Wendy Honnor ....OUT!?????

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by koki, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. This is NOT OK !!!!

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    Hi John,

    Glad you're here.

    I find Lulu's mountain climbing analogy closer to the truth of what I witnessed in 30+ years in the cult.

    The Grade Chart was prominently displayed in the courserooms or nearby and in the registration area and I saw it used and used it to sell myself and others.

    The good sales agents for Scientology became quite adept at giving presentations about the Grade Chart and its meaning to their customers. That's how "packages" developed - the Clear Package, OT package, etc.

    The Abilities Gained column was regularly referred to - each ability explained with references from Ron, how vital they were, bla, bla, bla. Even on the OT levels there were lots of LRH blather that was BPI, e.g. RJ 67.

    There were brochures made for each step, magazines that talked about each step in great detail, the Cl5 org mags talking about grades and ned, ASHO mag talking about Power and Solo (and the BC), AOLA mag briefing on each of the OT levels through OT5, Flag mag talking about solo nots and L's.

    In other, words, the Grade Chart was a constant and had great value in the sales step, all the way along the line.

    Your NBA analogy works too, though not perhaps as you intended. The fact that so few basketball players don't make the NBA, does NOT seem to be stopping thousands upon thousands of youth believing they will defy the odds and make it to the top - kind of like me in 1979 wondering if I would ever make it to the top of the bridge.

    But I did make it and I can assure you that it's nothing like playing in the NBA.
  2. Auditor's Toad

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    Being at the " top of the bridge " ?

    Isn't that like winning " the rat race " which still leaves you a rat ?

    Or, isn't it like no matter how much a turd is polished it is still a turd ?

    Oh, does " getting up the bridge " sometimes require one to be a rat - and a turd ?

    Seemed so.
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  4. Claire Swazey

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    Well, if she's only just starting on her way out, it could take a while for her to get it all straight in her mind.

    People often leave in stages, so to speak.
  5. Caroline

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    I was a Flag trained auditor and Ethics specialist. In context of ethics tech, cancer like all illnesses stems from a PTS situation requiring application of the SP doctrine.

    How exactly Honnor goes about getting cancer patients to handle or disconnect isn't stated, although she is evidently a KSW Scientologist with the same (large) tool kit used by all ethics specialists.
  6. koki

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    Start to think, that this show with Debbie,Wendy,DMs father,Lron granddother,Katies divorce....
    Was all planed by Debbie...
    She knew what was going to happen,she knew she was going to court,she knew she is going to be pay off,she knew she is going to be send somewhere,she knew that lots of important people will follow her,she knew that even MandM as DMs osa agents will follow her,she knew that she will continue eLrons cult in new way...
    I love this reality show...
  7. Kookaburra

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    Wendy Honnor was an active FSM. She used basic tech on new people to a result, then PRd that result to fellow Scientologists via a weekly newsletter. She had people coming to workshops on Sat evenings at her house, then changed the locale to the AOSH in Sydney. I do not know how many people she actually got in to Scn compared to how many she claimed she got in. Or how good her results were compared to how good she says they were. She does have a high opinion of herself and her abilities.

    She never had auditing for years as she was an illegal PC, so to that degree she was unable to experience first hand the results of Scn. She only heard the hype and repeated that. A little over a year ago she had a petition approved and got her objectives. The success stories sounded like she was comping OT 9 - 15.

    Wendy appears to me to be a bit larger than lifesize in all aspects.
  8. Dulloldfart

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    Well, there is no petition requirement with the [STRIKE]Indies[/STRIKE] Codies. If she's willing to get remote auditing through Skype or whatever she can get as much auditing as she wants on whatever she wants as long as it is available, without having to leave Transylmania at all.

  9. Vittorio

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    I've read the first ten or so pages here and whilst I am glad that Wendy has left Scientology, like I was with Marty and Mike, I have to say that these three (and this is based on personal experiences people have had with them) were capable of some nasty stuff in Scientology and jumped the sinking ship long after rafts had been provided by a brave few and they had refused the jump to safety and hand of help many times.

    They are opportunists jumping ship before it is too late, but I wish them the best all the same.

    I have flaws as a human being and I'm sure they do too. I don't wish to be held to account for the things I've done for the rest of my life. I just hope they can wake up and recognise what they have done before it is too late and their life has gone down the drain.
  10. Mark A. Baker

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    Fundamentally this is a problem for any of the latter day leadership of the church. Those able to maintain a measure of their own personal integrity have not been able to serve in management positions for the better of three decades. Hence, any opinion leaders who leave nowadays are inherently conflicted because of their long term acquiescence & participation in the abuses of the church.

    No point in looking for any form of moral leadership emanating anywhere from within the church.

    Mark A. Baker
  11. Free to shine

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    Ahh... I didn't know that. It explains a lot to me. And she's another Jan Eastgate it seems.
  12. Thrak

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  13. Mark A. Baker

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    Kicked to the back pages? :spitcoffee:

    Scientology and scientologists are not of general interest to public media beyond a few specialist media outlets, ex's & anons. Not a big public, ergo not a big press.

    Celebrity scandals and sex crimes, :yes:. Disaffected scientologists? :no:.

    The story is Cruise & Holmes. The weirdness of the church may add to the dramatic appeal but it's not the story. No one apart from scientologists has any interest in Wendy Honnor.

    Mark A. Baker
  14. Panda Termint

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    and... I don't think Wendy would be the least bit unhappy about being quickly forgotten by the media, if I'm any judge of the situation.
  15. Thrak

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    To be honest Mark it seems lately all you do is randomly nitpick posts for no apparent reason. This post was put on THIS board for people of THIS board. Obviously the general population has no fucking idea who Wendy Honnor is. But here, on this board, many people do and she was the center of a lot of discussion, for a few days, but was virtually eclipsed when the TC/KH thing broke. Does that make more sense to you now? Did anyone else here have a tough time making that connection? Please tell me if so.

    Maybe it's time you evaluate why you even come here. I come here to get a laugh out of watching this "organization" that screwed me over big time, crumble piece by piece. I also get a laugh out of the other posters and hope some people like some of my posts. It's fun entertaining and as well sometimes people have good insight on serious topics. Why are you here? Some of the responses you've made for a while just make me ask WTF is this guy trying to do?
  16. Thrak

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    Yeah I don't think so either. It was just funny after so much commotion about the TC thing I almost forgot about her when it was such a big deal a few days ago. But who knows maybe she was trying to make an impact.
  17. Vittorio

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    What does confuse me Mark is that they are often lauded as hero's! Not only did they refuse help onto the raft, they did everything they could for decades to stop others receiving help and tried to sink the raft! In case of the two M's and Debbie to a certain degree is that they knew that all the lie's were not true, but let the rank and file Scientologists believe them and use those very lie's as a base to attack friends and family from.

    Wendy's drop in the ocean comes six months after that email.

    Marty can only try and plug up the dam for so long and Terril's fairy catcher has limited use. Wendy will find that her field practise will disintegrate over time, especially if she is receiving auditing.
  18. Mark A. Baker

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    Actually there are perfectly good reasons. The posts I criticize invariably have made silly assumptions and/or engaged in false or faulty reasoning. They warrant legitimate challenge.

    The board exists to promote exchanges among individuals with a prior history in the church. That is why I participate.

    Some like to treat the board as if it were 'Anti-Co$ Central'. That is not the board's stated purpose. Coordination of activism targeting the church's abuses is reasonable matter for discussion. Obsession with opposition to every aspect of the church or its present membership is just silly. The latter is not anything in which I have much of an interest.

    Although the church continues to exist, it is in a state of decline. That is all to the good. However, an excessive focus on the 'meaning' of every new departure is ludicrous and diminishes the character of the board.

    Moreover the common expressions of glee which often ensue remind me of ....


    I enjoy intelligent discussion, much of which does take place on the board. However, the pointless animosity, which unfortunately is far from rare, is just silly.

    Mark A. Baker
  19. Thrak

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    LOL :roflmao: What was the silly assumption or faulty reasoning in my post? That there seemed to be lees interest in Wendy after the KH thing? You make me laugh.
  20. HelluvaHoax!

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    That oddity of those few Scientologists (who promote Ron's "tech" here and endlessly try to correct Ex-Scientologists on ESMB) is a mystical L&N question that has stalled my case for a few years. My C/S said that in order for me to get invited to the Advanced Levels, I would first have to find the item.

    Let me know if you come up with any cool items. I have over 10,000 worksheet pages listing possible reasons why someone would do that and they are all unreading.

    I am wondering if possibly the LFBD right item is: "WTF?" :hysterical: