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The Little Thread Which Grew - the Apollo '73 to Everything But

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by lkwdblds, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    Wendy & Joanne

    I totally agree with your opinion on Wendy & Joanne. They are disgusting and

    degraded people, in the game for MONEY only and don't care about beings.

    Wendy tried to rip me off for an FSM commission once.

    These kind have so many overts, they will Never dig out.

    There are a number of others like that too, that "FSM" for the Flag Office in

    L.A. who have sold their souls for the money.

    They were trained by Fred Swartz to be salesmen, NOT FSM's.
  2. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    Ty Dilliard

    I have on good authority that Ty Dilliard knows the "Church" is fucked up,

    but continues to take the easy money as a top FSM.

    I used to know him too, as a good guy.

    Integrity doesn't count for much in that group !
  3. Challenge

    Challenge Silver Meritorious Patron

    I have known all of the people that you have mentioned, although I blew the Apollo a couple years before you boarded her. I had routed onto FEBC thinking that I would join the SO, but when I saw the absolute ineptitude and filth going on aboard what was touted as LRH's home, I blew as soon as I had the opportunity. I paid a reasonable Freeloader debt and, after spending a couple years snorting up Cocaine, routed onto the BC.
    We were on SHSBC at ASHO at the same time. I was ASHO-F,( 'foundation' hours are nights and week-ends) but sometimes took on a Day PC.
    I have totally enjoyed your stories. I resigned from COS in July, 1983 after having been asked by AOLA MAA to give Thorazine to an HGC PC, so I missed some of those years that you stayed in there. I have managed to do the entire "Bridge". Like you, TR0 was/is my fav.
    Having TRs become a part of one is an interesting phenom. Only yesterday when I was buying new tires, the salesman told me all about his wife, his dog, his 2 cats, his travels, and on and on. Total strangers will come up and give up witholds and tell you all about their lives.
    It's a delight having you on ESMB. I hope that you stay around here with us.

  4. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Great hearing from one with a similar background

    Challenge - It was so nice to receive your post. I have great affinity for those who were on the same courses as I was at the same time. Do you remember a guy named Buck Hoagly. I knew him from working together at the Aerojet facility together in Azusa, CA. I really like him and would like to know what happened to him. Thanks again for your kind remarks. Write me a private message somethime.
    Lkwdblds aka Lakey
  5. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 4

    After joining the Sea Org, I continued on my Dianetic Interneship with my supervisor Julie Goetz. I was CCLA's first interne and was the only guy on course. The CS for the interneship was a guy name Don Keeler who was a Class VIII but was not a Sea Org member, actually one of the handful of CCLA staff who were not S.O. members. There was another Class VIII, Robert Maxwell who CSed for the public while Don Keeler CSed for the staff. Note: I erroneously put Tim Yates as the other Class VIII but I corrected it to Robert Maxwell.

    I was doing great on my interneship and remember fondly some of the people whom I auditied, almost all of whom were CCLA staff. I remember auditing Ron Flate, an attorney who was public and not staff. Staff members I audited were Bruce Rigney, Pam Lancaster, who is still CCLA staff after all these decades and has one of the best singing voices you will ever hear, Carole Blum, another singer, Chris Many and several others.

    In order to graduate, I had to audit 25 well done hours in one week and have at least 8 well done hours in the chair in one day. I believe those figures are correct. I had to be a flubless Dianetic auditor and then I was supposed to graduate. Near the end of my course, a guy named Ira Hirsch came on course as the second Dianetic Interne. I liked Ira, he was a nice guy but he had a reputation as a bit of a goof off.

    My first encounter with a real SP. I complete my requirements but C/S Don Keeler Will Not Allow me to Graduate Note: This is being edited May 18, 2011. I have met Don Keeler and his wife several times in 2011 and he is not at all an SP. He is a very cordial and social person, as is his wife. I don't like the way he handled me back in late 1971 but he apparently truly believed that I did not have what it took to be an auditor in the S.O.. He made an honest call as he saw it! I think he was wrong and made a terrible error but neverthelss he did what he thought was right. He is a very fine man and I respect him and my earlier assertions that he was an SP are completely and fully retracted!

    I had logged over 100 well done and very well done auditing hours and the Senior Execs and my Supervisor targeted me for completion. I busted my ass and made the 25 weekly hours and 8 hours in a single day requirements with room to spare. Julie signed off my check sheet and put me on a routing form to attest to Course Completion. To all our astonishment, Don Keeler would not sign me off as a completion. Julie queried him and then Yvonne and some of the top execs queried him and they were all told that I just did not show "a certain level of certainty which he was looking for" to be a Sea Org auditor. He said something to the effect that my technique was okay but I lacked the requisite certainty required to graduate. I was pretty shook up over not being allowed to graduate.

    One reason I was shook up was that Ira Hirsch and I had agreed that we wanted to co-audit each other through Dianetic Auditing. Remember my battle with L.A. Org where they would not alllow me to receive co auditing on Dianetics as they had promised and how that caused me to leave L.A. Org; well I had still never had any Dianetic auditing and Ira and I had agreed to co audit each other and Julie had agreed and then Don Keeler stopped it from occuring. I was heartbroken. It seemed as if I could not get my Dianetic auditing and discover my past lives no matter how hard I worked for it.

    I was required by Keeler to continue auditing on the interneship and my next PC was Pam Lancaster. When I checked her for being well rested, she reported only 6 hours sleep. I asked her what her normal amount was and she said 8 hours, I asked her if she was tired and she said no, she was sesssionable. I started the session and her tone arm went up high and froze there and her needle was tight and her indicators were bad. As a Dianetic Auditor, I was very limited as to what I could do because all I knew was R3R so I told her I was going to end off and bring in a higher classed auditor to complete her session. I got Julie Goetz in who flew her ruds or did a list or something and Pam admitted that she was really was too tired to be audited and misled me by saying she was sessionable. I really had just barely started the session when the needle rose and stuck so no processes were run incorrectly.

    What did Don Keeler do? This was my first bad session in hundreds of sessions. He wrote a huge cramming order and then ordered me to do all 26 auditors' code steps in clay! I felt his actions were insane but he was a Class VIII, the top tech terminal in the Org, along with Maxwell so there was nothing anyone could do. It took me two weeks on course to complete my demos. I did so and was ready to take another PC into session.

    I ended up with the other singer, Carole Blum. As luck would have it, she looked tired and I knew she sang at an event the previous night. She claimed she had a full 8 hours sleep and insisted several times that she was sessionable. I had marked on her worksheet that she looked tired. I started the session and much to my horror, her T.A. was high and her needle tight. I decided to tell her that we would not be starting session because the meter showed that she was not sessionable. She objected strongly and had very bad indicators and at the examiner's she did not F/N and was red tagged but I had never started session.

    Keeler wrote another huge cramming order and oredered me once again to do all 26 auditors Codes in clay. While all this was going on, I attended Clear Night at AOLA and they had a Case Cracking Unit there who interviewed each person there and asked if anyone was bogged. I told them I desperately wanted to receive Dianetic auditing but I could not get it from L.A. Org and now CCLA could not deliver it to me. They regged me for $2000 and told me that their case cracking unit would deliver me Dianetics. Some CCLA people were at this Clear night and saw this happen so the Execs, Yvonne and Irene Howey called me in the next day and told me that as CCLA staff, they could not have me purchasing auditing from AOLA partly because of the bad PR. I told them that Keeler would not allow me to recieve Dianetics from my fellow interne Ira Hirsch and Yvonne promised me that she would talk to Don Keeler and get me in session on Dianetics immediately.

