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Upcoming Swedish tv Sep 2nd 2015

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by catarina, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    There is a Swedish journalist, Anna Lindman, who has already made a few series of documentaries on Swedish Television (major nationwide channel) about religion of various flavors. Now she is going to tackle cults in seven parts. They are running trailers on tv, they mention Scientology, JW and the Plymouth Brethren, but there should also be others.

    The Scientology episode will be on September 2nd, at 20.00. Former Int exec Mariette Lindstein will be interviewed. She blew the base in 2004 and is now back in Sweden.

    I may add that Mariette has recently completed the first in a planned trilogy of books, fictional but drawing heavily on her experiences, and has made several media interviews about Scientology recently, Going Clear raised interest, I believe.

    The journalist, Anna Lindman, is usually more softly curious in her approach than confrontational, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  2. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    There is an interview with Mariette Lindstein today in Hallandsposten, which is the local newpaper for her hometown area where she is now back living.

    Brief summary is that she joined the CoS in 1977 in Malmoe. At first she took courses, but when that became too expensive she joined staff. She remembers the early days as new and exciting. When she was invited to work in the US, she felt honored. But when she got to Gold, conditions were a lot harder, long working hours, no contact with the outside world, etc. She worked with David Miscavige. When, after a couple of years, she first saw him physically hit somebody, she decided that she had to get out of there.

    (I don't know exactly why she still stayed for something like 20 years, it would be very interesting to hear a fuller version of the story.)

    While at the base, she had made friends with her current husband Dan Koon. He managed to escape just before Christmas in 2003, when he was allowed outside to buy gifts. After his escape, security was beefed up and she figured that it would be hard to escape from the base, so she started to act like she was unstable, hoping they would transfer her to LA, which they did. A few months later, she managed to run off to a bus terminal. She called Dan's family, he had told her the phone number before he left and she had learnt it by heart. He came to pick her up, and for the first time in two decades she could talk freely. She could read whatever books she wanted, sleep as much as she wanted. Dan's family helped her adjust to the current world, how to dress, pay bills... Soon, they went to see her family in Sweden that she had not seen in 16 years. Her parents thought she was lost forever.

    Then she proceeds to talk about her upcoming novel, The cult on Foggy Island.

    After a few years, she started to have nightmares about her bad times in Scn. She thought about all the years she had lost and felt depressed. One day a friend said her story sounded like a thriller, and she sat down to write, pouring her feelings into it. Soon the nightmares stopped. (It's a fictional novel, first part of a trilogy, but she used a lot of her experiences.) When the book was finished, she had a few people test read it. Some thought it sounded a bit unreal, too extreme - but Mariette says that what she actually experienced was in many ways even worse. The book will be published on August 31st.

    Her web page is here:

    Right now only in Swedish, but from what it says there she is planning to translate the books into English.

    She is also planning to tour schools with a psychologist to inform about cults - the name of the psychologist is not given but I'm pretty sure it must be Hakan Jarva, former OT3 and OSA who after leaving decided to do something with his life :wink2: and studied to be a licenced psychologist. He has made a number of comments in media, written fact books about manipulation, and has been a popular guest in schools together with a stage magician, giving information and practical examples of how easily our minds can be swayed by someone who knows the tricks. (And I think Hakan is a nice guy. :biggrin: )

    To round this off, there should be a long interview with Mariette in tomorrow's sunday special in Aftonbladet (our biggest newspaper). But you have to pay to read it online.

    That's all from Sweden for today! :cheers:
  3. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    Now I have my hands on the interview in today's Aftonbladet (biggest newpaper). It's not bad. (But read it online you need to subscribe, I grabbed a paper copy since I was out anyway.)

    The first spread is a portrait of Mariette on the left side, looking very normal, if I dare say so. The right side is an almost black-and-white pic of Big Blue, with the Scientology sign, and the caption "Joining a cult is like falling in love", the word "cult" in red.

