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Volunteer Ministers going to Venezuela?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Alex P. Keaton, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. As the situation deteriorates in Venezuela (5-10 million percent annual inflation, lack of food, drinking water and electricity), I must ask -- when will Scientology's Volunteer Ministers spring into action for their photo op?

    They could SERIOUSLY make an impact handing out "Way to Happiness" booklets, since they make great toilet paper. They could form a human chain where they hand cases of bottled water (or beans and rice) from one VM to the next, in a circle around the rear of a truck, and then the last person puts the bottled water (or beans and rice) back on the truck (but they won't show that person in the photos). They could show photos of themselves (in their yellow shirts) handing out food at soup kitchens (food provided by OTHER relief organizations, of course).

    One story I read on the Net said Curacao could be used as a "staging area" for relief supplies to be sent to Venezuela. Is the Asbestoswinds still welcome in any ports in Venezuela? We could see some PR photos of some high SCN officials "helping" to PERSONALLY deliver the message of RON !!!

    Also, will we see John Travolta fly his plane to deliver "supplies" (WTH toilet paper)?

    MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people could be "exposed to Scientology". Oh, just think of the Shermanspeak that would result at the next IAS event !

    So, DM, if you are reading this, GET MOVING !!!
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  2. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

    Wouldn't you think he'd be tired of serving up and selling that shit sandwich he calls Scientology?
    Or is he the biggest fool of them all due to his abject belief in his own sack of lies?
  3. There are wealthy people in every society, right? Venezuela could yield some whales who "need" Scientology (to con them out of their money).

    Whales buying/donating buildings would help Davey's Real Estate Empire, unless the regime nationalizes them (takes them back and kicks SCN out of the country). But DM can still get money from the whales when they go to Clearwater or the Asbestoswinds (and make them re-do their bridge a second or third time). More money (and possibly buildngs) for Dave. Sounds like a gamble he would take -- an offer that is too good to pass up.