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To any Trekkies out there - The Borg and CofS

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Lovesnightsky, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Lovesnightsky

    Lovesnightsky Silver Meritorious Patron

    Any ex-scientologist will understand the (B)Org mentality.

    Star Trek’s “The Borg” is a human fictional representation of the hive mentality. However, in real life we have something very similar. It is not called The Borg, but the Church of Scientology (CofS).
    CofS “assimilates” wogs (non scientologists).
    As far as Scientologists are concerned, “resistance is futile”. The earth will be assimilated, or in their words, Cleared.
    The Church of Scientology works pretty much the same way as The Borg. They have a hive command, which is run by one man, David Miscavige, who replaced the previous hive king "LRH" who was known as Source. Orders from the new Source are relayed by an intricate communication system to lower level centers, called Orgs.
    The Orgs are like the Borg Cubes, they are there to contact and assimilate humans. Once inside, the human will be indoctrinated with a new language, set of priorities, morale, ethics and life goals. These new set of beliefs and culture are geared to protect and perpetuate Scientology above all else, including the wellbeing of each separate Scientologist. As per their own words, everything has to be carried out to guarantee “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.
    Anyone who dares to battle against Scientology is sought out by them with strict orders that the person or people be destroyed. Anyone who cannot be assimilated into the beehive, or at least agree with it, is declared and labeled “fair game” to all Orgs.
    Any Scientologist who dares express any disagreement with the Scientologist Mentality, is “rehabilitated” until they either agree again, leave or die.
    As humans, or wogs, we value our individuality, our right to think and act as our own judgment dictates and not follow orders mindlessly as the Borg do.

    Unfortunately for us all, the CofS is not a work of fiction but actually exists in real life and is out to assimilate real people.

    The girl on the left is Laura, this photo was taken at a Volunteer Minister event, a branch of CofS. She did her first CofS course while still a toddler. During the course, she was not allowed to speak to or address her mother who was doing another course in the same room at the time. When she started crying for her mother, she was sent to "Ethics". "Ethics" is what Scientologists call the department or person in each Org that deals with and punishes negative actions toward the CofS, actions which are otherwise known as "out-ethics". After a few trips to "Ethics", the little girl was able to sit in the classroom without looking, smiling, touching or talking to her mommy.

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  2. Fancy

    Fancy Patron Meritorious

    I am a long time Trekker. My other ID is T'Kheinsa which I posted on for years but got tired of.

    I see your point but I think they know what they do now.