and about 8 months later I was having a meal in a restaurant and noticed Ralph <name redacted> wife (he was her brother) at the table next to ours. I started talking to her and right away she told me that Susan had died of cancer.
    My stomach dropped and tears came to my eyes. Recently reading about deaths in Scientology, it mentions that Susan had received "end of life auditing." I was very surprised that someone could look vibrant and healthy as she did and be dead from cancer 6 months later.

    I returned home and went to my local Org and did the Academy levels there around late 1994 or early 1995. I also redid the PTS/SP Course because I seemed to be constantly hooking up with dishonest people and it seemed like I had a chronic PTS problem.

    THE GOLDEN AGE OF TECH - I finished the PTS/SP course and I was going to interne on the Academy Levels when Golden Age came out. I was told that the Interneship was in the process of being changed to Golden Age format and that I should take the PTS/SP Course Golden Age style in the meantime.
    I protested that I had just completed that course for the 2nd time but I was assured that doing something Golden Age style was much different than the older style. I was curious and took the bait.

    GOLDEN AGE - BOTH A LOVE AND A HATE PROPOSITION. I read the history of Golden Age and how it was developed and how the "why" was "The Blind Leading the Blind." At the time I agreed with this because when I was on the Academy Levels I often coached another person on something I was not 100% sure of and there were times I felt I might be comitting an overt by doing so. In any case I HATED the sections where one would sit on a chair and say things into a wall for hours, trying to totally memorize large sections of text. I had terrible physcial reactions doing this and my case was heavily restimulated. I had concluded that rote memory was not a valid way to educate, There were only a few isolated instances where it had any validity, such as doing a Chinese school drill on learning the Org Board. Having done the Student Hat Course, I knew LRH put down rote memory many times. Being forced to do this for hours made me want to blow. On the other hand I loved using the drill packs. It was fun and sort of a cookie cutter and fast way to learn something. At the end of the course, I felt like I had learned the material much better GOLDEN AGE style than I had learned it before. The thing I found out though is about a month after the course is over, if you are not constantly using the course materials in life, all the rote memory stuff drops away and you do not remember hardly any of it.

    Since then, I have read some stuff on the Internet by people much more highly trained than myself, such as a certain well known Class XII and he points out the fallacies of Golden Age. Even so, I think that the drill packs are a good thing to assist learning when properly used. I hate the rote memory drills so much that it was enough to drive away from taking courses.
    The well known Class XII states that the "blind leading the blind" is a situation and not a "why". He says the next thing an evaluator should do is to ask, why are the blind leading the blind and then find out what is making that situation occur or find the "why" behind that non optimum state of affairs and design a program around correcting that "why".

    This is a good point to sign off. The next installment will definitely be the last of my story and will focus on another bad "reg cycle" in 1999 where the registrar pulled the exact same scam on me as Gretchen and Fred did in 1977, that of lying and saying that a CS had already been done when it hadn't and then the "coup de grace" where the Orgs roughed up my children and pulled their usual self righteous crap on my kids!! As my story shows, I was roughed up by various Orgs and kept coming back for more, time after time
    but when they started jerking my kids around it was "Sayonara Babby" Me and my whole family are out of here!!!
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  17. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

    :bigcry: :melodramatic: :duh: :angry:
    Eagerly awaiting the final conclusion. :drama:
  18. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days-Part 7-Don't mess with my kids

    In 1999 I was approaching 60 years old and I had been suffering from high blood pressure since 1986 and an enlarged prostate gland. I remember discussing with my Mom in the mid 70's that I was a Dianetic completion and I had received 300 hours of expanded Dianetics, a brand new technology at that time. I told Mom that I did not believe I would age but that I could keep my body youthful indefinitely. My Mom just laughed and said, "You are going to age, you'll see." She was right! It is true I was a bit different than most in that I looked about 10 years younger, I had a lightning quick memory and a very youthful voice and attitude and my years in C of S were probably the reason for these benefits. I would talk to someone on the phone and they would think I was in my 20's or 30's. Anyhow, my weight had balooned to 240and my blood pressure situation was becoming critical so I went to a WOG doctor and they gave me about 5 various pills to take. These bills brought down my blood pressure but they had a devastating effect on my mind. The razor sharp memory I was so proud of was knocked out by the drugs. Taking them, it was like I was walking in a vapor, I could not remember names, faces, where I put my keys, what appointments I had been on yesterday. In the meantime, I was on course at my local Org. There were two Flag registrars there and I talked to them and of course they insisted that I go to Flag to get the siruation handled.

    I was an interned Dianetic auditor and I knew I could not get into session if I was taking prescription drugs. One of the reges, call him Bozo, asked me for a list of the drugs with the dosages. I supplied this and he said he was going to submit it to "the C/S" to see if I could receive auditing. HE STRESSED THAT AUDITING WOULD ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING CONDITIONS OF WHY I WAS TAKING THE DRUGS, i.e. why I was predisposed to need the drugs. Once this was found and addressed in auditing I would no longer need the drugs! I once again took the bait and agreed that this sounded good. Guess what the "CS" said as to whether I could be audited or not, Did the "CS" stick to policy and say I could not get in session? Time's up, OF COURSE I WAS TOLD, "CONGRATULATIONS, THE CS HAS SAID YOU CAN RECEIVE AUDITNG! I was off to Flag again.

