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US Constitution/Scn.

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Muhammad, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Muhammad

    Muhammad Patron

    Simply stated
    Do u believe in Why to Happiness booklet and it precepts.
    Scn. yes if u can get in comm with them. if not accuse them of being ignorant stupid illiterate assholes and tell them to look up their mu's if they say they have no mu's ask them to define random words.
    If they answer question then ask them if they believe in precept that deals with laws of the land. if they answer tell them they are violating ur right to free speech and right to assemble. if that doesn't work bring a ethics repair list or sec ck questions and assess it on them then point randomly to question
    This one seems to indicate then tr 3 them to death. Then tell others in group this person has overts against man kind.
    I learned to succeed in arguments with churchies u need to use the tech.
    Just thought of funny situation at flag while being reggd by IAS rep. I told him i didn't have any money for donations to IAS to which i was in processes of waking up to bullshit. Any way reg starts out at 10k then down and down to twenty five dollars not bullshit. He tryed using big being close on me and being at riverside and working with regs i learned how to use tech to help open up peoples pockets. So I tell IAS reg that i am not big being but a Degraded Being and he should not waste his time on me but should seek out other big being ( suckers) as they were more causitve on life then I . I had to bit my lip from keep on laughting. Well his jaw just dropped almost hit the floor. I told him I must level reach in pocket took out a few pennies drop them on desk and said I hope this will help may one day when i am big being like you i would be able to give more.