    When I got back to the Interneship, I told Julie and she Scheduled Ira Hirsch to schedule me for a Dianetics session the next night and for me to be sure to be sessionable. I came in the next night sessionable and guess what, Keeler had stopped the session! He claimed I was not currently eligible to receive any auditing until I got my cramming cycle completed. I wrote Keeler a despatch which was very respectful of his Class VIII status telling him of my great desire to receive Dianetic auditing and that no matter how hard I tried to outflow to get it, I was always being blocked. I asked humbly if he could just allow Ira to audit me and told him that if my case was handled a liitle bit by Dianetic auditing, I would probably be more effective in completing the Dianetic Interneship.

    Keeler sent back a return letter, "Dear (my name), With all due respect to your case, I have a job to do as the senior tech terminal at this Org which is extremely important, blah de blah etc..... When I read this, it felt like a bucket of nails had just been thrown into my head and face. I just caved in and my world started spinning. I KNEW IMMEDIATEDLY THAT DON KEELER WAS AN S.P., the first actual S.P. I had ever met. (To this day I still believe that to be true.) I looked at what actions I could take and I decided to write a report and go to the Ethics office. I saw the Master of Arms, Margaret George, an amazingly colorful figure in her own right who had built up a name for herself by being our Ethics Officer. I told her my story as I have just related it above. She really liked me and was supportive of me personally but the thought that Don Keeler was not a decent person was something she would not consider. She said that he really wanted to join the Sea Org but had a wife and kids to raise and that he was a top Class VIII, that he had been personally commended by LRH and on and on. She assured me he was very fair and that if I just kept plugging away, Keeler would graduate me with flying colors.

    Maybe Keeler found out about my visit to Margaret George or maybe not, that is something I probably will never know, but I had been in the Sea Org several months now and suddenly I got word that I was to report that night to a Fitness Board. I did not know what it was but the top execs were all there - Yvonne, her deputy C/O Joyce Meyers, Joyce's sister friom HCO, Jan Stone, Qual Sec Sam Loria, Dale De Wolf (no relation to Nibs) and maybe one or two others. I was told that they had reports from Class VIII C/S Don Keeler that said in no uncertain terms that I was unfit for the Sea Org and had to be routed out immediately. They wanted to hear what I had to say. These were the same people who applauded me tumultously when I joined the Sea Org several months ago. They were embarassed a bit to tell me this because I had been such a great assett to have around ever since I arrived. I had paid thousands of dollars for services and had worked so hard for them, even quitting my job at IBM. Despite all this, Don Keeler was a Class VIII, and the senior technical person in the Org. They could not devalue his recommendation. They told me how much they liked me and they knew I tried very hard but that apparently, to their surprise, I had some charactier and personality defects that precluded me from being a Sea Org member. I believe Joyce Myers said that I would be given a program which if successfully completed would enable me to re apply for Sea Org status in one year. Sam Loria, who I really admire and think is a great guy, was firmer with me than anyone else and suggested I had with holds and things which I had been keeping from management. I finally got a chance to talk.

    I am a survivor and do not fold up my tent easily as the L.A. Org had already experienced. When my survival is threatened, I instinctively think quickly on my feet. The first thing I brought up is that Don Keeler is not even a Sea Org member so where does he get off giving Sea Org Executives Orders to offload Sea Org members? There were nervous giggles and they were tongue tied amd squirmed; I knew I had scored points. Someone piped up that Keeler was in the process of trying to join the Sea Org and that his credentials were impeccable but their words had a hollow ring to them and they knew it. Next, I told them that I quit my high paying job at IBM to help them out and again they were nervous and all of them squirmed. Sam and Dale De Wolfe wailed into me a little countering that I must be hiding withholds because Keeler could not possibly be wrong about me. I swore that I had nothing I was withholding from the Org. Finally, Yvonne took the lead and did what had to be done, she told me that I was not eligible to be a tech terminal in this Org and that I should get to work immediately on my rehabilition program and that she would do everything within her power to see that I was reinstated after one year. They were about to wrap up the Fitness Board and kick me out of the Sea Org but one word she had spoken had stuck in my mind. She said I was forbiden to be a technical terminal in the Org and I remembered that at recent staff meetings, she was telling the staff that they desparately needed one or two more people in Treasury and for all staff to try and recruit a Treasury terminal. I said to Yvonne, "Sir you mentioned I am unfit to be a technical terminal in this Org but what if I agreed to be posted outside of tech?" She answered, "Where would you agree to be posted?" I answered that I am very good at finance and like it a lot and that I would be willing to be posted in Treasury Division. Yvonne lit up like a Christmas tree and the other execs followed her cue and everyone cheered up and was happy. I told everyone that I would stay in Treasury at least two years and then would like to return to my first love which was tech and also asked if I could now finally get my Dianetic auditing. Yvonne agreed to these terms and since Ira had already graduated as CCLA's first Dianetic Interne, I would immediately go into session with the newest Interne, Kenny Lipton, the brother of the well known actress on television's "Mod Squad", Peggy Lipton.

    By the way, Ira graduated after only about 50 hours of auditing in the chair instead of 100 as required by the course checksheet. Not only that but Keeler even Graduated him with honors.!! Ira' wife, Kathy Hirsch was a Division 3 cashier and shortly after this incident, she was moved to the Guardian's Office and became assistant Guardian for CCLA. Ira and Kathy then asked for a transfer out of CCLA to some other place, I believe it was Saint Hill and after Ira graduated the interneship, I believe he never gave another session at CCLA and never tech trained any further as far as I know. I was committed and wanted to audit CCLA staff day in and day out for years and train up to at least Class VI immediately after graduating my interneship. By literally trying to have me thrown out of the Org after over 100 perfect hours in the chair and passing Ira Hirsch with honors after only 50 hours, I was sure he was a surpressive person. He was trying to get rid of anyone good and staff up with less able people. I am not putting down Ira, he was very intelligent, able and likeable but I am saying that Ira had no where near the dedication and willingness to serve and outflow to help others that I did. Keeler observed that I had an independent streak in me and could possibly be a threat to him later and decided to boot me out. He had a run in with two OT's and highly classed auditors, Helen and Joe Hochman and Helen was in tears after trying to get things handled with him and there was another auditor who he successfully off loaded who I thought was a good guy but whose name I do not remember.

    Thats the end of this installment. In my next installment I will cover my time period in CCLA Treasury Division and the Dianetic auditing I received from Kenny Lipton, who was one of those really great guys whom one meets during life.
    See you all soon for Installment 5
    Lkwdbld aka Lakey
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  6. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 5

    Its 6:45 AM and its raining outside so I decided to get in the next chapter of my prequel.

    CCLA Treasury Division in the Spring of 1971
    CCLA Treasury was located in the basement of the Org's large, old staff berthing house at the corner of 9th and Lake in central Los Angeles where most of the Pac Orgs except for ASHO were located at that time. The Division consisted of Robert Brown called "Brownie" as Treasury Secretary, Audrey Many, who was a real entertaining character, as Director of RAM (Records, Assets and Materials) and Kathy Hirsch who was Cashier but sat in the registrars office with the Division II registrars, the chief registrar was Hector Carmona by the way and if anyone knows anything of what he is doing now or if he is still alive, I would sure like to know. That was the entire division and Brownie was holding down the Department of Disbursements from above.

    Brownie was a young guy, no more than 24 but he was overloaded. He and Audrey were always engaging in verbal cat fights, just insulting each other with one liners back and forth and it was serious, they just did not agree on anything. They were all extremely happy to see me when I showed up. It was decided that I would help Brownie with the disbursement functions and would assume control of that department. I immediately dropped the study of tech and started studying Division III, Treasury, in the hatting college. One of Yvonne Gilham's great successes was that she insisted on everyone going to study on their Hat materials a full 2 1/2 hours every day, no exceptions, except for her that is, who never never attended study.

    I picked up the basics very quickly and Brownie was extremely intelligent and good at instant hatting me and within less than 1 week, I lifted the huge Department 8 chores from his shoulders. The three of them, Brownie, Kathy and Audrey just loved having me and thought I was "so stable and so sane". At our Divisional meetings they kept pouring on the "kudos" for me and we began to have a real team spirit and almost a love for each other. At staff meetings and in the mess hall (dining room) they kept announcing raves as to how good I was and how fortunate they were to have me in their division. I reciprocated and told how great they were, the 3 of them carrying this enormous load with no help until I arrived. I told the staff they were very lucky to have these 3 on staff. It was a mutual admiration society.

    Audrey and Brownie were still fighting a lot but it was much reduced. The Org was growing and I received a junior, Adele Vonnie, as purchasing officer. Adele was an older woman, about 67 whose daughter was Mary Maren, married to Artie Maren of the Guardian's Office and who was quite high up in Scientology. Brownie announced that he was taking a leave from staff for from 6 months to a year to go back to his home in Boston and clean up some loose affairs. I was being groomed to take over as Treasury Sec. Next thing we knew, Audrey Many was able to request full time tech training and now that Treasury had been strenghtened, she was approved to leave the division but she had to get a replacement for RAM who turned out to be a very sweet woman, Frances Pavlides. Frances was an Opera Singer. What was with me and singers? Pam Lancaster, Carole Blum and now Frances all important figures in my life at this juncture. By the way, I am deeply involved in classical music and love opera so Frances and I hit if off right from the start. About the time Audrey left the division, Kathy Hirsch was made Assistant Guardian for CCLA and set off for England leaving the Cashier post unmanned.

    The whole division had changed within maybe 2 months. I came in, Brownie, Audrey and Kathy all moved on and we were joined by Adelle Vonnie and Frances Pavlides. I was the senior terminal and was studying to be Treasury Sec. Actually Brownie stuck around for a couple of extra weeks while I trained for Treasury Sec. Alas, it was never to be, I never made Treas Sec.

    Brownie finally departed for Boston and I was acting as Treas Sec from below as the head of Dept 8. Yvonne came to Treasury one day and told me that there were complaints, over at the actual Celebrity Centre building a couple of blocks from the house where Treasury was located, that the bathrooms were runing out of toilet paper. I was scheduled to come to an executive meeting the next morning at the Centre at 9:00 am and Yvonne told me to make sure that there was toilet tissue in all Centre bathrooms when the doors opened at 9:00 AM. I talked to Frances and gave her the order to see to it that the bathrooms had tissue. In the morning before I walked over to the Centre, I saw Frances and again reminded her to handle the toilet ttissue request which Yvonne had made to me. Frances assured me that she would and I left for the Exec meeting. About 15 minutes into the meeting, someone knocked on the door to Yvonne's office and notified her that a Celebrity, Flo Allen or Flo Barnett, I can never get them straight, complained about no toilet tissue being in any of the bathrooms. Sweet and charismatic Yvonne exploded right in my face and she let me have it verbally with very high lung power. I reacted by telling her that I ordered Frances to handle that last night and again this morning. She yelled at me to get the tissue handled immediately and to leave the meeting. I said yes sir but I did everything I could....I was cut off in mid sentence by Irene Howey who yelled out "Will you SHUT UP!!" I ran back to to Treasury and Frances was there. I tore into Frances and she told me she did nothing wrong. Tom Hanlon in Division 1 was supposed to open the supply office at 5 minutes to 9:00 but he did not show up. She waited for about 15 minutes and then came back to post. I asked her why she did not just buy some tissue with her own money, knowing I would have reimbursed her. She answered that since there was no pay, last week she had no money whatsoever on her, not even a dime. I got my car, went to the store, bought toilet tissue with my own money and put it in the bathrooms at the Centre and walked back up to the meeting. They were talking and I waited until they reached a flat point and then I reported that all the bathrooms now had toilet paper. Yvonne looked at me with disgust and said, "Do not ever disobey an order of mine again!!" in a very loud voice. I then said, "But Sir, I am not at fault nor is my junior Frances, it was Tom Hanlon who......" Yvonne and Irene both cut me off in mid-sentence and told me to shut up, in loud voices, and to get out of the meeting and go back to post. I was told I would be dealt with later. I DID NOT KNOW IT THEN, AND THOUGHT THE INCIDENT WAS ONLY A MINOR SKIRMISH BUT IN ACTUALITY I WAS DONE AT CCLA AS FAR AS ADVANCEMENT AND BEING HIGHLY THOUGHT OF WAS CONCERNED.

    That week and the week previous, all of Treasury's stats were in affluence. It had been two weeks since Brownie left and I had achieved affluence both of those weeks. I was very proud of that but after the staff meeting announcing all the stats, I was notified that I was to depart immediately for the ships down in San Pedro, the Bolivar and The Excalibur to receive training since my Sea Org basics were out. I talked to my Senior, Irene Howey, and asked why I was being punished after achieving high stats and Irene candidly told me that Yvonne felt that I had disrespcted her and that she did not want to see me or talk to me again until I got straightened out and that Yvonne told her that the thought of seeing me in person made her sick to her stomach. Irene was one of the finest people I ever met and she had real executive ability and was trying to be my friend. She said not to look at going to the ships as a punishment but as an opportunity to get more training. She said not to worry about it and that Yvonne would eventually let me back into her good graces.

    I went down to the ships and worked and studied hard. It was about September of 1971. Vinaire of ESMB was down there at the same time and says he thinks he remembers me. I vaguely remember meeting him one time in the mess hall. People told me there was a guy from India on staff who had a Masters degree in Physics.

    Kitty Georgius was 18 back then and her Mom and Dad, Lynn and Bob, were very active on CCLA lines as public. Kitty was extremely extroverted and got on course at CCLA as well. She had a love of money and voiced that she was very interested in handling money and wanted to go into Treasury and be Treasury sec. Everybody told her that she first needed hatting and experience and that I was already in the process of replacing Brownie. With a twinkle in her eye, Kitty said that she would be the next Treasury Secretary. I was at the ship and did not see this at first but when I got back she started baiting me with a playful twinkle in her eye and winking at me and saying that she was going to be the next Treasury Secretary. I played along and laughed and joked about it but never thought such a thing was possible.

    The training at the ships was good and the change in environment enabled me to attack my post with renewed vigor but Kitty had now joined our division as Cashier and she was in study getting intensive hatting. She would often interrupt me and ask me questions and I always responded to her and hatted her in a courteous manner. Yvonne was still not talking to me, she pretty much was shuning me and when I brought the checks to be signed by her every week, she would go into another room so as not to see me and would have a messenger take the checkbook from me and sign the checks in the other room. About two weeks later, the big announcement was made at Staff Meeting. Yvonne announced at Staff meeting that Kitty Georgius was the new Treasury Sec. I was not notified beforehand and all the staff were stunned because they did not know about the toilet paper incident and the last they knew, I was an ace in Treasury and was doing a fantastic job and was about ready to become Treasury Sec. Kitty had a good personality and was fun loving, smart and very very aggressive but she was only 18 years old and had no Org experience and just a couple weeks of hatting. Though the staff looked puzzled they gave Kitty an enormous ovation and I was forced to clap as well. Inside I felt broken, no matter how hard I worked and how good my products were, I just could not get ahead in Scientology. I knew Yvonne was no SP so I could not blame my failure on that. I started to figure figure that I had some kind of built in postulate that I would fail. Kitty became my senior and she got a guy, Mark Ambrose to replace her as Cashier.

    I spent half my time hatting her and answering her questions and always did this with extreme professionalism and courtesy because I felt I had to be a good group member and I always strived to be professional level in everything I did. I loved classical music and was allowed to have a stereo system down in the basement in Treasury where I played mostly classical music. This had made me a few enemies. Randy McDonald told me that he hated classical music and that LRH wrote that classical music was very downtone. I asked him to produce the reference and he could not. Kitty started the practice of brazenly turning the dial on my stereo to her favorite heavy metal station without asking me. I would get up and turn it back to classical. The next time she would walk by she would flip it to heavy metal. I finally had a heart to heart talk telling her the stereo was my property and I insisted on her not changing the station without first asking me. She nodded okay and then just continued changing the stations at her whim. I was able to re route the wiring so that when she tried to change stations, the tuner would not work. After a few failures she demanded that I restore the tuner function but I refused to do so. She finally figured out how to restore it herself when I was on study and started changing to metal again so I unplugged the stereo and took it to where I lived and she brought in a cheap boom box and played loud metal all the time.

