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This is My Story

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by daniel.asse, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    This is my story.

    My name is Daniel Asse

    I am a prominent member of the Jewish community, and Rotary Club in Mexico.

    I was in Scientology for 9 years

    The Church says that you "must handle” big upsets refunds cycles, chaplain cycles within Church lines.

    This is a falsehood.

    I have been trying every single day for months to no result. I have called OSA INT multiple times.

    No one will return my phone calls.

    Part 1.

    I believed in Scientology to improve spirituality. I gave them a LOT of MONEY. They intensely regged me for a LOT of money.

    I paid $35,000 just for my wife's bridge alone.

    I paid $180,000 to FSO for Ls and other services in Flag and in Mexico City

    While having L's at Flag my wife was having sex with the Snr C/S of IFAD (in Mexico)

    Part 2

    When I return to Mexico, they both where waiting for me at the airport, and this guy took me to his church (now as a Chaplain) and enforced and coerced me to have an express divorce, they kidnapped me for 9 hours with no food until I sign a piece of paper that says that my wife took all the money $127,000 us dollars from my own accounts, pre-sign checks (for emergencies), cash in my house and even money under my mothers account, for her divorce, and that I couldn't go to court to appeal for what happened with her. I was screamed at for my "CRIMES." I was constantly threatened with "non enturbulation order" and suppressive personal declare.

    But they are the ones who emptied my bank accounts while I was on the Ls at Flag.

    This guy told me that I could lose my house too (I was married under separate assets) he took me for a hole week (in his office, with out allowing me to go out, and threat me that I was going to be declared suppressive if I do not pay him more money for the church, he was pushing me to go back to Flag, then he took me to CLO Latam to many others that knew about this evil plan to divorce me right away so the stolen money out of my accounts had a different spin.

    My wife, had, in my absence given ALL the money from our joint bank accounts to the Church for "Ideal Orgs." None of this was her money. She came into the marriage poor penniless. I put the money in the accounts, which she gave away, without my knowledge to "Ideal Orgs"

    The Church knew that I was in Clearwater for Ls and that the money they were stealing did not have my approval.

    I believe my wife gave them all these funds to avoid Ethics for sex with the Senior CS in Mexico.

    Part 3

    I was hugely upset that all my money was raped out of my possession without my knowledge and consent.

    I threatened the Church that I would go public with this, upon which they threatened my spiritual future and told me

    I was no longer eligible for Flag, to go to Los Angeles.

    This was my life immediately after completing 3 Ls at Flag.

    I went to Los Angeles where they put me to slave labor of filing in Central Files for 2 months while I paid my own hotel and meals.

    I am public, but I am filing in Central Files like a Sea Org member on the decks.

    Part 3
    During my 9 years of taking services at the church, I realized now, that I lost my wife, my money, my business, my joy of living, and my family, because they made me disconnect to my mother, because she is a psychologist.

    Marty, you are right, the Church does everything to make the family break-up.

    I am trying to get the other $220,000 back from the Church and I heard they told the IRS they would refund to those who demanded it.

    I should report my story to the IRS.

    If anyone has any advice for me my email address is

    Si estás leyendo esto, se debe a que varias personas han estado denunciando Internacionalmente, a lo que se le llama la religión de las Estrellas, es un culto llamado Scientology (Cienciología y contiene Dianética). Este correo es con el fin de prevenir que más personas sean abusadas mental, espritual y físicamente por este tipo de Culto y Otros. Si tienes ALGUN FAMILIAR, ALGUN CONOCIDO dentro de Cienciología y/o Dianética (Scientology); es de tu interés saber el riesgo y peligro que tus conocidos y/o familiares corren. Los Links NO CONTIENEN VIRUS y NO ES ALGO COMERCIAL. No ganamos nada con esto más que el ayudar a la gente, previniendo que alguien de tu familia o amigo sea envuelto en este tipo de FRAUDE.

    En México existen diversas "iglesias" (ya que no están reconocidos como religión, y si la religión de la Santa Muerte obtuvo su reconocimiento religioso antes que ellos.... PUES YA TE IMAGINARÁS POR QUÉ ELLOS NO LO OBTIENEN DESDE LOS 60s QUE ESTÁN EN MÉXICO. Si, están en México y su Intención parece buena, pero los HECHOS HABLAN MÁS QUE LAS PALABRAS.

    Espero nadie de tu familia o tú se involucre con este tipo de Culto. LO QUE CUALQUIER CULTO COMO LA QUE APARECE EN LOS LINKS ANTERIORES, DESEAN ES APARTARTE DE :
    1. Tus conocidos.
    2. Tus familiaries.
    3. Tus ideas y reglas familiares.
    4. Tus lazos de amistad, trabajo y confianza.
    5. Tus motivos principales para ser alguien que trabaja únicamente y de forma escalvizada para ellos, privándoles de sustento, dinero y cualquier forma en la que puedan darse cuenta que están en una secta o culto dañino.
    6. Cambiar tu forma de ver la vida, de forma que solo puedas verla como ellos lo desean.
    7. Hacerte desconocer otro tipo de formas de pensar que las que ellos proponen.


    Gracias por tu ayuda.


    :D HAVE FUN!!!

    En Los Estados Unidos OSA INT 0013239603500

    En los Estados Unidos 0013232529002

    En México DF 52086994 , 5543368974, 55 19917415

    En México DF 044 55 255 99208

    En México DF 5520367290 oficina 85965030

    En los Estados Unidos 001 917 576 7823

    En los Estados Unidos 001727 467 6691

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 6911

    En México DF 5517300738

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 6001, 001 727 467 5000

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 4611282

    En México DF 04455 20700025

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 5715, 001 727 438 2621

    En México DF 1089 64 87, 52086994, 21181062

    En México DF 91724484. 5515697088

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 5400

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 831 4225

    En México, D.F. 5211 4004, 5551037732

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 6433

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 423 1269

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 6908

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 445 7247

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 5217

    En México DF 5552120459

    En México DF 91724481

    En los Estados Unidos 001 323 953 3323

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 438 2854

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 5090

    En los Estados Unidos 001 727 467 5216

    En México DF 5511 9536
  2. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron


    WOW, No words to describe it... you got cause to be pissed and poised for a battle there, im sure are many on this board who can help somehow. .
  3. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    Thank you

    thank for reading it!, I Won't Rest until justice is done!
  4. i'mglib

    i'mglib Patron with Honors

    Please take legal action against these bastards!

    Get your money back.

    There are threads on this board that explain how to get your money back, that someone will direct you to.

    These people are sick and evil.
  5. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Daniel!
  6. freet43

    freet43 Patron with Honors

    welcome Daniel

    Thank you for sharing your horrific story. There are many here that can help.

  7. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    not only is that a horrific story, but you had to live with a name like Asse? Dude, you have my sympathies.
  8. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

    No problem on reading it, looks like you got the "royal" treatment.

    There is a anti church of $tology lawyer in LA, he is a new zealander , ill try find his name, he does no refund no pay on $cio cases.
    Unless you already have legal representation.
  9. PinkyandTheGrey

    PinkyandTheGrey Patron with Honors

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2010
  10. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    Hello, I will be waiting for any advise!

    Thank you


  11. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    Thank you very much

    you will hear a
    lot about me

  12. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron


    Search around the forum Daniel. There are threads that explain how others were successful with getting their money back.
  13. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    abour Asse!

    Mr. "horrific" my real name is Daniel Asse, Asse is my real last name
    I am not hidding at all

    Asse is from french/jewish last name it means medication, so probably my ancesters were doctors this last name was ASSA but phoneticaly change to ASSE
  14. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    thanks, I will apreciate the phone number of him,


  15. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    Thank you!
  16. daniel.asse

    daniel.asse New Member

    Thanks!!! Cheers!!

  17. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Thanks for the explanation. I didn't think you were kidding. I was just being an ass.
  18. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader

    We have a pool, and a pond...the pond would be good for you. :tease:
  19. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    Oh, now that's some deep knowledge. I bow to you.
  20. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader