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What does it take to get out of the RPF?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by BAYCB, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    I agree.
  2. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Scientology and false imprisonment:

    Unfortunately, this does seem to be an issue in Scientology.

    Even as a public person, I witnessed someone being physically "8Ced" (dragged) back into the Org, after attempting (demonstrably) to "blow." As early as 1975, I was confronted by an agitated (non Sea Org) staff member, at an Org. The agitated staff member, who was also a friend, told me that he had just returned from the Sea Org floor (of the Org), where he had witnessed someone handcuffed to a pipe.

    And now I notice that Lester Bland is mentioned in a new posting on this thread. In 1976, Lester Bland, and another staffer, physically held a door shut - by pushing on it - while, inside, I was unable to leave. I finally agreed to complete the course (which took until 9 A.M. the next morning), so they could get their "stat." During the time, that they barricaded the door, I didn't really feel "held against my will," as we were - after all - on the "same side," etc., and I felt sorry for Lester and the other fellow, who were desperate for their "stat." However, in retrospect, I was held against my will.

    And this was from my perspective - at that time - as a pantywaist dilettante.
  3. sandygirl

    sandygirl Silver Meritorious Patron

    Veda-I had a similar experience

    During the time we had a SO mission at the org. to get up to St. Hill Size-there was very intensive harrassement of public and staff. I mean not only in the Org but in peoples homes.

    I spoke to a missionaire (foolishly) that I felt the harrassement was way out reality to me and I didn't know if I could be a member anymore. She was reallly nice and said she wanted to go over a few points with me.

    Next thing I know I was in a very small, cramped Ethics office-with my back against the wall. The facade of niceness dropped quickly and I was treated pretty roughly. I got a really strong feeling that if I had stood up right then and told this chick to F off she would put her hands on me. And she had her cronies right outside the door. It was truly weird and very frightening.

    Would they use physical restraint?

    I have no doubt they would have come as close as possible without doing anything that could come back at them
  4. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    You have a point there. Thinking back.

    I would say security would not touch you. They know the law. They know its assault, which is why they dont do it anymore.

    But as a Sea Org member, we have all had our share of the assault. I have been hit several times, actually. But physically restrained from blowing? No.

    I did see someone else trying to leave being physically restrained. That was early 80's though.

    Maybe different time periods, different situations.

    Currently you can walk out. They wont physically restrain you. But they will come after you and try to recover you with whatever means they can, legally. Or whatever they think they can get away with.
  5. sandygirl

    sandygirl Silver Meritorious Patron


    Like surrounding someone on the stairs on the way out 5 to 1 and circling around and around as they tried to make their way to the door-then following and circling the car as the person tried to pull away?

    Like sitting outside someone's home and simataneously ringing the phone inside the home while continuosly honking the horn outside the home?

    Like walking with arms outstreched about 2 in. away from the person trying to make it to the elevator?

    Wonder if any genius looked up fear on the tone scale? Never thought the intention was to drive others down it.
  6. lrnobs

    lrnobs Patron with Honors


    Different places, different times, different experiences. I very clearly remember the night Andre was sent to the RPF. He was tricked into going in a van to the complex. Four or five large RPF'rs were put in place when he arrived to make sure he went in. Years later I heard his perspective on the story. He had to choose between fighting or going in. At least a couple of those guys would have been hospitalized if he had not decided to go peacefully. I knew of other stories when in and have read personal accounts over the years on the web as well. I was SO in the 70s.