    The actual text of the interview is about four pages. Then there are several photos. A black-and-white image of Volunteer Ministers contrasted with colour photos of Mariette and of Mariette and her husband looking happy. The one colour photo of Scn is an aerial view of "The Hole", where Mariette spent three months.

    Her story is basically how she joined as an adventureous teen after her new boyfriend joined, got sucked in, joined the SO and so on and so forth. How the adventure became a horror movie. She says the worst part was giving up her young son, to only be allowed to visit once a week, and after a couple of years not be able to see him at all. She says she tried to justify it by thinking about that he would never do drugs or become a criminal... It's terrible stuff of course, but unfortunately nothing that would be news to readers of this board.

    There is a side bar with a photo of Hubbard and some basic information. The caption is "The church practices extortion", and while it briefly mentions the space alien angle, it wisely stresses that the important thing is how the organization abuses people.

    Oh joy, there is a comment from the CoS, half a page. As always, the newspaper reporter had to chase them for a week, was finally allowed three email questions. The reply from Stig Andersson, PR in Malmoe, was the usual cut-and-paste: According to sociologist Bryan Wilson, ex-members try to make excuses for their own past by blaming their former friends. Someone who leaves a marriage may also invent stuff to excuse his or her own behaviour. Some former members say they had bad experiences, but they left instead of doing something to improve the organization. Former members who try to paint themselves as experts on the faith they deserted are obviously not neutral and not a good source of information.

    I'm certainly not at all neutral, but I don't think Stig sounds totally convincing.

    Looking forward to the tv show on Sept 2nd. As a final part of this newspaper article, they speak with the tv journalist Anna Lindman who is doing that show (she has made documentaries about religions for 15 years). She says they were actually allowed to film inside the org. Her opinion is that is not necessarily bad to be religious in itself, it's manipulation and structures that make people lose control over their lives that is a problem. She says wanting to wear funny clothes and pray to God doesn't have to be a bad thing "but when it comes to scientology, you know for sure that people have been hurt. There are many stories from former members and those stories have to be taken very, very seriously."

    (Oh, and Mariette's son John escaped from the SO a year after her, and they are back in contact. :) )
  4. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

  5. Peter Soderqvist

    Peter Soderqvist Patron with Honors

  6. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    Getting ready to watch to first episode (Scn is up next week). Meanwhile, I read on Facebook that Mariette Lindstein heard from a reliable source that the CoS are going to "take care of her", "take measures against her" and "stop her from spreading her lies". How very church-y.
  7. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    She was CO FCB for a few years around '90-92-ish, over Flag Bureau, Int Training Org, WISE Int, ABLE Int, SMI Int, HGB Estates etc. And AVC Int for several years. Years and years at Int. Not a low-level person at all.

    Dunno what's she saying in terms of "stories," but there's much she could say if she wanted to.


    P.S. She was also really good-looking, in an ice-queenish way.
  8. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    The stuff I have seen so far has been aimed at the general public. She has said that she worked close to Miscavige and that he had a bad temper and would get physically aggressive. She also said that she was kept separate from her young son, and that it was hard to escape from the base. But it would be very interesting if she would eventually tell the story in more detail for ex'es and other people who are more familiar with Scn.
  9. KoondoginSweden

    KoondoginSweden New Member

    My wife Mariette just told me she wanted to hear from you directly.
    Please contact her on her FB page or on the Sekten på dimön page.
  10. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

  11. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    Re: Upcoming Swedish tv Sep 2nd 2015 - and much more!

    Mariette Lindstein posts to Facebook that her book has now been reviewed in Dagens Nyheter, the biggest morning paper. To even be mentioned on their culture page is something, especially when you are a new author on a small publishing company, and to then be praised is even more cool. :biggrin:

    I don't see it online yet, but I imagine it will be there later.

