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The Sea Org Does Whatever It Takes To Create A Sane Planet

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by ChuckNorrisCutsMyLawn, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Because wearing fake navy costumes, and pretending to battle fake enemies, in a fake navy, is such a sane thing to do.

  2. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    Those salvation navy faux uniforms are so cutsey.

    Who doesn't burst out laughing when they see one of those arrogant bastards prancing down the sidewalk ?

    I have to ask 'em " Where is your fleet '? "
    "Are you on shore leave for the weekend? "
    " Hey, there ain't no nudie bars in this part of town ! "

    Why don't they think that's funny?
  3. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    It would be like ...

    Doing that chick would be like trying to shtup a manaquin. I wouldn't even try it with somebody elses pecker.

  4. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    Gamn, man, that is NOT a chick !

  5. Student of Trinity

    Student of Trinity Silver Meritorious Patron

    The lanyards are the goofy part. Real military and naval uniforms do sometimes include them, but only for personnel holding a few special appointments (which are not usually particularly important, more ceremonial), and only in full dress.

    Otherwise, I think the CofS slipped back a step when it discovered metal effects for their graphics, and dropped the crystalline look they had before. The gold and silver stuff is flashy, but pretending to look like solid metal just emphasizes that all you really have is a picture. The crystal look was more abstract and ethereal. It made a more effective suggestion that spiritual powers might be real. The older, blue-light-and-crystal Scn posters can give even me a wistful feeling. The current chrome junk just looks cheap.
  6. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    I had a girlfriend once, whose husband was in the US Navy. She wrote something on his underpants with a marker pen (something lovey dovey). It could be read through his white dress pants. He had a meeting with a CO, who noticed it. They made him turn around so that they could read it through his pants.

  7. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Watch out they might actually listen to you.
  8. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors



  9. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

  10. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    And your friends will uh really uh respect you. :dieslaughing:
  11. J. Swift

    J. Swift Patron with Honors

    The "Church" is a strange occultic carnival of deranged OT's, lawyers, PI's, psychotics, and assorted victims led by a fake navy and commanded by an insane Dictator with an unlimited budget and no good ideas of how to spend it. Hence, a Nonstop Trash Parade of Lunacy is the VFP of the Cult:


    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  12. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron


    Good one :lol:

  13. BunnySkull

    BunnySkull Silver Meritorious Patron

    But boy are those deluded SO members proud of wearing a lanyard.

    I've read a few mention of the cult having to buy their various SO military ribbons and medals from pawn stores or estate sales - anywhere you could find US military uniform stuff. Now I would guess by now the SO has the it own custom made medals, right? But what actual US military stuff did they buy and wear on their SO uniforms back in the day
  14. Dilettante

    Dilettante Patron Meritorious

  15. smartone

    smartone My Own Boss

  16. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    even better!

    This one is even better than the last one I saw you did on the Clambake!

  17. TheSneakster

    TheSneakster Guest

    Sea Org Valence: Cold Chrome Steel No Sympathy. And that's what they are promoting you will become as a Sea Org Member ? No Thanks.
  18. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    While at CLO EUS, in Manhattan, there were regular dockings of US Naval ships on the west side docks. The Naval members would constantly walk up and down 48th st on their way to the city.

    As they passed by CLO EUS, they would actually salute any of the CO's or otherwise dress white uniformed Sea Org, ie CMO etc that would be outside the CLO.

    I couldn't help but feel sick how people who risk their lives to keep America safe from enemies would accidentally, out of training, salute a completely bogus bunch of people who do nothing but waste their time for a scam, but dress as if they are superior officers demanding respect from military personnel.
  19. Opter

    Opter Silver Meritorious Patron

    So very true!!!!!!!!:yes::thumbsup::D

  20. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    ROFLMHO! :thumbsup: