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Wanted: Completions lists for the Stats Project

Discussion in 'Completions Lists' started by Kristi, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Kristi

    Kristi New Member

    I'm writing to ask your help in gathering information for the Scientology Stats Project at .

    It's been a few years since we made any tabulations, partly because there have been some gaps in the data. If you have any Scientology magazines, or if you know anyone who does, you can help!

    Thanks to some prodding from Patty Pieniadz, I've recently added several new completions lists to the site. (I believe Patty has been posting these to a.r.s., and it looks like they're finding their way here, as well. I'm always happy to see the data spread around where people can use it!)

    My original motivation for the stats project was to gain a better understanding of the CoS's success rate. Were they really growing? Were they shrinking? By how much?

    My preliminary analysis of Celebrity magazine stats, from November 2003, even gave me some approximate answers to questions like

    How long do new members stay involved?
    How many services do new members take?
    How long does it take to go Clear?
    How long does it take to go OT?

    I'm looking forward to doing some updated analysis.

    You can help.

    Here's what I'm missing:


    Of the 190 issues of Source Magazine, we are only missing 3.

    From 2007

    Source 188
    Source 189
    Source 197-most current

    One we get these three issues we can show Flag's completions stats since their opening in 1975. That's 32 years worth of stats.


    We are only missing 3 magazines. Once we have the lists from these 3 missing mags, we will have 19 years of Freewinds completions and OT 8's.



    Freewinds 61
    Freewinds 62
    Freewinds 63


    Not all Celebrity Magazines have completions. Celebrity alternately issues a Major and Minor magazine. The Major magazine issues have the completions list.


    Celebrity 368 September 2005
    Celebrity 369 November 2005

    Celebrity 372 Major February 2006

    We are missing Celebrity Issues from July 2006 to present. Those would be any Celebrity Mag numbered from 377 and up.

    NOTE: I'm also missing some older Celebrity mags, such as 224 and 234. I would love to get completions lists from those, or to know that they don't have lists, if that's the case.



    Advance Issue 181

    Advance Issue 190

    Advance 196
    Advance 197
    Advance 198

    Once we have these Advance Magazines, it will give us a 14 year trend of AOLA's making of OT's.


    We are missing a majority of Advance Magazines from ANZO. Go to the link above and you will see what we currently have. Hopefully we have some Aussie's out there that have these mags.


    As per the above link we only have a few of these magazines.


    We are missing:

    Advance 1 to 148 - Older issues may not have completions.

    Advance 173
    Advance 177
    Advance 178

    Advance 179
    Advance 181

    and everything later than issue 181.


    These missing lists will allow us to complete a 7 year stretch of stats for ASHO.

    Auditor 286 April 2000
    Auditor 287 June 2000
    Auditor 289 October 2000

    Auditor 322 October 2004

    Auditor 328 February 2006
    Auditor 331 September 2006

    Auditor 333 April 2007
    Auditor 336 ?? not sure if it's been published.

    THE AUDITOR UK - Saint Hill, UK

    As per the above link, we are missing quite a few Auditor UK Magazines and we don't have any Auditor UK's after issue 330.


    I would also LOVE org mags. Org lists are much harder to come by than other mags, but they're tremendously valuable for learning how the orgs (and missions) are doing. You can see the lists I've got so far here:

    Please help me fill in this collection of stats.


    Please use any method that's convenient for you:

    * US mail
    * email
    * if it's okay with Emma (wait for her to say it is), via attachment to this board or in a private message to me

    US Mail

    You can send an entire magazine or you can photocopy the completion pages with a copy of the cover of the magazine so we can see the Issue number. (If you can estimate the date and write down the actual copyright date of the magazine, that would be REALLY helpful, too.)

    Patty has posted her address on a.r.s., and my address has been on my site for a long time:

    Patty Pieniadz
    130 Squire Street
    New London, CT 06320


    Kristi Wachter
    2443 Fillmore St #202
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    We will remove, shred, and safely dispose of ALL envelope information,
    including the postmark, so OSA won't find any trace of you in the


    Email scans of completion list pages to Patty:

    ppieniadz at gmail dot com

    or me at:

    humanrights at

    Scan the completion lists and attach them to an email.

    If the list was published as nice crisp black text on a white background then
    please send it as a compressed .tif, preferably 600 dpi. 300 dpi is also fine.

    If the list was NOT published as black text on a white background, but has color
    and background tones, then a 300 dpi color jpeg is best.

    If you're able to send along any completions lists, you will have my enormous thanks, along with the appreciation of the many people who use the site to learn more about Scientology's growth (or lack thereof).

    As always, my huge appreciation goes out to Patty and the many others who have proofread and contributed lists to the project.



    P.S. As part of this whole project, I'm working on a better standardization of the many variant names for services. One big question I have:

    Is "Hubbard Name of a Service" the same as "Name of a Service"?

    Is there any difference between

    Basic Art Course
    Hubbard Basic Art Course


    Dianetics Auditor Course
    Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course


    P.P.S. Suggestions for types of analysis you'd like to see would be most welcome! I'm hoping to do overall completion tallies; numbers of individuals (to show the difference between 1000 comps by 750 people and 1000 comps by 200 individuals); Clears; OT levels; and PTS/SP completions. Maybe OT Hatting Courses, too. What else would be of interest?
  2. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    No difference at all, Kristi.

    Thank you very much for all your work on this. It is tremendously useful to see the true state of affairs with completions.

  3. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Thank you for your work, Kristi. Its wonderful.

    (I do want to mention: you may already know this, that the Celebrity Mag is never accurate or complete on completions. There are people who do services and do not end up published in that magazine. Mainly celebs. Their progress would be hard to track).
  4. Fancy

    Fancy Patron Meritorious

    I am posted on your list can you note me out of the church and in the freezone. I don't want to be noted in the church any more.


    Name you can PM me for that.

  5. Kathy (ImOut)

    Kathy (ImOut) Gold Meritorious Patron


    Same for me. I hate that I'm listed on the completions. But I do appreciate your work. TAS was one of the first websites I found when I was getting out.

    Thank you for your work.
  6. Kristi

    Kristi New Member

    Thanks to everyone for your kind words! It's always nice to be appreciated!

    Paul - thanks for the answer. That's most helpful.

    BeaKiddo - sure, I know they're not complete or perfectly accurate. But I do believe some data's better than no data, and it was great to have some real data to examine questions like how long does it take to go Clear (a question with lots of different answers, but at least my understanding is based on DATA now instead of guesswork!)

    Barb and ImOut - I'm happy to post clarifying info on the site, as I've done, for example, here:

    If you'd like something like this (preferably short and to the point), please feel free to drop me an email at (or a PM here, but email's probably faster), and I'll see if I can add it before the end of the decade.



  7. Fancy

    Fancy Patron Meritorious

    I did send an email.

    I am on it only once I think.