    Some time ago, she was also interviewed for Filter, an ambitious literary magazine. "The book is a small fuck you to them" It's not available for free, you can buy it here:

    In the program for the very large book fair in Gothenburg next month (about 100,000 visitors in total during four days) I see that she is going to make appearances.

    Someone owns media influence here right now, and it's certainly not Miscavige. :wink2:
  12. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    Mariette's novel is officially released today. The first printing is already sold out.
  13. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    And here we go:
    To view the show:
    (I don't know if it's possible to view it outside of Sweden)

    I think it is good, not least in bringing up the attitude towards family and children. We get a few words from Dan Koon. There is also a comment from EvilPsych/exOT/exOSA Hakan Jarva who talks about our basic desire to belong.

    The way they have put together this series, they don't separate each cult into one show, but it's more like a running thread on how they try to approach a number of cults. Thus, the CoS response will appear in next week's episode. They were actually invited to film inside the Ideal Morgue in Malmo.

    For icing on the cake, there is an interview in a weekly magazine today, Hemmets Journal (it's not online yet, but I imagine it may be eventually).
  14. SuperPowers

    SuperPowers Patron with Honors

    Dan. I live in Stockholm and I saw the episode. I am very greatful towards Mariette and you for making this very strong apearance! :thumbsup:
  15. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    :clap: :clap::clap: :clap: :thumbsup:

    This is FANTASTIC news! I almost missed this thread - it should have been in media releases or news! Catarina, can you ask the Mod to move this? Lots of things get lost in the discussion category.
  16. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    I did post it in media reports. :wink2:
  17. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Sweden is going OFF!

    Right now it seems Sweden is topping Scn cult exposure news. You guys and gals are kicking ass over there and deserve a huge round of applause!

  18. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    It has to be said that whatever shit Mariette was involved in while still in - I think it is very hard for anyone to be deeply involved in the scam without doing at least some things wrong, not saying she was worse or better than anyone else - she is now intensely busy making up for it, and she expresses herself very well in interviews. :yes:

    I know some people have said that they wish she would have written a factual memoir. I can see that point of view, but personally, I like the fiction angle, I think people will pick it up just to read an exciting book even if they have no special interest in Scn, and I think the message can be generalized to other cults as well.

    Then Hakan Jarva has for several years been active in various areas relating to cults, now and then you see him in media giving expert opinons. (For an undisclosed reason I happened to mingle with some psychologists at a social event recently, and they said that even apart from the cult stuff, he has a good reputation in the psychologist community.)

    And things are not altogether smooth in Denmark either:!&p=1061375&viewfull=1#post1061375

    "Showdown with Scientology", a three-part documentary with long-time scientologist Robert Dam who left in 2004.

    Ah, poor, poor OSA EU... :nono:
  19. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Thank you, Catarina!

    It's good to know who the key movers and shakers are over there. And Denmark? Wow, that just came out on Aug 31st. Front page? Major publication?

    I don't have a translation available, would you mind summarizing?

    Yeh, OSA must be scrambling all over the place. :hysterical:
  20. catarina

    catarina PTS Type III

    National television. :biggrin: And I notice now that it is on TV2, a channel that I actually have, otherwise it can be viewed on play, but you have to register to get access (and most people probably speak Danish anyway)

    I'm too tired right now to say much, but the main person is Robert Dam, who has done lots of media here and written a book about his experience. If I understand correctly, the documentary series is sort of a journey through the whole experience, from the beginning to the end.

    On the television company web page, they quote a couple of DA emails from OSA PR Anette Refstrup. One is that he sent a threating letter to the church, demanding 800 000 DKR or he would go to the press. Robert replies that yes, he had sat down and calculated what he thought they owed him in unpaid wages and donations demanded on false grounds, he goes on to say that actually he and his wife probably donated between 1,3-1,5 million.

    Almost all the interviews with Robert online are in some Scandinavian language, including the book, but I found an English page where he tells his story:

    There is something about Anette Refstrup I always found kind of sad (we met a few times at pickets). I can't put my finger on it.