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The Sea Org: Info for potential recruits

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by OHTEEATE, Apr 2, 2007.

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    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    This is not directed at ex-Scientologists or critics. It is a write up for current Scientologists in good standing with the Church of Scientology. I am a 55 year old father of two, and have been married almost four years to my current wonderful wife. I was in the SO at Flag in 2005, for four months. My case level is OT 8, my training level is Cl. IV. You need this data:
    I. If your child wants to join the Sea Org, they should read this. My son has been in two years. He cannot communicate with his father, his grandfather, his mother, or his sister. He is cut off until he dies or leaves the SO and the CofS.
    2. the reason you cannot see the berthing until you complete the EPF is that the berthing is horrid, cramped, and is surrounded by locked gates, and alarmed fences with motion detectors and cameras, most of which point in, and are used to keep staff in line. I did over $2000 worth of renos to my room and apartment before we would consider moving into it.
    3. Food varies by location, but is always of institutional quality, and often very cheaply produced. The dining hall may be choked with cigarette smoke, and there is nothing you can do about it. You will not have long to eat your food, but will be eating very quickly.
    4. Uniforms are a joke. Bring your own good black shoes and money to buy your own. The provided shoes are usually plastic, Chinese shoes of terrible quality. I wound up using my own slacks, and suit coat, as none were provided. I got 2 shirts at Wal Mart from the SO.
    5. Dental care. At Flag, the dentist has a budget for temporary fillings and extractions, only. Get your teeth fixed before you go into the Sea Org.
    6. Vitamins. They are provided, if they are in stock. Also, Cal Mag is usually provided. If you have a headache, you can take Potassium, Salt, vitamins, and drink water. No aspirin or tylenol, or anything like that.
    7. leaves. the 3 week leave after a year is only if you can arrange a sec check from an interne on your own time, before you go and after you return.
    8. Liberty. Every other Saturday, if your stats are up, you can CSW for a day off. It must be approved by the Captain. Some staff just work all the time, and don't bother with liberty much.
    9.Saturday morning. You are supposed to have Saturday morning to clean your room, do laundry, and buy necessary articles at the store. You are up later on Friday night, doing cleaning and will not be in bed until 1 AM Saturday. You will be up for exercise muster at 8:30. Then at 9 you will clean your room, including neatly stacking your socks and underwear in your drawers. Your room and drawers wil be inspected. The Sea Org laundry is full, forget it. Beg a ride with someone who has a car and go do your laundry. Your muster is at 12:25. Saturday morning off is a LIE.
    10. Pay. You will get anywhere from $25 to $75 , depending on your Org and if it is upstat, and whether or not you are in TTC or are an auditor who did not do 40 hours(full pay) or 25 hours(any pay). You will have a narrow window of time in which to go to the little pay window, and stand in line in the hall, and as you get your pay envelope, you will be asked to contribute to the Captains Birthday present, or DMs Birthday present, and will notice that person is marking your name down with the amount you donated, or if you didn't donate.
    11. Bridge progress. Go to any SO Org, AO, ASHO, Flag, and look at the ORG BOARD plainly posted in a hallway or room. Look after the persons name, where their admin and tech training levels are listed, and their case level. You will see that MOST execs and very often all lower level SO members are low on the Bridge, unless they were public who did the Bridge before they went into the Sea Org. Don't expect to go Clear or OT rapidly in the Sea Org.
    12. Schedule. Expect to work upwards of 100 hours per week, and experience sleep deprivation on a regular basis.
    13. You will not have a TV, a cell phone, or a computer hooked up to the internet, in the Sea Org. Think that one over.
    14. Phone calls. You will have to arrange for an MAA(ethics officer) to monitor any phone call you wish to make, for any reason.
    15. ALL your mail will be opened and read by Security. Security will have keys to your room, and can search it at any time, and confiscate anything you are not supposed to have.
    16. You will do an introductory course, called "external influences" which will inform you not to accept rides or continue friendships with public Scientologists. "Your shipmates are your friends now" you'll be told. On liberty, you are not to fraternize with non-SO friends, go shopping with them, etc. Family excepted.
    17. If you become terminally ill, you will be offloaded as a liability to the Sea Org.
    18. If you become pregnant, you will be pressured to have an abortion. If you do not have an abortion, you will be transferred to a failing Cl. V Org, or offloaded. Sea Org abortions are done at minimum expense, at local government facilities for indigent people.
    19. If you route out of the Sea Org, you will forever be treated differently when on lines at any SO Org, as a Degraded Being, and made to do extra sec checks, and set ups, all the way up to OT 7 and 8.
    20. If you blow from the Sea Org, you will be declared suppressive, and no family or friend still in Scientology will be allowed to speak to you.
    THIS IS TRUE. MIchael Henderson ex Flag Staff
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  2. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

  3. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    And/or, you can simply ask your child, if they are interested in going into the Sea Org, if they are ready to surrender all of their rights except the one to be a slave.
  4. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    And this little chat isn't limited to the Sea Org.

    If your daughter shows some interest in marriage you should give her the same rfactor.

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sea Org

    LOL! Spoken like a true veteran of the marraige wars! Mike
  6. popsweetland

    popsweetland Patron

    Thank you Michael Henderson.

    Remember this quote from Hubbard's "Aims of Scientology"

    "We will never betray your faith in us, so long as you are one of us."
    (emphasis added)
    Understand what "betray" means .... in its full sense.

    Understand the condition under which betrayal is condoned.

    E. David Sweetland

    Father of Lauren & Reilly Sweetland who have been estranged from me through correct, standard and proper application of disconnection policy since August 2000.

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    Dave, You mean, as in "disclose, in violation of confidence"? Got it. Father, mother /sister /brother hurts to the degree you have agreed to play that game, but it still hurts. I understand the disconnection, but I will sure as heck do all I can to get it dumped on its ear and exposed to the public for what it is: a torture mechanism of the Chinese school. The general, non Scn public gets it pretty easily. The press eat it up. It's such easy work, like shooting ducks on a pond. DM talks about shooting SPs on a pond. It's DM season , now. Mike
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  8. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    " LOL! Spoken like a true veteran of the marraige wars! Mike"

    I was just teasing, a little bit.

    Considering some of the wonderful men posting on these forums that had a thread of lie in it.
  9. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    For Mike,

    If you don't have the guest room set up already, get it going or start the add on.

    The kids will be back home soon.

    The average life span of a Sea Org member is two years, that is spread out by the old timers who wouldn't know what to do if they left, so they just stay. Many of them wouldn't survive anyway without someone telling them what to do.

    I don't know how long they have been in, but the clock is ticking away.

    Your kids will come home and it will be sooner than later.
  10. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    I would like to interject that having been there for almost 30 years, all of the points are correct. However, later, some of them did slightly change and I would like to mention them:

    7. About the leaves: It's not just that you have to arrange the sec check. You also need to figure out someone to cover your position, which is hard because everyone is overworked and not willing to do it, or just plain can't cause there is too much to do. Many leaves try to be arranged get cancelled because of no coverage. Forget about ever buying a plane ticket in advance. Only time you are going for sure is when your luggage is in hand and you are standing at the ticket counter buying a ticket for the next flight.

    9. If you are in need of supplies to purchase (such as for hygeine and so forth), you can get these at the canteen on the base, or, you have to go to a local drugstore. Now, if you want to go off the base, you will need at least two other people to go with you, or you will not be allowed off the base at all. ... Also, if you are on a post that makes you work late into the night (such as mine was, a C/S works until 2 AM most nights), you still are required to get up for the cleaning musters and clean your room along with everyone else, too bad that it is supposed to be your sleep time.

    11. A large org, especially a service org, can have up to 200 people on staff. How many are in positions (posts) to service the staff and get them up the Bridge? 2. At the most. 2 for 200. That will be normal in a service org. In rgs that do not directly service public, no-one exists to get the staff up the Bridge. You will be told to co-audit up the Bridge. Oh, "Make it go right" would be the familiar term there. So what are the other 198 people doing? (you figure it out)

    13. You will be told that laptops are allowed. However, you have to sign papers, never use internet, and they take it away and "adjust it" before you are allowed to have it. I dont know what they do to it. Additionally, when you are leaving there, they will also take it and take everything out of it before giving it back to you. You sign over your rights for them to do this when you enter.

    18. They no longer transfer to Class V orgs. You will be Comm Eved if you do not go through with the abortion. The male (husband) will be pressured into staying in the Sea Org and leaving his wife "for the greater good". She will be booted out, pregnant with $500.00 in her hand to start a new life. No education, no doctors visits, nothing. She will have to go out and make a living and raise the child on her own. The child will be ignored and disowned by the father.

  11. barky

    barky Patron with Honors

    This is all just friggin' horrible. Is there any "bona fide" religion on this planet, outside of tribal religions that still use torture as a "cleansing" ritual, that treats people this horribly?

    What kind of church are they?

    Pure evil, that's what this is. If there is any doubt as to the malignancy that is Scientology, look at how they treat those who are most devoted to it. :mad:
  12. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Women got the worst evaluation in Hubbards writings, far worse than the homosexuals. Read SOS, Hymn of Asia, and worst of all, "The Second Dynamic" book.

    They are only tolerated if they dress up in men's military uniforms and refer to themselves as "Sir".

    This does not surprise me at all that women, and evidence of their femininity are tossed out like trash.

    Many men who were in the Sea Org leave, and are still negligent of their children and abusive to women, even on chat forums.

    Scientology, it's man's world.

    The "queen" who had some status was herded off to federal prison and then forbidden to be seen in any public Scientology place, just to make the point very clear.

    As I read and solo audited and trained I felt like a sneak getting the information.
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  13. popsweetland

    popsweetland Patron

    Very very good point!!! The defeminization of the women also emasculates the "men" to some degree. The Sea Org women are all internally referred to as "SIR!!!". That is a gross insult to the women!!!! but it is consistent with the over all "de-humanization" of "people". Remember we are GODS we are THETANS; we are OPERATING GODS ... our pathetic little "meat bodies" have no more meaning or value than what passed through your bowels last week!! Yeah it was important at the time, but now ... who cares. We are GODS!!! WE HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL!!!

    I'll let that one be for now.


    Whatever's post made me weep....I could not even respond directly to it, but respond here....

    That is NOT the "ology" that I signed up for in blood in 1969 ... (to steal and modify Fluffy's line).

    The future of humanity depends on women being women in all the glory of the strength of their beauty, compassion, love, empathy. Testosterone got us through killing the mastadons, but the age of the estrogen needs to kick in to keep us from killing ourselves.

    Part of the "informed consent" that a new member shoudl sign along with being made aware of the use of disconnection, hypnosis, sanctioned betrayal, occult materials, is the fact that the Sea Org calls women SIR!!!

    Thank you Ladies fir taking back the strength and beauty of your femininity!!

    - PopSweetland

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    I propose we work together on this, and any other ex-SO can help, to expand and correct to current practices and policies. There are variations for local areas, like Flag, which has it's own because the flaps get publicized locally. I need instruction on how to do the (snip) thing to paste these together. Where can I get hatted up on this tech? Mike
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  15. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    whaaat?? You have to have a babysitter to go off the base? And the crew fall for this?

    Does anybody go out to the bars any more?

    One New Year's Eve (1984/85) Bertie Van Hoecke and I ended up at some German bar in Clearwater - we got roaring drunk and ended up singing Lili Marlene on the stage, in full SO uniform. We had a great time, met a lot of locals and had one helluva hangover the next day.

    Dave Bloomberg and I went out to Barneys Beanery in LA in October 84 and had a whale of a time one Friday night.

    Jeez whats the matter with these people?
  16. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Firt thing we do is take them out and show them how to party.
  17. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader


    I hate to tell you this, but, no, no bars. You would get Comm Ev'ed for it. I know because I have witnessed it (never been a drinker myself, but others. However, I do enjoy a drink now and then since - can't beleive what I was missing out on. My first hangover was HELL!!! Well, my first and only. But it didnt stop me from drinking again. I enjoy it, but not a heavy drinker, ok?)

    Barneys Beanery!!! Yeah. On the Sunset Strip. I was just out that way and found one down by Santa Monica Beach and ate there. (the one on Sunset strip used to have a sign above the bar that said "no faggots allowed". No offense intended to anyone. I just thought the sign was awefully bold. They were forced to take it down).
  18. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Wow. I got enough comm evs when I was in - if that sort of crap had been being handed out when I was in I would have been permanently being "convened" lol. In 76 when I got in the SO at FOLO UK we would be off down the pub every saturday night. At FOLO EU in the late 70's and early 80s FOLO EU and GO EU used to go out partying at the local Sheraton disco.

    Comm Eved for going to the pub, RPFed for a little rumpy pumpy. It has gotten pathetic.

    Yeah it is/was a helluva place - Bloomberg and I started on Beers of the World in reverse alphabetical order - some vile beer from Zambia as I recall..

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sea Org

    Now, Mick Wenlock, see here, none of that XSO rag tag barroom pub behavior will be tolerated in this establishment. This is after all, a deadly serious activity (pass me another Newcastle Brown Ale, there you go, tha's my mate).
    The extremely drunk son of the D/Capt AO FSO Clive Rabey was in the ethics office with us as we were being "ethics particled" out of the SO. He had quite a time exploring the various combinations of alcohol before he was dragged back in. No, no sense of humor, public drinking would be out PR and a big no-no. They don't even smoke cigarettes anymore in public, Mick. It's all show, now. Scientology has become a big Hollywood set with well rehearsed actors, gathering money in endless fundraisers. Most of the staff are glorified call in people now. Interesting how it's HOLLYWOOD that is flaying them alive right now, isn't it? Live by the tabloids, die by the tabloids.
    LRH used to pass out bottles at Christmas, and in Bermuda we had a grand old party for the FB, in Oct. 74 up at a nice hotel in St. George , and I got a full tank on that night. Taught a nice South African blonde girl how to shoot tequila with salt and lime. To the old days, Mick. Best, Mike
  20. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I remember seeing the KRs about Arthur Hubbard. This is when he was out of the SO but still living in LA. "Drunk and disorderly" in that Russian bar in Los Angeles (It was called "Gorky's").
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