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Was Morgan Bradham a Scientology Plant All Along?

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by Voodoo, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Voodoo

    Voodoo Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

    New video from Aaron Smith-Levin

    "Morgan Bradham left Scientology, received help from the Aftermath Foundation and filmed an episode of "Scientology and the Aftermath". He then went back to Scientology and turned on everyone who had helped him. Was he a Scientology plant all along or was he flipped?"

    Scientology Files Criminal Complaint Against Me:

    The Aftermath Foundation:
    Twitter: @AftermathFDN
    Instagram: TheAftermathFoundation - - - -
    Aaron Smith-Levin Twitter: @GrowingUpInSCN
    Instagram: asmithlevin
    "Supporters of Leah Remini" FB Group:

    See video here:
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  2. chuckbeatty

    chuckbeatty Patron with Honors

    Kudos to Aaron Smith=Levin.

    I wish so much knowledge to him. He fires through so many relevant details so carefully, and comes out with seemingly the best conclusions.

    I donate monthly to the Aftermath Foundation and I hope others are.
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