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The Little Thread Which Grew - the Apollo '73 to Everything But

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by lkwdblds, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. CornPie

    CornPie Patron Meritorious

    Q1: Which, if any, of these 6 employees were scientologists (scn) at that time?

    Q2: If some employees were "not" scn's; 1) were they being proselytized at work, 2) were they proselytized or later "followed up on" by the wise people, 3) was scn "in their face" in the workplace, with scn jargon being spoken, and/or scn materials lying around, or any other method of proselytization (please specify)?

    Q3: Was the company run in any scn fashion? If so, did the 5 employees know of such scn fashion "before" they were hired? Did these employees perceive that anything occurred under false pretenses?

    Q4: Did the "hats" that wise provided (which the 5 employees wouldn't agree to reading) contain references to scn? In fact were the hats even generated specifically for each post, or were they pre-printed materials?

    Q5: Had you ever heard of employees not reading their hats before that time, or did the "wise" people advise you of the percentages of "no improvement for the company" when you signed up with them?

    Q6: You mentioned that 5 of the employees would not, "agree to" read the pack for his or her hat. What would them "agreeing" have entailed? Their signature on an agreement before reading the pack, their non-disclosure, any sort of legal agreement, them needing to show up at another location (if so where), a payment from them, or something else (if so please specify)? Could they have taken the pack home, showed it to their family/friends, browsed the pack out in the car during lunch, or sat down "at work" to read the "pack", when they got around to it, at their leisure, without anyone in their presence? How many pages long (roughly) were the packs; 10, 100, an urban phone book? How much time (roughly) would it have taken for each employee to read their pack; minutes, hours, days, weeks, lifetimes?

    Q7: As the owner, how could you have expected anything pertinent to specific job functions; with only 2 people, spending 8 hours, regarding the hats for your 6 employees? What were those 2 wise people doing there for their 8 hour periods? Did the time they spent occur all in one setting, or was it over a period over a period of days?

    Q8: Did wise conduct individual interviews with each of the 6 employees? If so, were these interviews held in private, at another location (if so please specify), or out in the open at your business, in order that the next person in line might be able to openly overhear the conversation? Did you know in advance what the interviews entailed? Were E-Meters involved in any way in the wise equation?

    Q9: You said that wise charged the business $12K (US) for 6 people. That sounds line $2K apiece. Was that the pricing structure? I'm just curious; were you anticipating a return on investment (ROI) of something, in addition to more productive employees, such as a commission of their purchases if they became scn's? How do you recon wise would answer the previous question?

    Q10: How long had the 5 employees been working there before wise showed up? How long did they remain employed there after wise left? Were these people employed part time, or were they full time positions? How old were these people? Were they students, single, or were they the bread winner for a family?

    Q11: I've heard of the "wise" operation before, and I think there might be some sort of an association with scn. But what's the story with "wise"?
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  2. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader


    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.
  3. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    My Dad, a non scientologist, was the founder of the company. When I joined upon leaving the Apollo, I tried to put in some of the admin tech I knew into the running of the place. At that time, it was just me, my Dad and a secretary. My Dad and the secretary did not use Scientology, I tried informally to use the Scientology I knew in doing my job.

    15 years later when WISE came in, it had grown to my Dad, me and 6 employees, non of which were Scientologists. You did not read my posting thouroughly, I say very clearly that they charged about $150 per hour for their time. They did not charge $2,000 per employee, just an extremely high fee for the "man-hours" they expended. They did not bill by result only by hours. If your hours run out in the middle of an action they immediately stop just as in auditing. I believe that in the early days of Dianetics and Scientology some services were sold by result. It was successful for a while but it wasn't workable on certain types of actions so LRH made a switch to billing by the intensive in 12 1/2 or 25 hour blocks. I can not give you an exact reference but I remember reading that in the PABS or Tech Volumes.

    Someone from the local Org's Div 6 was willing to come out and spend about two hours a day, once or twice a week to help hat these people. They stated the materials were by L. Ron Hubbard and that they were from C of S. One male employee refused to come to their meetings and said he did not want to get involved with Scientology. The secretary cooperated and tried to learn her hat. The 3 Salesmen had very high stats selling and they were prima dona's. They came to the first meeting and they had nothing against Scientology but they did not feel they needed the training because they all were making lots of sales.

    The Superintendent was busy out in the field and only came to the Office in the early morning and returned in the late afternoon and did not think he could spare the time to do the training or that it applied to him.

    The $12,000 was used up in about 2 weeks and WISE wanted more money, many thousands more to continue with us. I appreciated the Org Board and the hat packs but did not think they were worth any where near $12,000. I did not try and force the non Scientologist employees to take this training. Had I done so, they might have quit. We were out of money due to recently purchasing the $65,000 package.

    You asked whether I expected a return on my investment. What do you think? That was a stupid question. $12,000 was big money for a small business in the late 80's. With that money we could have bought a new truck, run a big advertising campaign, hired another worker or done any number of other things to improve my business. The 3 Registrars in their sales pitches assured me that for $12,000 WISE could completely invigorate my business, revitalize it and cause a huge increase in profits. They induced me with a salespitch which was not the truth. In retrospect, having $12,000 hours at their disposal which is only 80 man hours, I think WISE should have collected all our stats for the last 6 months, analyzed the trends and what condition we were in and then done an "Eval" to find the "why" for the most important down statistics and created a program to handle that why. That approach would have had a far better chance of success than robotically burning up the available funds by doing Org Board and Hat write ups without knowing anything about the conpany.

    I am sorry, I am not going to answer those other question as I do not feel they are relevant to the WISE expenditure of funds which I made.
  4. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

    Wow, lkwdblds. Thanks for your human interest story. It is a valuable asset to this board.
  5. CornPie

    CornPie Patron Meritorious

    Thank you, perhaps others will copy/paste/answer the questions, somewhere else on this message board, pertaining to their personal experience as an employee (or owner) at a company, once WISE was introduced.

    PS: I enjoyed reading your story.

    PPS: Actually I asked, "were you anticipating an ROI, *IN ADDITION* to more productive employees, such as a commission of their purchases if they became scn's". Because scientology was in the equation, and since they LIE so often, it's "smart" to be wary of their stories. I was considering my situation; where a scn LIED that he had a paying position for me, after which I quit my previous job, and he used the situation to proselytize scn in hopes of making 10% off of my scn purchases, and paid me nothing during my month of "employment", with other examples in "my story".

    PPPS: I'm aghast with your examples of scn LIES and mind-screwing earlier in this thread where scn; 1) told you to fly somewhere, having intentionally quoted (and later admitted) you a low-ball priced service, then increased the price "after" you arrived, 2) fly somewhere, then told you to spend even more money on meds, jacked you around for a week, then said fly home you don't qualify the service you flew here for, 3) accepted your child, then refused him at the 11th hour, waiting until after you had already purchased the airline ticket, and waiting to drop the final shoe until you were nearing departure, 4) withheld your passport so you couldn't get home from over-seas and (I suspect) manipulated/bribed/whatever'd the US State Dept of that country into denying you a new passport so you couldn't "blow" away from scn. I may not have gotten all the facts spot-on here, but I'm pretty sure it was close. I'm so happy (I say sarcastically) that by scn's definition, they were just being "ethical" in all of the a fore mentioned situations. I will paraphrase a wise, and seasoned person here, "beware of scn's especially on Wednesday nights, with their stats are due". I love you man, yours is one of the best stories yet. Mo, mo, more.

    PPPPS: Thank you for answering my (previously listed) questions regarding WISE in your private message (PM) to me. I wish you would post those answers on this message board, for all to see. It would be even cooler if the question preceded each answer.
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  6. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    I left scientology, I thought for good, in 1976, but there was one week where a friend had talked me in to getting something at Flag. I think it was NOTS, but I don't remember. This was 1979.

    When I went to Flag in 1979 for auditing, I asked everybody at the dining table (there must have been 20 people I knew), if they had been reged for one amount and then told, when they got there that they needed another $20K or more for the auditing they needed.

    I gave the Flag people smiles and F/Ns, told them I'd be back in a month with more money. Routed out. Got home. Asked for my A/P back ($17K), and got it.
  7. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973 - The Prequel

    I wrote the last Installment of my story on March 11 of this year, 7 months ago. At that time, I was pretty new to this board having joined in February, 2009. I started the story in October, 1973 when I was a Sea Org member who was just transfered from CCLA to the Apollo. The last 7 months on ESMB have changed me drastically as to my knowledge and feelings about both LRH and Scientology. I had nearly 3 1/2 years in Scientology which I did not include in my story and those years were very interesting so with my new insights, I decided it would be appropriate to write a Prequel to the story, telling of the first three and one half years.


    Personal Background - I was born into a middle class family in Los Angeles and attended schools there. In grade school I was one of the top students and got straight A's. I had a very very happy childhood, took piano lessons, was in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and was very popular with the other kids. I had one younger brother and my parents were kind hearted people who were very responsible parents, though a little overly protective. They were just really good people, kind, caring and fun.

    The onset of puberty - My happy childhood ends My happy childhood came crashing down at the outset of puberty at age 11 1/2. A wet dream lead to my first ejaculation and I had no idea what it was and was afraid I had damaged my body so I kept it a secret and told no one. About a week later, I thought about the girl across the street, Joanie, again and whamo, another ejaculation. This started me on the road to introversion and self consciousness. At the age of 9 I was deemed to be near sighted and started wearing glasses and at 13, about a year and a half after I started masturbating, my parents had braces put on my teeth. A friend of mine, whom I still know, called me a "Four Eyed Monster with Silver Teeth".

    I became very self conscious and was withholding the masturbation from my friends and family. I did not know it was normal so I thought I had some kind of sickness. I was terrified of being around girls and tried to avoid them but fantasized about them at night. My Dad bought me a book, "For Boys Only" which covered the subject of masturbation with a 1950's slant which helped me a little. Anyway, I carried on through my teen-age years, very self conscious and considered myself ugly because of my glasses and braces. I had a circle of male friends and none of us were popular, cool or dating girls and we hung out at school, mainly discussing sports and betting small amounts on a weekly football or basketball pool. Can you say "NERD" because I and most of my buddies were nerds.

    My strengths at the time were that I was smarter than average and was always very good in math and arithmetic, plus I had an extremely good memory and memorized much of what I read, especially facts and figures. Actually, I was above average in looks, maybe a 7.5 to 8 on a 10 point scale but I didn't know it and thought I was ugly.

    My problem areas were not being able to have a girlfriend and not being popular and it really boiled down to having extremely low self esteem and self confidence.

    In my early 20's, using my Bachelor's degree in math, I obtained a computer programing job in the aerospace industry and started going to dances to meet girls. I got contact lenses and the braces had been removed years ago so I was pretty good looking and with a college degree and a good job, I was easily able to meet girls. I was still nervous around them and resorted to haviing a couple of beers or a mixed drink or two at parties or dances to loosen me up and when I did this, I was loose and relaxed and often could get to 1st base (kissing) or 2nd base (fondling) with various girls, some of them extremely attractive. It turned out I also had a good sense of humor and this was another asset that attracted women to me.

    I got to a point where I could pick the girl of my choice at a dance or party, have 3 beers or so to loosen up and then spend the evening dancing with her and usually get her to come to my apartment and make out. I became very good at this but the problem was that I was not usually being myself. I talked about superficial things, and tried hard to be interesting. Being a kind hearted person, I did show a genuine interest in the girl's interests but I was not really being myself and was not talking about deep seated beliefs but I was just carrying out a role, being phoney and trying to get sexual favors.

    In 1966 one girl recommended a book to me, "The Razor's Edge" by W. Somerset Maugham and this book caused a big change in my life. I began a four year period of reading all the classic books of literature, authors such as Sartre, Camus, Dostoyevki and the like. In the meantime I took a class in Zen Buddhism at U.C.L.A. evening extension and began meditating, Zen style.
    I loved my Zen meditation and it relaxed me to a great degree so that I did not always need 3 beers to loosen up to talk to girls. I changed employers to IBM Corporation as a Senior Staff Progammer and by the time I was 27, I was making $1,200 a month which is probably about $6,000 in todays' money. I was pretty well off for a single middle class guy and my expenses were low and I was saving a large portion of my salary. The stage was set for me to now discover Scientology and I did so.

    June 1970 - I meet Harry and am taken to an intro lecture
    Ken, who was one of my best friends and who I still know, told me about his cousin, Harry, who was in something called Scientology in New York City and was moving to L.A. to continue his Scientology studies at a place called ASHO. Earlier, I had just moved to a new luxurious apartment with my Brother and Ken and I decided we wanted to throw a party at my new place so Ken suggested that this Scientologist, his Cousin Harry, be invited. I asked Ken what Scientology was about and he said that according to Harry, it taught a person to communicate with anyone on any subject without any back off. I remarked to Ken that to me that did not seem like a big deal. I mentioned to Ken that I had stage fright when talking before a group and maybe I could take a class there that might help me.

    THE PARTY I was talking to various people at the party when I noticed a stranger coming in. He was a little on the short side, about 5' 7", wore glasses and while still young, he had a receeding hairline. I figured this must be Harry, Ken's cousin. Harry began at one corner of the living room and began talking to people. I immediately noticed he was different from anyone I had ever seen. When he talked to people his attention was rivited on them - he seemed totally immersed in what they were saying and he seemed with all his beingness to be trying to duplicate them. As he came around the room closer to me, I noticed that he would acknowledge every phrase which they uttered. His favorite acknowledgements were different than most people use, and were not uh huhs and grunts but he would say, "I got that" or I really got that!" or often say "okay" or "I really understand". I noticed that Harry mainly introduced himself, then the other person did most of the talking and Harry was mainly just acknowledging and these other people, really strangers to him, began telling him about intimate details in their lives and they would talk on and on to Harry while he just acknowledged. Somethimes they would ask him a question to get him to participate in the conversation and he would answer with overwhelming sincerity and his answer would seem like some incredible pearl of wisdom, almost poetic in nature. I stopped talking to everyone and just began watching Harry apply his communication skills. I could see he was doing something different in the way he was talking to people but I could not figure out what he was doing.

    Needless to say, he finally got to me and I was having a problem at work which I asked him about. He told me that Scientologists did not evaluate for a person but instead gave them the data to figure out the answers for themselves. He then invited me to an intro Lecture to be given at the Los Angeles Organization on June 5 and to be given by a man named Seton Thomas. Harry also invited my Brother and assured us that he would be there to meet us and make sure we got good seats and were handled with good service.
    My Brother and I were just blown away by Harry and a lot of the people at the party asked, "Who is that beautiful person, what an incredibly beautiful being.?"

    The L.A. Org was in a large vintage type two story house, probably built around 1919 or 1920. About 20 to 25 people attended the lecture. Seton Thomas was a nice looking guy who had just turned 40. Later in the lecture, he said that he went clear one year ago in 1969 so though his body was 40, he was really only one year old, dating from when he went Clear. He put on one hell of a great lecture. I found it amusing that he refered to his body as something different than himself. He would grab his waisteline which was flat and firm and say I dig my body, its cool but it isn't me. He covered the ARC triangle among other things. He also stated that L Ron Hubbard was in the first nuclear physics class in the USA and while all the other men taking the class had in mind creating the atomic bomb, L Ron Hubbard was the only one n the class who was using the data given there to free mankind. Seton, also talked of everything in the universe being made of MEST but that we thetans, a term he defined to us, were not in the MEST universe, that we were souls, not that we had a soul as Christianity states it but that man is his own immortal soul. He also had us close our eyes and look at a picture of a cat and then asked each of us 'who' was looking at the picture. When he mentioned that Scientology was a cousin of Buddhism which used similar principles but also used Western scientific technology then I WAS SOLD! I wanted to start my first course, HAS, and I wanted to start immediately

    What the Next Couple of Installments Will Contain
    Well, this will end the first installment of my prequel, I will take this up to October of 1973 when I left L.A. for the Apollo in Portugal. It won't be real long, maybe three or four more installments. After that, I will put this story to bed forever. Some real interesting stuff happened to me prior to going to the Apollo and there are some entertaining anecdotes. I am anxious to see if there will be much interest in reading this prequel.
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  8. Div6

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    The suspense is killing me...
  9. Lynn Fountain Campbell

    Lynn Fountain Campbell Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  10. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Lkwdblds, just caught up on your story and the first prequel and I am really enjoying it.

    You and I have been in the same orgs, but missing each other at least 3 times by only months so your details are quite familiar to me.

    I look forward very much to the rest of your human interest story:thumbsup:
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  11. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    DChoice, Lynn and Div 6

    Lynn - Good hearing from you again! Div 6 - Dittos!

    D Choice - interesting that we just missed each other at several Orgs, did you post a story about yourself or do you have a bio? I would be interested in reading your experiences which you say are similar to mine.
    Lakey (my nickname for Lkwdblds)
  12. _brian

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    :drama: Yes sir, Looking very much to reading more, please. :)
  13. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 2

    I signed up for the HAS course for $50 and was told to report for class the next night. I went there in the evening and routed on. The course room was well attended, perhaps 25 to 30 students on HAS and the Supervisor was Bill Fosdick. I was put onto TR 0 since they did not have OT TR 0 at that time. Fosdick went over the materials with me and spot checked me. He asked me what "anaten" (a Scientology word for doping off) meant. I told him it sounded like the word attenuate which was to lessen in intensity or fade out. I knew this from working in aerospace. He was extremely impressed that I knew this.

    There was one minor confrontation. My Brother and I could not show up for course the second night due to an earlier engagement we had. When we showed up the next night, we were scolded for not attending course and challenged as to where we had gone. I flashed back to the Supervisor, "Am I taking the Course or is the Course taking me?" I was sent to Ethics where I received a slap on the wrist and was told to always be on time to course. This incident does not seem like much but really it was very important. Control of my life and my time was starting to be taken away from me.

    I respected them for being disciplined and figured, Wow, this course must be very important if you have to come 5 nights a week with no exceptions. I never missed course again over the next 31 years!

    TR 0 - This was one of the best things for me that I have ever done. I was nervous around people, especially young women and I had trouble looking people in the eye. My time on TR 0 actually cured this problem which started in adolescence. I went through physical hell like most everyone else, unable to stop blinking, having tears roll down my face, itching, fidgeting, falling asleep etc. I finally passed my two hour confront and was ecstatic. My main benefits were now being able to confidently look people in the eye and improving my eyesight. In high school my glasses had 20-60 in one eye and 20-90 in the other, by 1970 when I was 30 years old, the figures had gotten worse, 20-90 in the good eye and 20-160 in the weaker eye. After completing TR 0 I was able to resume wearing glasses with my old high school prescription.

    I know a lot of you did not have a problem with being self conscious and looking people in the eye as I did and you did not get much out of TR 0 but for me, I was just raves about it. It helped me very much in an area where I was really screwed up.

    TR 0 Bullbait was fun and a lot of very funny things were said and done. There was a tendency to put on a comedy show and break up the entire room but we had to coach with reality and not be funnier than was necessary. I got something big out of each TR. The one that helped me the most to be more successful in life was TR 2, acknowledgements. On this drill I was able to understand what Harry was doing at the party and why perfect strangers would tell him their life stories and look to him for advice. I think that a lot of people on Earth are starved for someone to tell their story or thoughts to, especially someone who will really listen and then acknowledge them so they know that they were heard. Some people are excellent natural communicators and don't need these drills but for others, the TR's course for $50 was worth many many times more than that to us.

    TRs 3 and 4 were big for me, especially TR4 where another's originations were handled. I could see that Harry had all his TR's in extremely skillfully the night I met him. I was told that one learned TR's so that he or she could become an auditor, a practictioner of applying Scientology's therepeutic techniques to others. When I graduated HAS, I was put on an E Meter for the first ime and floated. I immediately decided I wanted to be an auditor.

    I did the HQS course next, I think this one was $100. On this course I got more data on the basics of Dianetics and Scientology and some of the stuff which Seton had talked about at the intro lecture.

    THE FIRST BIG STEP-THE Dianetics Course and Academy Level Package-$1300 - I had been hooked and Scientology was becoming my life. Upon completing, HQS, I wanted Dianetic auditing to find out who I was in my past lives and I wanted to audit my Brother who had some very serious emotional and mental issues and he also was extremely interested in his past lives.

    I was told to pay $1,300 and I would get the HSDC (Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course) plus my Academy Levels Courses and once I was trained on all these courses I could do co-auditing with a twin and we could co audit each other to Dianetics and Grades 0 - IV Completion. I paid the $1,300 and routed on to the Dianetics Course. The Supervisor was a young guy named Bill, about 25 who wore glasses and his wife, Jeannie I believe was acting as E.D. until the real E.D. Bill Franks, who was on his FEBC course at the ship, got back from his training.

    I stayed on the Dianetics course 5 nights a week and it was there that I first read the Dianetics book. Part way through the course, we were all ordered to also come in 9 hours Saturday and 9 hours Sunday! Everyone protested but I came in the first week and it was just too hard on me to do nights and weekends and still have my aerospace job so I just stopped coming weekends after only one week as did many of the other students. The Org did not send us to ethics and they just dropped the demand to come weekends if you were on evening schedule.

    After about 3 months on course, I completed my theory and got to the practical where I started auditing other students on Dianetics. I was doing pretty good at it and everybody was runing past lives. Other students were looking for preclears to audit and I offered myself to be a pc for one of the other students. The L.A. Org refused to allow me to receive Dianetic auditng from another student. They said that I must first pay for professional auditing in their HGC and receive auditing on "Life Repair" and "Straightwire" before I could receive any auditing. I absolutely hit the ceiling with anger, I told the D of P that I payed $1,300 for a training package guaranteeing me that I would receive Dianetic auditing from a fellow student. I told her that senior policy is to deliver what you promise! She said that I was not set up for auditing and had to first take those other two steps. I told her that I wanted to run Dianetics now and was fully capable of runing it. I would not settle down, I was fresh from the WOG world, only 4 months earlier, and was still working in Aerospace and I was determined not to let them lie to me and cheat me.

    Bill Franks had just returned from Flag from doing his FEBC Course and I demanded to see him. This was not how I beat the L.A. Org. Bill Franks, to me looked like a wimp. He had terrible TR's, and an aloof I don't care attitude. He was a "Ronbot" - nothing mattered to him but stats and money.
    I told him my story that I paid $1,300 which promised student Dianetic auditing and that the Org introduced an arbitrary and that they would not delever what they promised unless I paid thousands more for professional auditing. Franks told me that his aide would handle me and to wait for the aide near the door. I went over to the door and Franks said to the aide in a whisper which I could hear, "This guy is a nut job and could be trouble. Take him to the registrar and make sure he pays for his Life Repair and Straightwire." I overheard this and I told the aide I had to go to the restroom or something and just walked out the door.

    My Brother had joined staff at CCLA and liked it there and told Yvonne Gilham, the C.O. that I was at L.A. Org and had some money saved up and had a good job. Yvonne told my Brother to tell me I was eligible to be on CCLA lines because I was prominent in business - (well I was a Senior Staff Programmer at IBM) a good job but far from being prominent in business. I turned my Brother's offer down several times because I felt loyalty to the L.A. Org. but when Bill Franks tried to jerk me off, I went to the restroom and then snuck out the door and walked over to CCLA and got an appointment to talk to Yvonne. In the meantime, I had purchased a $750 intensive at CCLA for my Brother because he was threatening to commit suicide and I wanted him handled. I got in to see Yvonne and introduced myself. You talk about charisma, this woman had so much charm and Charisma and she was OT 7 {pre NOTs}. Her Charisma was like Obama and Clinton combined. The only person I ever saw (only on TV) with that much charisma was John F. Kennedy. I was blown over by Yvonne's charisma and she assured me that she would go to the L.A. Org and get my pc folders there and then apply my $750 intensive to me as it was out Ethics for my Brother to receive auditing he did not earn. She told me to be ready for a Life Repair session from a Class 8 auditor for the next day. I was on "cloud 9"! Later that day, Yvonne Gilham and Heber Jentzch, who was in the G.O. on CC lines at that time, walked over to the L.A. Org in person and ordered the L.A. Org to hand over my pc folder to them as I was a celebrity and should be on Celebrity Centre lines! CCLA was a Sea Org and outranked the Class 4 L.A. Org and Yvonne was OT 7, FEBC and outranked the L.A. Org so L.A. Org gave her my folder and she and Heber brought it back to CCLA 2 or 3 blocks away. I do not know what was in the folder because I had not yet had any sessions. I think I did a Health Form and had some D of P Interviews in there.

    Round 1 - I walk away a winner and the L.A. Org who tried to pull some bullshit on me was totally kayoed. What a great win for me and for justice. Also, CCLA agreed to honor the remainder of my HSDC - Academy Levels Package. Total victory defeating the phoney Bill Franks whom I now hated.

    The next installment will start with me arriving at CCLA the next day to start getting auditing and to continue studying Dianetics in their academy and not the L.A. Org's Academy..... To be continued
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  14. karlo97

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    that sounds exciting.....waiting for the next part....hope you are doing fine....
  15. Lesolee (Sith Lord)

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    Well said. :thumbsup:

    Great story. I'm waiting for the next part now ...
    :drama: :drama:
  16. FinallyFree

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    I have really enjoyed reading your posts.

    I also knew Wendy and JoAnne. I agree with your observation and frankly was very confused about meeting a “DB” OT VIII – is confused me SO much!

    With the big St. Hill Size push at LA Day, JoAnne and Wendy were there daily regging with our regges. They were assigned to LAD (by whom and how I do not know even though I was on staff there), as full-time FSMs.

    I also understand that they, as a team are supposed to be “big time FSMs” but all I say them do is rip off reg cycles from LA Day regges as their own personal stat push. Wendy also stole my commission on a public that I personally worked with. Which, as a poor (financially) staff member was pretty shitty if you ask me.

    I am glad you made it out and with your family in tact. Congratulations.
  17. ThisFenceHurts

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    These stories are the best part of ESMB. :thumbsup: Nothing communicates the experience of Scientology like a personal account.
  18. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Finally Free - Thanks for the nice post. To me Wendy is a conniving rat like creature who is crafty and has street smarts. Joanne is kind of Wendy's lacky. They are among the best at what they do but at what cost? After they get your money its pretty much Sayonara Babby! They do not want to hear of any bad news or complaints, just news about new money and new stats. Robin Filios was the third member of their team and she is as different from them as night is from day. Robin is a wonderful person and broke off from the "Bobsy Twins" shortly after the three of them crush regged me.

    Karlo 97 - Good to see you are reading my new posts. I'll send you a private e-mail soon. (Karl invited me to Vienna Austria this June and I stayed at his lovely villa in the Vienna woods for 8 days. This man is one of the best hosts you will ever find. He takes you around his country everyday you are there and if he is to busy to take you, he has one of his many friends take you. He has 1 dog, 5 cats and 2 horses on his 10 acre villa. If he ever invites you to visit him, you are a fool if you don't go.
  19. lkwdblds

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    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 3

    I arrived at the CCLA Academy for course the next day after Yvonne and Heber brought my folders over. They were in an old house on Beacon St. The Academy was a beehive of activity. I noticed a lot of attractive young women on course but for some reason, though I was only 30, I was not considered 2D bait by any girls at CCLA. I came every day from work with a white shirt and a tie and most of the people on course were people from 20 to 23, quite a bit younger than me and they had a more hippy or avant garde way of dressing and speaking than I did. A lot of them were ex hippies or had a drug history and I was more old school and had never touched drugs.

    I made friends at coffee break, just as I did at the L.A. Org. Things progressed very well on course and I began auditing someone on Dianetics and soon graduated from the Dianetics course. Meanwhile, I was given a class VIII auditor named Terry who started auditing me and was then switched over to a very good guy, Ty Dillard. Ty took me through Life Repair and ARC Straightwire. I came to admire him very much and felt I had made big gains on those levels. On the training side, the Dianetics Course, HSDC, just had a new internship for it brought out and I was made the very first Dianetic interne in CCLA's history. My supervisor was Julie Goetz who later married Robert Almblad and became Julie Almblad. Her sister Barbara Goetz was also on staff. They came from Indiana.

    Its no turning back now - I quit my job at IBM
    I remeber reading in the L.A. Times that the famous football player, John Brodie, the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and earlier of Stanford, had received Dianetic Auditing and had his damaged throwing arm totally recovered. Brodie was so pleased with Dianetics that he opened a Mission in Northern California. I thought that this was a huge major event and that the way to get ahead and to make money was to become a Dianetic Auditor. I figured that once Brodie's story became known, Dianetics would be an unstoppable juggernaut.

    I wanted to spend all my time at the Org and so I took a huge step and quit my job at IBM after working there 5 years. I was making $17,500 a year in September of 1971 when I quit which is about $85,000 a year now. I wish I could say that I never looked back but I often wonder what would have happened and how my life would be now if I had stayed with IBM.

    I wanted to join staff and only go with a 5 year contract because I did not feel I could cope with the Sea Org. I had a small "psych" history in 1967. With all my attention on being self conscious and wanting very much to settle down with a woman I was suffering a lot of anxiety and a friend recommended a psychiatrist. I went to him 5 times in 1967 for supposedly 1 hour a visit and the cost was $25 per hour. I asked that he prescribe librium for me which he did. After 5 visits, during which the guy yawned a lot, and actually fell asleep on two occassions and with his habit of cutting me off after 40 to 45 minutes, often right in the middle of a sentence and telling me my time was up, I decided to quit and never went back. I continued taking the librium for 1 full year until my prescription ran out and then never took another tranquilizer. My total expenses were 5 x $25 or $125 plus maybe $50 for the librium and that was my psych history. Because of this, Chris Many, the guy who handled my recruitment from his post of Div 1 Secretary told me that Worldwide in Saint Hill would not approve me for a 5 year contract but that he could get me approved at FOLO right on Beacon St. immediately, to join the Sea Org.

    I am sure now that he lied to me. I asked him how I could be approved for the Sea Org which were the elite and had the highest standards to pass in order to qualify and yet be rejected for a 5 year contract where the standards were lower. Hs answer, "That's just the way it is." I had quit my job and had no income and was living off of savings and had to make a move so I decided to joint the Sea Org.

    I join the Sea Org and experience a moment of glory.
    Shortly after I signed my papers to join the S.O., I returned to study on my Dianetic Intership. That evening in the Centre at 1809 West 8th, I was studying quitely when someone got on the microphone, probably Chris Many, and announced my name and said that I had joined the Sea Org. I was liked by nearly everyone around the Org but was not at all one of the most popular or sought out people but the Centre just broke out into tumultous applause and they gave me a hip, hip hooray and kept applauding for maybe 5 minutes.

    While the applause was going on, Yvonne came up to me and made a gesture like raising my hand in the air. I was just totally blown out and experienced some kind of release. It was the greatest acknowledgement that I ever received in my life. It was as if the crowd, probably about 150 in the building, were saying to me, "You are important, you are appreciated, "we want to acknowledge you for bieng a good guy", "you are alive, you are appreciated, you are special, you are one of us!!!" I will never forget that moment. I have heard many people being announced for joining the Sea Org at CCLA and no one got as big an applause and as long an applause as I did.

    I remembered the play, "The Death of a Salesman" where when the salesman, Willie Lohman got to be 60 and was released from work by his boss and the boss told him he was "a dime a dozen" and WIlly yelled back over and over, "I am not a dime a dozen, I am Willie Lohman, I am not a dime a dozen...." That is how this applause hit me. Maybe I'm someone special, maybe I am not just "Joe Average", maybe I am not a dime a dozen. I thought, this is my group, these people like me, Yvonne likes me, these people are the cream of the crop on planet Earth and they want me in their group.

    I had a group now and I was determined to make it in this group and thought I would never leave it.
    After a happy and wonderful childhood, I became lonely at puberty and lost my way, I became wrapped up in trying to make money, have a job, and have a woman, sex and a family. Most of the people I was meeting were phoney's and only cared about themselves. Except for my parents, brother and some close family members and a couple of friends, no one cared about me or whether I lived or died. When I received this tumultous applause from 150 staff and public at CCLA I felt that I had a group who loved me and I was no longer alone. That moment was the most touching moment in my life and I'll never forget it.

    I will close off here. The next installment will take up how I was kicked off the Dianetic Intership by a guy I felt really was a suppresive and how, in order to stay on staff, I decided to accept posting into Treasury Division of CCLA.
    See you soon!
    Lakey aka lkwdblds
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    Wow. Great story! I know what you mean about those acks.

    Also, I know Ty Dillard. He went on to open a mission in the DC area...
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