    When I arrived, I had a D of P interview. I thought people there were expecting me and I would be set up with an auditor because I had a limited time to be there. WRONG! Nobody was told I was coming! They didn't know what to do with me, they were not set up to handle me and guess what, my folders were buried in the archives, inactive since 1992 and, oh yes, THERE WAS NO C/S! I forgot to mention that I told Bozo that I would not go until he gave me the C/Ses actual name because of the stunt Fred and Gretch had pulled on me in 1977. Bozo said he could not give me that information and then asked me if I was calling him a liar and saying that I don't trust him. I said no but I don't want a repeat of 1977 and I would sure like the name. He gave me some story of why he was not at liberty to give it to me and I said, okay I trust you and I'll go. STUPID MISTAKE BY ME.

    I did not bring my meds and stopped taking them 5 days before arriving at Flag so the Real CS insisted that I immediately purchase my meds in Florida and start taking them before they could do anything else with me. The D of P then put me on a routing form to see the Ethics department, see the medical officer, see the Chaplain, go to the Scientology run "Walk In Medical Clinic" and get a prescription from them so that I could buy the meds in Florida. I WAS ON THIS ROUTING FORM FOR A WEEK, BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN THESE TERMINALS. The MLO (Medical Liason Officer). She was touting Adelle Davis Books from the 1970"s and had me read some chapters. This is because LRH mentions Adelle Davis in some old PL's as being the best of the non Scientology healing sources. 30 year old books, give me a break!

    While doing the main routing form, all Flag public had to do a second routing form and go see reps from THE SUPERPOWER BUILDING, the IAS, WISE, CCHR, NARCONON, APPLIED SCHOLASTICS AND last but not least THE SEA ORG RECRUITER. I paid $1,000 towards the Super Power Bldg (They started at $40k, dropped to $5K and took $1K. I also paid money to the IAS. The Sea Org Recruiter had me watch a video and crush reged me to rejoin on and on and would not take no for an answer. I finally told her that I had a Psych history and took tranquilizers in the 1960's and then she quickly signed off my routing form. Finally at the end of the week, I got my new meds.

    I went back and told the D of P, a real nice German lady about my age, that I was now taking my meds and was ready to start my program. She turned in the info to the real CS and told me to come back in a few hours and see what the CS said. I returned in the afternoon and guess what the C/S said, "I WAS INELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE AUDITING BECAUSE I WAS TAKING DRUGS." This was exactly what I had told Bozo back at the beginning of the reg cycle!! I asked the D of P why the C/S just did not tell me this at the beginning of the cycle and spare me a full week of chasing around on a routing form and purchasing the meds in Florida. She felt sympathy for me and said she did not know. The C/S did recommend that I begin the road back by going into my local Org and getting various types of auditing assists. SO MUCH FOR THE MECCA OF TECHNICAL PERFECTION. I PRETTY MUCH DECIDED I WOULD NEVER BE BACK.

    I was still on course at the local Org and I had finished one course Golden Age style and was scheduled to start the PRO TR's Course. I realized there was no way I could do TR's while on these powerful medications and I was getting fed up with C of S anyway so I went in and told them I wanted to route out on a medical leave until my blood pressure was handled. I did the routing form and left properly. It was estimated I would be back on course in 6 months but I've never returned. I still take the meds to this day. The good news is that the body develops a tolerance for them over time and my memory has come back to about 85% of what it was. Put another way, my memory of the past is 100% or more but short term memory is maybe 65%, things like remembering where I place my keys or cell phone.

    Its funny, I was able to take a lot of hard knocks from the Orgs, still enjoy what I perceived to be wins, and come back for more. When my kids got on lines, they started getting jerked around and my tolerance was not there. One or two major screw ups by the Orgs and we were all gone for good.

    MY SON - We wanted him to do the Sudent Hat as we thought it would better him for his future education. The Org wanted him to do the Purif and he did it and liked it. He had dropped out of high school at 15 and we were crushed and after the purif he was recruited for Org staff and joined. He was doing great there and moved up the Org board and was selected to train at Flag for a year to the post of "Magistrate" and come back to the Org as a Flag trained Senior Exec. It was about 2 months before he was to turn 16.
    There was an issue of his not being 16 yet but the local Org and Bozo and the other Flag reg were behind it so they had him do a CSW to go and the Local Org's Executive Director, the Flag Reps at the Local Org and Flag all approved the CSW. It took about one month to find a replacement for his post and the Org purchased an airplane ticket for him and we were told to purchase him a wardrobe for Florida where it is much more humid than California. We spent $700 on luggage and a wardrobe and finally his day of departure was upon us. We were told to be at the Org by Noon to drive him to the airport. I showed up on time and my wife, who supposedly could not get off work to be there did show up and they were all standing near the snack machine area at the org with my Son, one of the Flag reges and my Son's buddies everyone in good spirits to wish my son bon voyage. The Flag guy told me a problem had developed a few minutes before I arrived. The OSA rep at the local Org had written on a small scrap of paper that my Son could not go because he was under 16 ( he was now 1 month short). I said to the Flag guy, "Wasn't that issue already handled amongst all the various entities by the approved CSW?" and he answered that he thought it was. I asked why the OSA person did not bring this up earlier as an issue, why did she wait until the ticket was purchased and he was set to leave. The Flag guy did not know. After about 30 more minutes, the Flag guy said it did not look good and the OSA lady would not relent and Flag could not overrule her.
    The news got out that the trip was cancelled and that the Flag guy was still trying to handle the problem but there was nothing more he could do but wait. The happy smiling group of 15 or 20 people just kind of wandered away from us without anyone saying a word and suddenly my Son, wife and I were standing alone abondoned by everyone. My wife got in to se the ED and demanded to talk to the OSA rep and the ED said there was nothing he could do and she refused to speak to us. We were heartbroken and me and my wife left and my Son went back and resumed his old post but he was shaken to his core.

    MY DAUGHTER - She was 4 1/2 years younger than my Son. We wanted her to do the Student Hat. I would no longer deal with the Local Org after my Son's fiasco so I enrolled her at CCLA for the Student Hat. It was 30 miles drive for me to take her there. The course started at 9:30 AM and ran to 5:30 PM. She was entolled for Saturdays and Sundays and I would drive her there and bring all my papers from work in a large briefcase and do my business in the CCLA snack / luncheon out building they had. My daughter would come down and join me at lunch break and then she would come down after course and we would drive home. For 3 weeks, everything went well. The fourth week, she did not come down for Lunch. I thought maybe she made a new friend and was eating with someone else. When 5:30 came around, she did not come down. I waited about 15 minutes and then went up to the course room. The supervisors and a few students were still in the room chatting and I asked where my daughter was. At first no one knew but then someone mentioned that at Lunch Break Dave Petit, the ED had come in to address all the children in the class about joining the Sea Org. The kids were given something to eat and then paired off with young Sea Org recruiters and were taken out of the Org to some other buildings several blocks away. I can not express what kind of feelings I felt having my 12 year daughter taken off course and moved to another building without my knowledge or permission. My entire psyche was in a state of turmoil. I was being bypassed on my Father hat when I was in an extremely high condition on that hat! I demanded to have my daughter brought to me at once but no one knew where she was. I was told to check at the front reception desk and they might know who was handling her cycle. Front reception did not know but the person there thought of someone who might have the answer. That person said something like, "I think she is with Jenny over at blah de blah building. They started making calls and finally, at 7:00 PM, an hour and half after course ended, they found where my daughter was. Jenny was told to bring her back immediately because her Dad is very upset. Jenny said they needed to finish a cycle she was on and would be back in about 20 minutes. I said I wanted to talk to Petit or some senior Exec about this and I was told that I couldn't do so. I was told to write up a KR on it if I was upset. I did see my registrar, Cath Garcia, whom I knew from 1971 at CCLA and was still there, and I told her that this type of stunt was totally out Ethics and somebody was going to be disciplined. I paid to put my daughter on Course and drove her here and back twice a week and instead of delivering the Course which is your part of the deal you bypass me and subject her to a recruiting cycle. Kathy said to write a KR which I did but telling a Sea Org member that recruiting your kid while she is on course is out ethics is like talking to the wall. They feel that recruiting a kid is totally ethical and that if you object to it you are engaging in a Suppressive action. I wrote several KR's and they were answered with platitudes. The Org saw nothing wrong in what they did, after all their own Executive Director instigated and carried out the deed and the responses to my KR's were just platitudes. They were not willing to correct anybody or change the method of operating.

    Driving home I decided that I was never going back to CCLA and that I could no longer support C of S. I would never attack them but I was no longer going to have anything to do with the Orgs. Keep in mind that I had never read anything on the internet about C of S. I was not until 5 years later that I began reading the internet about Scientology.

    There were many more things which happened to my Son, some equally as disgusting as what I described above. No need to delve into them. The one incident involving my Son and one involving my Daughter are enough to illustrate my point. I am proud that I figured out that I was going to opt out of organized Scientology before I read stuff on the internet.

    That is the end of my Scientology story as far as my actual participation in the church. I wrote it because I needed to "debrief" and get it off my chest and because maybe some of the information might be helpful to others. To me it is a "human interest" story. I've had some great comments from several people who have read it. I was thinking of doing one last chapter which would be a Summation of what is both good and bad in Scientology and how some things have changed over the 39 years covered by this story and some things have stayed the same. If I do it, I want to put in some of the comments I have received from others which have made an impression on me.
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    It's certainly a human interest (as opposed to the superhuman) story. Thanks for telling it.

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