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Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology - PART 2

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by HelluvaHoax!, Jan 31, 2016.

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    As in all things Scientology, the POLICY of how to handle/reg Scientologists is inviolable. One must use all the tools such as ARC, two-way com, gradients, tone level matching, staying within the person's reality, granting of beingness, never invalidating/evaluating, et al.

    However, the REVERSE POLICY is also inviolable.

    There is no policy in Scientology that doesn't have an "equal and opposite" policy counterpart. That's how the Hubbard Law of Commotion rolls.

    Now, someone at ESMB that work on registrar lines should easily be able to tell us the POLICY(IES) where Hubbard advised the staff member to bluntly tell the PC that they are not going to make it, or words to that effect. It's an example Hubbard gives of how the "RUIN" and "FEAR OF WORSENING" tech (Dissem Formula) is applied in real life with a person who has money.

    Hubbard method (in such cases) is to just directly try to cave the PC in and scare them into forking over the money.

    Scientology is essential ADULT GHOST STORIES designed to frighten the shit out people. In order to make them stop frightening you, all you have to do is pay for your next level. For anyone who thinks this is a exaggerated joke or parody, it's not. LOL. Look at the material on OT III through OT VIII and that's all it is--literally! At its core it is nothing more than WooWoo scary ghost stories about Xenu's wraiths that are haunting you.
  2. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    The system of self-cancelling policy used in Scientology requires a hierarchical interpretive component. Picture a large opaque pyramid filled with consecutively smaller translucent pyramids inside it all jumbled together with overlapping bases. LRH or DM would be the large opaque pyramid with absolute interpretive authority. The inner translucent pyramids are the people who exercise power of interpretation in descending order of authority. Their interpretation authority never goes upward, only down and out and covers or overlaps equal or lower positions of authority. The higher you are the less conflict there is in policy interpretation and visa versa.

    LRH was more surgical at manipulating conflicting policy and defining it downward with consistency since he invented the system. I perceive DM as a blunt instrument. We did have these opposing extremes in handling the public back in the day but there was still a lot of finesse. It was one of the things that set Scientology apart from other cults. There was a well groomed appearance of modern organization and an updated technological understanding of philosophy as opposed to classic cultish behavior and trappings. With a less sophisticated downward interpretation of policy leaning more toward the evil twin set of OEC vols, things are becoming much more cultish. The over the top Nuremberg events really heralded this transition and the darker projection of policy interpretation. Uh oh...

    The broad base of Scientology membership in the 60s and 70s included a large percentage of people who respected and expected freedom of thought, especially prior to the 82 Mission debacle. The organization used to try to appeal to them and then convert them but now the honeymoon period seems awfully brief. What caliber of people must be writing these letters?

    I see this reflected in the promo also. It seems to me that the LRH Communicator network has been decimated. With the shift of power to the CMO, LRH Comms were not doing a whole lot of comming for LRH and became redundant. It would only stand to figure that their Issue Authority to sign off on promo proofs would also deteriorate. Is there some rule now that LRH Comms can't be English as a first language?

    The transition from Freudian type psychology of Dianetics to primitive demon worship in OT III - V is a huge policy inversion. In terms of logical conflict it wipes out a whole body of knowledge. Then, it tries to resurrect that body of knowledge by applying it to the demons themselves. If this were the Medieval ages we not only would be exorcising demons, we would be converting them to Christianity.
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