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Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by koki, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Ogsonofgroo

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    Oh please JohnP. don't even try and compare Linux anything to anything Cult of Grief, Linux works, and by my recent experiences works well, the gradient charts and all the other farts spewed by Hubbard and cohorts, meh, complicated yeh, that is for a reason` the old if you can't awe them with brilliace-baffle 'em with bullshite thingie. Does it work? Nope, not a bit, just glittered smegma~ believe at own risk.

    Linux, an open source OS that only takes 3 more brain cells to use than someone becoming an indentured scientologist (and works), Scientology and it's gradient crap, takes losing at least 3 more brain cells than it takes to walk past a stress-test table to think it has any basis in reality (and it doesn't work, let alone make sense). Yes the parallels are obvious :eyeroll:

    :p ( I knew whatcha meant, just playin' around) :cheers:
  2. Lulu Belle

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    God. You reminded me of "postulate checks".

    Not to mention the whole 80s scene of maxing out credit cards of people who had no money and people borrowing other people's credit cards who they didn't even know and paying for services with them.

    If that's not "fake money" I don't know what is...
  3. Lulu Belle

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    Good lord Smurf is there anything you don't know? :p
  4. Lulu Belle

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    I know what you mean.

    But the young naive idiot I was thirty plus years ago...I saw it, and it was like, "wow".

    I could attain all these abilities and be a superbeing.

    I guess it's the old mountain climber thing. Some will go through anything to get to the top.

    And some are "what the fuck are you doing all this work for?"

    I was a newbie public who had no money. Looking back on it, the grade chart may have a lot to do with what propelled me into the Sea Org. I knew I wanted it, I knew I couldn't pay for it. I was sold on the idea I could get it without paying for all those expensive services by joining staff.

    So that's what I did.

    After that, the whole game changed.

    But that's a different story.
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    Almost deserves it's own thread....SCIENTOLOGY SUPERSTITIONS! I found another definition that adds some depth.

    superstition, an irrational belief or practice resulting from ignorance or fear of the unknown. The validity of superstitions is based on belief in the power of magic and witchcraft and in such invisible forces as spirits and demons. A common superstition in the Middle Ages was that the devil could enter a person during that unguarded moment when that person was sneezing; this could be avoided if anyone present immediately appealed to the name of God. The tradition of saying "God bless you" when someone sneezes still remains today.

    Scientology also has a similar superstition to the one above, wherein aliens could enter a person during an unguarded moment. But instead of saying "God Bless You" they say "Ron Loves You" and then give you a new tech estimate.
  6. Caroline

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    It seems that Honnor was responding to a comment by Vicki M.

    Honnor wrote in her resignation letter that she is continuing her "successful work helping cancer patients spiritually by using ethics tech." I shudder when I think of this kind of abuse.
  7. Terril park

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    Dunno about later.

    When I was the E/O in 1979 Did word clearing, specially
    " Ethics", which wasn't the generally understood idea of punisnment,
    and efforts to improve survival for the individual concerned.
  8. HelluvaHoax!

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    Terill, it is so cool that you found and applied the real Ethics Tech, the way that Ron wrote our scripture!

    Others have testified as the the truth of your words, sir!

  9. I told you I was trouble

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    If she had left the cofs, announced it publicly and was now struggling back onto the road to reality I would be right there cheering and supporting her, but she hasn't done that. Now the Indies have got hold of her so I doubt she would be able to leave it all behind even if she wanted to, which is (incidentally) why I object to the Indies.


    I do feel for anyone that is prominent in the cofs because they will pay a much higher price when they finally wake up and leave, unless they do it like Jason Beghe did.

    She would be well advised to take some time now and not allow herself to become the latest Indie toy ... but loud, ego driven people usually find that difficult so I won't be holding my breath.

  10. Veda

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    I just noted her apology to Vicki M. It is a kind of step and, IMO, worthy, of acknowledgement.

    Scientology is so devious, that I'm not sure what she means by "Ethics Tech." I have read examples, by her, of what she does, such as getting off a withhold about having had an abortion and, as a result, the person becomes well, etc.

    It's pretty lame stuff, and appears to be hyped in the usual Scientology fashion, but I'm also under the impression that she works as a counsellor while actual doctors take care of the person.

    In other words, I'm not sure how bad this is, or was, or if, as a result of her leaving $cientology, she - over time - may change, even though she says she's going to be continuing, etc.

    If it turns out that she's a hardcore snake oil salesman, and exploiter of sick and desperate people, and continues to be one, then, to heck with her.

    I'm just inclined to let a little time pass and wait and see.
  11. Dulloldfart

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    I happened to hold the post of Ethics Officer (for a few weeks) in 1979 too, at Saint Hill. I don't recall doing much, if any, word-clearing on others. It's not punched up in the Ethics Officer hatting materials. You squirreled it, Terril. :)

  12. Div6

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    Method 6 Word Clearing - as a Word Clearer it was a sure fire way to always be upstat. The E\O's were grateful.....
  13. tetloj

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    HH: It's also about the naiveté of fully grown humans, as they either embrace or resist discovering their own adult fairy tales.

    First, hi! Long time lurker, first time poster (haven't sussed out quoting posts yet...)

    As a wog, no scientology affiliations whatsoever, I have wondered over the last 10 months why I have got so hooked into scientology watching.

    It came to me just as I was reading this post that I am finding comfort in the company of others who have shouted out that the emperor has no clothes (circumstances having led me to be a whistleblower/bullshit caller in a different context).

  14. HelluvaHoax!

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    Cool post! Welcome as a long time lurker, first time poster Tetloj.

    I find the same thing. Studying scams, cons & hoaxes of all kinds is quite a revelation. I don't narrowly focus on Scientology and have read some amazingly creative legerdemain that fraudsters around the world pull on unsuspecting marks.

    Scientology just happens to be the best religious/self-help sting of the 20th century with all the bells & whistles--made all the more remarkable because duped people are still investing their money in the ponzi long after whistleblowers already blew the scam! Now that is pretty cool when the con includes the sworn obligation of the victim to never look at the news ! LOL.
  15. Terril park

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    You're just a naughty little boy :)
  16. HelluvaHoax!

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    Bartender, give that man over there in the corner sipping calmag a drink on me!
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  18. Gadfly

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    Ya know what Terril, that is like some decent lowly clerk working in some section of the Catholic Church in the 1500s, during the Inquisition saying, "I taught Christ's message of Love". And, while he was truly trying to apply one small aspect of the subject of Christianity, as best he could, the larger majority were out torturing and burning heretics.

    No doubt there were and still are a few isolated Scientology church members who do their best to use and apply their own "good version" of the larger toxic subject of Scientology.

    As long as I was involved with Scientology, since 1976, being staff and Sea Org for 3-4 of those years, and a public person who knew many people onlines at Flag in the 1990s, ANY person who "caused trouble" IMMEDIATELY found his or herself undergoing HEAVY ETHICS actions. The Church of Scientology, based on exact LRH policies, has NEVER had any tolerance for dissent, other ideas, criticism, questioning or "downstats".

    If you talked to a "bad person" you were pulled in fast and hard to ethics. If you mentioned anything counter to Hubbard or management, you were pilled in fast and hard to ethics. I saw examples of this in the 1970s, in the 1980s and in the 1990s. The intense refusal to accept ANY disagreement was always there. It was LRH policy!

    I remember that a friend and I were looking over Capt Bill's stuff in the mid-1990s on the Internet. I was getting Sec Checked for something or another by OSA, and I mentioned it. Within 24 hours my friend was SEVERELY R-FACTORED AND ORDERED to "report to Flag". He was traveleing in the midwest at the time, and had to stop everything, with much dev-T to his life, to get to Flag. He was pulled into a room and SCREAMED AT for about 20 minutes, "do YOU want to LOSE your Eternal Freedom"? "Do you want to get decalred an SP"? It was brutal, AND it was TYPICAL. OSA was there. The Flag MAA was there, His FSM was there.

    That doesn't mean that a few here and there didn't like what was going on with the controlling central Scientology organization, and didn't try, in their own little spheres, to "apply decently various fragments of the larger Scientology subject".

    But, as far as the BIG picture went, Hubbard was a tyrant and he used "ethics and justice" to keep his Obedient Army of Idiots towing the line.

    Geez, it kills me how some people remain in this la-la land of some fantasy version of the good 'ole Scientology days, kinda like the Scientology Garden of Eden where all was "pure and perfect". :duh:
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    In light of this discussion, I'm becoming even more curious as to what, specifically, Wenny Honnor was (is?) doing. She's not just being a general counselor, and seeking out and cooling off areas of buried stress which, per the theory, are affecting the person's health, she's applying Scientology, and, even more specifically, applying "Scientology Ethics tech."

    So what does that mean? Perhaps our resident Scientologist and former Ethics Officer, Terril, can answer that. Or perhaps someone else can.


    Here's a collection of claims made by Hubbard:


    The earlier part of the below video can be skipped. At 0.48, Hubbard explains that not enough smoking causes cancer.

  20. Smilla

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    Granting Beingness. ARCU. Drinking beer with Anon. Stats climbing exponentially.