    I could not believe that this immature 18 year old was my Senior and all because of Tom Hanlon not opening his supply room one day as he was supposed to. No one wanted to hear anything about Tom Hanlon and though I wrote a KR, nothing happened to him and my whole career in Treasury was ruined by his actions. My self esteem began to drop and I began to feel that maybe I was a loser. Ugh! Kitty Georgius as my senior? Ugh, I could not stand it.

    My computer system is trying to do some housekeeping and keeps trying to disconnect so I am ending of here for now.
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  7. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 6

    As Kitty Georgius's tenure began and I continued to work with and hat Kitty, who later married Billy Kahn and is still posted as Kitty Khan at Flag. Yvonne continued to shun me for a few more weeks, then one day when I brought the checks to be signed, she allowed me to enter her office and signed the checks in front of me. She made small talk by exchanging pleasantries and I responded very courteously, alway agreeing with her and calling her "Sir". The shuning period was over and we moved back to normal pleasant relations.

    True to her word, I had finally been able to get my Dianetic auditing under Kenny Lipton who was the third interne at CCLA after Ira and me. Kenny was a really an exceptionally decent person, very kind and extremely thoughtful. We made a really good auditing team. For many weeks, he would drive me in his VW Kharmann Ghia to a little room he was renting in a Scientology rooming house less than a mile from the Org. He was not a pro auditor yet but his technique was good enough for me to get wins and he was very safe and had a nice communication cycle so I was extremely happy with him. Everything went extremely smoothly and in a month or so he took me all the way to Dianetic Completion. Oh yes, I finally got my wish and ran backtract incidents. At the time I was absolutely sure the first 5 lives going back were totally real but after being on ESMB, I am no longer 100% sure. On my last life, the incidents are extremely clear, I knew my first name, my country, and all my thought processes at the time. I have a very good memory of my past and these memories are just as good as my this life memories. There are not very many memories, maybe 7 scenes. Most of it has to do with my then Father, listening to Hitler's speeches in front of a large radio placed on a wooden table in the center of our front room with a bunch of his male buddies who were all anti-Nazi's. This was allegedly in Czechoslavakia in the late 1930's and I was 13 years old and I was Jewish. Its very likely that I saw scenes such as this in the movies when I was growing up in the 1940's and it could easily be a dub in. If I had to place a bet as to whether or not this was real I would say 70% real to 30% dub in. I have no proof either way.

    The day I completed HSDC, Kenny audited me the whole day for nearly 8 hours in the chair and Don Keeler graduated him with honors. Keeler got it right this time, Kenny was the best and most dedicated guy you would ever meet and was a very good auditor to boot. I found out on the internet that he is now dead and I feel very priveliged to have known him.

    We now enter into 1972 with me a Life Repair, ARC Straightwire and Dianetics release working as Kitty Georgious's junior in CCLA's Treasury Division.

    1972 was a pretty routine year, with me just plugging along in treasury and doing OEC Volume 3, the Treasury Division Full Hat. I lived "off campus" so to speak in an apartment on west 8th St. right near the Centre with my Brother again who was still on staff. I had made friends with Bevery Carter, an actress 10 months younger than me. I tried to have a 2D with her before I joined the S.O. but though she liked me very much and was sufficiently attracted to me physically, she explained to me that her 2D had to be someone who was in show business. I told her that was just an arbitrary and was an aberation and she said maybe so but that was her dream, to marry someone in entertainment and to work on projects together. She and I became like brother and sister and did a lot of things together all the time but romance was not part of it, just friendship. At the same time, I met Susan a stunningly beautiful blonde, 8 years younger than me who was a talented opera singer. I tried to date her as well and she only wanted friendship from me. She and I shared an intense love for classical music and opera and Mozart, my favorite composer, was also one of her favorites. We attended concerts together and I met her sisters Joan and Laura and eventually they became like family, at least Joan and Susan. Joan and I did have some romantic interest for a while

    As 1972 closed and 1973 opened, two big things happened

    First, Ron Shaffran, Class XII came from Flag to be our senior C/S. Shaffran immediately ordered Class VIII Don Keeler to join the Sea Org or get off staff immediately. Keeler tried to fight this and was immediately busted. I saw Keeler, his eyes filled with tears, actually crying while on his routing form on the way out. I felt jubilant that he got what he deserved. You can call it aberation to celebrate the pain of one who has hurt you but I savor every moment of pain which that bastard endured. I hate him for how he destroyed my career as an auditor and that will never change. In our last year on staff, I disbursed his pay and he had no problems with me being in Treasury and one time he even told me that I was the bestTreasury terminal that CCLA ever had to that point. I heard he got a job CSing for a mission in an upscale part of Los Angeles. (5/18/11 - I am now on friendly terms with Don Keeler and it was wrong of me to feel jubilant when he was demoted. I have learned this lesson and am the better person for it.)

    I RECEIVE EXPANDED DIANETICSThe second big new item was that there was a new technology recently put out by LRH which was called Expanded Dianetcs, XDN for short. Yvonne started receiving it from another person who I was fortunate enought to encounter in my life, Soo Ribisi, who was then married to good old Al Ribisi. I believed Soo had gone to the Apollo to get trained on it. In any case, Yvonne called a staff meeting to tell us about XDN auditing and she said it was 8 times more powerful than standard auditing and everryone should do everything in their Power to receive XDN. I still had a lot of money in my savings account from my IBM days and I believed I was always failing to succeed in Scinetology due to my "reactive bank" so I wrote Yvonne that I was considering getting XDN and asked if I could talk to her privately about it. She saw me and strongly encouraged me to get it. I asked about a staff discount and she said that since I was Sea Org, she would let me have it a 1/2 price. I paid $8,000 to CCLA for XDN leaving only about $2,000 left in my savings account. Soo Ribisi who later divorced Al and became Soo Forbes audited me all the way to XDN completion. It took over 300 hours in the chair which was at least double the amount I paid for, even at the 50% discounted price. Yvonne saw to it that my $8,000 took me all the way to XDN completion even though I should have paid at least another $8,000 to buy that much auditing even at my heavily discounted price. That pretty much brought me back to very good terms with Yvonne again, Just as Irene Howey predicted over a year earlier.

    Next I was given my Grades for free as a Sea Org member by a Class VI auditor, though only a Class IV was required. I was now Grade 4, Dianetics Completion and Expanded Dianetics completion. I had gains from all of this stuff. Just the fact I have such a razor sharp memory at 69 years of age I attribute to some significant degree to my auditing. I don't like the direction Scientology has gone and have quit participating in the Church but fair is fair. I think LRH and Scientology gave me some help in life and for that I want to thank them. For all the evil stuff, that is a different matter but it is possible to be both helped and harmed by the same individual or the same group. I am sorry and I have a lot of fights with those who detest everything to do with Scientology but I wish them no malice and I wish they would cut those of us who believe we got something out of Scientology a little slack.

    That's it for this installment, ending in early 1973. I still have about 8 more months left to tell of this portion of my story before I hit October 12, 1973. the day I left for the Apollo. Rainy days are good for writing and if the rain keeps up, I'll probably finish this story tomorrow.
    Lkwdblds aka Lakey
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  8. Great storytelling!

    Lakey, I am so glad you are telling the rest of your story, and also that you are having cogs with your shifting viewpoint on the COS and Scientology.

