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The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstopable Power of Leaderless Organizations

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Papabear, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Papabear

    Papabear Patron

    This helps to explain the difference between an organization like the Cult of Scientology vs. Anonymous. etc. I found it enlightening.

    Oh, and I'm back on the board! It's been a long while and I am grateful for all of you who have been keeping this board hopping, all the newbies and all the soon to be newbies! I checked in every now and again (Who can really stay away?) and I can see y'all been busy!

    I am now residing in Clearwater, FL for a bit, taking care of some personal business. Anyone who wants to meet up, I'm game! :thumbsup:

    And a video link if you prefer:

    Peace and love Y'all!

    Aka Chris Eisenman

    Oh, and OSA, you never did take me up on my offer to talk with me directly so you didn't have to harass my parents and my brothers to get to me. My offer still stands, you have my email address. If you really think I have lied about anything, fill me in on the details, I'll be happy to publicly change my story if you can show me I lied. If you can't do that, then how much confront do you really have? (The very sad answer is none)
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