    You know how much I support you in becoming totally free to experience life to it's fullest as the wonderful spiritual being that you are. :happydance:

    I hope that telling your whole story will free up lots more theta for you.
    I know it helps other people to read these personal experiences! I especially like that you are naming names and putting in lots of details. You may never know all the good you are doing by completing the picture of your life story in Scientology here. I am so very proud of you! :yes: Well done!

    On a personal note, I am so glad that we are friends! Your civility and kindness in your comments have kept me here at times when things get rough for me, I value your advice, thank you!

    Much Love, SandLy :)
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  9. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Thank you very much for the kind thoughts

    S and L,
    Thank you very much for your deep and touching words of acknowledgement and support. Yes, we have a little friendship going, a couple of pm's and such. Looking at orders of magniturde I think, why take time writing this stuff in such detail. In the scope of things today, it all happened nearly 40 years ago and even then it was not really that important.

    I am encouraged by your kind words that there is importance in writing something like this. Obviously, my experience in the 70's is milder than the type of stuff happening today and its good that newer people considering Scientology get a glimpse in detail of how Scientology life was back then.

    I have a great memory and I love to write stories so why not write it up? I get goose bumps when people read my stuff and write replies. Then of course there is the therapeutic benefit of doing a debrief and getting this stuff off one's chest. Here is an original thought.......

    Some of those who could have written the most informative and most interesting stories and revealed the most inside information did not do so. I am speaking of Mary Sue and Diana Hubbard, Pat and Annie Broker and some of those who were really on the inside like they were. My thought is that since they who were really on the inside did not debrief to us and the Scientology public at large, it is up to us who were not really on the inside but experienced a little bit of the inside to debrief as much as we can to make up for the void left by them.
  10. tookmeawhile

    tookmeawhile Patron with Honors

    Hi Lakey,

    I LOVE your story!!! I think it's great that you are writing about the wins you had along the way, too. There are a lot of folks who never did experience the gains many of us did, in fact, enjoy.

    Your style of writing is great; I can't wait for the next installment or two. BTW, as far as believing in my own past lives; I'm like you I think. They sure in heck seem VERY real to me; like they are my OWN memories from own past. (Maybe not all of them but a lot of them.) As good as a lot of my early this lifetime memories. But yeah, not until I hit the ESMB's did I question a lot of them. Of course, reading that some of them were from other beings really indicated, too. I guess it's a mixture of both; I swear many of the recalls were my own. Or are they? :confused2: So, I like your 70/30 probability of them being true or just dub in; fantastic!!

    Hearing about your travails of being on staff - along with the good and bad folks is so much fun. :thumbsup:

    I'm sure I never ran into you, but you feel like an old friend. :yes:
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  11. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Wow - You sound like a soulmate

    Tookmeawhile - Wow!! Your post and Sweet and Light's made my day. Just hearing what you had to say about past lives was reward enough for writing that entire chapter. Also, your similar experiences of having good gains in Scientology along with all the heartbreak.

    Wow, feeling like I'm an old friend without having actually met me, what a nice thing to say and what a great concept. I've run in to so many types of ex-Scientologists on ESMB and it seems to me that there are not too many that share our experiences and outlook but there are some.

    I was thinking about all the wonderful people I have met in Scientology. For me the ultra elite were:
    Best Auditors: Ty Dillard, Ken Lipton, Sue Ribisi Forbes, Candy Chaleff, Denise Mulkey at AOLA
    Best CS: Ron Shaffran and Robert Maxwell
    Best Executive: Irene Howey Derman. Honorable mention to Yvonne Gilham Jentzch whom I greatly admired but who hurt me badly on a couple of occasions.
    Best Staff Members: Sam Loria, Julie Goetz, Bob Mithoff, Henry Baumgard, Bruce Rigney, Betty Murakami
    Best Junior: Adele Vonnie my loyal and caring Purchasing Officer
    Best Course Supervisor: Carole Ferguson (CCLA)
    Best Registrar: Hector Carmona
    Best FSM: Robin Filios (AOLA amd Flag)
    Best Friends to hang out with: Beverly Carter, xxx, Richard Royce
    If I think of others, I'll add them to the list - This list contains some of the finest people you could ever hope to meet. Many are also very talented!
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  12. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 7

    In the beginning of 1973 I was riding pretty high considering I was now 33 years old and my senior was an immature 18 year old girl. I had now completed my entire lower bridge in audting plus over 300 hours of XDN and was ready to receive Power Processing, Grade V at ASHO. I felt very stable and better grounded in my auditing than about 90% of the people. One public guy, David Karas, was doing everything I was doing and was equal to me but I do not think Dave ever did the XDN.

    I became friendly with Richard Royce who was an artist from USC University who walked off the street into the Org in 1970 just to see what Scientology was about and was handled and gotten in by Yvonne. Richard was one of those incredible people who I have met through Scientology. Richard was touting a book by a Ted Warren which was designed to make money in the stock market. Using this book, Richard got me to invest $2,000 in the commodities market with him and it doubled to $4,000 in about 2 months and we cashed out. We tried it one more time and the second time I lost $700 but still ended up $1,300 ahead. I told my friend Ken, whose cousin Harry got me into Scn, about the book and Ken began using it and still uses it to this day.

    By late 1972, all these new networks were formed by LRH. He already had the Finance Banking Officer, FBO, network and now this was joined by the Guardians Office, GO network, the Flag Rep network and the LRH Comm network. There was going to be an Establishment Officer network added in 1971 which I participated in but that network was scrapped before it ever started. All these Networks, FBO, GO, Flag Rep, and LRH Comm were autonomous and sent representatives to the Orgs who were not on the Org board but were shown Above the Org Board. This brought on the ridiculous and absurd condition that Kathy Hirsch, a 23 year old nobody who was Cashier in the treasury division being named as Assistant Guardian for CCLA and outranking Yvonne and being able to give her orders. Yvonne was OT 7, FEBC and Kathy Hirsch was maybe ARC straightwire release and had done maybe her Cashier Hat pack.

    I noticed this outpoint. Yvonne, the founder of CCLA in 1970 had created the Org from a filing cabinet while at AOLA and was now being ordered around by a bunch of relatively untrained children. Every week all staff had to write a letter to Yvonne about their posts including successful and unsuccessful actions. I wrote to Yvonne that I had noticed the phenomena of all these competing networks descending down upon the Org and taking away Yvonne's power to manage the Org in the process. Yvonne immediately despatched me back an answer that she had been feeling the squeeze herself and had been talking it over at the Commanding Officers meetings held regularly between the CO's of CCLA, AOLA, ASHO and the L.A. Org. She called me in to discuss my observations and get my full take on the matter. She said that I was the only staff member who noticed this factor and it made her feel better to know that someone else other than she and the other CO's were aware of the problem. Aside from my one letter and one meeting with her, nothing else came out of this exchange except that she now held me in higher esteem.

    I could not possibly know it then, nor could anyone else, but this was probably one of the early signs of LRH going into his destructive mode and in particular of him not tolerating any seconds in command or anyone else sharing the limelight with him. Stong idolized leaders such as Yvonne were not allowed to share the limelight. Yvonne was not even trying to do this and always credited everything she was and did back to LRH. He probably didn't care about that very much and just wanted to knock her out of sharing the limelight with him and ditto for any other popular CO's. One more component to it was definitely that he felt he was getting older at 62 and he was already in poor health and his mind was on setting up a checks and balances system of management which could take over after his death where some stong leader such as himself could not run a dictatorship such as he did. DM easily overcame the checks and balances which LRH was devising to prevent Scientology to be governed like a dictatorship and became a stronger dictator than LRH himself. Scientologists are fond of saying how strongly LRH's postulates stuck and many believe in Karma. In this case, LRH postulated into existence very young, relatively untrained senior executives to boss around top veteran execs such as Yvonne and others and then near the end of his life a very young. relatively untrained executive emerged to boss around everyone including LRH himself!

    I was always complaining of stage fright and trying to handle it in my auditing. Kitty, my senior, wanted me to make some big talk at the Org promoting my XDN auditing and I told her I hated public speaking. One night at graduation, near the end of my 300 hours of XDN, Kitty got on stage and said that someone here is not graduating this week but he has had a lot of powerful auditng recently and everyone is noticeing big changes in him, I was then called on stage.

    I started out nervous and mentioned to the audience of 150 to 200 people that I had stage fright and made a joke about seeing if my XDN auditing had worked to cure it. My leg started trembling and I started shaking so I pointed to my leg and said, "Look, its still shaking, I guess the auditing is not yet flat." The audience burst into laughter and applause. I then pointed to the other leg and it was shaking too and I pointed to it and started laughting. I guess you can predict the rest. By me pointing to every shaking body part and every twitch and wobble in my voice and making fun of it, my stage fright went away and and I delivered a serious talk of how great Expanded Dianetic Audting was and I was up there talking for about 15 minutes and got a huge applause. When I left the stage, Kitty ran up and hugged me and pinned a sign on my chest that said "Public Speaking Release" and Yvonne came over to me and told me that I had given a beautiful talk and that I was beautiful. I was so blown out that night, it was very hard to fall asleep. I was told later that several people made advanced payments towards their XDN as a result of my talk.

    There is a current thread on ESMB talking about if ex Scientologists are liable for contributing to the growth of Scientology. There were two people whom I admired whom I did not duplicate and said some things in poor taste which offended them. I realized why they were angry with me and I tried to repair any damage to them which I had caused by apologizing. Another well known ESMB member lambasted me with 4 letter words and said he was onto me and knew I was an OSA plant.

    Life is lived one day at a time. In early 1973, after just having 300 hours of XDN auditing delivered to me by a fantastic person and auditor, Soo Ribis Forbes and being CSed by another fantastic person, Class XII Ron Shafran I believed with all my heart that I had been radically changed for the better by those two people all thanks to LRH. Just look at it, why would I not feel this way? I just confronted stage fright and was tumultously applauded by the crowd and Yvonne Jentzch who was a charismatic God like figure told me that I was a beautiful person. I believed in this entire experience and really wanted others to have it for themselves at that time! I did not know anything of the workings of the Church of Scientology or that Hubbard had lied about the details of his life and even if I did, at that moment in my life, it would not have changed my feelings. There is enough stress and challenge in life that one does not have to hate and condemn oneself when he acted in total good faith at an earlier time in his life in promoting an organization which at that time he believed in but years later grew into something which destroys rather than enhances life. Anyway, this is my opinion and it is well thought out and not open to change. For others who feel they participated in causing suffereing, povertty, degradation and even death to others by doing their jobs well in the Church of Scientology, I am totally supportive of them and their right to feel the ways they do. I respect the struggle and inner conflict they are experiencing and know it is very real for them. Perhaps, five or ten years later in Scientology, when I knew more about some of the abuses, I might put myself in their category and maybe we should all examine this point in ourselves individual by individual. But this night in early 1973 was my night, a night I will never forget and on which I felt I was going free and I do not regret promoting those who I thought had helped make this night possible.

    I was now back in very good standing with Yvonne and because Kitty helped me overcome stage fright, I cut her a lot of slack. I was feeling good about myself and very stable and strong and now wanted to leave Treasury Division and return to tech training which was my original goal for quitting my job and joining staff at CCLA.

    This turned out to be a pretty meaty and long chapter so I will end it here.
    Tomorrow, I'll take up an opportunity I had to be named FBO and how that failed and then my struggle to leave Treasury and get back to my first love of tech training.
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  13. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    Diana Could Still Talk

    I was told by Mike Goldstein that Diana called him in 1980 and said she

    thought the Church was being taken over. Later he observed that she was

    caved in and as far as I know is still in, but have no late data.

    If she spoke out it would finish the Church, and I suppose due to her close

    relationship with her father she can't do it. What a shame.

    She needs to realize there is some real life outside the "Church" with some

    few carrying on with workable tech.

    BTW, I saw Diana walking up the sidewalk at C.C. Int. in Dec.,1985 with a

    very dejected and caved in look about her. I often wondered if it was

    because of her father's condition, or the idea that the Church was failing,

    or both.

    Anyway, I agree with you and realize it is a high point of Integrity that

    Diana and the Broekers speak out, and have had that consideration for

    a long while.

    Well done on your story and particularly naming names.

    When I do my story (which doesn't personally compare to yours)

    I will name all of the names that I recall.
  14. Challenge

    Challenge Silver Meritorious Patron

    Lakey, you asked about Hector Carmona: Hector was a friend of mine, too.
    I audited CCLA's HGC while Hector was THE reg there.
    I haven't heard of him in years, but I can tell you that he left COS sometime mid-80s. Hector and Richard Coleman, ( another GAY Scn, a Class 8) took over the practice that Jon Ziegel (spell) had begun, called the Clear Center. The term "Queer Center" became known by the Field, thanks to the old GO who tried all their tricks to shut it down.
    I audited there a bit. LaMont audited and C/S'd a bit as well. I was one of the very very few auditors outside COS who had trained to deliver NOTs, so I audited that level at the "Queer Center". LaMont was afraid of COS, and he routinely C/Sd people back onto Power, which did not sit well. LaMont was a trained Power auditor, and had his considerations that not many had EPd the level. Probably a correct evaluation. But everyone wanted to have NOTs auditing, so we delivered it. I think that Richard was CSing.
    Anyways, Hector is/was a love. Maybe someone here has more recent news of him.

  15. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    We Agree

    Blue - I knew Mike Goldstein in the mid 70's through my Brother and besides reading his full story on the internet, I just reconnected with him recently and got a free intro Idenics session over the phone. Everything he told me matches what you wrote. I am glad you are enjoying my story. I am going to start the next chapter. #8 right now.
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  16. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Challenge, thanks for the update on Hector. Do you remember the big Sea Scape painting hanging on the wall behind Hector's desk? That was my painting which I owned for about 6 years and when I joined staff and moved out of my apartmemt, Hector offered to buy it from me for $100. I probably paid $400 for it but sold it to him at the big discount as a 3rd dynamic gesture and also because of my friendship for Hector.

    I did know he was gay because my Brother told me so. I was not aware of the Queer Centre. By the way, who is Lamont. The name sounds familiar, what was his last name?
  17. Challenge

    Challenge Silver Meritorious Patron

    LaMont was a piano player/celebrity at CCLA. Last name Johnson. Also , old OT7, Class 8, Independent Field auditor. Yvonne liked him a lot and offered him the post of Public Relations In Charge, or some such. LaMont was not in the SO, and ran the Hollywood Mission around the time that hector went over to the Clear Center. O and he was bi-racial, although his skin was fairer than mine. He was a good jazz player, altho his career never really boomed.
    LaMont flew away from his body a few years ago.

  18. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 8

    In my last installment, I left off on a kind of high I had in early 1973 but then I remembered two noteworthy incidents which occured in the later part of 1972.

    The post of FBO opened up and I wanted it

    I was in Yvonne's dog house well into 1972. The first crack in the ice was when she allowed me to enter her office while she signed the Org's checks and made small talk with me. The second thing that helped me was my observation about all the various new agencies usurping her power. The third thing that helped me was when I purchased my XDN from CCLA for $8,000. I remember that the Gross Income that week was around $12,500 and $8,000 came from me. She acknowledged me at the Weekly Staff Meeting where the stats were reviewed. The fourth thing that totally restored me fully in her eyes was the speech I gave telling of my XDN wins, described in my previous Chapter. This speech was definitely given in early 1973 and I now realize that the FBO post came open well before that time and had to have been around September of 1972

    FBO Chris Rutkowski Had been FBO ever since I arrived at the Org. He was the Flag Banking Officer and was not on the CCLA Org Board but on Flag's Org Board. He did not take his orders from Yvonne but rather from Flag. His power was such that he approved everything financially after Yvonne approved it and he had the last say. He got to sit at the Executive Table in the Org Dining Hall.

    Chris Rutkowski was an okay person. He was extremely intelligent and I saw the results of one of his IQ tests which he had to take before leaving CCLA and transfering to Scientology's European Offices in Denmark. His score was 149. He was still young, maybe 24 or so but looked older. He was not an ugly man but he was not a lady's man type by any means. He had a conservative aire about him in dress and manerisms but occasionally, he could open up with some cuss words or crack a few jokes. There were two things I did not like about him. First, he was very aloof, bordering on arrogance and second he just never seemed to like me. We had some things in common such as both being University trained and having math backgrounds, both being good with numbers, both appearing to be a little on the conservative side and both being single. We should have hit it off a little but he seemed threatened by me or for some other reason, he would not be friendly or even make small talk with me. Instead, he, the important FBO, was pompous and arrogant and treated me as a nobody, a lowly Org Department head.

    When the FBO job opened up the staff members acted as if I would get it for sure, many months had passed since Yvonne picked Kitty over me for Treas Sec and the staff never understood that but felt I must have done something to alienate Yvonne, but surely now, 7 or 8 months later, whatever it was that blocked my promotion had been handled or so they thought. I was told that if I wanted the post, I needed to write a despatch to Chris and Yvonne stating that I wanted the post and outlining why I felt I was qualified. I wrote both of them posts and in Yvonne's post, I compromised my own integrity and took full responsibility for the toilet paper incident when I really did not believe I had done anything wrong. This might be the only instance in my Sea Org career where I compromised my own integrity and did so to gain a better post. I am just now realizing, right this second, that this was my lowest point as a Sea Org member

    Meanwhile at lunch, it was mentioned that we were getting a new FBO and Yvonne told us that anyone who wanted the post should write letters to her and Chris. Several people shouted out my name. One I remember was Karen Fuller who was Yvonne's communicator and had just married Dale De Wolfe. Another who may have called out my name was Iris Reaves, one of the top execs and I think that our wonderful courseroom Supervisor in the hatting college, Carole Ferguson may have shouted out my name. Heber Jentzch was Assistand Guardian for Finance at the time and I had to see him every week before and after the Financial Planning (FP) committee met and he told me that he felt I was the best choice for the job and that he would vote for me. I told him I had doubts because Yvonne still had doubts about me over a disagreement we had 7 or 8 months ago.

    The announcement was soon made. The new FBO was to be, tra la, Bob Georgius! As I said before, Bob was Kitty's Dad and was married to Lynn Georgius. Bob and Lynn were public and not even staff. Somehow, I don't know any of the details, Bob let the Execs know he wanted the post or maybe they approached him. Chris Rutkowski had answered my despatch with a "Dear John" letter that while I had some good qualities and was willing to work long hours and devote energy to helping the Org, he felt I lacked the maturity and discipline to handle his post. Yvonne wrote back a letter stating that she appreciated all the effort I had made to build up and stabilize treasury division but that my record showed both on the Dianetic Interneship and as Acting Treasury Secretary while Brownie was on leave, that I had shown a trait of not being able to follow orders. She said that she had seen some improvement in me in that department but that I needed to work on it more. I heard through the grapevine that Heber voted that I get the post and argued in my behalf and Chris and Yvonne absolutely did not want me and voted for Bob Georgius. The scene with Bob was different, at least he was mature and had business experience and was older than me but he had absolutely zero Org experience and needed to do all his basic staff hats and had never read even one page of Treasury hatting material. I on the other hand had full staff hatting and was fully hatted in Treasury Division. When a guy who was brand spanking new on staff gets the post and a proven fully hatted 2 year veteran is passed over for the 2nd time, the staff knows that there was something going on between Yvonne and me and that she was blocking me moving up for reasons unknown to anyone but her and me and maybe a couple of execs.

    CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT FELT LIKE BEING FULLY HATTED AND HAVING A PROVEN RECORD AND BEING PASSED UP TWICE FOR PROMOTIONS WHICH WERE GIVEN TO AN 18 YEAR OLD UNHATTED DAUGHTER AND HER UNHATTED FATHER WHO HAD TO JOIN STAFF TO TAKE THE POST? I was crushed and was depressed by this but I kept a stiff upper lip and worked with Bob Georgius to help hat him, as I was instructed to do and actually got along quite well with him for he was a quick learner and he always treated me kindly and with respect unlike his predecessor. I always say that things were milder and more sane back in the "70's than in DM's current regime but looking at what happened to me from today's point of view, how I was treated at CCLA, though not being hit in the face, having my pc folder read aloud at staff meetings so as to reveal my overt acts or being made to sleep under my desk; what was done to me by my Church, who was engaging in self betterment and clearing the planet, in its own way was just as viscious as some of the things happening today! The seeds of whatever it is in C of S policy which leads to the evils occuring today was present in 1972 as my experience proves.

    Very Late in 1972, in December, I turned 33 years old. I was living with my Brother in an aparment building on 8th street one block from the Centre.

    I think I took the day off for my birthday because I was at home on the third floor about 5:00 in the afternoon with my brother when a horn started sounding. I looked out the window and these two beautiful blonde women in a convertible were waving their hands and yellling for me to come downstairs because they were taking me out on my birthday and to bring my brother. The girls were actress Beverly Carter and opera singer Susan. They were both cover girl type beauties. I saw Bev almost every day on course and had lunch and went for pie with her all the time as did my brother. Susan, I knew fairly well too but not as well as Bev. I did not know the two girls knew each other. My brother and I climbed in and were driven by Bev and Susan to our favorite hangout which was International House of Pies in Hollywood. They treated me and sang me "Happy Birthday" and we had a wonderful time. Its a small moment but one of those surprise pleasure moments which seem to make life worth living. Oddly, both women died young in the same year, 1992. Bev was 52 and Susan 46. I had seen Susan earlier in the year 1992 at Flag and we chatted about 3 times. She looked extremely beautiful and more like a 28 year old than a 46 year old. I found out about her death in 1993 from her sister-in-law at the O.C. Org. I last saw Bev around 1989 right in front of Bridge Publications on Fountain Ave. near the blue complex in L.A. I did not know Bev had died and tried to locate her on some search engines to renew acquaintances with her about 2004 and only then found out that she had died in 1992.

    Now that these two 1972 incidents are covered, I will return to 1973 and just after my big night telling the CCLA audience about my wins on XDN auditing.

    The XDN boosted my self esteem as did the tremendous laughs and applause from my speech. I WAS TIRED OF BEING A LOSER AND DECIDED TO DEMAND TO MOVE UP OR I WOULD LEAVE.

    I wrote Yvonne a long letter with a copy to Irene Howey giving them an ultimatum. I told them that I was a total upstat at CCLA in everything I had done there. I paid in tons of money, did well on my auditing, completed all my training targets and per my own observations and what everyone has told me including Heber Jentzch and my arch nemisis, Don Keeler I AM THE BEST TREASURY STAFF MEMBER CCLA HAS EVER HAD AND ONE OF ITS BEST STAFF MEMBERS EVER. I gave up my high paying aerospace career to join your team and have worked diligently and long hours and in return, I was unfairly booted off the Dianetic Interneship, denied the Treasury Sec post in favor of a young unhatted 18 year old woman, and denied the FBO post in favor of a bright but unhatted person that was not even on staff. I further wrote that I AM TIRED OF BEING THE ORG DOORMAT WHO ANYONE CAN STEP ALL OVER. I stated that I agreed to leave tech training for two years to grow and increase Treasury Division and have done so, even hatting Kitty and Bob Georgius who should have been my juniors but were posted as my seniors.

    I said that I had recently paid $8,000 of my own money, though a Sea Org member to get my case handled after I was denied handling on the Interneship by Don Keeler and now I am stable auditing wise and fully hatted in many areas and I am a very valuable staff member and I demand to be treated as such. Therefore, unless I am allowed to leave treasury and resume tech training, I will route out of the Sea Org, pay off my Sea Org debt and go get my training as public at another Org than this one.

    I sent something similar to this to Yvonne and Irene though maybe it was not quite this strong, this was the basic content of my letter.

    Tomorrow, I will write the next installment, telling you how my letter was received by the execs....stay tuned!
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    The Old Days - Aboard the Apollo 1973-Prequel Part 9

    How did Yvonne and Irene react to my letter? They were not at all upset and set a meeting to see me. In the meeting, Yvonne was extremely bright and cheerful and Irene followed her cue. They were up around the tone level of "Games" or so they seemed to me. I could see that Yvonne liked the fact that I was cocky, sure of myself and demanding and insisting that I be treated with respect. In a simple word, I had decided to be CAUSE and not just be a doormat. This was a trait Kitty had and used to sway Yvonne to post her above me and Yvonne's game was largely to remain at CAUSE and not be at EFFECT. Still, Yvonne was a seasoned and top Executive and she was not going to be "outgamed" by one of her medium level juniors. Yvonne played her trump card as I already knew it would be played going into the meeting.

    Yvonne of course did not admit to any mistakes made by management or offer any slightest form of apology but, in her typical manner, approached the situation in a positive manner. She stated that of course, I now deserved to be returned to tech training but after building up Treasury division for two years she, as chief executive, could not allow it to collapse, therefore, before I could go back on Tech Training, I would have to find a replacement and it would have to be a strong replacement who I would have to train up and one who had the potential to do well all the things that I was then doing. That was the bottom line, I had to find a good sound replacement and one who was not already in Treasury such as Adelle or Frances. My standing with Yvonne was even higher now than before the toilet paper incident and I sensed that she would no longer block me from rising higher on the Org Board!

    One obvious lesson to be learned was that to challenge management, one had to have such a good record and proven stats that management almost considered the junior staff member to be irreplaceable. Another thing to be learned was no matter how legitimate the junior's position was, good top management would never apologize or become at effect to the junior. Top managers such as both Yvonne and Irene were would stay at a high tone level and try to create a game where both sides of a dispute would win. After the meeting ended, my memory is a little fuzzy as to what happened. I know that I went to HCO division and talked to Chris Many there about securing a replacement. I didn't know of any potential candidates because very few staff would ever consider being in treasury so I just returned to my post and for a few weeks, everything was the same as before the meeting. I realized that I was still trapped in treasury and that nothing would change unless I found a replacement but vowed not to give up on my goal of getting back into Tech.

    OPPORTUNITY COMES KNOCKING At this point, Irene Howey approached me and told me that the Org was changing to the Org Officer / Product Officer System. Yvonne, the C.O. would be the Product Officer and Irene was now going to be the Organizaing Officer called Org Officer for short. Moveover, each division would have both Product Officer and and Org Officer and they would be co heads of the division. I asked if Kitty would still be my senior and Irene said, yes and no. Technically, the Product Officer would outrank the Organizing Officer in each division but that I would not be reporting to Kitty as my Senior but I would be reporting to Irene. I said, but until I get a replacement I am still holding Director of Disbursements and wouldn't Kitty therefore by my senior for that function. Irene answered that she would. She said that I should start immediately and listen to the Product/Organization tapes by LRH which few people have heard and which are incredible and that I would become Treasury Org Officer immediately and would be coming to exec meetings but I would have to hold Disbursements from above until I found a replacement.

    I had become friendly with Irene recently, she had 4 year old twins, a boy and a girl, Brett and Tammy and they were hanging around the Centre one day and I walked them to a nearby doughnut store and bought them each chocolate to drink and a donut. The next time they saw me, they clamored to be taken to the doughnut store and this became somewhat of a ritual for awhile. Irene was a top level executive and I felt she would have risen to the top at any non Scientology Corportation if she had chosen to join one. I thought it over and decided to take her offer. After about a week and a half on the job, I realized that not much had changed, Kitty was my main boss for disbursements and in addition to that sizeable workload, I was now spending time studying for the Org Officer post and attending exec meetings. I just remembered right this moment that my junior who was Purchasing Officer, Adelle Vonney, who was now about 68 saw the fix I was in with just not enough time to do both my hats and she offered to take over as Dir of Disbursements. Irene, Yvonne and I were all worried that she was too old to handle such a large hat and the stress of dealing with bill collectors. Nevertheless, they agreed that she would be called the Deputy Dir of Disbursements and that I should start hatting her immediately. That added another chore to my other two hats but Adele had been in Treasury for at least a year and had all her staff hatting in plus the purchasing officer hat done, so it was not too difficult to hat her.

    The Org/Product officer tapes were very informative and interesting. LRH was in good spirits when he taped these and he used a lot of humor. On one tape he stated that the product always appeared first, before the factory which made the product. For example, the first airplane or first car existed before any airplane or car factories were created. He said the earliest car was put together in a makeshift way in a garage or work shop using products from other things which already existed such as bicycles, horse drawn wagons and so forth. He then stated that this showed that the first egg came before the first chicken. The egg was the product and the chicken equivalent to the factory so the egg had to come first. This seems logical to me but not conclusive proof and I am sure many on ESMB will not agree with LRH's conclusion. I caried on as described, grooming Adele as my replacement and studying to be Treasury Org Officer with Irene and slowly beginning to transfer my disbursement duties to Adele.

    I will say that the Org/Product Officer system never took hold at CCLA nor in any other Org as far as I know. If I am wrong, somebody please correct me. At CCLA, only one other Org Officer besides me was chosen, I believe from HCO division and then the program was dropped after I had left for the ship. Oddly, both modifications to the Org Board which I was chosen for and involved with, the ESTO system led by Bob Harvey in early 1971 and the ORG/PRODUCT system led by Irene Howey in mid to late 1973 were both scrapped before they got off the ground.

    I spent a quiet month or so being Irene's junior. I really loved working with her, she had befriended me personally before when I frist got into Yvonne's dog house and she was so sane, logical and safe to work for. She would have been my perfect mentor had things remained the same but alas changes were in the wind. I did not know it yet but Flag was demanding that I be sent to the Apollo to serve as Purchasing Officer in the LRH Household Unit. Yvonne did not let me know and fought this as hard as she could for a month but Flag insisted. Her fight consisted of pointing out that removing me would disestablish Treasury division and weaken a part of the Org that she had worked hard to build up. She also threw in something about my trait of not being able to follow orders and she stated that she did not feel that I was sufficiently seasoned to be Flag Staff. I know all this because a couple of weeks later I was posted as CCLA Programs Chief and eagerly culled the telex files to find out about the dispute between Yvonne and Flag about transfering me to

    I'm going to end off hear and make one final post on this thread after this one. I am on a roll, I am having fun writing this and am getting incredible comments and personal messages beyond my fondest dreams and so far, knock on wood, they are all positive. My readership is way beyond what I expected and I want to concoct a bombshell for my final post. Stay tuned.....
    Lakey dba Lkwdblds

    P.S. - June 19.2010 - Here it is, 8 months later. I decided to reread the CCLA story. We are #2 thread on ESMB with 78,500 views, 3150 replies and 316 pages of text. When I wrote the above installment in October of 2009, who would have ever thought my beloved thread would have ever become so large. What a wild trip...Almost unbelievable but true!!!

    May 18, 2011 - Another 11 months have passed. We are at 345,500 views and have been number one in views for many months. My whole life has changed since October, 2009 when I wrote the CCLA story. Everything is different, my marital status, where I live, who my friends are, how I think and my philosophical outlook on what life is all about.
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    Irene Howey, eh?

    Boy, I could tell you some stories about her! :roflmao: :roflmao:

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